30 Best Lightweight Android Apps That Saves Battery & Storage 2020

Are you struggling with running out of space on your Android Phone? The Apps eating your battery fast? Do you know that you can save a lot of battery if you just replace large size apps with lightweight Android apps? Currently, you will find enough lightweight Android apps on the Google Play Store. To help you find lite apps for your Android, I’m going to suggest 30 Best Lightweight Apps.

These apps are exactly your large-sized apps with a single difference. And its “you may not get all the features in these lightweight apps” because they are stripped and extra features have been removed.

Let me first explain Lite apps because I’m assuming you still don’t clearly know what they exactly are.

What is Lightweight Android Apps?

Lightweight Android apps are the child version of normal Android apps. They function the same as original but have fewer features which make them lite and run super fast.

Lightweight Android apps run smoother and faster compared to normal Android apps because its file size is always small. Lightweight Android apps give fewer loads to Android because they have limited features to run.

And using lite apps on low Android devices will deliver more performance. Moreover, they less kills your Android battery, your Android phone will be always in cool condition, the phone will never get stuck while doing any task, etc.

So, I think I have pretty much explained about lightweight Android apps. Now its time to meet some best lightweight Android apps. So, here we go…

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30 Best Lightweight Android Apps 2020

Here are the top 30 best lightweight Android apps that can help save more space and battery on your Android in 2020:

1. Facebook Lite

Best Lightweight Android apps - FB Lite
Facebook Lite

When the lite word comes, Facebook Lite comes in the mind and search result first. This thing is obvious because Facebook releases the first Lightweight Android app and that’s why it deserves the first position. In this Facebook lite app, there are little different interface than the original Facebook app. FB lite has low RGB blue & white color, color is the same as in the original app but the quality of RGB is low. It basically built for low specs devices such as the phones which have 256Mb or 512Mb of RAM.

Key Features:

  1. Watch videos on the 2G internet.
  2. Consumes less Storage and RAM.
  3. Connect and share with fewer Internet data.
  4. See updates from friends 10x faster.

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2. YouTube Go

Best Lightweight Android Apps - YouTube Go
YouTube Go

This is the light version of YouTube which is the best video streaming platform all around. YouTube Go allows us to watch Video, share and download files faster. Even you can send your downloaded video to your YouTube Go friends offline.

When you start the YouTube Go app, you will get a very lightweight interface that usually contains videos related to your interest (if you signed in with your Gmail) with the low-quality thumbnail. And the best part of YouTube Go is in the app, there is only two sections; home and download.

The home section is the area where all the video contents can be watched. In the download section, all the offline saved videos will be shown and can be watched with a single click.

Key Features:

  1. Instant video download and play.
  2. Download and watch a video with data controlling.
  3. Instant home feed refresh.
  4. Data saving option.

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3. Google Go

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Google Go
Google Go

Google go is the lightest web searching app for Android. You can do the search in seconds without waiting to load. It is the fastest surfing app I ever have seen. In Google Go, there is an option to view a page in lite mode. This will drastically help the low internet users to open the page in seconds instead of in minutes.

The main interface of Google Go is super customized for all its users. At first start, it will ask you for a suitable language, Gmail to verify yourself, and then it will suggest you get Google Go keyboard. And trust me, Google keyboard is super fast than any keyboard app in the app market.

And the best part is the search bar! The search bar of Google Go makes me speechless. It’s just pure fast and fantastic. It will show you the instant result while typing which is only available in desktop Chrome.

But here in Google Go, it has been implemented for better user experience. Also, there is an App section in the Google Go lite browser which has contained many popular sites with categories.

Key Features:

  1. Lite mode for low internet users.
  2. Shows Instant results while typing.
  3. Fast Image and GIF sharing system.
  4. Quick and fast access to popular sites.
  5. Search with your Voice.
  6. Background customization option.

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4. LinkedIn Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - LinkedIn Lite
LinkedIn Lite

It is a popular social media platform where people can get the opportunity to get jobs worldwide. In LinkedIn, people create their profile for getting in touch with companies, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, speakers, and more.

If you are looking for jobs then LinkedIn is the perfect place to visit right now. There is a simple formula there for getting a job, it’s networking.

It is a great medium to get yourself up in life. And for accessing LinkedIn in a smart way, it releases the lite version for Android which is pretty fast.

The interface of LinkedIn lite is beyond simple. If you actually visit its Web version and login, you will find too many features and facilities. But in his lite app, everything is compressed and customized. And that’s why it loads super fast.

