How to Block YouTube Ads by using YouTube Ad Blocker

Blocking YouTube ads is what everybody wants because it’s irritating. Right? You Felt it! YouTube ads are the backbone of YouTubers, most YouTubers! They get paid for playing Ads on their videos. So, now you are frustrated with watching these useless ads, trust me I too. So, now let this frustration solve. And in other words, lets those millions of views on the YouTube Video earn zero! Well, Blocking YouTube Ads is not fair for all of us especially to that creator who invest their half of the day create the amazing non-making sense videos.

In order to block YouTube ads, you need to have a Browser that supports the extension. To block YouTube ads. You must have the extension called “YouTube ad Blocker” (Addon for Firefox users).

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How to Block YouTube Ads

You can’t block YouTube ads with unsupported extension in the browser. After having these little needs, follow my process to block Ads in YouTube:

  1. Get the Firefox add-ons from here, for Chrome users click here.
  2. Don’t activate it immediately.
  3. Clear the browser cache first from the Browser settings.
  4. After, just click on the extension you added.
  5. Enable it.
  6. Now you never see the ads on YouTube Videos.

So, this is the simple process to get the addon and block YouTube Ads. Remember this will only work when you activated the addon or extension.

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Without activating it you can’t stop them. So, try this method to fix your frustration with YouTube ads.

This method only works on Computers. So, don’t try to look for Android too. Because there is no browser available that supports add-ons on the Android browser.

You can also Use YouTube Go to enhance your user experience. Read about YouTube Go Features.

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