FMWhatsApp Download Latest v10.05 For Android 2024 (Anti-Ban)

FMWhatsApp Download 2024: Nowadays, we need more functionality and features on apps to make any task easily done. And we hate those applications that fail to deliver the right and needed features. Take the example of WhatsApp Messenger, it is the best messenger app available for Android but its users are moving to its mod version. Why? Mod versions like FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp simply offer more features.

And if you have ever used WhatsApp Messenger then you probably know that you cannot share big files, share messages with more than 5 contacts at once. To use more features and avoid all the restrictions of WhatsApp Messenger, you can download FMWhatsApp. Let me first explain it a little more and then I will provide you with the FMWhatsApp v10.05 download link.

Size76.2 MB
Package Namecom.fmwhatsapp
Android requires5.1 or above
DeveloperFouad MODS
Updated on 20 April 2024

Note: Delete old v9.98 and fresh install FMWA v10.05 to fix bypass issue, Antiban problem, etc.

What is FMWhatsApp?

It is one of the top-rated mods of WhatsApp which is developed by a popular developer Fouad MODS. In FMWhatsApp, you get extended features along with the chatting function of WhatsApp Messenger. You can use your WhatsApp mobile number to sign up for FMWhatsApp and you will be able to use the extended features. And no one in your contact will be able to identify that you’re on a WhatsApp mod.

FMWhatsApp Explained

Also, if you are a private person then it is highly suggested to use FMWhatsApp because you can take full control of your privacy. It will provide you with many features including the Freeze Last Seen, Add restrictions on calling, Hide view status, etc. We will show you all its privacy features later in this article.

Apart from its privacy features, you can also share big files with your contacts and avoid all the sharing restrictions. In WhatsApp Messenger, you can only upload a video that is under 16 MB. But using FMWhatsApp, you can upload video file sizes up to 700 MB which is really great. There will be no restriction on this WhatsApp Mod at all and you can use it for free without any hassle.

Download FMWhatsApp v10.05 Latest for Android 2024

FMWhatsApp Download Latest Version
FMWhatsApp Latest Version Download 2024

Downloading the FMWhatsApp latest v10.05 from us is going to be a very comfortable experience for you. However, we have provided a direct download link for it. You can download it with one click on your phone. Also, we regularly check for FM WhatsApp updates and immediately update links whenever a new version comes out. Therefore, you will always get the updated version from here.

If you want to learn how to download FMWhatsApp v10.05 on your Android phone then simply follow the below steps.

1st Step – First, Click on the above download button of FMWhatsApp.

2nd Step – Tap on the Download button to receive the download request on your browser.

Download FMWhatsApp
Click on Download anyway button

3rd Step – Wait for a few seconds to let Google Drive send the FMWhatsApp file and then accept the download request.

Download FMWhatsApp
Press OK to accept FMWhatsApp Download request

4th Step – Wait for the FMWhatsApp file to get successfully downloaded on your phone.

Download FMWhatsApp
Wait until FMWhatsapp gets Downloaded

5th Step – That’s it.

That is how you can Download FMWhatsApp v10.05 on any Android phone. Just follow the above steps carefully and you will be able to download it. Now you have got the file, let me guide you on its installation.


How to Install FMWhatsApp v10.05 on Android Phone

Installing FMWhatsApp on any Android phone is very easy but before that, you must have its requirements on your phone. Let me first share the pre-requisite and then I will provide you with the installation and get-started guide.

FMWhatsApp Requirement

Android5.1 or above
RAM 1 GB or more
Storage800 Mb or more
Processor1.4GHz, Dual-core

If you have these specs on your phone then you can install & use the latest FMWhatsApp v10.05 on your phone. Now, let me help you install and get started with it.

FMWhatsApp Installation Steps

1st Step – Firstly, make sure that Google Play Protect is disabled because it may block the installation of it.

Install FMWhatsApp on Android
Disable Google Play Protect

2nd Step – Go to the Android Settings>Security>Turn on Unknown sources. By doing that, you will be allowed to install any application manually on your phone.

Install FMWhatsApp on Android
Turn on Unknown Resources from Android settings

3rd Step – Now, open the browser and go to the download section. Tap on the downloaded FMWhatsApp APK to open the installer.

4th Step – Hit the Install button to start installing FMWhatsApp on your Android phone.