LinkedIn has the following key features:

  1. Search for jobs in seconds.
  2. Get job notifications and alerts.
  3. Takes space less than 1Mb.
  4. Uses less battery.
  5. Play videos on a 2G internet connection.
  6. Follow and find people easily.

5. Messenger Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Messenger Lite
Messenger Lite

This one is a lightweight version of Messanger. It almost has everything that the real Messanger (large-sized) has. In messenger lite, you can do anything like calling, Video Calling, messaging, and more. And all these kinds of stuff can be done with a low internet connection. I think there is no doubt that this one is the best lightweight Android app.

Messenger Lite has a cool and simple interface. Any non-technical person can easily understand the interface of Messenger lite. Most of the apps failed to make their lite app user-friendly. But Messenger wins the battle.

In messenger, there is only three section home, people with Messenger (Search bar), and account section. From the home tab, you can see every people that online and can chat with super speed text transmission. You can also send images, Files, stickers, sounds, etc. Even you can search for your own friends by typing the name on the search bar.

The account section of Messenger lite has contained direct FB lite app link, Message requests, switch account, account settings and more. You can take advantage of this fastest messenger lite app.

Messenger Lite has the following main features:

  1. Get Installed quickly because of its size (it’s under 10Mb).
  2. Fast Login and Signup system.
  3. Switch account easily.
  4. Works in a very low internet connection.
  5. Messaging is faster than its original version.

6. UC Browser Mini

Best Lightweight Android Apps - UC min
UC Browser Mini

This one is the second fast web browser for Android. And I’m a big fan of it. Also, UC mini is the fastest downloading browser. The reason why this is on my list is I love its speed of downloading files from servers. It gives 3x more downloading speed than any browser and it has a download manager for managing downloading activities.

At first, I was scared to use this because it is lite and has low security. And my personal information will be exposed and will be shared with bad hands. But I was totally wrong about UC Mini.

It has all the features that a solid browser deserves like lite searching, fast download, navigation control, security, ad blocker, night mode and more.

It has the following main features:

  1. Fast browsing and download.
  2. Incognito mode.
  3. Data saving.
  4. Speed mode.
  5. Easy video streaming.
  6. QR code scanner.

7. CM Security Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - CM Security Lite
CM Security Lite

A lite security app that alone handles every malware attacks on Android. It scans apps, system settings of Android. In case, if you have any harmful app installed on your Android, it will detect it and recommend you to remove that. It also scans SD card inserted on phones for better security.

CM security is very lite than I expected. It needs just one tap to make your Android super fast and secure. It scans the system app and third-party apps, both. Because sometimes apps are the major fault of slow-speed in phones. CM security has well cared about all the factors of a true lightweight app.

Key Features:

  1. Apps and system scanning.
  2. SD scanning.
  3. Real-time protection.
  4. Browsing protection.
  5. Scheduled scanning feature.
  6. Ignore list for Apps.

8. Maps Go

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Maps Go
Google Maps Go

Maps Go is a Google giant invention that helps people to map out the path, best routes, traffics and much more. Maps Go is so lite and takes less than 1mb to 2mb space in whole storage.

That’s fantastic! But it also requires the support of the browser.

Yes, you have heard right! Maps Go takes the help of a browser to run properly. It usually takes the help of Chrome or any default Browser. And there is an obvious reason behind this and its ultra-lite. Just think, can map app that contains huge data of the whole world is only under 1mb?

It’s just not possible! But Google made it possible with its genius intelligent developers. They made an app that has huge info of the world and it just under 1mb.

Maps Go Key Features:

  1. It loads the map quickly.
  2. Find direction fast and on the Go.
  3. Instant find places.
  4. Traffic status is 99.9% are real.
  5. Real-time location sharing.

9. Internet Speed Meter Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Internet Speed Meter Lite
Internet Speed Meter Lite

We always need to measure our Internet usages to stay conscious before we run out of Internet data. That’s what I have done earlier in my teens. I always try to keep on the radar so, I can manage other things too.

Internet Speed Meter Lite is very helpful for those who just want to be in limit. It is for those who want to maintain a work-life balance in all the aspects. Most of the time we spend time watching videos on YouTube and forget ourselves to take action on other things. And that mistake punch later in the face when work got the imbalance.

So, by using its data usage limit features you can determine yourself when you are exceeding your internet limit. And this is really helpful for most of the people because most of us are very engaged with internet stuff.

Here are some key features of Speed Meter lite:

  1. It is the lightest internet speed checker app.
  2. It shows the data usage report of a month and the previous month.
  3. Also, it has a speed indicator that shows the internet speed of every second.

