Top 8 Best Makeup Apps for Android 2020 [Free]

Looking for Best Makeup Apps to edit your photo to look prettier? If so, then I’m going to suggest some makeup apps in this article. Android App Market is flooded with tons of photo editing apps, but most of them are just made with intuition to make a profit, not to provide actual value. Also, recently, there are few reports that have revealed that most trusted apps are leaking data and selling user’s data to the wrong hands.

You probably have heard about the popular CamScanner App news that it was injecting malware to Android phones. Google is strictly reviewing the popular apps available on Play Store and kicking out those apps which are not worthy and useful. Well, the Makeup Apps for Android that I’m going to list here are safe and have no security breach till this date. Which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

What is Makeup Apps?

Before jumping into the best makeup apps list, let me explain what they are and what you can do with them. So, basically, Makeup apps are just like any other Photo Editing app. But the task it performs is totally different from other photo editing apps. However, it has some special filters and makeup elements used in real life such as makeup powder, Glow skin filter, AI kajal integration, and more.

Using Makeup apps, you can try different types of makeup on your face for free. This way, you can also know which type of makeup will suit best on you. It will save your time and money spent on testing different types of making in real life. Overall, makeup apps are quite useful for all the women who always want to look charming and beautiful.

8 Best Makeup Apps for Android 2020

Now, I’m going to show you the best makeup apps that you can use on your Android for free. Some apps may contain in-app purchase but you can use them for free as long as you are okay with limited features. Here are the best Makeup Apps of 2020:

1. YouCam Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
YouCam Makeup

It is really a Good example of Best Makeup apps because it has the required and latest features that can help any woman or girl try different types of makeup instantly on their faces. YouCam has many types of makeup style pre-installed on the app. And by just tapping on any makeup filter, you can instantly apply on your face either in a saved photo or using the phone’s camera live. Also, it has Magic Selfie Cam and Virtual Makeover which is AI-based and can recognize a face and makeover it perfectly.

YouCam Makeup Features

  • Live Makeup magic mirror to try out real products
  • Live real-time hair coloring
  • Skincare analysis & tracking
  • Makeover lips, eyes, brows, teeth and more instantly
  • Edit images with fun effects, 3D accessories, jewelry and sunglasses

2. Pretty Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
Pretty Makeup

Another Virtual makeover app with tons of features to make any girl look prettier in a picture. Pretty Makeup app has a great combination of Selfie beauty camera and Beauty photo editor. Selfie Beauty camera can beautify a Girl Live while taking pictures and its photo editor can enhance almost any part of the face like Eyebrow, Eyes, Lips, Skin, etc. Pretty Makeup app also holds some popular features like filters, Stickers, Hair Style & color, etc.

Pretty Makeup Features

  • Auto Recognition technology to apply makeup and filters perfectly on any face to make it look more beautiful
  • Decorate your photo with Eyewear, Necklace, Hat, and Earrings
  • Automatic beautify your face with just one click without wasting much time
  • See how you look when applied motion stickers such as Cat, Star, Dog, Love, etc.

3. MakeupPlus

Best Makeup Apps

If you are already familiar with makeup apps and are looking for an advanced makeup app for Android then your searching is now over. MakeupPlus is a great application which has lots of advanced feature for the complete makeover. Its a kind of virtual makeup artist that has all the required elements to make you look super beautiful in almost any picture. The two advanced features that can really help you are AR GLAM and Live Makeup. You can just capture your photo in any dam look and make it really appealing with its dozens of Makeup filters and tools.

MakeupPlus Features

  • Retouch face skin and make it more glow without getting noticed that it is edited
  • Change hair color to Vibrant hair colors
  • Get a totally unique beautiful look with AR Glam
  • Try makeup brand products and make a purchase directly from the app

4. Face Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
Face Makeup

Its never been easier to edit a photo to make it look more beautiful and professional without using Pro software. But I have found something that will really amaze you in the first place. Face Makeup is really great at taking beautiful photos with its only Camera feature. You can take a live photo and start editing to make it look more charming with its tons of professional tools. Another good thing that I liked in Face Makeup app is its natural makeup feature. It’s just amazing and no one will be able to notice that you have applied makeup using an app.