Install FMWhatsApp on Android
Click on Install

5th Step – Wait for it to get completely installed and then press the Done button to exit the installer. Don’t press the open button directly from the installer.

Install FMWhatsApp on Android
Once Installation is completed, press on Done

6th Step – Now you have successfully installed the FMWhatsApp on your Android.

By following the above installation steps, you will undoubtedly be able to install FMWhatsApp on your phone. The problem that comes with the procedure is Play Protect Blocks the installation because of modifications in the app.

If you want to use FMWhatsApp on your phone, you must disable Play Protect in the first place. So, now you have it on your phone, I’m going to teach you how you can get started with it.

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How to Get Started with FMWhatsApp v10.05 on Phone

Once you have installed the FMWhatsApp v10.05, you also need a guide to get started with it in the first place. So here, I will show you how you can sign up and get started with it on your phone.

1st Step – Launch the FMWhatsApp App from your phone’s app drawer.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Start FMWhatsApp

2nd Step – Allow all the permissions like Storage, Contact, Phone, Messages, etc.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Allow FMWhatsApp access permissions

3rd Step – Press Agree and Continue.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Click on Agree and Continue

4th Step – Enter the Mobile Number that you want to use for the FM WhatsApp account. You can use the same mobile number that you were using for WhatsApp.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Enter your mobile number and then press Next

5th Step – Press on Next and then OK to verify your Mobile number through OTP. If the mobile number you entered is inserted into your phone then it will automatically get verified. Otherwise, you will need to manually enter OTP & verify the mobile number.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Verify Entered Mobile number through OTP

6th Step – After that, fill in your profile details such as Name, Profile picture, etc. You can also do it later from the profile settings of FMWhatsApp.

Get Started with FMWhatsApp on Android
Fill in your personal details for your profile on FMWhatsApp

7th Step – Once you press the next button after filling in your profile details, you will see the Changelog of FMWhatsApp’s latest v10.05. You can read that if you are curious to know what’s new has been added in the latest version. After that, press OK to close the changelog window.

8th Step – Now you can start using FMWhatsApp.

So, that was the get-started guide for FMWhatsApp version 10.05. You will be surprised to see that there are lots of new changes and interesting features that have been implemented in the new FM WhatsApp 10.05. To let you know about the new features and changes, let me show you its latest changelog.

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FMWhatsApp v10.05 Latest Changelog

In the latest FMWhatsApp v10.05, there are a bunch of new features and improvements that have been made. Also, all the previously found bugs have been fixed in this latest version. Here is the list of all new changes in FMWhatsApp v10.05.

FMWhatsApp v10.05
FMWhatsApp v10.05 New Changes
Released Date: 20 April 2024
Base Update: (New)
Bypass verification [Improved]
Code from other phone verification works [Improved]
Increased anti ban [Improved]
All features in Linked Devices [Unlock]
Gap in updates page [Fixed]
Random crash when using IG status [Fixed]
General bug fixes [Misc]
Enjoy and discover by yourself! [Misc]

Since the One UI has been implemented in FMWhatsApp, the app has become super optimized. The interface looks fantastic and the app responds quickly. In this latest version 10.05, you will experience some more improvements. Now, let me show all the mind-blowing features of FMWhatsApp in brief so you can use them efficiently.

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FMWhatsApp v10.05 Features

Just like other MOD Apps, FMWhatsApp v10.05 has also a good amount of features that are very useful for all users. You will start loving this app more than WhatsApp Messenger after knowing its incredible features. It has tons of features in categories like Privacy Features, Customization features, Tools, and more. So, without wasting time anymore, let me explain its features one by one.

Privacy Features

The reason behind the success of FMWhatsApp is its privacy features. As I have said earlier in this article, it provides a good amount of Privacy features. Well, let me show you all its privacy features.

Freeze Last Seen

FMWhatsApp Privacy Feature
FMWhatsApp’s Freeze Last Screen

There are many WhatsApp user who wants to hide the last seen on their profile because of privacy & safety. Sadly, they can’t do that in WhatsApp Messenger because there is no feature available that can do that. FMWhatsApp’s developer Fouad MODS has cared about the mass users and has implemented a requested feature that can allow users to freeze their last seen. Once you activate this feature from the privacy settings of FMWhatsApp, the last seen will freeze. And everybody on WhatsApp will only see the previous online status until you deactivate this feature.

