Incognito Mode on YouTube App? How to turn it on and Watch Video Privately!

Incognito Mode on YouTube app allows us to watch Video Privately! Traffic on YouTube or the amount of users of YouTube has increased immensely in the back of the years. Incognito mode Feature is helpful for those who want to keep their watched history secret on YouTube. So, In this post, you are going to know about the Incognito mode of Youtube and also how to turn it on. Let’s get started!

So, Youtube just launched a new feature for its user. This feature name is Incognito Mode and it enables users to hide their secret on YouTube. To get that “Turn on” in your YouTube App you just need to pull a button. For turning that function on, follow the process.

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How to Turn on Incognito Mode on YouTube App?

Here is the step to activate Incognito Mode on YouTube for Android:

  1. Start the YouTube app on Your Device.Incognito Mode
  2. Sign in or up with your Gmail id.Incognito Mode
  3. Click on your Account icon. (at the right top)Incognito Mode
  4. then select the “Turn on Incognito”.
  5. Click on “Got it” and you’re in Incognito mode.Incognito Mode
  6. Done!

Now you freely watch any videos you want. No one gonna knows it later. Incognito will only work when you activated it.

Always make sure, it’s active or not. To sure it just opens the Youtube app. And if in the right top corner, there was an incognito icon means you are now Safe to watch videos.

There is another way to check this out similarly, open the YouTube app click on the right top corner icon. If it shows only limited option like “Turn off incognito” means you are free to watch.

Well, this is the new feature so you may not get incognito visible on your YouTube app. To make it visible you need to update the app to the latest version.

To do so, just open the app store>go to games & apps option>and update the YouTube app if it’s available to update!

After updating, go to your YouTube app and check the Incognito mode is available or not. If it’s available then use and enjoy.

If you still didn’t get that, wait for the next update. You will probably get that feature later. And this feature didn’t available for you Because may you have the lower version of Android.

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What you Can’t do after turning on the incognito mode?

Well, the incognito mode on YouTube has some disadvantages which really disappointed me. Here are the things you cannot do after turning on the incognito mode:

  1. You cannot subscribe to any channel.
  2. You can’t access your subscriptions.
  3. Notification is also disabled but you can access messages.
  4. The library is disabled for incognito users included everything in that section.
  5. The comment is disabled.
  6. You also can’t chat on Livestreams while using incognito mode.

So, these are some restrictions you will face after activating the “incognito mode”.

But in Incognito mode you can access the trending video section and have permission to search and watch the videos.

After turning on the incognito mode you may not get relevant videos you watch. You will start getting famous and popular videos.

Like you can’t get similar videos you subscribed for! So, incognito mode is not free, it cost you sacrifice of using a limited feature on YouTube.


Incognito helps you to hide your watched history on YouTube. It can protect you from the strict people around you.

This mode is only available for the phone’s platform. You didn’t activate it on your Computer’s web YouTube.

So hopefully I got covered everything?

I so, comment below along with your thought about this new feature.

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