10 Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Free in 2023

The best Putlocker alternatives 2023 list can help you know the sites like Putlocker – A popular movies & TV shows streaming website. When looking for favorite movies to watch for free, most of us go with online sites that provide the opportunity to stream all kinds of movies & TV shows for free with some annoying ads. Putlocker used to be the best site for streaming movies & TV shows, especially, in the United Kingdom.

But as it was uploading content illegally, it got soon banned in the country. Currently, if you search for the site on Google, you will find many similar sites with Putlockers name attached. This basically means they are the forked version of the original Putlocker site. And they are not as good as Putlocker so we do not recommend using them in place of Putlocker.

Well, after a short research, we have found the best Putlocker alternatives that are safe & free to use. And here, we are going to list them all for free so you can use them as an alternative to Putlocker.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is a web portal popular for streaming movies & TV shows for free in the UK. It was initially seen in 2012 and took very little time to become popular. Since streaming movies & TV shows online was booming, Putlocker got launched as a free website for streaming. As it had loads of fascinating content, it attracted millions of visitors in a few months and soon it became the most visited site of that time.

The site has a huge catalog of Movies & TV shows including the latest and old content. Currently, it has been banned but you might see similar sites with the Putlocker name included (Those are duplicated sites). Overall, it was one of the favorite free Movie streaming sites at that time.

Is Putlocker Legal & Safe?

Putlocker hosts TV shows & Movies illegally, whatever content you stream on the site has been uploaded without the permission of the original copyright owner. And about safety, honestly, no one can answer it other than the owner of the Putlocker itself. But we can do a few things which can help us identify whether Putlocker is safe or not. Whatever Putlocker-named site you are visiting, make sure it has SSL active and it’s fully functional. It makes the connection between your browser and the server encrypted.

Apart from this, you can also use an Adblocker extension in your browser to stop the site from tracking you. Using Adblocker, you will be safe from annoying ads as well. A VPN can also help you stay away from any kind of trouble that could occur to you for streaming content illegally. There are many VPN services available, if you can’t afford the premium ones then at least use any free VPN for a secure connection.

Is Putlocker Dead? If so, What Now?

As the internet is evolving, security & law enforcement agencies are keeping their eyes on the bad stuff happening on the internet to make the environment crime-free. Soon after Putlocker became popular and started to get attention from people, one of the owners of the copyrighted movie or TV show reported Putlocker. After that, the Court in the UK Banned the Putlocker Site with a warning notice to the admin.

Since then, we only saw duplicate sites of Putlocker. The original Putlocker site got shut down permanently as per the court order. So, what now? Well, there are still free streaming platforms for the fans of Putlocker. If you have been a regular visitor to Putlocker then don’t be sad because there are a lot of alternatives that are really good. Here, we will suggest you best Putlocker Alternatives that are free & safe to stream movies.

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Note – We don’t promote illegal movies & TV show streaming websites. All the below sites may be illegal to use, this article is written for educational purposes only.

10 Best Putlocker Alternatives 2023

There are both free and paid alternatives to Putlocker, here, we will only show you free alternatives because Putlocker itself was a free streaming site. Now, some of the listed sites below may not be safe or legal. In this case, we do recommend using a VPN to access these alternative sites. Now, here are the best Putlocker alternatives for 2023:

1. FMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It is a popular free streaming site that allows high-quality streaming online. FMovies offers an A-Z list of movies and TV shows which helps find content in less than a second. For finding a particular movie, there is a search bar that pull-outs content based on the keyword searched through the search box.

FMovies also have categories where you can browse and watch trending, old, and latest TV shows or movies. It also has a special section on the homepage where they feature the most trending movies & TV shows. And in case you don’t find your desired TV show or movie, you can request them through the website. And in a few hours, they will upload the requested content for you.

It also has country-wise content if you want to watch movies or TV shows trending in the US then you can simply select the United States and they will show you all the trending content of the US. By clicking on any result, you will be able to stream. At the time I’m writing this article, they have made a country-wise content page for 5 countries that include China, Taiwan, Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Overall, FMovies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives that offer high-quality free streaming.

2. 123Movies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It is a high-quality free movie and TV show streaming site that is ahead of all the most popular streaming sites out there. 123Movies has shown us why they are better than Putlocker and WatchFree on their homepage. They have compared the features of their site with other most popular sites. According to 123Movies, they offer the latest content, high-quality streaming, super fast streaming options, a Huge library, and Top-rated movies. They cover content from Hollywood to Bollywood and always upload content first.

At 123Movies, you can stream movies at 4K Ultra HD, 1080p HD, 720p HD, 480p SD, etc. While streaming, you can select formats and switch them whenever you want. The streaming software is very efficient as it has less buffering & zero loading issues. But you will need to signup to enjoy all its features of it.

Overall, 123Movies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives and it is also unblocked in most countries. So, browse titles and watch them at the highest quality possible.

3. Tubi

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Tubi is a trusted platform for streaming movies & TV shows that covers all the famous genres including Indian Films, Action, Anime, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Sci-fi & Fantasy, Horror, Drama, Kids’ Shows, and more. On this platform, you will always find something fascinating to watch even if you spend all day consuming content there. They have thousands of content available in every category and all in high-quality.

