FMWhatsApp Download Latest v7.99 for Android 2019 (Official)

FMWhatsApp Download 2019: In today’s world, we need more functionality and features to make the tasks easily done. And we hate those applications who fails to deliver the right and needed features. Take the example of WhatsApp messenger, its the best messenger app available for Android platform but its users are moving to its MOD version. Why? Because all the MOD version of it like WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp offers more features. Which also allows users to do more tasks that they can’t do with WhatsApp messenger. In the official WhatsApp messenger, we also get very limited features along with some restrictions.

FMWhatsApp Download
FMWhatsApp Download latest Version 2019

If you have ever used the WhatsApp messenger then you probably know that you cannot share big files, share messages to more than 5 contacts. And these sometimes frustrate us too because, in this digital era, it has become required. Like if you are a Digital business owner and you have employees who work for you then you know what I’m talking here. You probably have fired on WhatsApp Messenger for restriction on forwarding messages. It shows “you cannot forward a message to more than 5 contacts” when you try to forward a message to 6 or more contacts.

To use more features and avoid all restriction of WhatsApp, you can download FMWhatsApp. It’s one of the best WhatsApp MOD that is trusted and developed by a well-known developer known as Fouad MODS.

What is FMWhatsApp?

It is one of the top MOD version of WhatsApp which is developed by the popular developer Fouad MODS. In FMWhatsApp, you will find the extended features along with the chatting function of WhatsApp messenger. You can use your WhatsApp detail to sign up with FMWhatsApp and you will be able to use the extended features. No one in your contact can identify that you are using a MOD version of WhatsApp and you can use it privately. There are some cool features in FMWhatsApp that will help you take control of your Privacy.

If you are a private person then I highly suggest using FMWhatsApp because you can take full control of your privacy. It will provide you many features including Freeze Last Seen, Add restriction on calling, Hide view status, etc. We will show you all the privacy feature of it later in this article.

Apart from its privacy features, you can also share big files with your contacts and avoid all the sharing restrictions. In WhatsApp messenger, you can only upload a video that is under 16Mb. But using FMWhatsApp, you can upload video’s file size up to 700Mb. Again, I will talk in deep about it in few seconds.

So, now you know what FMWhatsApp is and what ability it has. Now, let me first provide you the download link of latest FMWhatsApp. And later I will guide you on the installation and other guides to help you get started with it.

Download FMWhatsApp v7.99 Latest Version for Android 2019

FMWhatsApp Download Latest Version
FMWhatsApp Latest Version Download 2019

You are going to download FMWhatsApp Latest v7.99 for Android. And we are going to provide you the download link and guide to properly download it on your phone. We will make sure to help you in everything to get things done fast so you can instantly start using FMWhatsApp. First, have a look at the file information of it so you can know some necessary details such as version, size, etc. I also suggest reading and keeping the information in your mind. It will also help you download FMWhatsApp Apk correctly.

FMWhatsApp file information:

Size52 MB
Package Namecom.fmwhatsapp
Android requires4.0 and up
DeveloperFouad MODS
Update on 22 July 2019

Double read the file name and file size from above so you can at least remember it. The benefit you will get by doing it is you will be able to verify the file before downloading. You probably have noticed when you were willing to download an app but somehow you downloaded the wrong file. This often happens with most of the Internet users. Actually, browsers exchange the requested file with the promotion app so they can earn better.

And there’s nothing wrong with it because they are doing it to sustain and continue providing the service. But you have to care about it! So, make sure you verify the file when your browser notifies you to accept the file downloading. Just match the file name and size from the above data. Now, hit the below button to start downloading FMWhatsApp.

How to Download & Install FMWhatsApp on Android Phone

If you want to learn how to download & install FMWhatsApp on Android phone then follow the steps from below.

  1. First, Click here to go to the download page.
  2. Tap on the Download button to receive the download request on your browser.
  3. Match the file size and name from above and verify the file request is genuine or not and then accept the downloading.
  4. Wait for the file to get successfully downloaded on your phone.
  5. Once downloaded, go to the Android Settings>Security>Turn on Unknown sources. Doing that you will get allowed to install any application on your phone manually.
  6. Now, open the browser and go to the download section. Tap on the downloaded FMWhatsApp to open the installer.
  7. Hit the Install button to start installing FMWhatsApp on your Android phone.
  8. Wait for it to get completely installed and then press the Done button to exit the installer. Don’t press the open button directly from the installer. FMWhatsApp may go crash if you open directly after installing.
  9. Now you have successfully installed the FMWhatsApp. You can start using it from your phone’s App drawer.
  10. Done.

This is how you can Download & Install FMWhatsApp on any Android phone. Just follow the above steps carefully and you will also be able to install FMWhatsApp on your Android phone. Trust me it’s very simple and easy to do but still, most of you do mistakes. To make downloading of FMWhatsApp little more easier for you, below I have shared some points that you should follow to avoid common downloading mistakes.

Tips to Download FMWhatsApp Correctly and Securely on Android Phone

I have downloaded APK files many times from third party websites and in the process of downloading them, I have learned many things. And here, I’m just going to share those tips for you so you don’t make mistakes. So, here are my tips to Download FMWhatsApp correctly on phone:

1. Use Strong Browser for Downloading

You may have heard this advice previously but because it is super important, I think it is worth mentioning here. Using a Good browser will help you download any file fast and securely. A good browser like Google Chrome helps the user stay protected from downloading malicious files and also help them to download files faster. Alternatively, you can use Opera Mini to download FMWhatsApp.

