16 Best VLC Skins that Can Add Flavor To it in 2024

Best VLC Skins can add flavor to the VLC Media player. The default skin of the VLC Media player is not pretty, it looks simpler too. And most of the users don’t like it because of its simplicity. Also, the default color theme is not suitable for watching movies at night. Most people who watch movies at night with default VLC skin will soon be in trouble with their eyes because of the white color in the theme.

Well, the user of VLC Media Player who is frustrated due to the native skin because of whatever reason can change the skin. Many websites provide tons of skin for VLC Media Player, I have listed some websites below. Also, I have curated a list of the Best VLC Skins so you can quickly pick one for yourself and install it following the steps below. Now, let’s begin this article with an explanation of VLC Skin.

What is VLC Skin?

VLC Skin is a theme that changes everything look-wise after getting installed except functions in the VLC Media player. Meaning, skins only change the looks, layout, and design of the VLC Media Player and nothing else. To practically give you an example, VLC now provides a skinned version of the player by default. To check the skinned version of the VLC Media player, install the latest VLC Media Player from the official site and search Skinned VLC in your Windows search bar.

You will get a skinned version of the VLC Media player from the search result. Just open it to see what exactly is called a skinned VLC Media player.

Best Websites to Download VLC Media Player Skins

VLC officially has provided tons of skins for VLC Media Player on the official website; VideoLAN. Apart from the official website, some outside developers also have contributed skins for the VLC Media Player. And these unofficial skins are available on some websites for free. Here is the list of websites that provide skins for VLC Media Player for free:

1. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a popular website that has tons of skins available for free to download. Most of the outside developers that have made skins for VLC Media Player have uploaded skins on DeviantArt. It is an unofficial website but it is trustable because most professional VLC users suggest downloading skins for VLC Media Player from DeviantArt instead of any website.

On DeviantArt, you will find all categories of VLC Skin including official skins and Unofficial skins of VLC Media Player. And I also recommend anyone first check out the DeviantArt website for VLC Skin.

2. VideoLAN

VideoLAN is the official website of VLC Media Player and there you can browse all the official skins and download it for free. Because it’s the official site, you can trust it blindly and you don’t need to worry about viruses and trojans on skin files. All the skins on VideoLAN are virus-free and they scan their website every month to maintain the virus-free VLC skin directory.

The best benefit of VideoLAN is you can download all the official Skins for VLC Media Player at once in a zip format. Meaning, you don’t need to browse and download every single skin one by one.

3. Jaleco

Jaleco is another unofficial site that provides many free skin packages for the VLC Media Player that contains a variety of the Best VLC skins. You need to download and install the package and then you will be able to browse tons of skins for VLC Media Player. You can pick any skin you like and download it on your computer. With just one software you can download all the available VLC Media Player skin on your PC.

4. KDE Store

KDE Store offers tons of skins for VLC Media Player with a direct download link. You can simply visit the website, explore, choose, and Download as per your choice and requirement.

So, these are the four websites that you can visit to look for various VLC Media Player skins. All these sites have a whole new section for VLC skins. Just visit one by one and explore VLC skins. Now, let me help you choose the Best VLC skins by showing the most popular ones that are still everyone’s favorite.

16 Best VLC Skins for VLC Media Player 2024

Here are the best skins for VLC Media Player that can add a new design to the player:

1. Skyfire

Best VLC Skins

When it comes to the best VLC skins, Skyfire reserves the first position because of its many qualities. It has a flat design with very few required features like volume up and down, pause and play, next and previous, length measuring, etc. You will only see these options at the main interface and I’m sure you will get confused to find settings and other tools. Well, I struggled too but found it after stumbling upon it for a while. Right-click anywhere on the screen and you will be able to explore settings and more options in Skyfire VLC skin.

It is an unofficial VLC skin that is available on the internet for free. To download it, you can follow the below link.

Download SkyFire

2. MinimalX

Best VLC Skins

MinimalX is developed by Maverick07x and it was last updated on 28.03.2018 and from its first launch, it has become VLC user’s favorite skin. It comes with few features and minimal designs which makes it stand out from the crowd of VLC skins. In the four major updates, the developer has fixed some serious issues like VLC Media Player crashing after installing, Lag, control button issues, and more. And now its latest version is 3.0.0 which is recently updated so I can say that MinimalX has improved a lot.

Personally, I recommend everyone to use MinimalX after Skyfire because it’s the one that is recently updated with a few modern buttons and features.

