GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest v8.95 for Android 2021 (Official)

GB WhatsApp Apk Download: It is a modified version of official WhatsApp for Android. The difference it has is advanced features and customization ability. In GB WhatsApp, you can customize many things i.e Header, Status bar, Blue Tick, and more. In the latest GBWhatsApp v8.95, many new features have been added that aren’t available in the stock WhatsApp. Having these benefits in the app tremendously improves the UX of GBWA users.

Well, in today’s article, we are going to talk about GB WhatsApp. You will know what actually it is and how you can get started with it. I’m also going to provide you working download link of the GB WhatsApp updated version. So, let’s get started.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a MOD version of the official WhatsApp for Android which is developed by Fouad MODS (A third-party developer). In GB WhatsApp, there are a lot of customization options that are available which WhatsApp official Apk doesn’t have. GB WhatsApp has a little different interface compared to official WhatsApp which looks cool and makes it a different version.

Also, you can do some advanced tasks with it like checking your contacts profile update date, Lock conversation, Instantly clear emojis, Manually search files from a particular chat person, Install & customize Themes, Protect your privacy with some smart features, and more.

Simply, GB WhatsApp is an advanced version of the official WhatsApp Apk. And it’s unique, you can customize it according to your needs and desire. Assuming, What is GB WhatsApp is clear to you. Now, let me first provide you the download link of GB WhatsApp, and then I will provide you with some more interesting information about it.

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest v8.95 Anti-Ban Assured 2021

Latest GB WhatsApp Download
GB WhatsApp Apk Download

Here you will be able to directly download GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 for free on your Android. However, I have uploaded the Latest GB WhatsApp Apk file to our own server. Meaning, after you tap on the GB WhatsApp Apk download link it will instantly start downloading. Most websites provide a download link and send visitors to a different website to download. And that consumes time! But I have provided the direct download link which will help you to save your time in downloading it.

Now, to ensure the correct downloading of GB WhatsApp Apk. I have also provided the file information of GBWhatsApp so you can know the name and size of the GB WhatsApp to easily match and verify the file when your Android Browser request to accept the downloading.

GB WhatsApp
GBWhatsApp Updated version

File Information of GB WhatsApp:

Size46.7 MB
Android requires4.4 or above
Updated on12 September 2021

Below is the original GB WhatsApp v8.95 Download link. Just press the below button to go to the final download page of GBWhatsApp.

Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest v8.95 for Android 2021 (Alternative link)

Chances, our own server may fail to serve you the GBWhatsApp APK. So, to make downloading very easy and comfortable, here are the steps to download GB WhatsApp latest version for your Android:

1st Step: First, click on GB WhatsApp or the above downloading button using your Android phone. If you are on the computer then you can also use it for downloading, there’s no restriction.

2nd Step: Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the Mediafire website where the GB WhatsApp v8.95 is uploaded by us.

3rd Step: There you will see a big GB WhatsApp downloading button with its full name and size (You should also verify it by matching the name and size from the above file information).

GB WhatsApp Apk Download
GB WhatsApp APK Download

4th Step: Just tap on the big download button and wait for your browser to notify the download request of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp Apk Download
Press OK to Download GB WhatsApp

5th Step: Once you accept the downloading of GB WhatsApp, just wait for it to get downloaded.

GB WhatsApp Downloading
GB WhatsApp APK Download

6th Step: Done.

Downloading GB WhatsApp is usually not hard but some of you make it hard. Don’t know how? Well, if you are not able to download or getting the error when Downloading GB WhatsApp then you need some guidelines. Below I’ve listed my best tips for anybody who is getting the error or is unable to download GB WhatsApp on their Android phone.

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Guidelines to Download GB WhatsApp APK v8.95 Correctly on Phone

There is a high probability that most of you will fail to download GB WhatsApp v8.95 on your Android phone. Because of some silly mistakes like using a bad browser for downloading, low internet strength, insufficient storage on phone. Here are some guidelines to download GB WhatsApp v8.95 correctly on an Android phone:

