20 Best Torrent Sites That Are Working In 2023

Best Torrent Sites are now hard to find since many countries and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) actively ban access to these sites. Torrent sites are known for Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, it is also considered the best way to download media files from the internet. But only when you are downloading publicly licensed content. It’s illegal to download files for free that are copyrighted using torrent sites and if you get caught, you will get in trouble.

Torrenting has been popular for many previous years and its user base is still growing stronger than before. Probably because of the convenience of magnet files & safely downloading them on our device at high speed. Well, most popular torrent sites have been shut down because of legal issues and they sometimes also needed to migrate to a different domain because of the ban just to stay alive for a while more. Well here, we are going to show you the best torrent sites that are unblocked and you can use them safely to download files using Torrent Clients.

What are Torrent Sites?

If you are not familiar with torrent sites then let me explain them in the first place. Torrent sites are those types of sites that provide media files to download via Torrent software. This method of downloading files is called torrenting, it is a term that is specifically used when the files of one download using torrent clients. Most torrent sites provide magnet files download feature in which you need to download a small file. And later that small file opened in the Torrent client to download the full file.

It is very similar to the Installer client that many software companies nowadays use i.e. Chrome Installer for Windows. This method of sharing files is considered the safest way. Because users directly download the software or media file from the private server. Using torrent sites, you can download unlimited files from private servers without any limitations or restrictions.

Torrent Sites are Safe to Use?

Torrent sites are mostly safe to use if they are trusted by thousands of users. It really depends on the site that you are using for torrenting. However, it is so easy that a torrent site can provide you a malware through a magnet file that may cause damage to your PC. According to the history of Torrent sites, as long as you download authentic files, you will be in the safe zone. Never ever download copyrighted media files just because it is freely available, especially movies.

Trackers are everywhere, and downloading these copyrighted files can expose your IP address to the authorities which can put you in serious trouble. In 2019, many incidents happened that backups the statement. It is always recommended to use a VPN while downloading files from Torrent sites.

Torrent Sites are Legal?

When the talk comes to the legality of Torrent sites, many of us want to know the truth. Well, the truth is it’s not legal when you are using these sites to download copyright-protected files. Otherwise, it is legal. The Torrent sites that share these files for free often get banned by ISPs and when receiving complaints from the owner of the copyrighted file, the government tends to ban the domain with a warning notice to the admin of the Torrent site.

If you find a Torrent site in Google Search results, it is clear that your country’s government has not banned the site. But that does not ensure legality, just make sure you use the site to download authentic files only for your own safety and always use a VPN.

Now, we are going to list the Best torrent sites for you that are safe & legal to use. These sites may or may not be banned in major countries.

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Note: We do not recommend or support downloading copyrighted files from Torrent websites. It’s purely illegal so make sure you download torrents from suggested sites at your own risk. We have written this article for knowledge purposes.

20 Best Torrent Sites List Updated 2023

The torrent sites listed below are mostly free to use and used by millions of users. But you should ensure your safety using a private connection, get a VPN first then browse any of the torrent sites mentioned below.

We have listed torrent sites from top to bottom based on their rankings and traffic. To get these two statics we have used Alexa Site Info and Ubersuggest extension. They are prioritized based on their worldwide rank & everyday traffic that we collected at the time of writing this article.

Torrent SiteURLStatusSSL
The Pirate Bayhttps://thepirate-bay.org/home36ON & OFFActive
KickassTorrentshttps://katcr.to/ON & OFFActive
LimeTorrentshttps://www.limetorrents.info/ON & OFFActive
EZTVhttps://eztv.io/ON & OFFActive
TorrentFunkhttps://www.torrentfunk2.com/ON & OFFActive
TorrentDownloadshttps://www.torrentdownloads.me/ON & OFFActive
Monova Torrentshttps://monova.to/OnlineActive

1. The Pirate Bay

Best Torrent Sites
The Pirate Bay

It is the Galaxy’s most resilient BitTorrent site available on the Internet for free. The Pirate Bay was started by the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyran in late 2003, but in October 2004 it separated and became run by dedicated individuals. In 2006 the site changed its ownership yet again. Today the site is run by an organization rather than individuals, though as a non-profit. The organization is registered in Seychelles.

The Pirate Bay has a huge database of Media files that includes Audio, Video, Games, Application, and Others. Finding a type of content on the site is easy even after the availability of millions of files. However, they have the most accurate search tool that helps find files without any difficulty. What you all need to do is to type a keyword or tile name, select the file type, and hit the search button. In a few seconds, you will see all the files that matched your keyword.