Download MinimalX

3. Zune VLC Skin 1.0

Best VLC Skins
Zune VLC Skin

It is another unofficial VLC skin that was developed by ReksVeks in 2010 and it’s still more popular than 90% of the skins available. Zune skin has gone beyond the minimal design. I mean it has a way simpler, basic design than any VLC skin including the default one. If you install the Zune skin on your VLC Media Player, you will see a few essential action buttons in its main tab. But the gear icon (settings) on the top left will probably save users time to find the way to settings. The best part I liked about Zune is its color combination of dark pink and black.

The theme color is very suitable for watching movies at night. Overall, Zune skin for VLC Media Player is a good choice if you only need skin for watching movies comfortably. You can download the Zune skin for VLC from the below button.

Download Zune Skin

4. MetroX

Best VLC Skins

MetroX is made by the same developer that has made the MinimalX skin. But it doesn’t mean that both of the skins have the same design and look. Honestly, both are a little the same in color but totally different in design and look. MetroX has the main menu in the left sidebar which makes the user like it so much. Because in most VLC skins, it is a little hard to find settings and tool options. But MetroX has well taken care of that and has won the trust of VLC users. And in MetroX skin, you can try 10 different color schemes.

Overall, MetroX is lightweight skin, comes with minimal design, has easy navigation, and has a cool look. You can follow the below link to get it.

Download MetroX Skin

5. Alienware Darkstar

Best VLC Skins
Alienware Darkstar

It is an official skin for the VLC Media player and the look, and design it has is just amazing. It has a black and red color combo on the whole skin which is quite eye-friendly which also means less eye strain while watching movies and videos. The best thing I like about Alienware Darkstar is its design. It shows different designs in both players; Music player and Video Player. I loved the music player skin because its design is just cool.

I highly recommend trying this Alienware Darkstar skin on your VLC Media player. You can download it using the below link.

Download Alienware Darkstar

6. Transformers

Best VLC Skins
Transformers VLC Skin

This skin is perfect for lovers of the Transformers characters and the movie itself. The Transformers skin is unofficial but it’s a fantastic skin that has grabbed high ratings from VLC Media Player users. Its design and looks are pretty modern, everything looks very sharp and shining like crystal. The Transformers is well-tested with the latest VLC Media Player version and it is totally comfortable with both 32-bit and 64-bit.

You can use the below link to download the Transformers skin, install it normally as you install other skin on VLC Media Player, and try it.

Download Transformers Skin

7. FusionX2

Best VLC Skins

FusionX2 is available in two versions, version A and version B. The B version has more ratings compared to the A version but both of them are classic and the design is fantastic. This skin uses silver and black color combinations in its entire skin which is great. The play and stop buttons along with the previous and next buttons are placed at the left bottom which is unique and different. The best part I liked about FusionX2 is it has an Equalizer and you can tweak the audio of the playing media easily.

Follow the link button below to download the FusionX2. There are two versions and I think you should try both.

Download FusionX2 A

Download FusionX2 B

8. VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite)

Best VLC Skins
OS X Yosemite

If you love the OS X of Apple computer software then this skin will be your favorite. VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite) is also my favorite skin till now and trust me it will add 5 stars to your VLC Media Player. In this theme, OS X Yosemite style is added which separates it from tons of other VLC skin. Right now, it has 158 stars on the DeviantArt website and has received enough positive comments from its users.

I highly recommend checking the VLC Theme (OS X Yosemite) from the link below, you will definitely like it.

Download VLC Theme OS X Yosemite

9. eDark

Best VLC Skins

eDark is a great skin for watching movies at night and day in less lightroom. And its best quality is any video gets adjusted to fullscreen automatically from all the edges because eDark has a widescreen dimension. Also, this skin is fully tested with the Windows and Linux versions of the operating system. But, it has one downside; On Windows, there will be no drop shadow.

Overall, it’s the best VLC skin for Watching movies and listening to music. Use the below download link to get this skin.

Download eDark Skin

10. Peerless

Best VLC Skins

Peerless VLC skin comes under only 300KB which is the smallest skin by size. And because of that, it also loads faster than other skins in the VLC Media player. Well, it comes with a dark blue and black color combination with enough buttons on the main page. And navigations are well placed in the skin layout, you will not suffer in finding settings and tools options. At the main window, you will find the playlist button, fullscreen controls, equalizer, etc.

In my opinion, Peerless VLC skin is unique and has an iconic design. Grab the Peerless VLC skin from the below link.

Download Peerless Skin

11. SilentVLC

Best VLC Skins

SilentVLC skin has an amazing black-colored layout with a white button combination. And it is another skin that is perfect for watching movies silently in a lowlight room. In its recently updated skin, a serious bug has been fixed. Back then this skin had an issue related to window resizing. Now, it is fully stable and has no issues remaining.

