7 Unique Features of YouTube Go that you have to know if you Use it

Features of YouTube Go is little different than YouTube app. It has given advance options and control to its user that really impactful. If you will know these 7 unique features of YouTube Go, you will able to use it more efficiently. However, every app has some features that enhance user experience and if you don’t know these features then how you can improve your control over the app. Well, today we are only going to learn about the features of YouTube Go. So, let’s get started.

Let me first clear you about YouTube Go, Difference between both YouTube apps and similar kind of queries.

What is YouTube Go?

It is a lite version of YouTube app and a platform where you can watch videos online about everything educational, entertainment, motivation, advanced technology and more.

Moreover, YouTube allowed every citizen to upload the video to their website. You just have to create your Channel on YouTube and you will get elected to upload. And you can also make money from it by enabling monetization. It’s a simple gradual process.

Well, It’s the second largest and top website according to Alexa. And every single user spends time around 7 minutes every single day. That’s huge!

Difference Between YouTube Go and YouTube app?

The major difference between YouTube Go and YouTube app is YouTube app is original (big sized, father) app and the YouTube Go is children version of it, means lite.

But both do the same work (video streaming) but both have little difference in features and Interface.

Like YouTube Go gives option instantly before playing the selected video and on the other hand YouTube app doesn’t, it start the video immediately as internet connection get well.

7 Amazing Features of YouTube Go

Here are the 7 Unique features of YouTube Go that you must know if you use it:

1. Offline Video Sharing

YouTube Go allows sharing the offline (downloaded) video with nearby friends. That’s unique! Right? Like no other streaming do that. But here YouTube Go got you cover.

For sharing the downloaded video you need to tap on the top right icon that has sharing sign. After tapping on it, you will get two options: 1. Send, 2. Receive. Just select the one according to your Choice and tell your friends to select the opposite. Features of YouTube Go

Like if you’re sending then tell your friend to select receive.

Features of YouTube Go

After, just wait for the hotspot detection from one of you and then tap on it to get connected. And when you and your friend you get connected, just select the video and share it.

Features of YouTube Go

So, that’s how offline video sharing works.

2. Instant Storage Managing

It is something that every Android apps should provide. Means inbuilt storage managing systems or function that do the cleaning work at the instant.

Basically, it allows cleaning the offline video file contained by the YouTube Go app. It’s just amazing features.

The problem was in the YouTube app is that it eat a lot of storage without showing it. And for finding the amount of storage contained by the app, we need to look at the application info>storage.

Well, that problem has been corrected in YouTub Go. To clean the storage or the data taken by YouTube Go, you just have to navigate towards the account. There you will see a video storage section.Features of YouTube Go

You will find the various storage you have on your phone. Just click on one of them which is your default storage and then click on the “Delete all YouTube Go Videos”. That’s it!Features of YouTube Go

The storage will get cleaned instantly.

Read more from below:

3. Stat for Nerds

Stat for Nerds is a completely new and unique feature for Android app. It basically allows you to completely show the details of the video that you are playing.

Like the frame rate you are getting, the audio format, the device you are on streaming, CPN, video ID, video format, bandwidth, and more.Features of YouTube Go

With this feature, you can know the statistics of any YouTube Video. To get this thing to enable for you, head over towards account by clicking on the right profile icon. After, just scroll down and go to the advanced section. There you will see “Enable Stats for nerds”. Just enable it and you become able to see the stats of any YouTube videos.Features of YouTube Go

To see the stat on YouTube, play any video and click on 3 dots icon from the right top of video player then click on stats. After you will start seeing the statistics of the particular YouTube video that you have played.

4. Notification Customization

YouTube Go has becomes the good customization video streamer. In YouTube Go, you got control over your video recommendation, New video notification, etc.

To customize it according to your terms, just head over to account and scroll down to notification section.

There you will be got two options and soon more: 1. Daily Videos, 2. Recommended Videos. Now, YouTube Go has given you controls over them. You can disable any of them if don’t like to the type of Notifications.Features of YouTube Go

And if you want to completely disable the notification for YouTube Go, you can do this from YouTub Go app info. Just tap and hold the YouTube Go for 2 seconds and drag-drop to app info option. This will redirect you to the YouTube Go app info instantly.

This is how you can customize your notification for YouTube Go videos.

5. Direct app Update

Now direct app update is available for YouTube Go from its settings. Let me tell you very clearly that this is inbuilt features. Means you can update your YouTube Go app any time from the app. You don’t need to go to the PlayStore and browser for the app to update.Features of YouTube Go

Updating the YouTube Go app has become very simple. However, you just need to go to the account settings and then go to the app section. There you can find “Update app” option. Just tap on it and see if the app update is available or not. If it’s available then update it from there. It will get directly updated from the YouTube Go server.Features of YouTube Go

Through this way, you can update your YouTube Go 3x faster, directly from the main server.

6. Language Option

In YouTube Go, there is a Language option which allows changing the language of the entire YouTube Go app.

I know that not everybody understands English very well. So, this is the golden feature for you if you’re not a default language lover.

To change the language according to your choice, just move towards account setting and then the app section. There, just click on language option and browse and select your language you are comfortable with.Features of YouTube Go

After selecting your language, the whole text of the app will convert into your selected language.

Features of YouTube Go

With this, you can able to understand the app better in your language.

7. Video Streaming Customization

Video customization is very useful for users on video streaming apps. Because it allows playing the video format in users term, not the app term.

YouTube Go has probably got you covered. Because it gives the exact customization that we need on video streaming apps.

In YouTube Go, before playing the video you will get an option to customize. In the customization option, you will get the option to select the Video format, to download it or directly play, etc.Features of YouTube Go

I think this is the best feature of YouTube Go. I must say you should start using this because it gives more controls than the YouTube app.


We should move towards the app which continuously trying to make things better for us. And let give them support.

YouTube Go deserves to be supported by us because it gives so much user experience. Here I’m not defaming the main YouTube app but to showing you the exact mirror.

This lite version of YouTube app is way better than YouTube app because its fast, customizable, save battery and storage.

So, I hope you like the 7 Unique features of YouTube Go. Comment below which features grabbed your More attention!


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