Apart from that, you can browse newly added files as it provides a separate category for that i.e. Browse Torrents, Recent Torrents, Top 100 Torrents, TV show, Music, etc.

Also, The Pirate Bay loads almost instantly even with a low internet connection. The site is well-optimized for various devices that make access to all its features from any device. And unlike other non-optimized torrent sites, the download or magnet file link on The Pirate Bay is clearly viewable across all devices. Overall, it is one of the best torrent sites of all time.

At the time of writing this, The Pirate Bay official site gets 3,62,000+ organic users monthly and it ranks 2337 worldwide. Overall, The Pirate Bay Torrent site is considered the best site for torrenting by millions of users worldwide.

The Pirate Bay Mirrors:

https://www.pirateproxy.space, https://thepirate-bay.org/home134, https://www.pirateproxy-bay.com/, https://www.tpbproxypirate.com/, https://thepiratebay.by/, https://www.tpbaysproxy.com/, https://thepiratebay.cx/home/.

2. KickassTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

It is the second most popular torrent site for torrenting that was launched in 2008 and serving torrent files till now. Although, it faced a lawsuit previously but got revived and it is now in the market with a brand new domain (Katcr.to). KickassTorrents is known as the directory of torrent files and magnet links used for peer-to-peer file sharing using the BitTorrent client.

KickassTorrents had a good start but it faced many ups and downs because of the lawsuits. Its main domain got sued by court order and currently surviving through its mirror sites. If you visit the main site (thekickasstorrents.to), you will see no content but links to all its mirror sites. Well, coming to its features, its mirror site has the same basic design and you will only see useful elements when you visit its mirror site (katcr.to).

There is a search tool for finding files, Categories to explore, and the top & best section to download popular torrent files. Moreover, in the header, you will see all the most popular & trending tags which will help you find trending torrent files on Kickasstorrents without wasting any time. Overall, after the pirate bay, Kickasstorrents is considered one of the best torrent sites.

The amount of content on its mirror site is the same as the original and the database also gets updated almost daily. You will find all the latest torrent files to download i.e. movies, music, apps, games, etc. At the time of writing this, it ranks 3744 worldwide and gets more than 2,80,000 organic users monthly.

KickassTorrents Mirrors:

https://thekickasstorrents.to/, https://kickass.sx/, https://kickasstorrents.to/, https://kickasstorrent.cr/, https://kickasstorrents.cr/, https://kat.am/.

3. 1337X

Best Torrent Sites

It is a torrent search engine where people turn to search torrent files and download them for free. There is not even a single torrent file that is not available in the 1337X search engine. All you need to do is search the right keyword for your torrent file and in less than 30 seconds, thousands of results will waiting for you to explore & download. 1337X is more of a Torrent Search engine than a Torrent site. It has a massive database of torrent files that can take months to browse.

Thanks to its user-friendly search tool that allows finding content in a few seconds. For making all the available torrent files easily discoverable, there are Categories for all types of files i.e. Movies, Television, Games, Music, Applications, Anime, Documentaries, and Others. Since 2007, 1337X has been serving free torrent files. The site is also known for its unique name and is probably one of the best torrent sites.

As of writing this, it ranks 402 worldwide and gets over 15,00,000 organic users monthly.

1337X Mirrors:

https://www.1377x.is/, https://www.1337x.am/, https://1337xto.to, https://x1337x.eu, https://www.1337x.tw, https://13377x.site, https://www.1337x.tv.


Best Torrent Sites

RARBG updates its torrent database continually and they also focus on providing more and more new files. The site is a bit different from the three best torrent sites we have already listed. However, it is kind of a Private torrent site because it contains a user registration system. The system allows you to log in as a guest, once logged in, you will find things in control. You will be able to manage your logs and see the latest added torrents directly on your dashboard or homepage.

The RARBG offers a huge library of Torrents for categories like Movies, TV Shows, Software, Music, Games, and others. It also lists the top 10 torrent files that are trending and have the highest number of downloads. For the fans of the box office, you will find a completely updated chart with magnet links on RARBG. You can also churn out some good news articles on the site while your torrent file is downloading. If you love to download software and games, RARBG is one of the best torrent sites for that.

As of writing this, RARBG ranks 819 worldwide and gets over 107,930 organic users monthly.