Anti-Delete Status

FMWhatsApp Privacy Features
FMWhatsApp’s Anti-Delete Status

When this feature is activated, you will be able to see deleted statuses and stories from all your contacts. The Anti-Delete Status feature restricts the other users in your contact from deleting their status for you. It is also a great feature to see what dumb status someone had added and deleted just after adding it. So, if you are a curious person who likes to know why someone deleted their status just after adding it then this feature is for you.

Disable Forwarded

Usually, when we forward a message or a media file to someone that was sent to us by someone else on WhatsApp, it gets tagged with Forwarded. Which indicates or shows that the messages have been taken or shared. And it’s not actually sent by the sender. To remove the forwarded tag when you forward a message or media, you can use the Disable Forwarded feature. When it is active, the forwarded tag will not appear on your forwarded message or media.

Call Settings

If someone always annoys you on WhatsApp through calling then this awesome feature will let you take control of calling. You can manually set who can call you on WhatsApp. There are basically five options available under the call settings which you can select as per your requirement. Available options:

  • Everyone – When you select his option under the calling settings, anyone can call you on WhatsApp.
  • My Contacts – All the contacts that you have saved on your phone for WhatsApp can only call you.
  • (My Contacts Except…) – You can also block someone from your contact to call you using this option.
  • Select Contacts – Use this option to select contacts that can only call you on WhatsApp.
  • Nobody – This option is like DND, meaning when it is selected, no one can call on WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter if the calling person is on your contact or not. You will not receive calls from anyone.

Hide View Status

Another great Privacy feature that will allow you to view the status of your contacts without letting them know about it. Meaning, that you can view the contact’s added or updated status, download it, and share it without telling them. Usually, when we view someone’s updated status, they can see that you have viewed it. But when you activate Hide View Status from the Privacy settings of FMWhatsApp, the owner of the status will not be able to recognize you.

Anti-Delete Messages

FMWhatsApp Privacy Feature
FMWhatsApp’s Anti-Delete Status

You can easily view the deleted messages from your contacts if you activate the Anti-Delete Messages feature. If you have used WhatsApp Messenger then you probably wanted to know why the other person deleted the message after sending it to you. We all have faced this sometimes. Well, now it’s under your control. Just activate this feature so whenever someone sends a message or media file and deletes it, you will still be able to view it because of this privacy feature.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

If you are always in a hurry and you barely get time to reply to others on WhatsApp then this feature will be very helpful for you. Because the other person who will send you the message will not get offended even if you read the message but do not reply at that moment! However, we hate those people who see our messages but don’t reply immediately. And we start thinking negatively about it. This is human nature that no one can debate but you can do something tricky.

The blue tick usually shows when the other person views the sent message. But when you turn on the “Show Blue Ticks After Reply” feature, the Blue Tick will only show when you reply to the message. This way the other person will see that you have replied immediately after seeing their message.

Airplane Mode

FMWhatsApp Privacy Feature
FMWhatsApp’s Airplane Mode

It is a new feature that recently has been added to the place of DND mode. Yes, the Airplane mode is now available in FMWhatsApp v10.05 which works very similarly to flight mode on Android. Previously, there was a DND mode that wasn’t perfect for the work it was made. The developer of WhatsApp MOD has been working on this new feature for the last two months as per their tweet on Twitter. It finally got implemented and introduced in the new version. This Airplane mode really works faster than the previous DND mode.

Also, to activate Airplane mode on FMWhatsApp, you just need to tap once on the Airplane mode icon which is placed on the top. Then the App will automatically restart and airplane mode will get activated. Once the Airplane mode is activated, you will not receive any messages from any contacts on WhatsApp. This feature is very useful for those who don’t want to get disturbed or distracted by WhatsApp messages all day. You can just activate it whenever you are busy in life and deactivate it when you want to see all the new messages.

Security Features

FMWhatsApp also has a bunch of great security features that can help you protect your account details and chat from getting seen by bad eyes. In other words, its security features are very useful for almost all WhatsApp users. Let me show you all the security features of FMWhatsApp one by one.

WhatsApp Lock

FMWhatsApp Security Feature
WhatsApp Lock

It’s a kind of app lock that adds a security password to the app. Basically, with WhatsApp Lock, you can save a security password that will be needed before launching the FMWhatsApp. You can either set a pattern or code as a password and according to the password type, you will see a security lock whenever launching the FMWhatsApp. Also, in case you forget the password after configuring WhatsApp Lock, then you can reset it with simple steps. But it will require the recovery question’s answer that the user has configured during the lock setup.