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10. Clean Master Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Clean Master Lite
Clean Master Lite

It is the best lightweight Cleaner for Android devices. CM Lite is also known as the Clean master lite. It provides a huge system maintaining features that help Android to keep in claim mode. Clean master lite is very popular for its cleaning features like Junk cleaning, erasing useless apps, caches, etc.

CM lite has some Good Key features:

  1. Antivirus for virus scanning.
  2. Phone boosting at the instant (one Tap).
  3. One tap hibernate feature.
  4. Battery Saver.
  5. Junk Cleaner for memory, obsolete Apks.
  6. Ignore list for App.

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11. Applock Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - AppLock Lite
AppLock Lite

With this app, you can add a security password to various installed apps. There is no headache setup or configuration you have to do. Just open it after installing, select the apps, set the password and done. Now your selected apps are secured by Applock Lite. In Applock lite settings, you can access more features like brief Exit time (app locking time), Password resetting.

Key Features of Applock Lite:

  1. It can lock photos and videos.
  2. Invisible pattern Lock feature.
  3. It has an inbuilt power saving mode to save the battery of Android.
  4. Lock frequency is just fast.

12. Camera 360 Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Camera360 Lite
Camera360 Lite

Frustrated by space running out due to Images because your phone camera has high pixel? Camera 360 Lite is brilliant to save a lot of images without getting Space running out notification. Because the picture taken by this app gets saved in normal size.

With this camera app, you can also take beautiful pictures of people because it has a lot of filters like lemon, HDR, Gothic and more. I must recommend using this Camera 360 Lite app because it is way better than any other camera.

The Key Features of Camera 360 Lite:

  1. This camera app is under 4 MB.
  2. Fast Camera with 360 features.
  3. It captures real images with their beautiful features.
  4. Loaded with a ton of filters.

13. 360 Security Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - 360 Security Lite
360 Security Lite

It is another lightweight Android apps built for High security. 360 Security Lite has awesome abilities since it launched to act on malware and virus.

It is also well known for boosting Android performance. 360 Security Lite clean Junk files, Boost Android, and more.

The key feature:

  1. Low battery consumption.
  2. Small size app with a ton of security features.
  3. Antivirus that trusted by 200 million people.
  4. Junk Cleaner, Phone Booster, Game booster, etc.
  5. Real-time protection.

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14. Du Browser Mini

Lightweight Web Browsers
Du Browser Mini

With DU Browser Mini, anyone can surf and download files faster. It is lightweight, convenient, Fast downloading, and user-friendly. DU Browser mini is actually very convenient to use. Because all the layouts are well designed and structured.

DU Browser consumes almost zero space in Android phones. It also, don’t stress up Android to get stuck and hang. There is only one thing that I don’t like about it and it is font size! It’s too small to read. Overall, it is a good lightweight app and I must suggest trying.

Key Features:

  1. Faster than 65% of the Android browsers.
  2. Very convenient to use its features.
  3. Gives good downloading speed.
  4. Browsing on DU Browser min is fast.
  5. It gets installed quickly.

15. Vigo Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Vigo Lite
Vigo Lite

Vigo Lite is an entertainment app where people can watch funny videos, short videos, comedy, etc delightfully. It also has an HD video player and video uploader.

Vigo Lite is a good platform to build an audience and get attention. And it is also a great platform to make your mind stress free.

Vigo Lite Key Feature:

  1. Lip-syncing.
  2. Video editor to create art.
  3. Watch and learn Videoblogging.
  4. The best platform for good looking people.

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16. Amazon Kindle Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Kindle Lite
Amazon Kindle Lite

Amazon Kindle Lite is an Amazon product where anyone can read books conveniently. In Amazon Kindle Lite you don’t have to wait for longer to load a Book to open. It is super fast and opens a book in second. Now you can also save a lot of books offline for reading later because it takes low space and gives less pressure to Android that makes phones work fantastic.

Key Feature of Amazon Kindle Lite:

  1. 2MB in size and take less storage space. You only need 2MB to download and Install Amazon Kindle Lite. Also, take less than 4MB in phone storage (It increases when you download books).
  2. Start reading books instantly. It doesn’t need a full downloaded book to open it. The moment you start downloading the book, you can open it and read without full download.
  3. Read in Night mode and font customization ability. Are you a night reader? If so, then night mode Amazon kindle will amaze you at first place. Moreover, you can customize the font size of the book to read at your term.
  4. Supported on all the Android Versions. Amazon Kindle Lite supported in all the lowest and higher versions of Android.
  5. Work on 2G, 3G, and other low networks. It requires a very low internet connection to download and read books. Means, you can read a book using Amazon Kindle lite in any area without caring about your internet connection stability.

