The Popular and Best Android Emulator For Windows PC and Mac 2018

Best Android Emulator

Do you ever dream to make your PC and Laptop an android? Android emulator is something that makes your computer an Android. Not Really! Android Emulator is just like other software but its provide such functions which make the difference. Well In this very post I am going to introduce the 2 Best and Popular Android Emulator For Windows PC and Mac. These are the best Android Emulator on the market and Tons of people are still using it for their own purpose. So, stick with this post and you will love it.

In the market, there are the ton of Emulator available but all are not Good or Best. Most of them need high-end requirements in PC to Run but still not Good to use.

Here in this post, we identified the best emulator after a huge research and those are listed below. Those are listed after using, testing it and both will give you the best performance overall.

What is Android Emulator?

It is a software or Program which allow windows user to run an Android program in their system.

Android Emulator is an exact blueprint of an Android device. Yes! The exact copy of an android phone.

You can run any android application, Games and able to do works which happen in any Original android phone.

Like Whatsapp, Wifi, Internet, and other similar works. Even by using our one of the chosen emulator you can use unlimited Androids in one System.

Does it fully Get installed and remove the running windows or ISO?

No! it just a software like your other installed software in your PC and Mac.

You can install and uninstall it at any time without any problem. And the best part is it is Free to download and install.

Whenever you start the Android Emulator software it starts running like you’re whatever else installed software.

2 Popular and Best Android Emulator For Windows PC and Mac

We got two powerful Android emulators on the market which is best as well as popular. Here are those emulators:

1. BlueStacks

Best Android Emulator

Blue stacks is a Famous and Popular Android emulator which allow to Run the android application, Games, etc. It gets suddenly viral at their launch time probably due to its goodness.

It has amazing optimization and anyone can run it even in low-end PC and Laptop. Blue Stacks have WIFI access ability, storage option, RAM, Batte, y and other some android devices tools.

It is also available for Mac Os so, you can easily use or install it on your Mac and PC.

It has listed many features in their site for better Gaming experience:

  • Top charts for best game with labels.Best Android Emulator
  • Featured and Recommended Android Games.Best Android Emulator
  • Most-played games this month.Best Android Emulator
  • Fast Growing Games on months.Best Android Emulator
  • Connect and Play.Best Android Emulator
  • Top Casual Games.Best Android Emulator
  • BlueStack Editor’s Blog.Best Android Emulator

You can Download the Latest BlueStacks From Here

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2. Nox Player

Best Android Emulator

This Best Android Emulator Have amazing Features like Wifi, multi Androids, Android upgrades, Real-time Tablet, Advance Customization Option and more great types of features are instead on it.

Nox player is a well and people heart touched Software. I mean It’s Incredible not only according to me but for every Nox users.

This Best Android Emulator have capabilities to install unlimited Androids, Yes! You can install unlimited Android Devices using Nox Player.

I know you have a serious Questions and Its How? Read This Article for Installing Unlimited Android Devices in your PC or Laptop.

Nox player has some cool features:

  • Fast and Smooth Gaming experience at 60 FPS.Best Android Emulator
  • Fully Compatible with all android games and apps included controls.Best Android Emulator
  • All playing feature supported like keyboard, mouse Gamepad and more.Best Android Emulator
  • Hot games are instance available to download and play.Best Android Emulator

You Can download the latest Nox player from Here

How to Install Nox Player and Use Unlimited Android Emulators?

So these are my best pic of Best Android Emulator, there are tons of Android Emulator are present on the Internet. They are good but not beat these both Best Android Emulator.

If you didn’t found these Emulators helpful, you can look for Android Emulators like KO Player, Droid 4X, Geny Motion, Andyroid, MeMU, LeapDroid, and Remix OS.

Remix OS is a Complete Android OS and for installing it you need a whole Hard Drive. It’s just like your Windows or MAC OS.

After Installing Remix OS you can access every feature of an Android Device like WiFi, hotspot, Android apps, and similar things.

If you just want to convert your System a Complete Android then I highly recommend you to Install Remix OS. Because after installing it you never miss your real Android phone.

I’m Joking at all, I never miss my own Phone after discovering this Remix OS.

Now, let’s end this post with a beautiful Conclusion along with my honest opinion.


If  You are looking for Android Gaming Entertainment, Use Blustacks for ultimate Gaming Experience. Because it has amazing customization for android gaming.

There is 2nd Benefit in Blustacks is You Can use Root in BlueStacks but for Root Access or use you should download the Rooted BlueStacks From Here

And If you want to simply work on Android with fast, you can go with Nox Player because it has amazing customization for working like multi androids, rotation, location, Wifi and many more like your Original Android Phone.

My Opinion

If you want to enjoy Android games then install only BlueStacks and Rooted Version only. Its faster than without Rooted Bluestacks.

But if you want to do multitasking in the android phone then Nox player is better for you.

Remember You can install unlimited Android phones with Nox player only.

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