JTWhatsApp Download v9.95 Latest Update 2024 (Official)

JTWhatsApp Download 2024: The popularity of WhatsApp Mods is increasing drastically day by day and it is no wonder why people love it. They ultimately offer a better user experience than normal WhatsApp. Similar to other top alter WhatsApp, JTWhatsApp is another robust WhatsApp Mod that recently has been launched by JiMODs.

Its build isn’t completely unique i.e. it has not been built from scratch. Rather, it has been slightly more modified than WhatsApp Mods out there such as Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, etc. Having that extra edge of modification in it makes it unique and people especially love it for its feature of OneUI themes which provide a unique user interface along with themes & designs. Well, today, we are going to provide a direct JTWhatsApp download link along with useful guides.

What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is a modified version of stock WhatsApp that is made by JiMODs. Unlike other forked WhatsApp, it has been aggressively modified and gives great performance even when used on low-end phones. It comes bundled with top-notch features such as Exclusive anti-ban, Extended upload limit, Increase image resolution, Hide Profile picture in-chat window, Hide View status, Install thousands of themes free, App lock, and more.

Also, JTWhatsApp terminates all the WhatsApp limitations which means you can use features to their full potential. The final result of these modifications is that the end-user ultimately gets a better user experience. The one who is not satisfied with the average features of WhatsApp Messenger can use JTWhatsApp to meet their need. It is overall fast, feature-rich, and secure and also offers a good range of privacy features for full privacy control on the WhatsApp platform.

JTWhatsApp Download Latest v9.95 for Android 2024

JTWhatsApp Download
JTWhatsApp Download

Downloading JTWhatsApp v9.95 from our site is going to be a hassle-free experience because we have provided a direct download link. And most importantly, through the link, you will always get the updated version. The current version of JTWhatsApp offers a bunch of benefits, some of them are just traditional features, and some are unique and especially available in JTWhatsApp’s latest version.

About the build, we have provided JTWhatsApp v9.95 Jimtechs Editions that come with an exclusive anti-ban, extended features, and complete privacy control. Below are some important information related to the current version.

File Details

Size81.9 MB
Android requires5.1 or above
Updated on23 March 2024

How to Download JTWhatsApp Latest v9.95 on Android

If you are facing any problems while downloading JTWhatsApp then don’t worry. Here, we are going to provide easy steps that will help you download JTWhatsApp safely on your Android. Before we start, we recommend temporarily disabling the Play Protect app scanner. You can disable it from Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings>Turn off Scan apps with Play Protect.

1st Step: Click on the above button to go to the download page of JTWhatsApp.

2nd Step: Once the page gets loaded on your browser, click on the download icon. By doing this, you will request the JTWhatsApp APK file from the uploaded server.

JTWhatsApp Download
Click on JTWhatsApp Download Icon

3rd Step: After a few seconds, your browser will notify you to accept the download request. Before you do so, make sure you verify the file using the file details above.

JTWhatsApp Download
Click OK to start downloading JTWhatsApp

4th Step: Wait until the downloading finishes. Done.

So, that is how you can safely download JTWhatsApp v9.95 on your Android. Now that you’ve got the APK file, let us guide you on the installation.

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How to Install JTWhatsApp Without Losing WhatsApp Chats Data

If you are already using WhatsApp on your phone and want to shift to JTWhatsApp, it is actually quite easy to do. And that too without losing WhatsApp chat data. Note that we will not be using the traditional method i.e. restoring chats from Google Drive because that too no longer works with WhatsApp Mods. Wondering how it can be done? Well, the process is explained step by step below.

1st Step: Firstly, make sure the Play Protect App Scanner is turned off. You can check it from Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings.

2nd Step: Go to phone settings>privacy. And then enable Unknown sources for third-party app installations.

3rd Step: Open the file manager and go to the download folder.

Open Downloaded JTWhatsApp

4th Step: Locate recently downloaded JTWhatsApp v9.95 and then click on it. The installer will open.

5th Step: Press on the Install and wait until it gets installed.

Install JTWhatsApp
Click Install to start JTWhatsApp Installation

6th Step: After that, press Done to exit the installer.

JTWhatsApp Installed
Click on Done When JTWhatsApp is Installed

7th Step: Launch JTWhatsApp from the app drawer on your Android.

8th Step: Click on Agree and continue.

Get Started with JTWhatsApp

9th Step: Now, first, tap on “Copy WhatsApp Chat Data”. Upon clicking that, you will shortly receive WhatsApp chat data copied message.

Migrate WhatsApp Chats to JTWhatsApp

10th Step: After that, normally register on WhatsApp by verifying your phone number, entering profile details, etc.

