Opera Browser Tips and Tricks Guide 2019

Since 1995, Opera Browser really amazed us with its interface and all the functions. Opera Browser tips are something you need to get for good access or for a better experience. And in this article, you gonna learn every beyond mastery of Opera Browser. Well, in today’s Opera Browser tips and Tricks Guide I let you meet the extreme user experience in Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, let’s dive deep!

So, before going to those Opera Browser tips and tricks, you need to properly check the updates of the Browser.

If you are using the old version of Opera Browser then these tricks may not much help or even these tricks may not work.

So, before starting our journey of Mastery in Opera Browser, you need to update it to the latest version on your computer.

If you don’t know about the upgrading process then worry not! I will teach you every up and down step. So, here we go…

How to Update Opera Browser

Opera Browser tips and tricks

Here are the steps to update the Opera Browser to the Latest Version:

  1. Start the Opera Browser.
  2. Click on the Opera icon on the left corner.
  3. Click on Update and Recovery.
  4. Wait to check the updates.
  5. If the update will available it will start updating automatically.
  6. After updating, it will tell to restart the Opera Browser.
  7. Just Hit the Restart button and once it again starts, your job of updating will get finished.

Now you have successfully updated your Opera Browser. If this method doesn’t work or you feel hard to follow then You can also update the Opera Browser from about section.

There you can check its current version and details too. And if the version is old, you can update it by clicking on the update button.

Now let’s move on to the main topic, Opera Browser Tips, and Tricks Guide.

So do you know we can take the snapshot on the Opera Browser without taking any extension help? Well, this is the only Web Browser that has an inbuilt Snapshot feature (Actually there are many). So, let’s take a Snapshot in Opera Browser.

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How to Take a Snapshot in Opera Browser

Opera Browser tips and tricks

Here are the steps to take a Snapshot in Opera Browser using its default function:

  1. Open the Opera Browser.
  2. Go to your fav site.
  3. Then click on the Opera icon (at the top left corner).
  4. select the snapshot option.
  5. Adjust your screen and click on the capture button.
  6. Edit it if you need it.
  7. And click on Save Image, name it, choose the path, Done!

Now you have successfully captured the Snapshot in Opera Browser without taking any external help.

To open the Snapshot you can also use keyboard shortcut keys ctrl+shift+5. Just type the shortcut keys and snapshot start its beats.

For Checking your snapshot picture go to the path you have been set and enjoy.

It really captures the HD Quality picture. I must recommend using this browser you are in the position of sharing Snapshots of the site.

Now let’s control the Background of Opera Browser. Do you know Opera have the task manager? If you don’t know about the task manager leaves using the computer now.

It’s a joke! Well, the task manager is something through which you can control on Going things like Downloading Process, Running Tabs, etc.

Want to use Task manager and control ongoing things on Opera Browser? Follow the steps to take control of the Opera Browser.

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How to Use Task Manager and take Control over Ongoing things on Opera Browser

Opera Browser tips and tricks

Here are the steps to use Task Manager and take control over Ongoing things on Opera Browser:

  1. Double click on Opera icon to Start the Opera Browser.
  2. Head over to the Opera icon (at the top left corner).
  3. then go to the developer>task manager.
  4. Or simply type shift+Esc to open task manager instantly.
  5. there you can end any task you want.
  6. Simply click on the task you want to end.
  7. tap the bottom button “End Process” and it will get banned from running.
  8. You can also analyze things like memory footprint, CPU usage, Network and more.
  9. Enjoy!

So, that was the simple process to operate the task manager in Opera Browser. The task manager is really helpful in all the positions because there is always something running uselessly.

Now, Opera has something beast for battery saving, its battery saver. Believe me or Not Opera have a battery saving option. It has a feature to ensure battery savings. However, let’s see…

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How to Save Battery While using Opera Browser

Opera Browser tips and tricks

Here are the steps to save battery while surfing through the Opera Browser:

  1. Launch the Opera Browser.
  2. Click on the easy setup (at the top right corner).
  3. Scroll down to the bottom then click on “Go to Browser settings”.
  4. Scroll the little and you will see battery saver.
  5. make sure the battery saver is enabled.
  6. you can also enable the battery icon on the toolbar from there for easy access.
  7. Enjoy the power savings.

Battery saving really works great! I recommend to use it at any cost for better battery saving. Especially if you have a laptop.

You can also increase the speed of any website with the Opera Browser.

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How to Speed up or Open Website 3x Faster with Opera Browser

Follow the steps to surf 3x faster with Opera Browser:

  1. Open opera Browser.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. and Enable the Block ads.
  4. that’s it!
  5. The rest will get done automatically.

By enabling this block ad, ads on all the site you will open get disabled by default. So, the sites you open ads can’t pop-up and sites will open three times faster.

VPNs are also a part and I think I have to remind that the Opera Browser has a VPN option. So, let’s play with it.

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How to Use VPN on Opera Browser

Opera Browser tips and tricks

Here are the steps to use VPN on Opera Browser:

  1. First Launch the Opera browser.
  2. Go to Settings of the browser.
  3. then go to privacy and security.
  4. Enable the VPN.
  5. Done!

VPN basically prevent the tracking happens on various Websites. And the most benefit of it is you can Connect with Websites through the various server.

But there is also a disadvantage and an advantage. You may get slow speed or fast. Sometime you will get a bad experience and sometimes it just makes you happy. So, try it and take the experience of Using a VPN.

There are a lot of things available on Opera Browser settings which is common and almost all the browsers have. So, for now, it ends.

Let head over to some customization of Opera Browser which is necessary for making the browser looks good.

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How to Customize the Opera Browser – Opera Browser Tips and Tricks

The customization feature is really amazing on the Opera Browser. However, we all want to customize things according to us like how its background should be, how its color should be.

So, let’s see how we can customize the Opera Browser.

1. Theme Customization

Theme customization is of two types in Opera Browser, Light, and Black. Both are really good. You can pick any you like. For choosing the theme open opera browser>go to easy setup (at the top right corner).

There you got two theme options, Light, and Black. Click on anyone to get applied.

2. Wallpaper

There are 5+ free Wallpapers are available to use. You can also add your own Wallpaper in the background.

To changing the Wallpaper, go-to easy setup again>enable the Wallpaper tab>select or add the wallpaper>and save it.

You can also get a ton of wallpaper from the Opera Store for free or paid. Just click on the beside button “Get more Wallpaper”. You will be redirected to the opera Store of wallpaper.

There just download and it will be stored in the opera wallpaper section. Just tap on any wallpaper and it will be applied.

3. Appearance

In the appearance section you can customize things like Show bookmark bar or not, show speed dial suggestion or not, show news or not, show pin sidebar or not.

It has an auto home button enable so you don’t need to look for the specific setting to enable it.

I think Chrome should also enable the home button by default. Because it used by everyone.

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Opera is more customizable compared to any web browser. It has battery saving, VPN, and more.

Using Opera Browser feels like everything in our hands. Probably because of controls over things. Task manager is amazing in it and no one Browser provides task manager.

Snapshot is also a notable feature that no web browser has inbuilt. Most browsers need an extension for capturing the screenshot. But in Opera it’s inbuilt.

So, now it’s your turn! Do you like opera browser Tips and Tricks? Well, I must say that opera is already won the race in customization and compatibility terms.

What do you think? Comment below! And also share our Opera Browser Tips and tricks post with your friends.

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