  • Use a robust browser to download GB WhatsApp Apk. Bad browsers usually have bad surfing and downloading ability so I highly recommend using a well-known and trusted browser. I have already made a list of the Best Android Browsers, check it out, and find a good browser for your Android. Or if you using an old Android phone or low-end phone then check out the best lightweight Android Browser list. For instance, I recommend using Google Chrome and Opera mini for Downloading GB WhatsApp on your Android phone. Because they are good at downloading stuff from the internet and the most important, they are trusted by the Worldwide user.
  • Have a good internet connection in your Android when you download GB WhatsApp Apk. You at least need an internet speed of 100Kbps or more to download the GB WhatsApp correctly and without corruption. It’s very important because any browser you use, catch file particles and download them. Android Browsers don’t take the whole file for downloading, they save it and download particles of the file. And when internet speed fluctuates or even gets slow, the chances of file corruption increase. So, it’s super recommended to download GB WhatsApp when you have good Internet access on your Android.
  • Have sufficient free storage on your Android phone to save GB WhatsApp without any problem. Android phones these days are full of junk files and unwanted files and it needs to be clean to make free space. The size of the latest GB WhatsApp App is under 50Mb and hopefully it probably not much for your Android. But for safety, make sure you check your Android free storage from Android settings>storage>free space. If you have at least 500MB free then you can easily save Latest GB WhatsApp Apk on your Android storage without running out of space.

Follow my above tips to download GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 correctly on your Android phone. If you follow or care about these tips, you will be able to download GB WhatsApp in the first place and without any barrier. Now, let me show you how you can install GB WhatsApp on your Android phone.

How to Install GB WhatsApp APK on Android Phone

Here are the easy steps to install the latest GB WhatsApp APK v8.95 on an Android phone:

1st Step: Open your browser and go to the download section to open the downloaded GB WhatsApp app. Or go to your file manager and then go under the download folder of your particular browser and click on GB WhatsApp you just downloaded.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
Locate GB WhatsApp in the Download folder

2nd Step: Scroll download to bottom through pressing next…next in the installer. If you want to read about it like permissions GB WhatsApp asks and stuff like that you can read in the installer as well.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
GB WhatsApp Installer

3rd Step: Hit Install and wait for 2 minutes minimum. The installation time will probably depend on your Android phone performance. If you have the latest hardware and processor then GB WhatsApp may get installed in less than a minute. And if you have a low-end Android phone then it may take more than 2-3 minutes to completely install. So, while the installation is going on, be patient, and please don’t minimize it. Minimizing the GB WhatsApp installation may cause the installation to fail.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
Install GB WhatsApp

4th Step: Once installation completes, just press done and exit the installer. Most of you get the error when first time launching GB WhatsApp because you all directly press the open button after installation is complete. This makes the Android resources go exhausted and the GB WhatsApp crash. So make sure you clear the useless background running applications and services like Android installer and file manager through you opened the GB WhatsApp.

Install GB WhatsApp on Android
GB WhatsApp Installed

5th Step: Installation complete.

So, that’s how you can install GB WhatsApp on your Android phone easily. There is no complexity if you follow the right installation process of GB WhatsApp. To make the GB installation easier for you, I have some further guidelines that assure 100% correct GB WhatsApp installation in any Android phone. You can read those GB WhatsApp installation tips below.

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Guidelines to Install GB WhatsApp APK v8.95 Correctly on Android phone

To install GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 correctly and safely on your Android phone, you need to care about some important things which I have listed below. Follow it correctly and you will be able to install GB WhatsApp without any error.

  • Turn OFF internet access in Android before processing the installation of GB WhatsApp. It’s very important to turn off the Internet access in Android before hitting the GB WhatsApp install button. However, when you install GB WhatsApp with Internet access on your phone, the Google Play store may try to scan the app data and block it. Yes, it’s possible. Also, you probably have heard about Google play protect. It is a security feature of the Google Play Store that scans apps when installing on Android. This means when your internet data turned ON, Play Protect will scan the GB WhatsApp and may installation go wrong or show you an error.
  • Close everything running in the Android background before hitting the GB WhatsApp installation button. When installing GB WhatsApp with other running apps and services in Android, the installation of GB WhatsApp may get interrupted or go wrong. Background runners consume Android resources and that becomes a disadvantage for installing GB WhatsApp. Make sure you give as much as Android resources to the GB WhatsApp installation and the installation will go right.
  • Don’t minimize the GB WhatsApp installation. Users complain about why the GB WhatsApp installation goes wrong. It happens wrong because you take it for granted and minimized it while sensitive installation going on. Minimized Window or tab usually has low access to Android resources and I think you probably noticed when you stay on the downloading Window, the downloading speed not reduces but when you minimize it and watch the downloading speed from the notification panel, you see a huge drop in downloading speed. So, overall, it’s very important to stay on the GB WhatsApp installation tab until it completes.