It is everywhere which means you can use it on any device. For mobile devices, it has an official app available at App stores. For unlimited free streaming through the Tubi site, you will need to signup and that is too free. After signing up, you can enjoy content on the platform without any hassle. If you are looking for a legit streaming site then Tubi is probably one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

4. SolarMovie

Best Putlocker Alternatives

It is a current popular streaming site that offers free movies, TV shows with a solid feature that turns the light off and helps stream distraction-free. SolarMovie offers a huge category of Movies, from Bollywood to Hollywood, you will find all categories of Movies. Whether you want to watch Horror movies or Action, all are available on SolarMovie for free.

Its streaming software works on all types of devices as long as the device is capable of streaming videos online. Finding content on SolarMovie is also easy, with its native search box you can search for any title and it will show you content matched to your searched keyword. Its search results are more accurate than its competitors. Overall, on SolarMovie you will get high-quality streaming with a large amount of content, and the best part is it is all free. This site is a good choice if you are looking for the best Putlocker alternatives.

5. GoMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

GoMovies have the most minimalist design and fewer ad pop-ups whenever you click anywhere on the page. And because of that, moving to another movie after finishing one will be less frustrating. On GoMovies, you will find all the latest Movies and TV shows that currently trending. Streaming links also get updated frequently which means you will barely find broken streaming links.

Moreover, you can see the movie description, rating, genre, and actor names before starting the streaming. These details help to know the content more deeply. On top of these features, GoMovies offers HD streaming for every content available on its site. You will be good to go with GoMovies because it is one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

6. AZMovies

Best Putlocker Alternatives

AZMovies offers old to the latest content, it has movies available to stream that were released in 1948. In its “Year” category, you can explore movies & TV shows by year. It also offers a huge Genre that includes Action, Adventure, Animation, Bio, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, etc. To find a similar type of content, you will find categories at the top on-site to explore. There is also a search box through which you can search for a movie or TV show.

The best quality of AZMovies is that it allows great-quality streaming for free without any limitations. AZMovies is a recommended site if you are searching for the best Putlocker alternatives.

7. MoviesJoy

Best Putlocker Alternatives

MoviesJoy is a free movie streaming site with zero ads. It let you watch movies online without having to register or pay, with over 10000 movies and TV-Series. You can also download full movies from MoviesJoy and watch them later if you want. When you visit its homepage you will see trending movies listed for you to stream. For TV shows, you will see a Trending button in the trending section, by clicking on that you can switch to Trending TV Shows.

There you will see all the trending TV shows with links to stream. MoviesJoy is the only free platform where you can get trending Movies & TV shows listed for you to watch. The best part we liked about MoviesJoy is that it has no ads on any of its pages meanwhile, you can enjoy your movie with no distractions. We highly suggest checking this free & best Putlocker alternative site.

8. HD Popcorn

Best Putlocker Alternatives
HD Popcorn

HD Popcorn is a big platform where you can watch free movies online and also download unlimited films without spending money. Their main motive is to provide the best service to the free users out there. They update the database almost daily with the latest and freshly released movies. All the films are available with very good quality and at high downloading speed. HD Popcorn really delivers a great experience of online streaming for free.

It has a big collection of movies with different categories like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Animated, Horror, and many more. This is an amazing online movie store where you can watch films online according to your choice. Films are available in original prints. So now no need to spend money outside, enjoy unlimited films for free from anywhere. HD Popcorn is popular for its own name but you can use it in place of Putlocker.

9. Movie4u

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Movie4u is a modern movie & TV show streaming site that has a huge library with quality content. If you have been looking for a free streaming site with a modern & user-friendly interface then Movie4u is what we think will end your search. You can find any content on the site easily as it has provided the A-Z alphabet searching system. For more accurate content searching, you can also use its inbuilt search bar.

Top IMDb, Trending, and high-rated movies or TV shows are now easy to discover as the Movie4u site has a specific category for them. Overall, Movie4u is of the best Putlocker alternatives and we highly recommend trying it.

10. PrimeWire

Best Putlocker Alternatives

PrimeWire is an online web portal that allows free streaming of movies and TV shows. This site is popular for allowing high-quality streaming without any buffering issues. Also, it is one of those sites that upload the latest movies a few hours after the release. On the site, you will find all the Genre collections to browse titles of Movies & TV-Series. To find a particular type of content, PrimeWire offers the Filtering option.

Once you click on the Filtering option it will give you some content options to select and after that, it will pull out content based on the types you checkmark. That is something cool & new PrimeWire offers. We believe this filtering feature is better than exploring categories for hours to find the right type of content. But you can always use its categories for finding movies. To conclude, PrimeWire is definitely recommended because it is genuinely one of the best Putlocker alternatives.

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When the Putlocker server is busy or if it’s not working then you can use any of the alternatives that we have suggested above. We have tested these free & best Putlocker alternatives before including them in the list. For a better experience, we recommend visiting these websites with a VPN service for a more secure & safe connection. You can use any free or premium VPN service.

Also, if possible then get an Adblocker so every time you click on the website, you don’t get promoted to an ad page. This will avoid the unusual distraction of ad pop-ups.

So, that is it. We have reached the end of this post. If you have any suggestions then make sure you comment below. Share this Best Putlocker alternatives list with your friends who also like free streaming movie sites.

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