17 Best Media Players for Windows PC Users of 2019

Best Media Players for Windows

Looking for Best Media Players to enjoy the music and videos in high quality? Well, choosing the Best Media Players is a hard thing to do because there are tons of Media Players are available for Windows. And many media players are going to come in the future and compete. Well, best is always best. There is no doubt that Old is more perfect than newer. Right? When Windows OS is introduced on 20 November 1985, there is no such alternative of default Windows media player.

But now in 2019, many best media players are introduced and taken control on the competition field.

Default window Media player has limited media files supports. But these alternative media Player have the ability to play any media format file. And that’s why I recommend using an alternative media player instead of the default one.

You probably notice in Windows media player, sometimes it can’t support the .mkv files. So, basically in this blog post, I’m going to tell the 17 best media players for Windows PC. If your Windows PC hangs then learn how to make it faster.

17 Best Media Players for Windows PC 2019

When we talk about the best media players pot player reserved the list first. I’m mean it has every feature that the good and best media player must have. Pot player is super fast and lightweight media player. It is fast in Playing video as well as music. I know it’s easy to say, someone, good. But it’s hard to prove. So, I’m also going to prove that Pot player is the best Media player than other existing Media players.

So, let me a little bit describe this best media player. Pot Player lovers recently got an update that blew the mind. And this pot player becomes the fastest, lightweight Player. However, By the update, its skin color gets changed into Yellow with some amazing entire interface. In the previous version its not user experienced friendly and has a light blue color which literally makes no sense.

But after the recent update, it becomes the terrible player. In the latest version of Pot player, many things have been fixed like user interface, sound quality, Video color and more. The best thing I love in Pot player is its control panel.

In pot player, you got control pane were you can manage things like Audio, Video, Subtitle, playbacks, etc.

Audio section has an Equalizer and Volume master. In Equalizer you can change sound volume to Classic, Pop, rock, full base, bass & treble, Laptop mode, loudness, party, Dance, club, live, rock and more.

In the video section, you can manage things like brightness, saturation, contrast, color, etc. The section also contains soften, sharpen, Deblock effects for video enhancement.

Subtitle and Playback section have Additional features like speed and slow play, Language subtitle, subtitles positioning control and more. Make sure you explore theme after installing it.

And in pot player, you don’t need to install codecs manually, it has online codec download feature. This feature is available when you install it every time. You can still add open source code to it. So, you don’t need to worry about your favorite Codecs. And that’s why pot player is first in the list of “Best Media Players of 2019”. It is Also the best media player for Windows 10.

Pot player is available for Vista, Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1. It has difficulty to run in Windows 10. It doesn’t support Windows 10 official but soon will be available for that too.

If you tell me to prefer a perfect and Best media player for beginners, I will recommend or suggest VLC Media player over other best media players. Because VLC is super easy to understand and navigate friendly. It is also a most compatible media player for Windows. If you want a long supported media player, VLC is what going to maximize your needs. However, First its easy to install you don’t have to go through a long survey like check this or that, nothing! Simple files installation.

VLC Media Player is a fully customizable player. I know most people don’t love the same default interface as is inbuilt comes. Don’t worry here VLC Media player got you cover. However, VLC media player is the only player that competing with top default inbuilt windows media player. If someone buys a new system and wants to install an alternative media player, VLC is the best choice for them.

In VLC you can customize every little thing like skin color, control buttons, Quick actions tools, and tools on screen bottom and even more. So, VLC Media player can maximize your medium requirements of multimedia files. And that’s why VLC is in second place of our Best Media Players list of 2019.

VLC is available for almost all the platforms like Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, etc. It supported in Windows 10. So, its an advantage for Windows 10 user.

Love watching 3D Video? Go with this KM Player. It has amazing 3D Video settings for watching any video in 3D mode. It kind of looking cartoon in the normal video but I think it plays well 3D videos. Well, the first thing you will notice after opening KM Player is the beautiful eye-catching color combination. Its purple and black. Oh! I just love it. Another thing you will love about its simplicity and Music quality.

The one different thing I spotted on it is Pin-up function. Pin-up function allows the KM player to stick up from the various opened Windows on your computer. So, you are looking for the Interactive multimedia player. I absolutely recommend using this KM player. Because it gives the feeling like “I’m watching a movie in the theater”. This makes me put this player in the third place in our best Media players list.

KM player is available for all the available windows. Even you can download KM player on your Android for listening to high-quality kinds of music and Videos. Below is the download links with options. Follow the links if you want to download on your computer.