You can also change the password or pattern, change the lock/pattern wallpaper, etc. There are also some options for customizing the lock screen like you can make patterns Invisible and Disabling pattern vibration. I can undoubtedly say that it is one of the great features to add a security lock on FMWhatsApp to protect from others.

Hide Chat & Lock it

FMWhatsApp Security Feature
Hide Chat & Lock it

In FMWhatsApp, you can also Hide Chats and set a password for protection. This feature can help lots of young people to hide chat from their girlfriend/boyfriend to protect themselves from others. Usually, when we have secret people in our life that we talk with on social media apps like WhatsApp, we become afraid of “what if other people will see the chat”. The WhatsApp app does not have security features and anyone can open WhatsApp installed on their phone and see all the chats going on.

To completely protect your chat or chats, you can use one of the known features of FMWhatsApp called Hide Chat. It will help you hide any chat and add a security pattern to see the hidden chats. The messages that the hidden chats will send to you can only arrive at you when you go to the hidden chats section by entering the security pattern. Also, you can add and remove chats from Hidden Chat anytime, and there is no limit on that which means you can add multiple chats as per your choice.

Customization Features

Apart from Privacy & security features, some interesting customization features in FMWhatsApp will really amaze you. You can completely change the look of FMWhatsApp and make it look attractive or in the way you want. Before you jump in the fool to customize the appearance of FMWhatsApp, let me show you all its customization features one by one as I explained previously.


FMWhatsApp Customization Feature
FMWhatsApp’s YoThemes

By default, we get the same theme on FMWhatsApp that WhatsApp has but now you can choose a different theme from hundreds of themes on YoTheme online. It is basically a theme portal for FMWhatsApp which lets us install new themes for free. You can either online download & install a theme or you can install a new theme from your SD card using the YoTheme installer. The thing that you need to be careful of is the theme file you are about to install should be in XML file format. Otherwise, you will get an error while installing the theme in FMWhatsApp from the SD Card.

Moreover, there are several more options that you can mess with like:

  • Save YoTheme – Save your current theme and its settings on an SD Card (/WhatsApp/YoMods)
  • Restore YoTheme – Load YoTheme and its saved setting from SD Card (/WhatsApp/YoMods)
  • Reset Preferences – Get back to the default theme & settings
  • Clear All Theme – To delete all the saved/installed themes in the SD Card (/WhatsApp/YoMods)

YoThemes feature is a complete solution for changing the design and looks in FMWhatsApp and again it’s all free. You can install any theme you want from YoTheme online without paying anything.

Universal Color

With the Universal color feature, you can change the color of every element available in FMWhatsApp such as the Actionbar, Background color, Status Bar, Navigation Bar, Chats Divider, etc. You can choose any color from the variety of options and the best part is there are three ways you can pick the color for every element in FMWhatsApp. The first is using HSV in which you can drag and drop to select a color, the second is RGB in which you can select a combination of colors and create a shining & unique color, the third way is HEX in which you can manually type the color code and apply to FMWhatsApp elements.

It is a pretty good customization feature that you should definitely try if you want your FMWhatsApp to look different and unique from others.

Styles (Look and Feel)

FMWhatsApp Customization Feature
FMWhatsApp’s Styles (Look and Feel)

At default settings in FMWhatsApp, it looks decent & good but in case you want to change the look and feel of it, you can do that from the Styles customization setting. From Styles settings, you can change font style, Emoji variant, Old Emoji Design, Launcher icon, and change notification icon. Some changes have been made in the latest FMWhatsApp v10.05 under Styles, especially in the Emoji variant and Launcher icons. At the current moment, there are four Emoji Variants that you can choose including Stock, Facebook, Emoji One V3, And Android O.

In Launcher icons, there are new modern and unique icons that have been added that look really fantastic. All the previous launcher icons are still there so you can also select them. In my opinion, new launcher icons are far more great-looking than previous icons. Overall, Styles settings have some good options that you should really explore if you want to change the look and feel of the default FMWhatsApp.

