How to Repair Corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser

Sometimes, when we reinstall the Google Chrome browser and sign in with Google account and sync all the data, we see some extension gets corrupted. When Google Chrome Browser gets restored with all data and if some extension were missing from the extension bar; in the right top of the browser. Means, the missing extension is corrupted. And unfortunately, you cannot use it until you repair the corrupted extension. So, in the article, I will teach you how you can repair corrupted extension in Google Chrome Browser.

Before I show you the steps to repair corrupted extension in Chrome Browser, its very important for you to know the true reason for the corruption of extension. So, first, let me explain everything to you about a corrupted extension in Google Chrome browser.

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What is Corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser?

The extension which is added in Chrome Browser but doesn’t activate is usually meant it’s corrupted. The extension will be added in the Extension directory on Google Chrome but don’t activate even by manual activation. And in corrupted extension, Google Chrome will show a message that “This extension may have been corrupted”.

Corrupted Extension

In my case, My two extensions are corrupted; Grammarly and Internet Download Manager. You can see how the corrupted Extension looks like in Google Chrome Browser on the above picture.

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How Extension in Browser gets corrupted?

In most cases, when the browser gets uninstalled inappropriately or repaired by Windows when machine shut down unexpectedly. In my case, my Windows PC was shut down due to power cut and when I again started my PC, there was a message showing to repair the startup. So, I just run the Startup repair recommendation and its almost has taken 30 minutes to complete the Startup repair.

When I again started my Windows PC and launched the Google Chrome browser for doing blogging, I saw some of my extension is missing in the Google Chrome browser. So, checked the Extension tab and I found some of my extension are corrupted. Even some of my software that is installed on the PC doesn’t work.

That’s how I get to know that startup repair of Windows repairs the installed software and programs by uninstalling them or repairing. And this repairing process causes software corruption.

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Can You Repair Corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser?

Yes, you can repair corrupted Extension in Google Chrome browser by following few steps. Google Chrome browser provides an option to repair corrupted extension. And with a single tap, you will be able to fix the corrupted extension. But if the repair option doesn’t appear to repair the extension in Google Chrome then you need to remove the extension and reinstall it from the directory.

To, help you in fixing the corrupted extension in Google Chrome browser, I have provided the step-by-step process below.

Steps to Fix and Repair Corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser

Here is the easiest process to Repair Corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser:

  1. First, start the Google Chrome browser and tap on three dots from right top.
  2. Select settings from the options to open the settings of Google Chrome.
  3. Once settings opened, click on the three dots from left top.
  4. Tap on Extensions from the option to open the extensions section of Google Chrome.Extensions in Google Chrome
  5. Now, you will be able to see the extension which is corrupted. On the corrupted extension, a message will be showing like “This extension may have been corrupted“.
  6. The extension which has this message will also show a Repair button. Just tap on the repair button.
  7. When you tap on the repair button, a notification will be shown which contains the number of things which the particular plugin can do. So, just read it and tap on Repair extension.Repair Corrupted Extension
  8. Once you tap on repair extension, that corrupted extension will automatically get redownloaded and get fixed.
  9. Done.

So, that’s how you can Repair corrupted Extension in Google Chrome Browser. If this doesn’t work to you then you can also remove that corrupted extension and reinstall the extension for Google Chrome web store. This will also solve the corrupted extension problem.

So, hopefully, you have successfully fixed the corrupted Extension in your Google Chrome browser. If not then please comment below and I will try to help you in that.

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