Want an Awesome Appropriate Media Players like Different software for Audio and different software for Video? GOM player is perfect for it. The best thing about it is its provide separate software for playing media. It also provides the library to listen podcast, lyrics, online. That library is really top level music library. However, it provides too many types of songs with separate contents. Like Arts, Business, Music, Religion & Spirituality, Comedy, Educational and more. You can also subscribe to the channel there for latest artist pieces of music. Subscribing channels is very simple as YouTube. Just subscribe one time and receive the latest songs at release.

Best Audio Player - GOM player

In GOM player you can find two separate software, in the audio version you feel like “I’m listening in such a great way”. The audio version is the best thing I love about it. So, If you are a fan of listening Audio, I highly suggest to have it on your Computer. For advice, installing it on your computer will be worth it! But there’s a problem, it lags while installing. To fix the lag, just download the latest version from below official link install it with the disconnected internet connection. GOM player is in the fourth place of our best media players list.

In Video Version of the software, it has a good looking orange color impact which not really liked by me. Maybe I don’t like the color! But it has amazing features like 360 Video, GOM lab (must try), tons of skin packs, and user-friendly video playing functions. I must say, you should try this.

Looking for a super light-weight media player or have a low specs device? MPC-HC fits good in your Computer Hard disk. However, I didn’t found any super lightweight media player like this. Its simplicity will make you fall in love with it. It also takes less RAM to play Video than other media player. Well, the first thing you will notice about this MPC-HC media player is, light-weight color, no High RGB. Also, its navigation is too simple! A beginner will easily understand the various functions of it.

The MPC-HC media player is also a customizable media player. If you want to make any changes on its screen you can make easily. You can make customization like, recording toolbar, headphone adjustment, Play & stop, and more. You can also take the thumbnail from running video and save on your computer. MPC-HC comes in the fifth place of our best media players list.

The installation process is also too simple. You just need to download the offline package from below link and install it as you install other simple software.

Everybody loves watching high-resolution Video on their machine to make feel like theater. But they fail to find such media player which stream 5K Videos. Well, the 5K player will get you covered here! It not only plays high-resolution video, but it also does some advanced tasks like a 90-degree rotation with left and right direction. That’s really amazing and unique! However, I didn’t find any media player like this. Well, when you open this 5K player you will find an awesome eye-catching interface. It is similar to Windows 10 media player.

The second eye-catching thing you will notice on the 5K player is Player section and library section. In the player section, you can watch or listen to your offline media’s. But in the Library section, you can browse thousands of kinds of music and videos to play. And something that I want to tell you about that is, don’t install it if you have low specs device because its requirement is little more than other existing media players. There is some reason behind putting this awesome media player in the sixth place of our best media players list.

The installation process will also take time to install cause there are too many files to be extracted. And I also recommend to those who love watching high-resolution videos on their machine. The 5K player will be much comfortable for that stuff. Otherwise, don’t use this to enjoy your daily videos and music. Because if do it, your other work can be spoiled because of slow-down. So, if you want to install it on your computer, follow the below’s link.

Another simple media player for Windows. Its interface is really easy to understand. The best thing about that is it provides you contents to browse and watch. A ton of video is available to watch using your Internet. It also has a Premium feature for those who want to enjoy the content more efficiently. So, if you are that content lover I would suggest to buy its premium feature after installing it on your computer.

Well, the first thing you will notice after launching it is, its toggle icon straight up. From that icon, you can use to navigate to its entire software where you will found an amazing feature for free. The premium button is available for upgrade. Real Player has a unique interface so don’t feel boring like VLC and MPC-HC. It has an account system which built for providing content easily. The only thing you need to do is sign up or in. And you will start getting content according to your personalization of settings.

Real player has their own video stream platform were they show the most popular contents of creators. Those entertainment videos can be achieved by those who make an account on their website. So, the real player comes in the seventh place in our best media players list of 2019.

The installation process is very simple. You don’t have to make an account first then install. You just need to download the package and install it. If you want to install Real Player on your computer, follow the below links.

Want a Classic and light-weight media player for your computer? SM player will fill your requirements for Best Media player. It has an amazing super easy interface to navigate and playthings. It has the features that you actually like and want to be in a media player. Like all video format supported, a ton of skins are available, YouTube video support, support 30 plus languages, have inbuilt codecs and more.

Well, the first most attractive thing you will notice about SM player is its classic theme, color, icons, etc. These are something I loved the most about it. Another thing you will notice after launching it is its user-friendly icons. Almost every icon on it shifts perfectly. But there is some problem with it, sometimes it can’t play the HD video. Worry not the updates will fix it. I recommend this SM player to those who have medium specification Windows PC and want to play decent pieces of stuff.

SM player is great for listening Audio’s, it runs well in it but while playing videos SM player get lags. SM can handle these things if you add codecs, it has the ability to play things hard but you need to add some codecs. So, SM player comes in eighth place in our best media players list of 2019.

There is no hard thing in installing, just download the solid version from below’s link and enjoy the media’s.