2. Have Speedy Internet Connection

Make sure your Internet connection is stable and providing Good Downloading speed. The files you download from the internet are served by servers. To download FMWhatsApp from servers without missing any part of the file, you must have a good Internet connection. You probably have noticed that the downloading gets failed when the Internet connection gets unstable or very slow. So, before you start downloading the FMWhatsApp, get connected to a Good Internet Connection.

3. Disable Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is a built-in security feature which is available in almost every Android phone that supports Google Play Store. Basically, it scans all the apps on the phone whether it’s downloaded or already installed and notify users about malware and security breach. As it is a security feature, it may detect modified app such as FMWhatsApp as malware because of modification in code or alter the application. It has happened with me so I suggest disabling this feature from Google Play Store>My Apps & Games>Play protect>Disable it. By doing that, you will be able to download FMWhatsApp without any issue.

Just make sure you follow the above three points in order to download the latest FMWhatsApp on your phone without facing any problem.

FMWhatsApp Features

Just like other Mod Apps, FMWhatsApp has also some great amount of features which is very useful. You will start loving this app more than WhatsApp messenger after using its incredible features. So, without waiting anymore, let me show its features.

Privacy Features

The reason behind the success of FMWhatsApp is its privacy features. Like I have said earlier in this article, FMWhatsApp provides a Good amount of Privacy features. Well, let me show you all its privacy features.

1. Freeze Last Seen

There are many WhatsApp user who wants to hide the last seen on their profile because of whatever reason. Sadly, they can’t do that in WhatsApp messenger because there is no feature available that can do that. FMWhatsApp developer called Fouad MODS has cared about the mass users and has implemented a requested feature that can allow users to freeze last seen. Once you activate this feature from the privacy settings of FMWhatsApp, the last seen will get freeze. And everybody will only see the previous online status always until you deactivate this feature.

2. Anti-Delete Status

When this feature is activated, you will be able to see deleted statuses and stories from all your contacts. Anti-Delete Status feature restricts the other users in your contact to not erase or delete status for you. It is also a great feature to see what dumb status someone had added and deleted just after adding it. So, if you are a curious person who likes to know why someone deleted their status just after adding it then this feature is for you.

3. Disable Forwarded

Usually, when we forward a message or a media file to someone that was sent to us by someone else on WhatsApp, it gets tagged with Forwarded. Which indicates or shows that the messages have been taken or shared. And it’s not actually sent by the sender. To remove the forwarded tag when you forward a message or media, you can use Disable Forwarded feature. When it is active, the forwarded tag will not appear on your forwarded message or media.

4. Call Settings

If someone always annoys you on WhatsApp through calling then this awesome feature will let you take control on calling. You can manually set who can call you on WhatsApp. There are basically five options available under the call settings which you can opt as per your requirement. Options that are available:

  • Everyone: When you select his option under the calling settings, anyone can call you on WhatsApp.
  • My Contacts: All the contacts that you have saved on your phone for WhatsApp can only call you.
  • My Contacts Except…: You can also block someone from your contact to call you using this option.
  • Select Contacts: Use this option to select contacts that can only call you on WhatsApp.
  • Nobody: This option is like DND meaning when it is selected, no one can call on WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter if a calling person is in your contact or not. You will not receive calls from anyone.

5. Hide View Status

Another great Privacy feature that will allow you to view the status of your contacts without letting them know about it. Meaning, you can view other contacts added status, downloading it, and share it without telling them. Usually, when we view someone’s updated status, they can see that you have viewed it. But when you activate Hide View Status from Privacy settings, the owner of the updated status will not be able to recognize you.

6. Anti-Delete Messages

You can easily view the deleted messages by your contacts if you activate Anti-Delete Messages. If you have used WhatsApp then you probably wanted to know why the other person deleted the message after sending it to you. We all have faced this at sometimes. Well, now it’s under your control. Just activate this feature so whenever someone will send a message or media file and deletes it, you will be able to view it because of this feature.

7. Show Blue Ticks After Reply

If you always in a hurry and you barely get time to reply to others on WhatsApp then this feature will be very helpful for you. The other person will not get offended! We hate those people who see our messages but don’t reply immediately. And we start thinking negative about it. This is human nature that no one can debate but you can do something good. The blue tick usually shows when the other contact views the sent message. But when you turn on the “Show Blue Ticks After Reply” feature, the Blue Tick will only show when you reply to the message. This way the other person will see that you have replied immediately after seeing their message.


FMWhatsApp is a great Mod version of WhatsApp messenger which gives benefits to users in many ways. A great reason why most people prefer it is it allows great privacy features. Features like hiding Online Status, Hide Blue Tick, and more. There are also some other features are available in FMWhatsApp that separates it from all the WhatsApp MOD version. Its developer has committed to making it stand out and so they are always working hard to implement new features and improve performance of FMWhatsApp.

To continue receiving the updated version of FMWhatsApp, visit Rogtechs because we update this blog whenever any new version releases. If you have any question regarding FMWhatsApp then you can comment down below to instantly get answered.

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