17. Twitter Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite

Are you a Twitter fan? Well, installing this Lite Twitter on your Android phone will save your time in tweeting. However, it is 3x fast than the Original Twitter app because all the functions are now compressed in this Twitter lite app. It also has some cool features like Night mode, Data saving mode, etc. This one is a good example of lightweight Android apps.

Key Features of Twitter lite:

  1. Data saver. Twitter lite has an amazing ability to save data while surfing the app.
  2. Night mode. Now you don’t need to care about the eyes damage because Twitter lite has an inbuilt Night mode that works flawlessly.
  3. Consume space less than 2 Mb. No matter how low-end device you use, it will never slow down your phone because it only requires 2MB in your whole phone to run. It increases when you start using and storing cache.
  4. Loads 3x faster than its original version. It opens faster because it requires a low-internet connection in every part of the app. Also, it is very low in size which makes it load faster in any Android phone.

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18. Ola Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Ola Lite
Ola Lite

Always book Cab with Ola to reach your Office/destination? Well, Adding this Ola Lite App on your phone will boost your process of booking a Cab on Ola. Ola original app is basically high in size and it increases the load on Android devices even in the backside. But Ola lite works perfectly because it only runs while it is open, every feature is lite, eats less battery, etc.

Key Features of Ola Lite:

  1. It needs less than 1 MB in Android Phone. Ola Lite is a real Lite App because the lite app should require 1 or less MB.
  2. Book Taxi instantly and fast. In ola lite, everything is customized to load faster and now you can book your cab fast and easily.
  3. Book cabs in 2G, 3G or any other low Internet connection. It works great in a low internet connection and so, you don’t need to worry about internet speed. No matter how bad internet connection stability you have in your area, it will work.
  4. Grabbing a taxi using Ola lite becomes easy. The lite design of Ola lite is awesome because every element and navigation is so simple. Any newbie can book a cab at the first attempt.

19. Parallel Space Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Parallel Space Lite
Parallel Space Lite

Do you use multiple same apps? Now its time to reduce the load of your android phone. Parallel space lite helps to multiple the same apps with less load on Android. And this way you can use your multiple apps with less stress on your Android. Parallel Space lite can clone any high size apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, etc.

Key Features of Parallel Space lite:

  1. Clone Apps fast in Any Android phone. Parallel Space lite has the ability to make the second same app fast. And the best part is it doesn’t require high-end phones for that.
  2. It takes less space than 8MB. Can you imagine any cloning app in under 8MB? Its actually hard but parallel Space lite has done it.
  3. Battery friendly. Do you ever think about your Android battery consumption before installing an app? If so, then let me tell you something; Parallel Space lite eats less battery than other lite apps.
  4. Gives zero impact on phone performance. It doesn’t ruin the phone performance of Android Phone even you got low-end, it will manage accordingly.

20. Hermit Lite App browser

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Hermit Lite App Browser
Hermit Lite Browser

Hermit lite Browser is well known for fast surfing, ad blocking, night mode, etc. If you are the one who just loves the user-friendly customization to enjoy the internet. Then the Hermit Lite app browser is for you. It converts heavy web pages into the app that loads instantly. So, if you love reading sites like Forbes, Entreprenuer, Inc, and other news and heavy sites then Hermit Browser Lite App is perfect for you. Let me show you some features of it so you can get a handful of information about it.

Key Features of Hermit Lite Browser:

  1. Less than 4MB in size. Hermit lite Browser takes 4MB or less than that in Android phones.
  2. It converts web pages into a web app to load faster. Have you visited the Heavy website like Forbes, Entrepreneur and other news sites? If so, then you probably know that every page contains a huge amount of stuff like high-quality images, sources, videos, notifications, etc. Well, Hermit will convert those pages to load faster so you can enjoy their media-rich articles in Seconds.
  3. In-built adblocker. It has their own strong adblocker which prevents ads to load and make that page to load fast in your Android device.
  4. Pop-up Blocker. A unique inbuilt feature that prevents sites to open unsafe tabs without user permission.
  5. Data Saver mode. It is a countable feature of the Hermit Lite Browser because it’s amazing. The data Save of Hermit works great and saves maximum Internet data for your future use.
  6. Incognito Keyboard. It has its own keyboard to type on its search bar or URL address that doesn’t leak anything you typed.