Looking for super easy and light media player? Zoom player is one of the best media players that provides light-weight functions for low specs computers. When you open it, you will see the orange color impact that doesn’t blow your mind. Its really looks uncool to me! I don’t know about you but it really dumb.  Apart from its color, its design style is good enough to have this player on our list.

Zoom player supports various types of videos format, music formats. There is no any type of video that can’t be played by Zoom player. It also has some decent features that you already know like customization, skins, etc. It comes in the ninth place in our best media players list.

If you concerned to try it, below are the links to download. Well, installing Zoom player on the computer is not hard. It’s a simple and quick process to install So, don’t afraid to try it once.

This Player is perfect for the classic people because Divx Player matches exactly. This player has Classical theme formate which basically has a black and white color combo. Divx player is actually a media serving platform for Windows and Mac user. It builds with simplicity and advanced functions.

When you open this player on your Windows firstly, you will get attracted to its color pattern. It has an amazing color pattern for watching Movies online and offline. Its color will prevent the chances of eye blindness, Literally! The second awesome thing you will notice about it is its tools places. All the action tools are placed at the bottom which is a great thing. And the most important, those icons consumed very little space. Loved? It can almost play any type of media files because it has inbuilt codecs. But you have to give the Internet access to Divx player to download the codecs once. After you can play any high-quality Videos and music without any lag or hang.

In DivX player, you will get some advance and unique features that others may not provide. Like Burn Video into CD, media server, Casting to various devices, media import directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can also play any Music and video by entering Direct URL into it. So, basically, there are many features it has to serve the best Video watching experience. Divx Media server also provides Professional features for the user. For using Pro version of Divx player you need to spend some money on it. Trust me spending money on it will be worthwhile. It’s probably your choice. I don’t recommend because its giving required stuff already in the free version. Divx player comes in the tenth place in our best media player list of 2019.

Installing Divx player on a computer is not as hard as others are like the real player. It has a simple procedure to install the software. So, if you want to try it, follow the below links.

A new feature Windows media player. All player have Remote control feature means you can change songs, videos remotely. You don’t have to press the keyboard button or mouse. You can use remote to change running media’s from anywhere nearby by locations. Another thing which I found useful and unique on it is Radio player. All player has Radio player means you can listen to your favorite jockey any time. It has a Radio station for many countries like India, USA, Iran, Egypt, Germany, Russia,  Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, UK, Polland and more.

Well, when you open it the first time you will notice listening friendly color which never makes you boring. It has a blue default color with combo black.

It has decent features like the possibility of reading subtitles by the speech synthesizer, password on video, free internet radio, movie search function, the auto subtitle for many languages, etc. Let me describe a little bit about its features. Allplayer can read subtitle on the running video and speech to you. It’s kind of robotics feature! right? Well, google text to speech to the same. So, if you are working with a different monitor you can still enjoy the movie with subtitle speech. Vault on Video function helps you to lock your favorite video from being watched by other. Online radio service is also an incredible thing about all player. You can listen to FM radio of almost all the countries included the big ones.

In short, All player has all the features that the Best Media player should have. It comes in the eleventh place in our best media players list.

I must recommend trying it ones. If you scare about installing it on your Computer then don’t worry about it. Because its easy as installing any normal software. Just follow the flow of process and you will able to enjoy the all player service. It’s fully free, you don’t have to pay any penny to enjoy the quality features from your home or workplace. Just install from below links and enjoy for the lifetime.

Mplayer is the simple media player that play decent media’s like music and mp4 videos. This media player is suitable for those who just want to enjoy medium quality media’s. It has features like every other media player have like Play file, play from DVD, play fro URL and more. MPlayer is not customizable, it has fixed skins and icons. You can’t make any interface changes. But it helps you a lot in staying your computer cool while listening media’s. Because it caches less memory and processor for running files of media’s.

When you open it the first time you will see a light color impact which looks pretty old. And its interface is super classic. The unique feature I liked on it is its toggle mode feature. Displace will pretty awesome when you turn it on. I say to try this must. And I don’t find any useful tools to suggest here. But I recommend installing it ones. Because It comes in the 12th place in our best media players list of 2019.

Installing the Mplayer is as easy as installing Mario game. Just download the file from below and enjoy the classic personality media player.

It is a well-combined multi-media player for windows that allows to stream videos from different-different platforms. Platforms include YouTube, FM radio, Normal offline video, offline music, Live Broadcast and more. It’s the best advance media player on the market that provides a huge function for multimedia. In Cherry Player, you can directly watch YouTube videos. Moreover,  there is such channels option like BBC, Billboard, Last.FM, Twitch, VK, etc. These are the platforms where you can stream the video form cherry player. In order to watch the videos form those platform, you just need to sign in and your playlist will be flashed in your screen.

