How to Instantly Boost the Android Performance without using any App

Digital work on Android is increasing day by day with pace. But Is your Android performing better? Or it is providing you the best performance you can expect from your phone? If your answer is YES for both these questions then you are good to go. But if your answer is NO, it means your Android performance ruining your work with slow-speed, hang, and automatic reboot. If so, then I promise you that you will never get these again after reading this post. Because in this post, I will show you how you can boost the Android performance without using any third-party app.

Before going to the solution to boost the Android performance, I would like to explain so you can understand the reason behind dull performance by your Android. The Android performance can be determined by how you use the phone, you use it heavily without refreshing it or you do restart your phone after you done working on your phone.

About Android Performance

The Android phone is basically made to have the internet world on your fingertip, not just to make calls and all that. You can use it to access any information you need.

But, when we start using it and start installing different apps, background processing increases. And RAM, storage consumption also increases. This starts to impact the performance and we start facing issues like Hang, not loading, stuck type moment, etc. Unless you have a good specs phone, using a ton of app will make it easy to start freezing.

It’s all about the specification game and the availability of free resources on the phone. The more free resources you will have, the better your phone will perform. You can do that by uninstalling apps that you don’t use, clearing the storage & cache. It is why Android also recommends its user through a notification to clean up storage.

Also, there are many performance booster apps are available on Google Play Store that promise 100% cleaning & boosting. Like Du Speed Booster, CCleaner, 360 Security, etc. But we don’t recommend using such apps for boosting & cleaning purposes on your phone.

Rather, you can do all the performance-boosting & cleaning by messing up with some settings that available on your phone. Below, we have shown how you can boost your Android performance without using any third-party app.

Steps to Boost Android Performance without using third-party Apps

  1. Go to your Android settings.Android
  2. Select the About phone option.About phone option
  3. Tap 3-4 times on Build number or Baseband version to Enable Developers option.Enabling developers option
  4. Go back and select the Developers option and enable it (It may be available under additional settings).Developers Option
  5. Once the Developers option is enabled, scroll down to the animations.Animations in Developers setting
  6. Reduce or Turn off all types of animation (Reduce all to 0.5x for best results).Animations reduced
  7. that’s it.

After doing this on your Android, you are done improving your phone performance. Now you will feel that your Android is working fast (Just open any app on your phone, you will feel that the app is opening faster than before).

By just turning off the animations, you can easily boost the Android performance.

We all get some animations on our Android phone and you probably know that. It basically appears while you open anything on your phone i.e App. For example, if you open any app, it shows animation first and then opens up (You probably experienced it).

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Bottom line: Use your Android phone limited to its capabilities and only install the required apps for best performance.

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