PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download v3.0.0 APK + OBB [2024]

PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download: Battle Royale King – PUBG Mobile is no question that it has maintained its hype with its regular updates. It releases updates almost every new month and lets its users keep coming back. And that is the reason why it still hasn’t lost its audience even after the availability of many royal battle games. Well, recently, PUBG Mobile has introduced a New Era in the game and a whole new UI design that looks absolutely phenomenal. Also, a new themed “Shadow Force” Mode is now available to play in PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0.

If you are a regular player of PUBG Mobile then you know the competition in the game is so high. And now, there are more professional players in the game than ever before. As we level up in the game, we meet skilled players and it becomes harder to beat them. Well, you can trick them and win the Chicken Dinner whenever you want, if you use the PUBG Mobile Mod APK. Using this Mod version, you can get Unlimited UC, Aimbot function, No recoil while firing, and more such features.

Stick with me till the end of this article if you want to download PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB v3.0.0. Now, let’s get started.

About PUBG Mobile Mod

PUBG Mobile Mod Explained

Unlike the original PUBG Mobile, its Mod version contains some advanced features that help a player easily win the match. In the PUBG Mobile modified version, you can do some next-level movements such as running fast, flying a car, watching opponents even if they are inside a house, and more. All the things that make the game harder to play are easily controllable in the PUBG Mobile Mod APK.

The latest PUBG Mobile Mod also takes advantage of Bugs that we all often encounter in the original version. You can use those bugs and make the match in your favor even if it is not. For example, you can shoot enemies that are hiding in the house or behind a tree even if it is not possible for normal players. You can also clearly see where the enemy is without using the Map or vision. The Mod version has a facility that lets us see enemies behind the wall or any object.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile Mod APK has a risk that you should be aware of because you may regret it later. Using the Mod version, you will be violating the Privacy & rules of the game which is totally illegal. And if the inbuilt Ban function of PUBG Mobile catches you cheating then you will definitely lose your account. Well, that is also a very rare case because the Latest PUBG Mobile Mod v3.3.0 contains an advanced Anti-ban feature that prevents accounts from getting banned.

Now, if you still want to download it then continue reading the article.

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Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB v3.0.0 Latest Update 2024

PUBG Mobile Mod APK
PUBG Mobile Mod APK Download

The latest version of PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 contains a bunch of improvements and now its Anti-ban feature has been upgraded to 2.0. And so, the possibility of getting banned is very low. But still, we recommend not using your primary account in this Mod version. In the latest PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0, you will get unlimited UC, Aimbot, No recoil, and Anti-ban features. The biggest advantage or benefit that you can get from it is UC.

You don’t have to spend money to buy UC because, in this Mod version, you can get unlimited UC and use it to buy any in-app items. Below are some details related to the PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB file. Read that first and then continue with the provided download link.

File Details

NamePUBG Mobile Mod
Size1.60 GB
FilesAPK + OBB
Mod FeaturesAimbot, No Recoil, ESP
Root permissionNot Necessary
Last Updated8 February 2024

How to Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK + OBB v3.0.0 Safely on Android

You must carefully download it on your Android because it is not a legal or normal game. As we now know that this is a modified version, do not download the files under the surveillance of security features or apps. Meanwhile, if you use any Security app or have a built-in security feature on your phone then you must disable that first. For more on this, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, disable all the security features & apps on your Android. The one that you should disable immediately is Play Protect. You can disable it from Google Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings.
  2. Now, click on the above download buttons to download the respective (APK + OBB) files of the PUBG Mobile Mod.
  3. We recommend first downloading the APK file and then other files. Also, make sure that you have enough data balance before you start downloading the big OBB file.
  4. You should also use a robust browser for downloading the files i.e. Google Chrome. It supports pause & resume and you will also get a decent download speed.

Simply follow these four steps and you will be able to download PUBG Mobile Mod safely on your Android. So, now that you’ve got the game file, let me help you correctly install it on your phone.

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How to Install PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 on Android Phone Correctly

Again, as you’ve downloaded it from a third-party website, you will need to perform the manual installation. And for that, you again need to make sure that all the security apps & features on your phone are disabled. Otherwise, the installation of this Modded game will be blocked. We have provided straightforward steps to install PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 on Android correctly, follow that carefully from below.

1st Step. Go to the Google Play Store>Play Protect>Settings. In the settings, confirm that the App scanner is disabled.

2nd Step. Open Android settings and tap on the security option. Under it, locate Unknown Resources and enable it.

3rd Step. Go to the download folder of your browser and tap on the recently downloaded PUBG Mobile Mod APK. The installation window will open upon clicking on the APK file.

4th Step. Click on the install button & wait until it gets successfully installed. Once installed, click on the Done option to close the app installer. Now, you need to extract the OBB data file and for that, you need to download & install ZArchiver.

5th Step. Open the ZArchiver and navigate to the download folder. Click on the PUBG Mobile Mod OBB file and select the Extract option. After that, set the extraction path to Internal>Android>Obb folder. Then click on the extract button.