Well, when you open Cherry player you will see an amazing black color window were you can watch your video with Window minimization facility. At the left side, you can control your channels were you logged in. At the top left, you will get the logo which gets expand after clicking. From there you can navigate your media files and do customization. At the bottom, you can control your running play’s like playlists option, volume control and stuff like that. At top right, you can see a gear icon which is the setting button of Cherry Player. In the setting option, you can access Video settings, audio settings, codecs settings, YouTube account settings, Twitch account settings. And there is some common feature which you already know. The cherry player comes in the 13th place in our best media players list 2019.

In order to install it on your computer, you have to follow the below links. Installing process is very easy, just download the file and install it as you install other normal software. It may take some time to install completely so have some patience!

Kodi Media player is totally similar to Windows Media center. When you start it you will get into another world were multimedia has surrounded. It is basically an Open source Home Theater software where you can explore and stream Movies and music with Theater feel. It has an amazing interface which attracts me the most.

Well, when you open Kodi on your computer you will see a Kodi headline and then Home theater software will flash on the screen that looks great. After, you will see the controls over the left side and the Screen windows at the left side. In the settings, you can customize every little bit things like your Profile, system settings, service settings, player settings, media settings, PVR and live TV settings and more. After personalizing it according to you-you can explore and stream any video you want. Trust me it gives you feel like you’re watching in the theater. Kodi comes in the fourteenth place of our best media players list 2019.

Installing this Home theater software on the computer is a little tough but you can manage it well if you have a common brain like everyone else. To get it on your computer you should follow the below links. After downloading the file just install it with your common brain and you’re done.

Looking for only light media player? The light alloy is the best media player that stream music only. It has a user-friendly interface for listeners, you don’t have to look at the various corner to find features like open file, add playlists. Well, when you open Light Alloy on your computer, you will see a beautiful light-weight infrastructure which amazes your mind. Light Alloy is basically divided into three faces. The top First face contains the current media playing interface. The second middle interface contains playlists were you can navigate and select or add your playlists file. At the bottom you will see some settings like adding files, removing files, online file exploring and at the right side you will see Repeat, shuffle and save a playlist with name settings. That’s pretty cool and awesome. Light Alloy comes in the fifteenth place in our best media players list.

In order to install it on your computer, you just need to download a low size file from below’s link. And install it quickly. That’s it. Enjoy the listening experience.

This is another music streaming software which allows streaming of various types of music files. Media monkey is a little different and dynamic from Light Alloy. Media monkey is perfect for those who want to enjoy music with advanced customization. The player has enough feature to provide quality music like equalizer, analyze volume, level track volume and more. It has the ability to identify tracks, playlists, library management and more.

When you open media monkey the first time, you will see a scary interface which contains Dark yellow and black color combination. On the left side, you can navigate towards your file, in the middle, you will browse songs from platforms and on the right side you will see the running song and opened playlists. Media monkey comes in the 16th place in our best media players list.

Installing media monkey on the computer is very simple. Just download the file from below links install the software normally and enjoy.

Another dynamic audio player which have the ton of features to customize any song file to play best. Winamp is a little bit hard to understand for the first time but when you start exploring its feature, you will become a fan of it. It has 5 windows to enhance your listening. In those windows, you can do different things at the same time. Like managing playlist, Artists, Album and more.

It has its own browser for exploring Media files and play directly to it. It has four tabs and all of them have an amazing interface to control. The first tab contains the media library, the second contains Video were you can do play, third is visualization and the last contains Browser were you can explore more content. I highly recommend to try it at least ones because it comes in my best media players list. Winamp is in the last place in our best media players list. But it is the ever best media player I ever watched. It gives really ultra level customization!

Installing Winamp on the computer is not hard that you assuming. It’s simple as eating snacks process. For installing it on your computer you need to download the file from below’s link. After just open it up and enjoy the power of Winamp.


These are the Best media Players that you can use on your computer to enjoy the high-quality Videos and music with comfort.

If you want a player for only music or video you can choose it from our Best Media Players list. If you still confused then let me help you.

listen, for the only Music player, you can go with Light Alloy because it gives super user experience than other listed Media players.

And if you want both means Video player + Music player then you can go with Pot player and GOM player which is super suitable for listening and watching.

These are my own recommendation! All the listed Best Media players are super amazing. Everyone has something different to offer. I’ll be suggested these because I like the most from all of my list after using them.

You can choose your own by using them one by one. It’s a really amazing thing to try all of them. Trust me I enjoyed a lot in the process of exploring them.

So, comment below which one you prefer the most from these best media players for Windows 10, 7, 8 and why?


  1. I was always using vlc or windows player but now i have got to know about these incredible players. I thank u for this valuable information.


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