YouTube Time Watched Feature Shows How Many Hours You Watched

YouTube Time Watched features shows exactly how many hours a user watched videos on YouTube. That’s a next-level feature. And you can take full advantage of it in your Productivity. However, Along with this “YouTube Time Watched” feature, there are also some tools provided to use. These tools let you do more with this time watched feature. Well, this article is going to be all about youtube time watched feature. So, let dive.

First, it’s very important for you to know what exactly this feature does. Also how it works and how you can take advantage of it.

What is YouTube Time Watched?

YouTube time watched is an inbuilt feature that enabled only in the YouTube app. It shows how many hours a User spent on YouTube Videos or How many hours he/she watched videos on youtube.

With this feature you can analyze the hours/minutes you spent every day, weeks and it also shows the daily average time.

All these stats are based on user watch history and only across YouTube Products (except YouTube Music).

How to See YouTube Time Watched stats on YouTube App?

To access or see your time watched stats, you need to install the YouTube app (Install it from Play Store for automatic latest Download). If you have already installed then make sure it’s updated. To see, go to My Apps & Games section of Your Google Play Store. Now follow my steps.

Here are the steps to see YouTube time Watched Stats:

  1. Open the Youtube app and log in with your Gmail.
  2. Click on the account icon (at the top Right).
  3. Select “Time Watched“.

Now you have been reached the place where you can see your video hours watched stats.YouTube Time Watched

The stats basically contains the data of Today, Yesterday, Past Week, Daily Average.  And all these stats displayed on the basis of your Watch History.

Now, to improve the function of this feature, Youtube also provided Tools to manage YouTube Time.

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Tools to Manage YouTube Time Watched!

Since YouTube Launched, it always tries to implement amazing features for its user. And some of the features I’m talking about right now. It’s no wonder that YouTube is Grown 10x than Previous years.

In 2018, YouTube has also implemented some tools to enhance the Watched time features quality. Here are the tools of Watched time:

  1. Remind me to take Break.
  2. Autoplay Next Video.
  3. Scheduled Digest.
  4. Disable Sounds & Vibrations.

These are the four Awesome features that are built for Watched time features to enhance the quality.YouTube Time Watched

Now let me break-down it to better understand you.

1. Remind to take Break

Are you busy watching Long/short Videos on YouTube? It’s time to take Break!

Remind to take Break is something busy watchers need to know. Because sometimes they forget about their food to eat while watching Videos on YouTube (those click baits make us busy).

They even get indulge hard, they are not available anymore to talk on. Well, chill! I know you also get sometimes indulge in those beautiful videos that later realize you that you wasted your day on YouTube.

But here YouTube doesn’t want you to get engage hard and destroy your day. And that’s why they built these features to make you aware of timing.

Now let me guide you on how you can take steps to take advantage of Remind to take a broken tool.

To Use Remind to take Break:

  1. Open YouTube App.
  2. Tap on Account Picture.
  3. Select Watched time, scroll down.
  4. Then turn on “Remind to take Break”.
  5. Set the Reminder Frequency (how often you want to get Remind notification).
  6. Done.

Now, whenever you reached the reminder frequency time, you will get notified.

2. Autoplay Next Video

Seek to click on another video after finishing one? Enable Autoplay next Video to let YouTube automatically play the next video.

If you are like me how don’t love moving fingers on YouTube Videos then Auto Next Video tool is definitely for you.

Enabling this tool will give you extreme comfort. When you get to engage with the videos, and after the end, it will automatically change without your effort.

You can also use this feature to automate Playlists of Songs on YouTube.

To turn this on:

  1. Open the YT app.
  2. Click on the Account icon.
  3. Select the Watched time.
  4. Scroll down to the tools section.
  5. Then turn on “Autoplay next Video”.

Now you are free from moving your fingers after every video.

3. Scheduled Digest

Want to get all your Favourite Content in your free time? Scheduled digest does it for You!

I always get irritated when I get New Videos notification from my subscription channels in my working time. They totally distract me.

If the same always happens to you, turn on the Scheduled digest tool.

Scheduled digest tools help you to get all your subscription new notification at a Scheduled time.

The steps to Scheduled Digest:

  1. Enter into your Latest YouTube App.
  2. Click on the Account icon.
  3. Select Watched time.
  4. Scroll down to “tools to manage your YouTube Time”.
  5. Turn on the Scheduled digest.
  6. Then click on it to customize.
  7. Done.

Now, you have been successfully scheduled Digest to your Favourite time. You will get all the new content notification at your time.

4. Disable Sounds & Vibrations

Shut the Notifications Durning your Digest Time, so you can enjoy them without disturbance.

We all get hyper (especially me) when we get notifications and Vibrations at our watching time. It is like the notification is more adjustable on the phone.

Well, this tool is quite helpful to block those Sounds & Vibration of notifications.

To Use Disable Sounds & Vibrations:

  1. Again open your YouTube app.
  2. Click on the Account icon.
  3. Choose the Watched time.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom.
  5. Turn on the feature.
  6. Tap on it to Set your Busy time (set when you don’t want to get notifications).

Now you have blocked Sounds & Vibrations for Your specific time. So, that was all the guide about the new feature (Watched Time) of YouTube.

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YouTube is such an Engaging Platform where high-quality Videos with Information are available.

Videos on YouTube makes us stay distracted from the real world. And that’s not good for us. Well, the Good news is YouTube care us.

They know that those videos are just pieces of information. The real action is going to take by the viewers usually when they are in control.

That’s why they release such good features and tools for us to stay in the present. Getting your hand done with these tools and features will deliver you more control over the YouTube app.

So, make sure you try them all for your benefit. I will love to Hear your Comment!

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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