Home Screen

The home screen or dashboard explains everything about an app. And that the Developers of FMWhatsApp know very well. That’s why they have given their users the option to customize the home screen in the way users want. Under the MODS settings, there is a home Screen option in which you’ll find all the options to edit the home screen of FMWhatsApp. There are options for every single element that is available on the home screen such as Header, Rows, Floating Action Button, Status, etc. You can change the elements as you like with a live preview.

Let me elaborate a little more in bullet points so you can understand it well.

  • Header: Under the header, you can change things like Set your own name instead of FMWhatsApp on the Home screen, Show or Hide Airplane mode, Tabs background color, Page title text color, Selected title text color, Selected tab underline color, Unread message counter color, Unread counter text color, etc.
  • Rows: In the Rows home setting, you can change things like Home Style, Main/Calls/Contacts screen text size, Text color, Contact name color, Unread message counter color, Unread counter text color, Contact online color, Last seen color, Disable contact online/last seen status, and Elapsed time Turn on or off.
  • Floating Action Button: Under it, you can edit & change things like Turn on or off Floating action button, Fab normal color, Fab pressed color, background color of Fab, Icons color of Fab, Fab background animation position, Hide New Message FAB, Hide LastSeen FAB, Hide WhatsApp log FAB, and Hide YoMods FAB.
  • Status: The editing that is available for status are Recent/Viewed Updates bar color, Recent update text color, Status Seen color, Status unseen color, Date pending message color, etc.

Apart from these editing options, a few MODS options are really interesting and new. MODS options that are available for customizing home screens are:

  • Photo Corners – Edit values from 100 to any below number to start seeing round-corner photos on WhatsApp.
  • Hide Chats Divider – When this option is enabled, a grey line between chats on the Main Screen will not show.
  • Disable Contact Online Toast – Usually, it stays enabled by default but if you want to disable Contact Online Toast then you can turn on this option.
  • Ringtone Contact Toast – You can choose a ringtone to play whenever any contact goes online.

Conversation Screen

On Social Media apps like WhatsApp, we mostly spend our time chatting with others because there is no news feed tab where you can read anything. And chatting with others on the same screen with the same design for a long time can feel boring after some time. Well, FM WhatsApp has taken care of it and provided the freedom to all the users to edit the conversation screen as they like. There are basically five elements that you can edit & change for the conversation screen.

  • Action Bar
  • Bubble And Ticks
  • Pics
  • Conversation Entry Style
  • More Options (Extra)

The editing experience will be the same as the home screen; edit with preview. You will be able to edit the Conversation Screen easily with a live preview. There are also MODS options for the conversation screen, let me also explain them to you.

  • Custom Wallpaper per contact – This allows you to set a custom wallpaper for each person/conversation.
  • Hide date and name – When this is enabled, the date and time will be hidden when copying 2 messages or more.
  • Enable Proximity Sensor for Voice Notes/Audio Mods.
  • Disable Output Switching – It prevents speaker/earpiece switching while playing audio in chat.
  • Send Images in Full Resolution – You can manually set the image quality which will be applied for sending or sharing. Max Image Resolution quality that can be improved is up to 6Mb.
  • Disable Image Share Limit – Enable this to send more than 10 image files at a single time.
  • Hide Frequently contacted from the Forward section.
  • Hide other contacts from the Forward section.
  • Recent chats – Enable this to hide Recent chats from the Forward section.

Apart from Conversation screen features, there is a YoWA Widget in which you can customize elements under the Status tab like Background color, Contact name color, and stuff like that. So, now you know all the interesting features of FMWhatsApp. I can say that now you probably know pretty much about the features of FMWhatsApp and how to use them. Let me clear or answer some FAQs about this WhatsApp MOD.

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FMWhatsApp v10.05 FAQs

FMWhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions
FMWhatsApp FAQs

Here, I will answer all the most frequently asked questions that everyone wants to know once they hear about the FM WhatsApp for the first time.

What is the Difference between WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp?

WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp are pretty similar, although they perform the same task that is they help users communicate in a better way with friends and family through messages, voice calls, and video calls. The main difference between these two Messaging apps is that FM WhatsApp has more features than WhatsApp. The WhatsApp messenger is a Parent and FMWhatsApp is a Child of WhatsApp but FMWhatsApp has been modified and packed up with tons of useful features that WhatsApp doesn’t have.

Is FMWhatsApp Safe?