PUBG Mobile Mod OBB File

6th Step. Wait until the extraction process finishes and after that, close the ZArchiver. Now, the installation part of the PUBG Mobile Mod is completed.

Now you can also uninstall the ZArchiver if you want because it is not required anymore. You can launch the PUBG Mobile Mod from your phone’s app drawer and start playing it.

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Tips to Get Started with PUBG Mobile Mod in 2024

There are several points that you must follow in order to properly use the PUBG Mobile Mod without getting your account banned. If you never used the PUBG Mobile Mod before then we recommend following all the points listed below. Because that will help you easily get started in the first place.

Do Not Use your Primary Account to Login

As you will be playing the game with Mod features, there is some chance that your account might get banned. And to not regret, we recommend not using your primary account because that account may mean to you more than just having fun using the PUBG Mobile Mod. You can use any temporary Facebook account or your Twitter account if you don’t care much about it. Because in case you get caught & your account gets banned, you will still have your main account with all the achievements.

Change Your Profile Name & Avatar in PUBG Mobile Mod

Using the PUBG Mobile Mod basically means you are hacking and cheating which is very awful and so, you probably don’t want to show your identity to others from the account connected to the Mod version. As you will be using Mod features, some other players may identify it and check your profile. And if they somehow got to know you, it may put you in trouble & you may start getting hate in public. So, we recommend changing your profile name using the Name card given in the game and the profile avatar. This way, no one will know you even if you get caught while playing with Mod features.

Quit the Match Before the Match Ends

It is a secret tip that nobody will tell you and I’m pretty sure that most of you are not aware of this tip. If you just follow it, you will never get banned and no one will be able to identify you even if you use the Mod features in PUBG Mobile. What I mean by quitting the match before the match ends is you should play the half match and quit and then again start and then quit at the half. This way, your account will not appear in the result section and nobody will be able to directly report you. Believe it or not, it decreases the chance of getting reported by other players.

But this will only work in TDM matches or 4 vs 4. In Erangel or other maps, opponents who get killed by you can spectate and watch your activity. And they can clearly see if you use any Mod features. If you start any Map then you should use Mod features in limit or when nobody is watching. It’s all about not exposing yourself in the match because if you do, you will get reported and soon your account will get banned.

So, these are my personal tips for anybody who wants to safely use PUBG Mobile Mod. Now, let me explain to you the features of the PUBG Mobile Modded version.

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PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 Features

Unlike PUBG Mobile, its Mod version has some interesting features that you can’t get by paying anywhere. If you are going to play this game then you must know these features to take advantage of while playing the game. Below, we have explained some cool features of PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0.

Unlimited UC

PUBG Mobile Mod Feature

In the PUBG Mobile Mod, you can get unlimited UC without paying anything in the game. In case you don’t know what UC is – it is basically a currency of PUBG Mobile which you can use to purchase in-app items. Usually, we are required to spend real money to buy UC in the game, and then we can use the purchase of UC to buy any items in the game. Using the Unlimited UC, you can buy Weapon skin, Bag skin, Outfits, Car skin, Use Lucky Spin unlimited times, and more. You can even upgrade to Royal Pass for free using the Unlimited UC.

No Recoil

PUBG Mobile Mod Feature

PUBG Mobile Royale Battle game has a recoil function that makes this game so realistic. The guns float or move up while you fire and that sometimes makes it harder for players to control. Well, in PUBG Mobile Mod, there is no recoil and you can fire without facing recoil difficulty. The guns will not go up while you fire, it doesn’t matter how far you are firing, you will be able to easily control the direction because of no recoil. And this is basically the biggest advantage of the PUBG Mobile Mod.


PUBG Mobile Mod Feature

PUBG Mobile Mod comes with an Aimbot feature that helps users fire at the enemy’s head without any hassle. In general, we all struggle to fire exactly at the Enemy’s body, and in rare cases, we get to successfully give a headshot. But the game-changer feature Aimbot will let you directly fire at the Enemy’s head even if you are not good at using weapons. The aim or scope will automatically move to the head of the Enemy when you fire and you will be able to kill them instantly with a few bullets.

Enemy Spot Vision

PUBG Mobile Mod Feature

This is the most useful feature of the PUBG Mobile Mod and that is the feature that made this Mod incredibly popular. With the help of this feature, you can spot enemies easily and it doesn’t matter where they are & how far the distance is, you will be able to easily spot them. For example, you can see an Enemy if they are hiding behind any object or taking TTP without showing their body. Enemy Spot Vision is so powerful and it can show you all Enemies on the map.


PUBG Mobile Mod Feature

The latest PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 now comes with an advanced anti-ban feature that prevents the account ban issue. PUBG Corporation has been strictly watching players so they can reduce the number of hackers in the game. Recently, they received a lot of hate from their fellow users and YouTubers were also requesting, shouting in their Live streams to punish hackers & block their accounts permanently.

Due to that, PUBG Mobile has become a little smarter and now it automatically bans players who use Hack. Well, the PUBG Mobile Mod is also has become secure and now it has an Anti-ban feature. This feature basically avoids the possibility of getting banned from the game.

