FaceApp v3.4.10 Download Latest Version for Android 2020

FaceApp v3.4.10 Download link is available here and you can download it without any hassle. Recently, its download has got skyrocketed because of its popular filter that ages any person picture and makes them look old. Currently, on social media, we are seeing that everybody is posting their old picture by applying one of the most popular FaceApp’s filters. If you have been on Facebook or Twitter then you probably have seen that.

In India, people are sharing ages filter applied pictures of all the famous cricketers like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, etc. And laughing on their white and gray hairs. Some people are also applying the ages filter on their own picture to see how they will look when younger. So, are you also curious to try this app?

Well, you can try it by simply downloading and installing FaceApp from this article. In this article, I will also guide you on how you can use FaceApp to apply ages filters on your own photo. And everything that you should know about the FaceApp. So, let’s get started.

What is FaceApp?

A Photo of me Explaining FaceApp

FaceApp is developed and released by a Russian company Wireless Lab. Initially, it was released in January 2017 but at that moment it didn’t have the advanced filters that it has right now. Basically, it uses AI to transform any person in the picture to look younger or older in a real. The filters are so accurate and can age any person in any picture. According to Wikipedia, FaceApp uses neural network technology which transforms human photos in a younger form.

It can even change the gender of a person in the picture within minutes. And due to its advanced technology, the person with applied filter looks so real. Right now, it has more than 4 filters that are available for free to test and apply. The most popular one is Old. This is the filter that has gone viral recently and this is the filter behind those old pictures that you are seeing on social media these days.

If you have lost your patience and want to immediately try this app then let me first provide you the download link of FaceApp latest version.

Download FaceApp v3.4.10 for Android

Download FaceApp

FaceApp is a really good app at least for now because of its real filters. You can shock anybody or predict how he/she is going to look like in the upcoming years or future by applying an OLD filter. Also, one more funny thing that you can do is to show your Age filter photo to your Grandfather or Grandmother. They will probably laugh out of the bed and tell you “Now we are the same”. The download link of FaceApp is present below.

Before stepping up towards the download button, have a look at the File information.

FaceApp APK File Details

NameFaceApp – AI Face Editor
Size11.6 MB
DeveloperFaceApp Inc.
Android Requires5.0 and up
Last updated on 25 July 2019

FaceApp is really small in size, it just needs 12 MB to download on your Android phone. Just tap on the below button to start downloading the FaceApp – AI Face Editor.

How to Download FaceApp Latest Version for Android

You can easily download FaceApp on your Android. What you need to do is to just follow the steps listed below.

  • First, make sure that you have Internet access on your phone.
  • Now, visit this page and scroll down to download section.
  • Click on the FaceApp download button.
  • Accept the Download request.
  • Start downloading FaceApp.

That is how you can download FaceApp – AI Face Editor for Android. You can also directly install it from the Google Play Store. Let me guide you on its installation.

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How to Install FaceApp on Android Phone

FaceApp is just a normal application that can be installed on any Android phone if it’s in good condition. As you have downloaded it from a third-party site, it may feel difficult to you to install it on your phone. Because of whatever reason. Well, you can follow the points to install FaceApp on Any Android phone:

  • First, make sure that the Unknown sources are enabled on your phone. You can check that from your from Android settings>Security.
  • Go to your browser’s download folder and locate & tap on the downloaded FaceApp.
  • Press the Install Button and wait to finish the progress.
  • Once installation finishes, tap on the Done button to close the Installer.

Now, you have installed the FaceApp on your Android phone in the right way. For a tip, if you install FaceApp in the internal storage of your Android phone then the performance of this app will be at the peak. Now, its time to show you its features.

FaceApp Features

FaceApp uses really advanced features in their app to make sure that ever filters works great for every user. Aside from its brilliant filters, there are also some amazing features that will be worth giving a try. To help you discover the features of this app, I have listed a few but most useful ones below.

1. Change Your Age

Change Your Age
Change Age using FaceApp

This is a cool filter that almost everybody using these days and I guarantee you have seen the example of this feature on most of the social media platforms. Old is one of the filters of FaceApp that changes the age of the person in a picture. And it changes in a realistic way and no one can even doubt it if you show them. This has been possible because of the AI technology that has been used to implement Old filter. You can also use Old features for free in FaceApp to change your age.

2. Add a Smile

Add a Smile
Add a Smile

The AI has really done a great job in this app. After adding your photo under the editing interface of FaceApp, you can change to a smiling face. It doesn’t matter what your face reaction in the photo, you can change it to Smiling. It is a great feature to transform any person’s face into something positive. Also, sometimes we by accident capture a great selfie but we regret that we didn’t smile in the selfie. And that also makes us to not share that fantastic picture with others or on Social Media. Well, with one of the features named Add Smile, you can easily convert your face to smiling under the FaceApp.

