How to Quickly Solve “Storage Space Running Out” on Android without deleting anything

If you were an Android user then you probably faced the “Storage Space Running Out” Problem on your Android Phone. Because this is very common today and happens with almost 80% of the Android users. This Problem happens due to less space available on the Android Phone. It’s not actually a problem, it’s a notification or a warning! A Warning that Android should represent to the user. But we take it as a disadvantage of Android Phone. Right? We think this android can’t able to well consume files. So, let me clear everything about “Storage space running out”.

Space running out means you have less amount of memory available or your phone can’t take more files.

This is the time to make space on your Android in order to save more important files. And I assuming that you have only the important data in your Android phone. Right?

So, you also can’t delete anything to make free space. Well, there a simple trick to make free space on Android instantly!

And the bonus is you don’t have to delete anything! This trick works on every Tough Android even you are using iPhone or else.

Steps to Fix Storage Space Running Out on Android without Deleting Anything:

  1. Open your Android settings.Storage space running out
  2. Go to Storage settings.Storage space running out
  3. Click on Cache’s and clean it.Storage space running out
  4. that’s it.

That was too easy, right? Now let me explain what happens by doing this.

By clearing the cache on your Android you remove every data storage contained by the Applications on your Android phone.

Now, what is the cache?

The cache is the usage data of Applications! Whenever you open any application on your Android then that application consumes data which is called cache.

Apart from this, you can also scan your Android for useless files by using a Simple app FilesGo. I already wrote an article about it you can check it out by clicking the below article suggestion.

Read it: How to Make Free Space on Android Phone Ft. Files Go by Google

The FilesGo app can make the process easy of making in free space in Android. So, you need to check it out.

You can also use Ccleaner for Android to clean the useless files on your Android.


By clearing the Cache on the Android phone you can make space. And it will make you free from deleting any file on your Android Phone.

The FilesGo is an amazing app for making space you should use to deleting the useless files.

If you want to tension free from the “Storage space running out” problem then upgrade your Android Storage capacity by inserting SD CARD. And set it your primary storage for Downloading, app installation, and Camera photos. Loved it? Please share.

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