RARBG Mirrors:

https://www.rarbg.is/, https://rarbgunblock.com/, https://rarbgmirror.com/, https://rarbgprx.org/, http://rarbgaccess.org/, http://rarbgproxy.org/.

5. Zooqle

Best Torrent Sites

Zooqle is one of the verified & best torrent sites that contains over 4,860,149 torrent files as of writing and still counting daily. No doubt it is one of the biggest torrent sites with a safe user registration system. It gives both the options to users, to have more control over what they torrent, creating an account on Zooqle is required. Unlike other popular torrent sites, Zooqle is far from getting affected by any lawsuit. As of now, it has faced no issue regarding the files they share via torrent.

Although, its main domain Zooqle.com is still up and running without any issues. And in most countries, it is not banned use. Well, on Zooqle, the content line starts from entertainment to work-related software. You can get all the premium files for free via torrent. It has a huge catalog of Movies, TV, Games, Apps, Books, Anime, and others. If you are looking for an authentic torrent site then there is nothing better than Zooqle.

As of writing this, it ranks 9196 worldwide and gets over 2,00,000 organic users monthly. The site status is good as it has no background of complaints, lawsuits, etc.

6. LimeTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

LimeTorrents is a modern torrent website that offers verified torrent files. Similar to Zooqle, all the torrents on LimeTorrents have been verified before making it public to users. If you always get scared while downloading torrent files then this is the torrent website you should go with. Because it is safe to use and has a low risk of getting caught while you torrent files. It also has a user registration system that ensures the max security of your logs on the site.

The content line on LimeTorrents is huge, it starts from videos to games & apps. All the premium contents are available on the site for free to download regardless of what type of file you are looking for; free or premium. LimeTorrents categories include Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Apps, Anime, and Others. The site is well-designed and also contains a search tool for searching content. It also lists the top 100 torrents popular in all the categories, just check the 100 lists because you will find fantastic torrents there.

Overall, LimeTorrents is an all-in-one torrent site that provides almost every type of file that is in demand nowadays. Also, it is one of the best torrent sites you can ever visit. As of writing this, LimeTorrents ranks 2629 worldwide and gets over 9,32,000 organic users monthly.

7. YTS

Best Torrent Sites

YTS or YIFY is a popular torrent website that is widely known for movie downloading sites of high quality. The best part about YTS is it offers HD movies in the smallest size possible. You can find all movies in HD quality i.e. 720p, 1080p, 2160p 4K, and 3D quality, all quality movies are in small sizes. YTS covers a huge line of movie categories that include Action, Adventure, Anime, Cartoon, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, and more.

YTS has over 19,772 movies available (As of writing) to download via torrent. And all movies are in HD quality which is great. You can also explore movies from their categories or you can use the built-in search tool to find a particular movie. Its search tool is versatile and offers pretty options for searching for movies. It is definitely one of the best torrent sites that focus on movie content extensively.

As of writing this, it ranks 325 worldwide and gets 394,717 organic users monthly. Overall, it is an excellent torrent website for movie enthusiasts.

8. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Sites

Torrentz2 is a free, fast, and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines. It is a bit different from all torrent sites listed above but it is as useful as other torrent sites. Instead of wasting hours to find the working link of a torrent file, you can just use the Torrentz2 search engine to find a working torrent link to download. It doesn’t host any torrent files but it will provide you with working links from you can download.

It currently Indexing 61,107,832 torrents from 219,157,733 pages on 76 domains. You will find all types of torrent files on Torrentz2 including Apps & Games, Movies, TV shows, etc. Torrentz2 is highly recommended if you are looking for the best torrent sites because you don’t have to go to multiple sites, this single torrent search engine will provide you with all types of torrent content.

As of writing this, it ranks 1239 worldwide and gets over 5,89,639 organic users monthly. Due to multiple bans, it has official mirror sites that you can use in case its main domain is blocked for you.

Torrentz2 Mirrors:

https://torrentsmirror.com/, https://torrentz2.is/.


Best Torrent Sites

ETTV is an all-in-one torrent web portal where you can explore & magnet millions of files for free. It is specifically known for providing Movies & TV Shows but it is not limited to that only. It also provides a huge library for other popular torrent files as well including Games, Software, Anime, Tutorials, TV, Adult, Books, and more. When you are tired after looking for any movie, you can come to ETTV because you will definitely find the movie you are looking for. Because it has the biggest library of Movies & TV shows. Also, it has been listed as one of the best torrent sites for downloading movie content.