The best way to know if it is safe or not is to look at its history and work done. Since FMWhatsApp has been in the market, it only has received Positive responses from its audience. As of now, there is no hate or bad kind of news that has been written on the internet. So, as per the data and analysis, I can say that FMWhatsApp is safe!

But as you may know things change faster, especially in the online world. Meanwhile, FMWhatsApp can become dangerous in the future. And when it happens, you will probably see the news or report on news websites because technology unfolds everything. Currently, it is absolutely safe to use.

Is FMWhatsApp Banned?

FMWhatsApp uses the API of WhatsApp to provide the same messaging and other experiences that WhatsApp Messenger has. Recently, WhatsApp started to block those users who were using the app through its API on the MOD version like FMWhatsApp. This resulted in the Ban issue on all the users who were using FMWhatsApp.

When the Ban started happening, users started to see a temporary lock screen on their MOD WhatsApp and a notice to uninstall the MOD version and move back to stock WhatsApp. The users who followed the notice are now safe and those who ignored the notice are now permanently banned from WhatsApp.

Once it became a serious issue, it was looking like the end of FMWhatsApp which wasn’t actually. In the previous month, the developer of FMWhatsApp released the Anti-Ban version which prevents the ban. Initially, it wasn’t perfect and users were still getting banned. Then the developer of FMWhatsApp released a new Anti-ban version that worked and practically protected all the MOD WhatsApp users from the Ban.

Currently, there is no Ban issue and anyone can use the FMWhatsApp without fearing anything. FMWhatsApp now has Anti-ban security which basically protects from Bans.

How does FMWhatsApp work?

The functionality of FMWhatsApp is the same as WhatsApp functionality, you can communicate with your friends and relatives using voice calls, messaging, and video calls through FMWhatsApp. Another answer is that FMWhatsApp works the same as any other app. It also uses Firebase and other stuff to help its users navigate and use the functions or features that it provides.

How Can I Update FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp’s new version is released every new month and you have to update to the latest version to continue using it. Updating FMWhatsApp is very easy and anyone can do that with common sense. Well, there are three steps to update FMWhatsApp:

  1. Download FMWhatsApp’s new version from this page (Bookmark this page for downloading the Latest FMWhatsApp).
  2. Uninstall the old FMWhatsApp from your phone (Make sure you backup data and Chat history).
  3. Install the newest version and Sign in again (Restore the Data and Chat History from Settings).

There is no alternative option to update FMWhatsApp, you have to download and manually install it.

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FMWhatsApp is a great Mod version of WhatsApp Messenger that provides many benefits to users in many ways. A great reason why most people prefer it is it has great privacy features. Features like Hiding Online Status, Hide Blue Tick, and so on. There are more features available in FMWhatsApp that separate it from all the other WhatsApp MOD versions. The developers of it are working hard to make it the best WhatsApp MOD. In the upcoming months, more new features and improvements will be made to FM WhatsApp.

To continue receiving the updated version of FMWhatsApp, visit Rogtechs because we update this blog post whenever any new version is released. If you still have any questions regarding FMWhatsApp then you can comment down below. I will try to help you out.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

12 thoughts on “FMWhatsApp Download Latest v10.05 For Android 2024 (Anti-Ban)”

    • Here’s how you can do that.
      1. Firstly, leave the stock WhatsApp installed as it is on your Android phone.
      2. Download & install the FMWhatsApp.
      3. After that, launch FMWhatsApp and click on “Agree and continue”.
      4. Next, click on “Copy WhatsApp Data” and then enter your mobile number to sign in on FMWhatsApp.

      This will copy all your WhatsApp chat data to FMWhatsApp.

    • There can be two possible reasons why the FMWhatsApp is not getting installed on your phone.

      1. Your phone has a lower Android version running i.e below 5.1.
      2. Stock WhatsApp is installed on your phone.


      1. Upgrade your Android OS to 5.1 or above.
      2. Uninstall Stock WhatsApp before installing FMWhatsApp. Both cannot be installed at the same time.

    • For managing ringtones or call tones, you still have to use the WhatsApp stock setting. You can find ringtones at settings>notifications>calls>ringtone.

    • The steps to enable self-destructive mode in FMWhatsApp are no different. You can go to any individual profile or group for which you want to enable it. Then select Disappearing messages. Click the Continue option in the next window and then switch Disappearing messages from OFF to ON.


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