How to Turn ON Dark Mode in Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome Browser is a top-rated browser that is developed by Google. When it comes to securely browse the internet, there is nothing better than using Chrome Browser in this case. Even there are a lot of web browsers for Android in the Market, Google Chrome Browser stays to the top. In the past years, Google has focused on its browser and has improved it to a whole new user-friendly browser.

As Google always stays in the development field, finally it has implemented the Dark Mode like other companies such as Twitter. Now, Android users can easily enable Dark Mode or Dark theme without using Chrome flags. In this article, we are going to teach you how you can enable Dark Theme on Google Chrome for Android.

Enable Dark Theme on Google Chrome for Android

In the previous version 76 or 77 of Google Chrome for Android, it was not straightforward to enable the Dark theme. And we were required to use Chrome flags to forcefully enable Dark mode in Google Chrome. But now in the latest Google Chrome v78, we can enable the dark theme in a few clicks.

Google has implemented new Theme settings where we can enable or disable the Dark Mode. This means, we no longer need to use the Chrome flags to forcefully enable dark mode.

Here’s how to enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome latest v78 for Android:

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome

Step 2. Click on the three dots from the right top side.

Step 3. Select Settings from the options.

Google Chrome Settings

Step 4. Scroll down to the Basics section and then click on Themes.

Google Chrome Themes

Step 5. Under the Themes, change to the Dark.

Google Chrome Dark Mode

Once you click on the Dark, the browser will automatically refresh and you will start seeing the changes.

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Benefits of Using Dark Theme in Google Chrome for Android

Dark Theme helps a lot when you need to work hours browsing web pages on the Internet using Chrome Browser. Unlike the Light mode, it produces less spectrum or lights and helps us comfortably do our things for hours without making feeling tired.

There are basically three benefits of using Dark Theme in Google Chrome for Android.

  • It enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain
  • Adjusts Screen light according to the light condition
  • Provide comfort during the night

Dark Mode is going to be more popular and it will be consumed by every Screen device user especially when working in-home or at night.

Let us know your thoughts about the Google Chrome Dark Mode in the comments below.

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