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About Us: Rohit Singh (aka Rohit Rog) is the Founder of Rogtechs.com, he opened this website when he was studying in standard 10th and at the time he clocked his strength or strategy into a passion. Like Everyone else, he also killed his time in school as studying, and then he started giving value to his master field as the best in it and he knows that this is going to worth for him. So as by this attitude, he started exploring his knowledge and the skill.

Our Vision

My Vision is very Clear and that’s Providing the Quality and Understandable how-to-tech guides, tricks & tips tutorials, honest Gadget Opinion to Our Subscribers to Make them Better in Tech field. Here we try very hard to explain things in an easy way so, people can understand at first read. I always try my best to provide you very Quality contents about techs and make you feel charmed!


Actually, this website is run by a single person and that’s me. Maybe in future, the team will be built.

If you want to contribute a blog post to our Website, feel free to contact me using below details.

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