9 Best Lightweight Web Browsers for Android 2019

Best lightweight web browsers for Android are way better than any normal browser for surfing. Because they are fast, eat less battery, lightweight and perform better. You probably have faced lags while using heavy browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, Opera browser, Microsoft Edge, etc. And the worse thing is some of the browsers that I just mentioned comes pre-installed in most of the Android phones. Means you can hardly remove it.

You are not alone here, almost all the Android users are frustrated by this and that’s why today I’m here to suggest you the best lightweight web browsers.

Some old Android users have also reported that they can’t able access the Browsers after updating it to the latest version. The reason is the browsers for Android are becoming more advance which requires next level hardware. So, whenever you update your Android browser it little bit get updated in the hardware term too.

Well, there are lots of lightweight Android browsers has launched in the app market place. You can pick any and start surfing the internet without any hassle.

What is Lightweight Web Browsers?

These type of browsers are less in size, consume less battery, run fast, saves storage and more. Basically, lightweight web browsers build for low specification mobiles to deliver the fastest experience.

They only render the required pieces of code and elements like Search result without ADS. Their main aim is to deliver fast user experience without any barrier.

Lite web browsers are different than normal web browsers. Let me explain it too.

Lite Web Browsers VS. Normal Web Browsers

Lite web browsers have less disadvantage than normal web browsers. However, if you look at the factors seriously you will find some huge difference that really impacts.

Factors like Surfing Speed, RAM usage, Storage usage, Battery Drainage, etc. Let me clarify it clearly.

Surfing Speed: In Lite browsers, it is significant as compared to normal web browsers. Because the lite browsers are made to render only necessary requests (Result without anything extra). In other words, it only shows what users want which ultimately improves the surfing speed.

RAM Usage: Lite Browsers have usually low RAM usage because they are lite, have fewer functions. And on the other hand, normal web browsers contain too many features which consume a high amount of RAM around 300-400Mb alone. That’s huge! Isn’t it?

Storage Consumption: Normal Android browsers usually takes more storage than lightweight web browsers because they are packed up with more functions compared to lite browsers. The more function and features a browser offers, the more storage it requires.

Battery Drainage: Because of a little amount of function in the lightweight web browsers, it consumes less battery than normal web browsers. Lite browsers never run in the background unless you are using but normal web browsers run 24/7 in the background after it gets installed on phone.

Now, I think I have pretty much explained to you about the lightweight web browser, the difference between normal and lite browsers.

Today, I have got 9 best lightweight web browsers suggestion for your low-end phone. Acquiring these browsers will increase your surfing speed and user experience drastically.

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9 Best Lightweight Web Browsers for Android 2019

Here are my 9 Best lightweight web browsers pick for your low-end Android to increase the surfing speed and user experience in 2019:

1. Google Go

Best Lightweight Web Browser
Google Go

If you really want a great lightweight web browser for your Android then nothing is better than Google Go. It shows search result instantly while you type in the search bar and that no browser provides in the market. Moreover, it customized in a way to deliver the best user experience. All the popular sites are pre-listed on the home page and can load quickly upon clicking.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to waste the time to search for those popular sites and then visit. With the help of Google Go settings, you can do more data savings by just enabling a setting called “use light web pages”. You can also customize some elements like app background, wallpaper, etc. I highly recommend this browser for anybody who wants to surf faster.

Get Google Go

2. Via Browser

Best Lightweight Web Browser
Via Browser

Looking for a simple or basic web browser for your Android? Via browser may stop your research because its the one, simple lightweight web browser. In Via Browser, you will only see the search bar to search on the home page, no useless stuff. Most web browsers make their home section filled with stuff that doesn’t make sense for users. Basically, they make their home page filled with sites and news which they make money from.

But Via Browser serves its audience first. And that’s why I loved it and recommend in the second place. Well, Via Browser has plenty of option to give better support to users. Like it has a downloading feature, desktop site option, tools, incognito, night mode and more. And the best part of this browser is it has add-ons features. Means you can enable plugins or extensions, it has two inbuilt add-ons first download manager and second QR code scan. You should try this if you want a lite browser with the tons of features.

Get Via Browser

3. UC Browser Mini

Best Lightweight Web Browser
UC Browser Mini

The lite version of UC browser has done a great job. The facility that everybody wants, a well downloading supported browser. Yes, it is true that UC Browser mini is excellent in downloading files and multimedia. You may probably have noticed it or aware of it. It also has some downsides like it show fake news, bad news and stuff like that.

Also, with UC mini you can take advantages like Fast surfing, File downloading, Incognito mode, Tools included data saver, QR code scanner, full screen, night mode, etc. It consumes less storage but offers great features. Give it a try!