Overall, it has a good rating of over 400 worldwide users. You can get this skin from the link below.

Download SilentVLC Skin

12. Shoko VLC

Best VLC Skins
Shoko VLC

Shoko VLC is a simple and beautiful skin for VLC Media Player. It has a very small thin border which makes users like it so much. This VLC skin has a total of 60 five-star ratings and has more than 20 positive comments. Well, Shoko VLC has two modes; night and day. If you watch movies the whole night then I recommend you immediately apply Shoko VLC skin to your VLC Media Player. And when you watch Movies at night, just switch to night mode and protect your eyes from getting damaged.

Download Shoko VLC Skin

13. Bister 1.O for VLC

Best VLC Skins
Bister 1.O

Another cool skin for VLC Media Player that allows changing the font of the VLC Media Player. By default, this skin uses the font of Lucida Grande. You can change the font by replacing the font file with a new font file formatted in [.ttf]. Talking about the design, it has few graphics in some areas of the layout which makes it look very unique. Bister 1.O for VLC has a VLC controller and VLC Playlist button at the main window. And you can easily switch from an audio player to a video player with a single button.

Download Bister 1.O

14. DestroyVLC

Best VLC Skins

Another VLC Media Player skin that uses light blue and black colors in its entire theme. Along with that, it has rounded edges that feel amazing while watching videos. The navigation menu is placed very efficiently at the right bottom. DestroyVLC skin developer has well taken care of the user experience and that’s why the important buttons and settings are in the main window.

Download DistroyVLC Skin

15. Avengers Shield VLC Skin

Best VLC Skins
Avengers Shield VLC

The name of this cool skin is quite long and its design is also quite beautiful. Avengers Shield VLC’s skin looks pretty robotics-type. All the elements are similar to Avengers Shield. I highly recommend this if you like the Avengers Shield look because this skin will make your VLC Media players look similar to Shield.

Download Avengers Shield VLC Skin

16. VLC Slim Beam

Best VLC Skins
VLC Slim Beam

It comes in two versions white and black. The black one has a rating of 733 and the white one has a rating of 185. So, it’s very clear that the black version of VLC Slim Beam is perfect for all of you. But those who don’t like the black color can go with the white one. Well, this skin is one of the most beautiful skins that are available for VLC Media Player. It has quick preference and advanced preferences settings. You can customize everything as per your choice. Like theme color, action buttons, equalizers, and more.

Its size is 2.2MB as of now and it looks like the developer is working on a new version that will be more powerful.

Download VLC Slim Beam Black

How to Install VLC Skins 2024

Assuming you have now decided to change the default skin of VLC Media Player. Here are the steps that will help you to install VLC skins:

1st Step – First, open the VLC Media Player on your PC.

2nd Step – Tap on tools from the top menu bar.

Change VLC Media Player Skin

3rd Step – Select Preferences from the options or Type ctrl+p to open the preferences.

4th Step – Make sure you are on the Interface tab then under Look and feel, change “Use Native style” to “Use Custom skin“.

Change VLC Media Player Skin

5th Step – Once you change that, a file chooser button will appear. Just tap on it, browse, and select the skin you want to apply on VLC Media Player.

Change VLC Media Player skin

6th Step – Tap on the skin file and press the open button.

Change VLC Media Player skin

7th Step – Now, that the skin is added to VLC, press the final save button from the bottom of the Interface tab on VLC Media Player to apply the skin.

Change VLC Media Player skin

8th Step – Reopen the VLC Media Player to see the effect.

Change VLC Media Player skin

9th Step – Done. Now you have successfully installed the VLC Media player skin.

That’s how you can install VLC Media Player skin on your PC. It was way easy, Right?

Well, you can follow the same process to install any VLC skin further. But remember, once you apply any skin, all the buttons and layout will be changed. And you will face difficulty in finding the settings>Interface to again change the skin. So, be aware of that.

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After using VLC Media Player for some time, we get bored watching the same interface again and again. In order to regain the coolness of the VLC Media Player, it requires installing new skin. So here, I have shown you the 16 Best VLC skins that will probably add freshness, and cool designs to your VLC Media Player. The skins I have listed above are the best among all the skins available.

In the best VLC Skin list, official and unofficial skins have been included but all are fully safe. And you shouldn’t worry about security issues.

Hopefully, you have found some worthy VLC Media Player skins. If so, share this article with your friends who use VLC Media Player. Also, comment below with your thoughts and suggestions related to VLC skins.

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