11th Step: Once initializing completes, you’ll see that all your WhatsApp chats are migrated into JTWhatsApp.

12th Step: Now, you should uninstall the normal WhatsApp since you don’t need that anymore. Done.

This method is well tested and works quite well, it helps to easily migrate to JTWhatsApp from WhatsApp without losing the chat data. Keep in mind that, to copy WhatsApp chat data, it must be installed and logged in on the phone. And once you sign up in JTWhatsApp, you are free to uninstall the stock version.

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JTWhatsApp v9.95 Changelog

JTWhatsApp’s new version 9.95 has been recently released and it contains a bunch of new features and enhancements. All the most recent changes of the current build are listed below.

JTWhatsApp v9.95
JTWhatsApp v9.95 Changelog
Released Date: 13 February 2024
Base Update: – Play Store
Extended expiry [Expiry]
Ignore any warning messages for now, we are doing our best to fix the problem [Anti-Ban]
Update New Base Update coming soon! Thank you for your support and patience [Note]

The latest JTWhatsApp v9.95 is considered to be the best version so far because it is Enhanced, Bug-free, Safe, and rich in features. Therefore, we recommend using the updated version of JTWhatsApp for a better experience.

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JTWhatsApp Features

JTWhatsApp Features

As you know JTWhatsApp comes with many useful features that can really propel user experience to the next level. Well, here, we’re going to mention some of the most useful features that you should be using after installing the app. All the features that are listed below are available in JTWhatsApp v9.95.

  • Freeze Last Seen: Enabling this will freeze the last seen of your profile. From now onwards, only the recent last seen will be shown to everyone. After turning it on, make sure to restart JTWhatsApp for changes to reflect.
  • Anti-View Once: WhatsApp recently introduced the View Once feature in which you can send media files that will be allowed to view only once. By enabling Anti-View Once, you’ll be able to see View Once media files sent to you unlimited times.
  • Hide View Status: With this feature, you can stop telling contacts that you’ve viewed their status. Your profile won’t appear in the list of “People who viewed status”.
  • Anti-Delete Status: Using this feature, the deleted status of your contacts will be available for you to see. But before 24 hours of the upload time.
  • Anti-Delete Messages: Turn this on if you don’t want your contacts to delete their sent messages for you. Even if they delete it before you see the message, it still will be there for you to read.
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply: It doesn’t matter when or how many times you see the received messages from your contacts, it won’t show Blue Ticks until you reply to the messages.
  • WhatsApp Lock: It is an in-built app lock feature that allows locking the initial screen with a password or pattern. You can customize the password with questions, make the pattern invisible or visible, etc.
  • JTThemes: Under this section, you’ll find a plethora of options for decorating your JTWhatsApp look with themes & designs. You can download themes from the online library, upload your own theme from an SD card, create a theme backup, and restore them to default, all these options are available.
  • Universal: This section contains some of the general but useful features of JTWhatsApp. There is a Color tab that allows customizing the color of almost any element. Then there are Styles (Look and feel) that allow changing the appearance of how your chat window looks. And then there are several more options such as Hide media from the gallery, Backup and restore, and universal settings for further customization.
  • Home Screen: Under this tab, you can pretty much customize every element appearing on the home screen of JTWhatsApp. I.e you can change the UI design, color, etc. There will be four major things you can modify Header, Rows, Floating Action Button, and Status. It’s fun playing with it so make sure you check it out.
  • Conversation Screen: With this tab, you can customize the appearance of the chatting window. You can customize things like Action Bar, Bubble and Ticks, Pics, Conversation Entry style, and more options. In the MODS section, you will even find some brilliant options such as making your contact’s profile picture as Wallpaper, Confirm Before Sending a sticker, Translation options, etc.
  • JTWA Widget: As the name says, under this tab, you can customize the widget’s look and feel. I.e implement a new look and design. What’s more interesting is that you can live to see the changes while customizing.

JTWhatsApp v9.95 is full of incredible features that really help propel user experience to the next level. From customization to privacy-rich features, you’ll find everything in this modified version.

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As we are growing continuously in this technology era, it’s better we don’t forget the importance of privacy. Using apps like JTWhatsApp not only improves the user experience but also helps protect our privacy. It also gives control to you over every feature and you can enable or disable it anytime as per your choice. If you feel not being able to do enough with stock WhatsApp, you can try JTWhatsApp. It is really a great app with fantastic UI and features.

We’ve tried to provide an informative post that explains JTWhatsApp and also helps you download its latest update hassle-free. If there is still anything you want to know about JTWhatsApp, comment below. We’ll be more than happy to answer it for you.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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