Get UC Browser Mini

4. Opera Mini

Best Lightweight Web Browser
Opera Mini

If you surf on the Internet means you probably know the Opera Mini Browser. It’s the fastest & lightest browser I have ever used on my own Android phone. In opera mini, you get speed surfing, less battery drainage, Helpful tools, and more. It is also famous for data saving and adblocking. Both these features have become part of our life and we often use these two features. Luckily, these are in-built features in Opera mini.

That’s awesome! Isn’t it? Coming to the downside, it has one disadvantage which you should be aware of. Its downloading feature is a little slower compared to UC Browser mini. There is actually no lightweight web browser which is perfect in all area. Opera Mini also has few flaws but overall, it is a great lightweight browser.

Get Opera Mini

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5. Hermit Lite browser

Best Lightweight Web Browser
Hermit Lite Apps Browser

Hermit is totally different compared to any lite web browser. However, it creates the app of the web pages that loads super fast. It’s superb! With hermit lite browser you can open any complex web page by creating the app version of it. To create the app version of any web page you have to open the app and click on create button.

After that, go to Create your own then type the URL and finally click on the Create to create the app version of it. And after that, you can access that web page from the home. The app version of a web page will load 10x faster. Apart from this, you can also normally use this lite browser without creating the app version. In the normal version, it also works fantastic.

Get Hermit Lite Browser

6. Du Browser mini

Best Lightweight Web Browser
DU Browser Mini

Are you a fan of DU apps? This DU Browser mini will increase your love towards DU brand. It has a well-customized layout for its users that enables users engaged. The icon of popular sites which are listed on its home is large which is good for users. They are attracting and users will like to click on it instead of searching for the site.

Another thing which I liked about it is the layout, all the section are well labeled. This will help users easily navigate on the web browser. It also has forward and backward buttons which are very unique. Apart from its layout, there are plenty of features available like Incognito mode, Web Text mode, Personalize options, and more.

Get DU Browser Mini

7. Lightning Web Browser

Best Lightweight Web Browser
Lightning Web Browser

The name of this lite browser describing itself. Yes, it’s really lightweight, reader-friendly and fast. The reader-friendly feature is unique in this lite browser. And this feature works great all the time. To enable it, just visit any web by searching through the app, click on the three dots then click on reader mode. And that’s it.

The screen light will become little yellow which will make you read the page easily. Apart from this unique feature, it has all the necessary features which we get on normal web browsers. So, if you read a lot on the Internet then I suggest checking out the Lightning web browser.

Get Lightning Web Browser

8. Firefox Rocket

Best Lightweight Web Browser for Android
Firefox Rocket

Firefox Rocket is a robust lite browser and it is a good example of the best lightweight web browser. Because it’s very lite, fast, and comes up with advanced features. It has a turbo Mode feature that blocks all the unnecessary requests on web pages and renders which is useful to users. And when the turbo mode is ON, the internet data consumption also gets reduced. Meanwhile, it saves 3x data in turbo mode. Pretty unique! Isn’t it?

Firefox Rocket also has a unique feature that no browser providing nowadays. Even some popular web browser didn’t have this feature.

Firefox Rocket has added screenshot feature in their main menu. With this feature, you can take a screenshot of the entire web page with a single tap. Another feature I liked in Firefox rocket is instant clear cache.

Almost all the lightweight web browser generates caches data when it runs. And those caches data get stored and start consuming most of the space on the phone. Yes, you can instantly fix storage space problem by clearing cache but to do that, you have to go to settings and that may feel frustrating.

Get Firefox Rocket

9. Aloha Browser Lite

Best Lightweight Web Browser for Android
Aloha Browser lite

It is the best lightweight, simple browser with auto data saving system. Aloha browser lite has an attractive lite interface on Home which contained a useful element like the search bar, site suggestion, trends, etc. Aloha browser lite has a QR-code scanner feature which scans QR-code and shows the data instantly. This is the best and unique feature I liked on Aloha browser lite.

From its settings, you can customize every element that appears in the starting page like feeds, Background theme, etc.

Apart from its looks and uniqueness, it also has a night mode feature which works fantastic. It is really well optimized for the night session. The brightness is also optimized for eyes. Give it a try and hopefully, you will like it.

Get Aloha Browser lite

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All the lightweight web browsers that I listed above offers something new and unique. So, if you really want to get a good browser for your old/new phone then try all lite browsers one by one.

Because you will get the experience of these browsers by trying them, not by just reading. If you still need my authentic suggestion then let me tell one thing.

These listed lightweight web browsers are placed above after measuring their performance. Means from top to bottom you will find the best lightweight browsers. Again try all of them and choose one that standouts on your Android.

So, I hope you liked this post on lightweight web browsers for Android? If so, help us by sharing this post on social media. Also, if you have any suggestion then comment below.

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