There is no secret but some points that lead to correct installation whether it’s GB WhatsApp v8.95 or any other Android apps. You must focus and give all the Android resources to the GB WhatsApp while installation going on. And you can simply do that by just doing nothing when GB WhatsApp installation happening. Now, let me show you how you can get started with GB WhatsApp on your Android phone.

How to Get Started with GB WhatsApp v8.95 on Android Phone

If you have downloaded and installed GB WhatsApp APK v8.95 on your Android successfully then it’s time to get started with it. Here are the steps to get started with GB WhatsApp on an Android device:

1st Step: Once installation is complete, press on Done and exit the installer. When GB WhatsApp installation finishes do not do anything there, just press the Done button.

2nd Step: Close everything running in your Android background before starting GB WhatsApp to prevent the app crash. GB WhatsApp v8.95 has a lot of features and if you start it with tons of apps already running in the background, chances it may go crash. For clearing unwanted apps and services from the background I recommend using the built-in optimization feature of Android. It’s free and with its one-tap feature, you can instantly boost your Android performance by optimizing apps and services from the background.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Close Everything running in the Background to avoid App crash

3rd Step: Start GB WhatsApp with Internet access on your Android.

4th Step: Press on Agree and continue button.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Tap on Agree and Continue

5th Step: Then enter your phone number which you want to use or have a WhatsApp account.

6th Step: After entering your mobile number press next and get verified through automatic SMS.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Enter Your Mobile Number and Press Next

7th Step: When phone number verification is done, GB WhatsApp will ask you “if you previously backed up to Google Drive and want to restore it, give WhatsApp permission to check your Google account for backups”. So, if you have any backup of WhatsApp on your Google drive and you want to recover then simply give the permission. If not then press the skip button to continue.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Skip Backup for now

8th Step: Once you press the skip button, it will automatically start initializing.

9th Step: After that, it will put options to give a name to your account and add a Profile image. You can also set up it later if want. Just press next when you are done filling in your profile info.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Upload Profile picture and Enter your name

10th Step: When you press next, you will see the changelog that has been made in the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95. Read if you want to know about the latest updates and fixes. And then press on close to end the Changelog screen.

Get Started with GB WhatsApp
Close GBWhatsApp Changelog Popup

11th Step: Now, you are done setting up GB WhatsApp. From the home page, press on the plus icon and then click on the chat icon to explore all the WhatsApp contacts and start chatting with them.

So, that’s how you can get started with GB WhatsApp v8.95 on your Android phone. Just follow my above steps to register GB WhatsApp and start chatting with your friends with the amazing UI experience and features of GB WhatsApp. Now, let me clear some FAQs of GB WhatsApp so there will be no doubts in your mind.

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What is the Current or Latest Version of GB WhatsApp?

The current or latest version of GB WhatsApp is v8.95 (official) which is released on 4 September 2021. And its previous version was 8.93 which was updated one month back from the latest version release date. Also, there is no flow and order that FouadMODS follow to update GB WhatsApp. Because there are too many developers who make WhatsApp MODS apart from FouadMODS. But this developer stays consistent and releases updates every month with new and enhanced features.

FouadMODS has developed the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95 and a lot of new features and customization have been added. Also, this developer has done one thing super awesome. You won’t get too many pop-ups of developer social accounts to follow them as you get on some previous GB WhatsApp versions. A lot of security and bugs have been fixed in the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95 which is a good sign for this version. Let me show you the changelog of the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95.

Changelog of Latest GB WhatsApp v8.95

GBWhatsApp v8.95
GBWhatsApp v8.95 New Changes
Released Date: 4 September 2021
Base Update:
Anti-View Once [Added]
You can watch “view once” images/videos unlimited times
Sending more than 30 media from the gallery [Fixed]
Number 0 not showing on lock screen on some phones [Fixed]
Bug fixes and performance improvements [Misc]

There are many bug and issue have been fixed in the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95. And you will feel the tremendous speed when you operate it on your Android. But you may face lag if you use it on a low-end phone because it has extended features and functions. Now, let me continue answering more GBWhatsApp related questions.

How to Avoid Getting Temporarily Banned from Using GB WhatsApp?

Avoid GB WhatsApp Ban
Get Rid of Ban in GB WhatsApp

Previously, GB WhatsApp users were getting banned from using it, and the ban was lasting for 6 hrs, 12 hrs, 24 hrs, 48 hrs, and 72 hrs. Even some users have been banned permanently when they continue using it after the ban of 72 hrs. And until the ban period overs, users cannot use their WhatsApp account. The reason users are facing this problem is that Whatsapp Inc. started banning the MOD application that uses their APIs. All the MOD versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus, OG Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp, etc use the WhatsApp API to run their application and integrate the messaging facility.

