What is YouTube Dark theme? How to Use it and Protect Your Eyes

YouTube started thinking for its audience since the traffic and popularity was increased. YouTube just implemented a Dark theme on its web version to save the user’s eyes. In the past of the days, YouTube user has been drastically improved due to Jio Network establishment in India. People started spending more time on YouTube to utilize the unlimited Jio data by watching videos they love. Musically has recently started putting video making app, funny video maker with tons of filters and effects.

So, basically in this article, you are going to learn about the dark theme of YouTube as well as how to use it to ensure your health of eyes.

What Dark Theme Do on YouTube?

The dark theme on YouTube allows users to change the background white color to black. Normal YouTube of web version has white color on the background which badly affects our eyes. Especially, in the night time. The combination of seven colors really affects and increases the chance of blindness.

YouTube Dark Theme

Sometimes just dimming the brightness of the computer doesn’t do anything. And we soon realize some bad pain in around our eyes which is a sign of eyes damaging.

The combination of seven colors usually called Spectrum in books term. You probably had read that term in your 8-9th class in science books.

So, I highly recommend you to use YouTube dark theme to save your eyes from getting blind or damage. Now, I’m going to guide on how to activate YouTube black theme.

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How to Activate the Dark Theme on the Web Version of YouTube

Here are the easy steps to activate the YouTube Dark theme in its Web Version to save Power uses and your eyes:

  1. Visite to YouTube Official Website using your favorite web browser in your PC/Laptop.YouTube Dark theme
  2. Click on the Sign In button from the right top side.
  3. Sign in or up with your Gmail details. If you are using Google Chrome Browser on your computer and already signed in with Gmail then you don’t need to sign it again on YouTube website.YouTube Dark Theme
  4. After signing in, click on the account icon from the right top side.
  5. Select the Dark theme.Dark theme
  6. Turn it on and in seconds the dark theme will get activated. All the white colors from Background will get replaced by Black.
  7. Process finish.

That’s is the simple process to activate the Dark theme of YouTube. By activating it, you will get free from the tension of Power usage and Eyes damaging.

Now, the Dark theme for YouTube is also available across all the devices like Android, ISO devices like iPhone, iPad, etc.

Final Words About YouTube Dark theme

YouTube Dark theme is a life-saving feature that YouTube has enabled across all the devices. This feature is beneficial for your eyes and Power Usage. It produces less light which doesn’t damage human eyes as well as after applying it, the power usage of computers, Laptop and Android also reduce.

That’s the magic of the YouTube Dark theme. YouTube started taking care of its users to protect them from technology harms.

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