21. Via Browser Fast & Light

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Via Browser
Via Browser

Via browser is very helpful for those who just want to focus on surfing. Because it’s specially built for that. It forces web pages to show only required results that are usually text, images, and videos. It is customizable, fast, small, lite. There is no complication with Via Browser and it supports every low-end Android device.

Key Features of Via Browser:

  1. It saves data at most. Via Browser has an amazing ability to save internet data on an Android phone.
  2. Add-ons feature. Love extra features on Browser? Via Browser is got you cover here because it has a good amount of Add-ons for your Android phone.
  3. Strong in privacy protection. You will never doubt it about your privacy because it uses the strong and latest technology to protect user’s data.
  4. Super less in size. It is less than 900KB and takes less than 2MB storage space.

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22. Flash Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Flash Lite
Flash Lite

Flash lite is less than 1Mb and fastest torch app our there for Android. It also increases the brightness if you needed. So, if you don’t have an inbuilt Flash Light app on your Android device or it’s too heavy then you can adopt this flash lite to save your battery and storage.

23. Dual Space Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Dual Space Lite
Dual Space Lite

With Dual space lite, you can clone any app in seconds and the best part of this app is it never hangs. You can clone any app without any issue and it’s free too. It runs fast because it is the lite version means takes less storage, less CPU load.

24. Opera Mini

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Opera Mini
Opera Mini

Opera mini is famous for saving data even in a low Internet connection. With this, you can surf fast, download fast, and save data. It also has good security and privacy feature. So, if you are kind of care about privacy too much then Opera privacy will fit best for you. And another feature that I liked is Adblocker. It really prevents trackers from tracking behavior and time spent on web pages you visit.

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25. Google Podcast

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Google Podcast
Google Podcast

The smallest & lightest podcast app for Android. However, the best podcast app anchor Tek is 8Mb in size which is not bad. But here, Google has outperformed it by one of their app called Google Podcast. It is just 650Kb in size. And with this, you can explore thousands of podcasts and listen to them with the best audio quality. It is also free & safe to use.

26. LINE Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - LINE lite

Are you an old user of the LINE messenger app? If so, then your phone needs to relax! Because the original app size is approx 40mb which is huge and might have been damaged the phone. If you do Voice & Video calling, free messaging, group chatting then right now, you need to make a change in order to relax your Android phone. Just switch your original LINE app to Lite LINE.

27. Hi Security Lite

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Hi Security Lite
Hi Security App

Do you need a lightweight security app on your Android phone? If so, then Hi security lite is best for you because it has lite antivirus, Lite boosting, smart app lock, deep scanning, WiFi security, and more. If you are using any high-security app then let me tell you one thing, it is damaging your Android. Just switch to this lite Hi Security and reduce the load from your Android.

28. Mini Launcher

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Mini Launcher
Mini Launcher

The mini launcher is the lightest launcher out there for Android. It is small & fast because it is only 4Mb in size. It gives less load to Android than other launchers. Most launchers squeeze battery fast after getting active in the Phone. But mini launcher didn’t do that. It gives less pressure to Android systems and battery. If you are about to change your default launcher, the Mini launcher will be a good choice.

29. Opera Mini Beta

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Opera Mini Beta
Opera Mini Beta

This is the beta version of opera mini. It is faster than any lite browser. Just suggested to try it because it has many features like fast surfing, fast downloading, security, and more. The Ad-Blocker in Opera mini Beta is strong and it can protect you from most dangerous trackers. This one is best if you are looking for your default Android browser alternative.

30. Skype Lite – Free Video Call & Chat

Best Lightweight Android Apps - Skype Lite
Skype Lite

Skype recently launched the lite version of its Android app and published it on Google Play Store. With Skype Lite, you can do free video call & chat with anyone on skype. This lite version is so optimized and can be run on any Android phone including low-end.

Key Features:

  1. Free voice calling and video calling with anyone who has a skype account.
  2. Free calling from India to any abroad country.
  3. Chat with friends and family.
  4. You can know your data usage anytime in the app.

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So, we have reached the end of this post! All the above 30 Best Lightweight Android Apps are fantastic and will save a huge amount of space in your Android.

Just replace large in MB apps with the above-suggested lite apps on your phone. After doing that, you will get many benefits like your battery will last longer, the phone will always be in the Cool state, etc.

Hopefully, you loved all the lite apps which I shared? If so, share this post with your friends and let them also know about these lite apps. Also, if you think I have missed listing any popular lite app then please comment below.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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