Blue WhatsApp Download v10.2 Latest Update [2024]

Blue WhatsApp Download: It is a unique WhatsApp mod that recently has started to become popular among users for its ability to customize the WhatsApp interface. WhatsApp Blue also offers some top-notch mod features related to privacy, security, PlusThemes, and more. Because of these additional options, the WhatsApp platform becomes more fun and easy to use.

The stock features that are added by default will still be accessible, the additional mod options in it can be accessed from 3-dots>PlusMods. In general, stock WhatsApp today doesn’t offer quite a lot of useful features and that gap can be easily fulfilled by just using WhatsApp Mod like Blue WhatsApp. So, in this article, we will provide updated WhatsApp Blue v10.2 with steps to get started.

What is the Blue WhatsApp?

Blue WhatsApp is a modified application that offers some great additional features other than the native WhatsApp features. It makes using the platform convenient and joyful. However, its privacy features like Freeze Last Seen, Anti-View Once, Anti-Delete status, and Hide View status are incredibly useful in real. Using them, you can have full control over your profile privacy.

Also, there are plenty of options for appearance customization, you can open PlusThemes to install many different themes, and also change the look of every element showing on HomeScreen i.e. Header, Chats, Tabs, Rows, etc. There are separate options for everything in PlusMods to customize.

Moreover, there are some advanced features like WhatsApp Lock, a Titanium-like backup and restore tool, an option to hide media from the gallery, etc. All in all, Blue WhatsApp is quite stable and feature-rich.

Blue WhatsApp Download Latest v10.2 For Android 2024

Blue WhatsApp Download
Blue WhatsApp Download

Blue WhatsApp is modified by “mhndm” – a third-party developer. The developer hasn’t modified the stock WhatsApp from scratch, it uses FouadMods WhatsApp and then further modifies it with tweaks, design, and features. But the interesting fact is despite having extensive modifications, the file size of Blue WhatsApp is still great. It’s just 52 MB.

And it’s Android requirement is 5.1 or up which is great for people who still use lower Androids. Well, below, we’ve shared complete details about the WhatsApp Blue APK.

File Details

NameBlue WhatsApp
Size76.2 MB
Package Namecom.blueWAplus
Android Requires5.1 or up
Updated on7 July 2024

How to Download WhatsApp Blue Latest v10.2 on Android

Downloading Blue WhatsApp on Android phones can become problematic since it is a mod app. The native security feature of the Google Play Store called Play Protect scans apps after downloading from third-party sites. It has become a little advanced and can detect modifications in apps easily.

Hence, it is recommended to temporarily disable it. After downloading & installing Blue WhatsApp, you can re-enable the security feature, It will be all safe.

Below are the steps for downloading Blue WhatsApp safely on Android. Follow them carefully.

1st Step – Tap the button above to go to the download page of Blue WhatsApp.

2nd Step – Tap on the download icon appearing beside the Blue WhatsApp file name.

Blue WhatsApp Download
Tap on Blue WhatsApp Download Button

3rd Step – Wait for Mediafire’s server to send the APK file to your browser.

4th Step – Once your browser notifies you about the file request, tap on OK to start downloading Blue WhatsApp.

Blue WhatsApp Download
Accept Blue WhatsApp Download Request

5th Step – Just wait until it finishes downloading. Done.

So, that is how you can safely download this WhatsApp Mod on your Android. Now that you have downloaded it, let us guide you on how to install it properly and migrate all your stock WhatsApp chat data to it.

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How to Install Blue WhatsApp on Android With WhatsApp Chats

If you are worried about what will happen to your stock WhatsApp chats after you start using Blue WhatsApp then don’t worry. Because you can migrate all your WhatsApp chat data to it with a click. Here’s how you can do that step by step.

1st Step: Firstly, make sure the Play Protect is deactivated and the “Unknown sources” are enabled for third-party app installation on your phone.

2nd Step: Go to the downloads of your browser and then click on the recently downloaded Blue WhatsApp.

Install Blue WhatsApp
Open Blue WhatsApp in Installer

3rd Step: Click on Install and wait until it gets installed successfully.

Blue WhatsApp Installer
Click on Install to start the Installation Process

4th Step: Once Blue WhatsApp is installed, click on Done to exit the installer.

Blue WhatsApp Installation
Click on Done to exit Installer

5th Step: Launch it from the app drawer.

6th Step: Click on Agree and continue.

Blue WhatsApp Startup page
Click on Agree and continue

7th Step: Now, enter the phone number that you have your WhatsApp account with, and then don’t click on “Next” yet.

Migrate to Blue WhatsApp
Copy WhatsApp Chat Data to Blue WhatsApp

8th Step: On the bottom, you will see the “Copy WhatsApp data” option. Just click on it.

9th Step: And then just continue with the rest of the general sign-in process like filling in your Name, adding your profile photo, etc. That’s it.

As soon as the initialization of Blue WhatsApp completes and you’re redirected to the Home screen, you will find all your WhatsApp chats with all the messages and media in there.

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Blue WhatsApp v10.2 Changelog

To know what is new has been added to the latest Blue WhatsApp v10.2, you can check the complete changelog below.