3. Change Hair Color and Style

Change Hair Style with FaceApp
Change Hair Color & Style

Do you have a boring hairstyle as well as color and want to change it just in your picture, not in real? This is possible and you can easily accomplish that with the help of the “Change Hair Color and Style” feature of FaceApp. There are options available as well for both Hair Style and Hair Color. Using this feature, you can also experiment with different types of Hairstyles without actually changing your hairstyle. If you find a perfect one then you can opt it in real. It is the best feature for changing your Hair Color & Style because this feature also uses AI.

4. Swap Genders

Swap Gender with FaceApp
Swap Genders

Have you ever thought of how you would look if you were a girl/boy or the opposite of your gender right now? It is funny to think but you can simply do that with the help of FaceApp’s feature called Swap Genders. It will transform your gender in the picture and show you the opposite gender with all accurate texture. You will start believing that it would be definitely you if you would. This feature also uses AI to recognize your face & body to transform into the opposite gender.

5. Replace Background in Picture

We all have used a ton of different Background Changer apps on our Android phone. And we know that most of the Background Changer apps don’t work well. Actually, no apps can change the Background in a photo in real. This is something hard especially if the application doesn’t use advanced technology like AI. FaceApp has well taken the advantage of AI for almost its every feature. In the Replace Background feature, AI can identify the background and give the user access to replace it. You will get pretty much the option to replace the background of a picture in FaceApp.

6. More Tools and Features

There are also many features & tools are available under the FaceApp that are also really useful. Such tools & features are Change or Add Beard/mustache, Apply Day or Evening makeup, Apply color filters, Lens blur, and more AI features. FaceApp developers are still developing and testing other features that will soon be implemented & delivered to all its users through the update. Right now, there are enough features are available to play with your picture.

Not all the features are free to use, you may be asked to pay for one or two features listed above. Also, you will see Ads in the FaceApp which is the main source of revenue for the App to sustain and continue delivering the cool features. So, now you’ve got pretty much details on the FaceApp features. Let me finally guide you on how you can use FaceApp on your own Android phone.

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How to Use FaceApp on Android Phone

If you have recently downloaded FaceApp on your Android phone and wondering how you can use that then let me guide you. Here we will show you properly how you can use FaceApp on your Android phone.

1. How to Add or Capture Photo Under FaceApp

In order to edit your photo in FaceApp, you first need to add a photo. There are basically two ways you can add a photo for editing under the FaceApp. 1. From your Gallary. 2. Take Pictures to live.

Both the options are available and you can use any of them to Add photos under FaceApp. Follow the steps below to Add a Photo Under FaceApp.

1st Step: Launch the FaceApp and upon Allow access requests, allow all the requests like Storage Access, Camera Access, etc.

2nd Step: Once you allow the Storage access to FaceApp, all the photos from your Storage whether it is Internal or External will start showing.

3rd Step: Just click one of them to add to FaceApp for editing.

4th Step: If you want to take a photo using Camera to edit with FaceApp then you should click on the Camera icon, allow access to the camera.

Add Photo in FaceApp
Allow FaceApp Camera Access

5th Step: After that, you will see the Camera running with face shape in the center of the camera. Just move the Camera and position your face under that circle and Press on the Capture button.

Capture a Photo in FaceApp
Capture a photo in FaceApp

6th Step: You can also switch the camera using the switch icon on the right bottom of the Camera.

7th Step: After clicking on the Capture button, the photo will automatically get added for editing in FaceApp.

This is how you can Add a photo under the FaceApp to edit. Now, let me show you how to apply Age Filter to your photo because that’s why you probably wanted to use the FaceApp.

2. How to Apply Age Filter to a Photo using FaceApp

Recently, we have shown you how you can add a photo to FaceApp. Now, we are going to show you how you can Apply Age Filter to the added photo. Follow the steps below to perform that.

1st Step: After adding a photo to FaceApp, you will see various options at the bottom like Smiles, Impression, Age, etc.

2nd Step: To apply the Age Filter on a Photo, just click on the Age option and then select the Old option.

3rd Step: After doing that, FaceApp will process your request and the Old filter will get applied to the photo in seconds.

Age Filter
Age Filter Applied to a photo in FaceApp

4th Step: Click on the Apply button and then tap on the Download button to save that picture into your phone.

5th Step: Done.

Follow these simple steps to apply Age filter to a photo using FaceApp. You can follow the same steps to apply other filters of FaceApp as well.

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Download FaceApp

FaceApp has become the no.1 photo editing app because of its AI filters. It is one of those applications who has armed with the latest technology. It really has some great photo editing functions which competing with other popular premium photo Editing apps. Like Pics Art, Snapseed, Pixel Art, Pixlr, etc.

If you are still reading this and haven’t tried this app yet then why you are waiting for? You literally going to like it and I’m saying that after using it for over a week.

So, now it’s your turn! Did you like this article on FaceApp? Share it with your friends and let them also download FaceApp and how to use it properly.

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