How to Make Free Space on Android Phone Ft. Files by Google

Files by Google has launched in 2018 that is powered by the giant Google, it is similar to other files manager apps. But it has something new to offer and that I will clear right here. Files By Google specially built for making free space in Android devices, that the main aim. These days useless data get stored on our phone without knocking us. And that’s not fair! Right? Now Google has launched the most needed app for our Android phone. It helps to determine the useless files on our Android and cleans it with a click. And by using it, you will not need to find every useless to delete by exploring all the folders.

First of all, Files by Google is a free app, it is trusted by millions of users. So, don’t afraid to allow it to access your files! Your information is under tight security.

I state this because most file managers are unsecured, they theft our data and sell others for money. I think most of you guys heard about it. Facebook recently has got too many scams exposed. So, by being honest I guarantee Files by Google is not that who earn money by selling others information. So, let me start this article and let me show you how you can get started with Files by Google on your Android phone.

How to Install Files by Google on Android phone

Installing this app is super easy as other normal apps. Files by Google are now available for everybody to download and install from the official Google play store. Let me show you step by step to download and install Files by Google:

  1. First, sign in to your Google play store if you already haven’t.
  2. After, search for Files by Google on the top search bar of Google PlayStore.Make free space ft. Files By Google
  3. You will see a Blue File manager that has a tag of publisher name “Google LLC”.
  4. Just tap on it to get to the installation section.
  5. Hit the install button and wait for the automatic download and installation.Make free space ft. Files By Google
  6. Once installed, you can start using the File Go by Google.
  7. Done.

That’s the simple process to get started with Files by Google on your Android phone instantly. You can enjoy every feature of it for free. Now, let me show you how you can make free space using Files by Google on your Android phone.

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Make Free Space Using Files by Google

The best part of this app is you can use to make a ton of free space by cleaning the files you don’t need on your phone. However, it has a junk cleaner that scans junk files and presents a one-tap button to clean. So, Here is the step-by-step process to make free space using Files by Google:

  1. First, download and install the Files by Google app from Here.
  2. Open it up, it will show you message just click on “continue”.Make Free Space ft. files by Google
  3. After, if you running marshmallow or upper Android version then click “Allow” to let the app access the various functions and apps.Make Free Space ft. files by Google
  4. Then click on “Free Up” XYZ MB in the junk files tab. It will scan the junks on your Android automatically and represent the data as you can see in the pictures.Make Free Space ft. files by Google
  5. Once, you click on that free up action button, Files by Google will start clearing them and make free space on your Android.
  6. Done!

Easy? You can also check out other tabs for more cleaning. I advise you to clear things which are useless for you. And you can instantly do that from the junk cleaning feature. Double-check everything before hitting the clean button. Unfortunately, I cleared my whole WhatsApp images by a fault. Damn!

I just want to aware of you before you use this app. Because I don’t want you to regret it as I regretted it! So, make sure you check out everything before clicking on the “Free Up” button.

What happened with me was after clicking on that button, I got my saved items erased like apps, games. So, must check out what the app is telling you to erase for making free space.

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File Go by Google is a great app and by using it you can take tons of advantages like cleaning your storage correctly, Analyzing storage, File protection, and many more.

Also, Google is planning to make this app the best file manager app. So, it’s better to have the Files by Google in your Android instead of any other.

Because it’s trusted and has enough features to provide values. So, hopefully, you liked this article? If so, I just thank you if you share this with your friends. By doing that, you can help your friends to make free space on their Android and they will thank you back.

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