But now in the new update of GB WhatsApp v8.95, the developer has improved the security and successfully implemented the Anti-Ban. And according to the developer, it is working perfectly and the user will not get banned. But users should follow some steps to assure No ban. Here are the steps to avoid getting temporarily banned from using GB Whatsapp:

1st Step: First, clear the Data of the Installed WhatsApp on your Android phone. To do that, go to its app info and press the Clear Data button.

Avoid GB WhatsApp Ban
Avoid GBWhatsApp Ban Issue

2nd Step: Once the data is cleared Uninstall WhatsApp messenger from the phone.

3rd Step: Now, download & Install the GB WhatsApp latest v8.95. You can follow the above downloading and installing steps of GB WhatsApp.

4th Step: Launch it and verify your mobile number again.

5th Step: Now you can start using the GB WhatsApp without getting temporarily banned.

Just follow the steps and you will not get banned while using GB WhatsApp. I personally have tested this and it has been almost 24 hours and my GB WhatsApp is not banned till now. I’m using the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95 and yeah it’s working for me.

Note: Before you clear the data of your WhatsApp, make sure you save the backup on your SD card. Because clearing the data will erase all the Chat history and Media files that you received on Whatsapp.

How do I Update My WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp v8.95?

Updating WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp v8.95 doesn’t require much effort. However, you can simply backup your current WhatsApp chat and then restore it to GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp officially provides the option to restore WhatsApp chats history and media. So, here are the steps to backup WhatsApp chats and restore them to GB WhatsApp:

1st Step: Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.

2nd Step: Click on three dots from the right top in WhatsApp Android.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Go to WhatsApp settings

3rd Step: Select settings, under settings, tap on Chats.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Under settings, tap on chats

4th Step: Under Chat settings, you will see Chat backup and Chat history. To backup chat and media from WhatsApp and restore to GB WhatsApp you need to select the Chat backup option under chats.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Select Chat backup

5th Step: In Chat backup, you will see the Backup button along with the size of Chat and media. Also, there is a Google drive option to store your WhatsApp backup. There you don’t need to do anything, all things are set perfectly. But if you want to include Videos in your Backup then you need to scroll down to Google Drive settings and enable the Include Videos option.

6th Step: Just tap on the Backup button and wait for it to achieve chat and media and store the Backup on Google Drive. This will also put the Backup on your Android phone SD’s storage. And we will use this backup to restore data in GB WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Tap on the Green Backup button

7th Step: Now, uninstall WhatsApp from your Android and download and install GB WhatsApp on your Android.

8th Step: Once you’ve installed the GB WhatsApp on your Android, open it up and press on Agree and Continue.

9th Step: In the next tab, at the bottom, you will see the Copy WhatsApp Data button. Just tap on it and in seconds it will scan the backup on your Android and notify you. You will be also able to see the backup size and date.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Click on Copy WhatsApp Data

10th Step: Once it notifies, tap on the Restore button and wait to get restored all the chats and media to GB WhatsApp. The restoration time will depend on the backup size. If it’s high in volume then it will take some time to get restored.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Restore Backup in GBWhatsApp

11th Step: When restoration is complete, press on the Next button and register WhatsApp as you normally do like verifying the phone number, adding the profile info, etc.

Update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp
Backup Restoration Process Completed

12th Step: Now, you are done updating WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp v8.95 on your Android phone.

Sadly, there is no official way to update WhatsApp to GB. And to update it, you have to back up your WhatsApp chats, media and then restore it to GB WhatsApp. That’s the only way to update WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp v8.95.

Is GB WhatsApp v8.95 Safe to Use?

You may think this, “Is GB WhatsApp v8.95 safe to use”. And I think 90% of you reading this have the same doubt running in mind. And it may get triggered when I revealed that there is no official way to update WhatsApp to GB. Your question is 100% genuine because GB WhatsApp is developed by many developers who are not very known and popular. And so, trusting them is not easy for anybody including me.

GB WhatsApp Safe or Not
Is GB WhatsApp Safe to Use

But some developers like FouadMODS are trustable and you can trust them without any doubt. And before trusting them, you can run research on Google and read their roadmap and work. Doing this will clear your doubt of “Is GB WhatsApp safe to use”. And the GB WhatsApp version I provided you here is 100% original and safe. The most important thing you need to know when you about using GB Whatsapp on your phone is to know its developer.