Released Date: 5 July 2024
Base Update: – (Play Store)
Use Linked Device Service to Bypass Block [New]
Anti-Ban Fix SMS/Call Verification [Exclusive]
Support Translation in two ways [Fixed]
Pinned chats [Fixed]
Username feature [Enabled]
Green dots Automatically in chats [Enabled]
Toast who viewed your status by default [Enabled]
The new style [Disabled]
Crash when adding a member [Fixed]
Pressing on the “WhatsApp” [Fixed]
Showing Name & Date when copying more than 1 message [Fixed]
Open chats from notifications [Fixed]
Listen to voice notes (Speaker) [Fixed]
Showing profile pic of hidden chats in notifications [Fixed]
Hidden chats options [Fixed]
Long click on messages [Fixed]
Open hidden chats in some phones [Fixed]
Other Fixes With love PlusMods [Misc]

So, these are the new changes that have been made to the updated Blue WhatsApp v10.2. It mainly comes with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Also, it is recommended to always use the latest version for the best experience.

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Blue WhatsApp Features

Blue WhatsApp
Blue WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp Mods are known for their insane features and ability. Blue WhatsApp v10.2 has all the new features that are found on top WA mods like Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc. Here, we will briefly explain the top Blue WhatsApp features so you can know their use case.

  • Freeze Last Seen – It is a privacy feature in Blue WhatsApp that freezes the last seen of your profile as well as chats for others. Meaning, that after you enable it, your last seen won’t get updated and will show the exact time before you activated the feature. And your Last Seen will be your forever last seen until you disable it.
  • Anti-View Once – Enabling this feature will allow you to see View Once content sent by others unlimited times.
  • Hide View Status – As the name says, enabling this will allow you to view your contact’s status updates without you popping in their “who saw my status” list on WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Delete Status – It is a powerful privacy feature that when enabled, the contacts on your WhatsApp won’t be able to delete their status updates for you. The status updates will only be gone for you after 24 hours.
  • Anti-Delete Messages – It is another cool privacy feature of Blue WhatsApp that when enabled, your contacts won’t be able to delete their sent messages for you in chats. Even when they delete messages as delete for everyone, the messages will still be there for you to read.
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply – If people on your WhatsApp get upset or angry because you don’t reply right after seeing their messages then this feature can be a lifesaver for you. By enabling this, the blue tick will only show up for others when you reply to their message, not when you just see them.
  • WhatsApp Lock – If you would like to have an app lock over your WhatsApp without having to install a third-party app locker then this security feature is all you need. By enabling this, you can properly set up the app lock with a password as a pattern or passcode. You can also configure the security question in case you forget the password.
  • PlusThemes – It is a complete solution for instantly changing the whole look of your WhatsApp by installing themes using multiple methods. Under PlusThemes, you will be able to explore the theme library where you can find & try hundreds of themes for free. You can also import/export themes offline.
  • Universal – Under this, you will find features to further customize your WhatsApp appearance like Colors of every element, Styles (Look and feel), etc. Also, there is a Backup and restore feature that is the same as the Titanium backup. Hide Media from the gallery is another feature in Universal that you can use to hide Photos, Videos, and GIFs of WhatsApp from showing up in your phone’s gallery. Furthermore, the Settings option in Universal will allow access to features like Always Online, Send Images in full resolutions, Increase Forward limit, and more.
  • Home Screen – Under this, you will find more specific editing access to all elements on your WhatsApp home screen. In general, it contains customization options for the header, rows, floating action button, status, etc. Further, you can also enable or disable some features that are available on the home screen.
  • Conversation Screen – As the name says, using this option you can completely customize the chat screen. There are options to customize the Action Bar, Bubble and Ticks, Pics, Conversation Entry style, and more options. Further, you can also enable or disable some extra features for the chat screen.
  • Plus Widget – In this, you will find options to change the color of elements in the Status Tab. Such as background color, text, contact name, etc.

So, these are the overall features of Blue WhatsApp v10.2.

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Here, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Blue WhatsApp. If your very own questions don’t get answered here, you can ask us in the comments below.

Is Blue WhatsApp Safe?

Blue WhatsApp is considered totally safe to use. Its developer – mhndm uses the raw mod file of Fouad Mods and then further modifies it with features, design, enhancements, etc. It also frequently gets updated with new features, bug fixes, etc. Moreover, looking at the roadmap of Blue WhatsApp, it has never breached user data so we can say it is safe for now to use.

How Can I Update My Blue WhatsApp?

There is no in-app update feature in Blue WhatsApp. The updates option in the settings just tells you whether you have the latest version installed or not. It doesn’t update for you. So, to update Blue WhatsApp, you will have to manually download the updated version and then install it on top of the old version. This way, the old WhatsApp Blue will be replaced with the latest package.

Is Blue WhatsApp Anti-ban?

Since the early days of Blue WhatsApp, it has had an Anti-ban feature that protects its users from any type of temporary or permanent ban. Though it has improved its Anti-ban feature recently, it’s now called Anti-ban 2.0. Your WhatsApp account is totally protected from ban issues so use it with confidence.

How to turn off Blue Tick in WhatsApp?

By using the “Show Blue tick after reply” feature through Blue WhatsApp, we can turn off the Blue tick in WhatsApp at some level. It is one of the easiest methods that you can follow. It just requires to toggle on a button and that’s it. All the messages that you will receive after that will only appear with blue ticks to others when you reply to the message, not when you just read them.

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Blue WhatsApp is quite a robust WhatsApp mod with a lot of features. It makes using WhatsApp joyful with its great features and easy interface. Activating dark mode, DND mode is just a tap away on Blue WhatsApp. However, it is all accessible from the home screen, no need to look deep inside the settings. Also, even after having these many options in the app, it runs quite stable even in the lower Android versions.

With regular updates, we might even see it becoming the user’s favorite WhatsApp mod. Because it releases really helpful features that we can’t even imagine on stock WhatsApp. That’s our opinion. Let us know yours in the comments below.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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