So, these are some cool features of the PUBG Mobile Mod that you will absolutely love to use. Now, let me show you some important details about the changes in the new v3.0.0.

What’s New in PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0

PUBG Mobile has evolved in the past 5 years and now it has recently added some new cool features in version 3.0.0 like a New UI Design, a PUBG PC-like experience, New Era, and a new themed “Shadow Force” mode where you can Respawn. See the complete changes that have been made in the latest PUBG Mobile Mod v3.0.0 below.

New Year Updates

  • Immerse yourself in the exhilarating “Shadow Force” Themed Mode, which introduces a range of formidable tactical items. Engage in intense Respawn Battles as you navigate your way toward the ultimate goal of securing the highly sought-after chicken dinner!
  • Unleash the excitement with the Metro Royale mega updates! Embark on an epic adventure in the Arctic Base map, where you’ll encounter thrilling encounters and strategic gameplay. Arm yourself with the high-pressure air rifle, a cutting-edge weapon that will leave your opponents in awe. Brace yourself for the snowy weather, as you navigate through the icy landscapes. Get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level with these incredible updates!
  • Brace yourself for the WOW Updates that bring you the exhilarating Blade Ball gameplay and a variety of entertaining casual competitive mini-games. Unleash the fun of Battle Royale with your friends and immerse yourself in a whole new gaming experience!
  • Enjoy a more seamless gaming experience with improved basic controls and enhanced responsiveness!

New Era

  • New Erangel 2.0 (A revamped version of Erangel)
  • PUBG PC-like gameplay experience
  • Classic Map improvements

Training Ground Update

  • New Indoor Shooting Range
  • All-new race track
  • A completely new Training ground experience
  • Infinite ammo for all guns
  • New content for better training
  • Socializing emotes and gestures with other players

90 FPS Gameplay

  • 90 FPS is now available in the Graphics section for supported phones
  • Now play with better FPS even on low-end phones

After installing the latest v3.0.0, you may face a Frame rate drop issue. It is because of the huge recent changes, that it will get stable in a few days as you continue to play the game. So, don’t panic, the lag or frame rate drop issue will disappear after a few days of installing the PUBG Mobile MOD v3.0.0.

Now, let me clear up some questions that many users want to know before using PUBG Mobile Mod.

PUBG Mobile Mod FAQs

Here are some questions & answers that many PUBG Mobile players want to know before using the Mod version.

Does PUBG Mobile Mod/Hack Works?

As of now, the Mod/hack version is working fine and there are very few issues with that. There are many players around the world who safely use PUBG Mobile Mod and their account is still safe/unbanned.

Can We Get Unlimited UC in PUBG Mobile Mod?

Yes, you can get as many UC (PUBG Mobile Currency) as you want in the Mod version. The PUBG Mobile Mod lets you purchase unlimited UC from the store without paying for that.

Will your account Get banned if you Use PUBG Mobile Mod?

Well, there is a very rare possibility that your account will get banned if you use the PUBG Mobile Mod. However, the latest Mod now has an Anti-ban feature that helps players avoid the potential of a Ban. And so, your account will not get banned unless you receive hundreds of reports from other players.

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To wrap this up, we suggest not using PUBG Mobile Mod if you want to build your future in gaming through PUBG Mobile. It can destroy your career and you will also start receiving hate from your friends once they get to know about it. If you just want to have fun then you can download PUBG Mobile Mod and play on your phone, there is nothing wrong with that. But please, don’t spoil the game of someone who is trying harder to become good at the game, it really frustrates the good player.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful and you will consider sharing it with others. Also, if you still have any questions then you can ask us in the comments below.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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  1. I have just downloaded the links u have given here and installed both of them exactly as u instructed. Its working but there is no difference than the real one. There is no advantgaes. It just works the same. Do i have to activate the features?? If so how?

    • The real magic is in the MOD menu, have you installed it? If so, then run it while the gaming is running to get all the MOD features.

    • If a new version gets available, you won’t be able to use this MOD version. You will need to download the latest PUBG Mobile MOD version to be able to play with your friends.

  2. Yes, I usee the ESP , however, it is not working, I checked it, i noticed that once i run the game it downloads a new file in obb folder with the same and with extension .obb.tmp , even when i removed it and changed the name of your folder still same issue, the game starts normally

  3. Unfortunately, it is not working, everything done step by step however it is not working, it starts the game normal

    • Hi, in the new update v0.19.9, you will need to install ESP mod menu which link is provided above. If you just set up the APK & OBB the game will function normally. The real gem is in the Mod Menu ESP.

      I’m pretty sure you haven’t tried the Mod Menu ESP.

  4. After i updated the app, a window opened “staging app” then “installing app”. When it was about to finish the installation, it popped up “app not installed “

    • You will need to checker whether you have placed the OBB file in the correct folder. It should be placed at Internal>Android>OBB.

  5. I have my original pubg game installed on my phone right now.
    Should I first delete the original game and install it? Or can I install directly

    • Play protect should be turned off in order to install the PUBG Mod hassle free. You can do that from Play store>menu>Play Protect>setting.


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