Because GB WhatsApp has many versions with different developer’s names in the credit. So, before installing any GB WhatsApp in your Android first, research and collect information about its developer and then use it. GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 is developed by FouadMODS and it’s safe to use.

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How to Update GB WhatsApp to Latest Version 8.95?

Most of you may already be using GB WhatsApp on your Android and enjoying the benefits of it. But are you using the latest v8.95 of GB WhatsApp on your Android? Well, here is the step by step process to Update GB WhatsApp to the latest version in Android:

1st Step: If you already using GB WhatsApp on your Android phone then open your GB WhatsApp. You can easily update your GB WhatsApp without downloading and installing the new version from the web if you already using any GB WhatsApp version.

2nd Step: Click on three dots at the right top corner and from the options click on the developer’s name. It will redirect to the GB Whatsapp settings page from which you can easily update GB WhatsApp.

Update GB WhatsApp
Update GB WhatsApp

3rd Step: Select the Updates option. Once you go to the GB WhatsApp settings, you will see tons of features and settings that you can use to customize your GB WhatsApp. From there you need to select Updates.

Update GB WhatsApp
GB WhatsApp Settings

4th Step: Tap on Check for updates. Doing this will automatically let you know, you had the latest version or old version of GB WhatsApp on your phone. And if there will be any new version available then it will show up there after pressing check for update.

Update GB WhatsApp
Check for GB WhatsApp Update

5th Step: Press update GB WhatsApp if a new version is available. After pressing the update button, downloading will automatically start and get updated.

Update GB WhatsApp
GB WhatsApp Updated

6th Step: Done.

So, that’s how you can update GB WhatsApp to the latest v8.95 on your Android phone without downloading and installing the new version from the Web. You can also download and install a new GB WhatsApp version from the Web but that usually takes more time and effort than the above method to update GB WhatsApp.

How to Download & Install GB WhatsApp v8.95 on PC?

GBWhatsApp on PC
Download GBWhatsApp on PC

Apart from using GB WhatsApp on Android phones, you may wish to use it on your PC. Well, it’s actually possible with the help of Emulator. Nowadays, there are Android emulators for Windows PC which allows the users to use Android apps on PC without putting in much effort. And they provide pretty much the same experience that our Android phone provides. If your PC can handle Emulator Software then trust me you will uninstall GB WhatsApp from your Android and permanently start using it on your PC.

Most Android Emulators out there like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer require very minimum specs that almost any decent PC contains. BlueStacks can be run smoothly on a PC with a Dual-Core processor and 2GB of RAM. You will also need 4GB of free space to store the installation file on your Disk. So, now you know the requirements, let me provide you the steps to get started with GB WhatsApp on PC with the help of Emulator.

1st Step – Download BlueStack Emulator Latest version on your PC from here.

2nd Step – Install it on your PC like you install any other normal software.

3rd Step – When installed, launch it from your Desktop (It will take some time when starting for the first time, so have patience).

4th Step – Download the GBWhatsApp APK file on your PC using the above download link.

5th Step – Once the APK file will get downloaded on your PC, you will see the file appearing as a BlueStacks supported file. Just double-tap on it and it will start installing in your BlueStacks emulator.

GBWhatsApp on PC
Install GBWhatsApp on PC

6th Step – After the installation is complete, just go to BlueStacks and you will find the GB WhatsApp in its App Drawer. Tap on it to launch & follow the Get started guide that we just provided above in this article.

7th Step – You’re done.

That’s how you can start using GB WhatsApp v8.95 on your PC with the help of BlueStacks. You should know that you will only receive message notifications from GB WhatsApp on your PC when the BlueStack emulator will be running. Once it closed, you will not receive any calls or messages on GB WhatsApp until you again launch the BlueStacks. Now, let me finally show you all the interesting features of GB WhatsApp v8.95.

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What GB WhatsApp New Version 8.95 Has Contained?