Face Makeup Features

  • Make face parts slim to look cooler and dashing with its Face slim editor
  • Special editor for Eyes which can bigger your eyes and apply different types of eyebrow style
  • Whitening Photo editor which can increase whitening of teeth, skin, and other
  • 4 types of style in the makeup image editor: Natural, WestStyle, EasstStyle and makeup for Men.

5. Makeup Photo Editor

Best Makeup Apps
Makeup Photo Editor

This one is kind of all in one app for your makeup work. With unbelievable features and Automatic beauty, the Makeup photo editor is rocking everywhere. It has a great combination of Beauty camera and the best makeup photo editor contains tons of tools. You can find all the types of tools in this makeup photo editor including some pro tools like Smart Face Recognition. It is also very lightweight compared to other image editor and you can comfortably use it on almost any Android phone.

Makeup Photo Editor Features

  • Beauty camera with insane filters
  • Automatic makeup option after taking a photo with its camera
  • Capture Highly quality beauty photo
  • 20+ different colors for eyebrow, lips, and makeup
  • Natural makeup to not get recognized

6. Beauty Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
Beauty Makeup

In case you don’t know anything about how to makeup then this single Beauty makeup app is for you. It has tons of pre-defined makeup styles that can help you test makeup on your face with just one tap. You can easily get started with it even if you don’t know how to makeup. Its interface is very simple but has enough tools to help you edit and makeup your photo in the way you want. It is also free to use which means you can use all its editing tools and feature for absolutely free of cost. Overall, Beauty Makeup is the best makeup app that contains basic to advanced makeup tools.

Beauty Makeup Features

  • Freely use a bundle of Makeup Cosmetic Kit
  • Apply Glossy matte lipstick with different colors
  • Shape Eyes Sparkle through applying different types of pre-defined filters
  • Automatically beautify Skin tone and adjust option to help you get a natural glow
  • One-Touch filters to complete makeover your face

7. Beauty Camera Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
Beauty Camera Makeup

Behind the perfect makeup on someone’s face is a result of hours of work. Believe it or not but it is as true as supercars exist. When in a hurry, it’s really hard to get perfect makeup on your face especially when you don’t know which makeup style will suit best for you in the event you are about to visit. Well, in such a situation Beauty Camera Makeup can help a lot to decide and test different types of makeup quickly.

With this single makeup app, you can take your photo and auto makeup in different styles. It has AI Beauty technology that can recognize women or a girl’s face and apply the best-looking makeup possible. And after finding the best makeup style virtually, you become to know what exactly you have to do.

Beauty Camera Makeup Features

  • Use Auto Face Makeup to instantly see how you will look in a particular makeup style
  • Versatile editing options specifically for the face including changing face shape to slim, Slim nose, lips, and whitening teeth
  • Try pre-built eyebrows element and see how cool and gorgeous you will look when applied in real
  • Use virtual makeup accessories for free and see how you will look if applied in real on your face.

8. YouFace Makeup

Best Makeup Apps
YouFace Makeup

It is a complete virtual studio app where you can access all the makeup tools & accessories for free. With YouFace Makeup, you can get a natural makeup on your face in just a few seconds. Also, you can specifically edit every single element of your face such as Eye, Cheek, Lips, Nose, etc. Moreover, it just requires 1 or 2 minutes to complete makeover your face and get a gorgeous look. It also has pre-defined makeup styles which you can use to automatically apply makeup on your face. Apart from that, there are tools that can help you edit every single detail of your face such as cheek, lips, eye, etc.

YouFace Makeup App Features

  • Increase your skin tone with its auto skin tone with adjustable feature
  • Change eyes color to look unique from all the women or girl
  • Use Blush to remove over makeup and make it look more natural
  • Change hair color & style to try something new and look fashionable
  • Super Accurate Facial Detection technology for changing hairstyles.

Makeup Apps for Android can be useful for all the women who are very caring for their makeup and hairstyle. These apps will also help you to become friendly with makeup tools & accessories that you have never tried before in real.

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So, that was my words on Best makeup apps for Android! Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and found something interesting apps that you wish to know before. If so, do share this article with your friends who also interested in makeup and fashion.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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