GBWhatsApp New Features
GBWhatsApp Latest Features

In the latest GB WhatsApp v8.95, many new features and functions have been added like DND mode, Hide chat, Hide blue tick, and many more. Also, there are many bugs that have been fixed in the new version of GB WhatsApp. And now you will get the next level of experience in GB WhatsApp. In most recent GB WhatsApp, there was so many lags issue that has been encountered and fixed in new v8.95. You can read them all in the above headline “Changelog of New GB WhatsApp v8.95”. Now, let me quickly show you some awesome features that GB WhatsApp new v8.95 contains:

  1. Anti-View Once: It is a newly added feature that when enabled from privacy settings, you can watch “view once” videos/images unlimited times without restrictions.
  2. Hide Chat: You can hide and lock any chat instantly in new GB WhatsApp. You just need to click on the GB WhatsApp icon from the main chat page>add a password, add the chat person you want to hide.
  3. Message Scheduler: With this feature, you can schedule a message to any person that is under your WhatsApp contact list.
  4. Auto Reply Message: Organize an Auto-reply message and set it to send to groups and Contacts.
  5. Hide Online Status: Use this feature to hide your status of presence on WhatsApp. When it is active, no one on your contact will be able to know about your presence.
  6. Blue Tick: You can hide the blue tick but see messages and don’t let the person know that you have seen the message.
  7. Change App Font: This is just included in the GB WhatsApp and now you can change the font of any element on the latest GB WhatsApp.
  8. Broadcast Message to Group: It helps to show your message to all the groups you were added to WhatsApp.
  9. Increase Video Size limit: Now you can send Videos up to size 700MB without any transfer speed reduction.
  10. Disable Image Share Limit: You can now send or share up to 10 image files at once.
  11. Send Image in Full Resolution: Disable WhatsApp image resizer and compression and send images in full resolution.
  12. Clear WhatsApp logs: One-tap to clear logs feature is added which will also help to reduce the Cache size of GB WhatsApp.
  13. Hide last seen: Hide your last seen status in the latest GB WhatsApp so no one can know when you last was online.
  14. Hide Status Seen: It allows you to see the updated status without letting know the person that you have seen their status.
  15. Advanced Anti-Ban: It is a newly added feature that protects users from getting temporarily banned for hours or days. And it has been improved in the Latest GBWhatsApp v8.95 and the developer has confirmed that it is working.
  16. Aeroplane Mode: When you are busy or in a meeting, this feature will be really helpful. However, this allows to Enable and Disable Whatsapp messages & calls. When it is active, you will not receive any messages or calls on GBWhatsApp, you will need to disable it to get back to normal & start receiving messages.
  17. Dark Theme: GBWhatsApp now has a user-friendly scheme color which we all wanted from a long time ago, it’s the Dark Theme. This theme changes the white background to dark in the entire app which provides us a very eye-friendly interface.
  18. Separate Group section: In the new update, there is a separate group chatting section. Previously, it was used to available in the main chat section. But now, you will need to switch the tab for group chatting. This update will avoid confusion between individual accounts & group accounts.
  19. One UI: From GB WhatsApp v8.40, a new UI design has been added that offers a new modern type interface. The one UI design is enabled for many features i.e IG Story, theme, Bottom bar style, and more. The design makes GB WhatsApp look cooler & modern than before.
  20. Disappearing Messages: If this option is turned on for a chat, the messages will automatically disappear after 7 days. Media files or saved documents won’t be deleted from the phone.

There are many more features that are added in the new GB WhatsApp v8.95 which is extremely useful for all of us. I have found only these features helpful and that’s why I only listed 20 features of GBWhatsApp.

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GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 has a lot of new stuff added and bugs have been fixed. Also, now you will feel such a good level of Speed performance while chatting and video calling with your friends and family using GB WhatsApp v8.95. Hide chat, Hide last seen, Send large videos, and tons of good features are added which make this version special. And most importantly, GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 doesn’t lag in even low-end phones. Like if you have an old phone that has a KitKat Android version at least then you can use GB WhatsApp v8.95 in it without any issue.

If you still thinking about GB WhatsApp is safe to use or not then live alone in your own world. Millions of people use it including me and we haven’t heard about any data breach in GB WhatsApp till now. Developers are not mad, they have some responsibility which they care about the most. So, please take a look around, research, and come to a conclusion and then use it if you want. I recommend downloading and installing the GB WhatsApp Apk v8.95 on your Android because I personally trust this version and I really don’t know about any version other than the latest GB WhatsApp.

In conclusion, GB WhatsApp can provide you with a lot of features and customization alone that WhatsApp officials can’t provide. And that’s why the number of users of GB WhatsApp is increasing drastically as compared to WhatsApp. The most known and helpful feature of GB WhatsApp is Status privacy. Using this, you can hide yourself and your activities on WhatsApp. Do you still want to be visible in front of the world and lose your privacy?

Hopefully, you loved this GB WhatsApp Apk download article? If so, I will appreciate it if you just spread it through your social account to let your friends know about the awesomeness of GB WhatsApp. Also, I’ll be happy if you just drop your opinion about this GB WhatsApp in the comment section below.

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