The interesting part of ETTV is it shows you all the trending keywords that receive the most downloads in 24 hours. The trending keywords will help you find more fascinating content without wasting time searching. Moreover, it also has a user registration system that provides more controls to users over their logs. It is recommended to create an account before you start torrenting.

As of writing this, ETTV ranks 12337 worldwide and gets over 2,00,000 organic users monthly.

ETTV Mirrors:

https://www.ettv.be/, https://www.ettv.to/.

10. Torlock

Best Torrent Sites

Torlock is a fast-loading torrent site that is popular around the world for its Software torrent files. On Torlock, you will find all types of software for devices like Windows, Android, and others. What’s more fascinating about Torlock is it covers a wide range of files that includes pretty much everything. For hints, Movies, TV shows, Games, Anime, etc. It also lists the top 100 torrents based on the most downloads received in a month. There is also a Fresh section where you will find new & fresh torrents.

It has 7,615,013 total verified torrents and almost 7 hundred torrents get added to its database on a daily basis. Moreover, Torlock offers high-quality videos in its TV Shows & Movies category, and also with the least file size. Torlock is clearly one of the best torrent sites that you can try for torrenting. As of writing this, it ranks 15,876 worldwide and gets over 1,23,689 organic users monthly.

11. GloTorrents

Best Torrent Sites

A user-friendly torrent website that is well-optimized to provide torrent files fast to millions of users. All the elements on GloTorrents are well customized which helps users navigate the site more easily. Also, it shows the health status for all its torrents that define the stability & access to the file. The health status basically shows the availability of the file on the server to send to the user’s Torrent. Only download torrent files that have green status otherwise, you may not be able to download the full file.

On GloTorrents, you can torrent Movies, TV shows, Games, Software/Apps, Anime, Books, Pictures, Videos & Albums, and more. You can also request any torrent files using its official Forum. Moreover, its inbuilt search tool will help you explore the GloTorrent database easily. As of writing, it ranks 80,513 and gets over 89,000 organic users monthly. It receives a good response from many countries and it also offers country-based pages for a great user experience. After looking at its statics, GloTorrents is one of the best torrent sites that one can use for torrenting.

GloTorrents is banned in some countries so make sure you use a VPN service before accessing it. Also, it doesn’t automatically redirect users to the HTTPS version, only visit the site by entering HTTPS in the domain for an encrypted connection as it has an SSL active.

GloTorrents Mirrors:

https://gtdb.to/, https://glodls.to/.

12. Pirateiro

Best Torrent Sites

Pirateiro has been in the market of torrents since 2014 and has gathered millions of heat from around the world. It particularly covers movies & TV shows but lately, it started to cover other torrent files as well i.e. Games, Software, Music, TV Series, etc. The Pirateiro site design is minimal which means you will only find useful elements on the site. On its homepage, it features popular TV shows, Movies, Android Apps, and Top music.

In the header area, you will find trending keywords that will redirect you to the most trending & popular torrent file. And with a single click on the Magnet link, you can start the download for free. Pirateiro also contains a search tool placed in its header. Make sure you take advantage of its search tool to find torrents. That will definitely help you save some time exploring its category. Overall, you should definitely give this best torrent site a try.

As of writing, it ranks 90,000 and gets over 1,09,000 organic users monthly. The Pirateiro is banned in several countries so it is recommended to visit the site using a VPN connection.

13. EZTV

Best Torrent Sites

EZTV is a TV torrent distribution site founded in May 2005. Its main domain vanished in 2015, after a hostile takeover of its domains and brand by EZCLOUD LIMITED. Since then, it has been running with similar domains and its current main domain is eztv.io. From EZTV, you can download all the TV materials via torrent for absolutely free. EZTV offers the latest & newly released TV shows first, whatever TV show you are looking for is available on the site in high quality.

You can download TV shows in 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc. It also displays 50 releases and 100 releases to help users find TV shows effortlessly. On its homepage, you will find newly added TV shows by date & time and episode after episode. This helps users download episode after episode without missing any. It adds TV shows on a regular basis or just after an hour of broadcast on TV. It also has a search tool so in case you missed any TV show or episode, you can simply search and download it. Overall, EZTV is one of the all-in-one best Torrent sites for TV show enthusiasts.

As of writing this, EZTV ranks 2639 worldwide and gets 5,20,400 organic users monthly.

EZTV Mirrors:

https://eztv.wf/, https://eztv.tf/, https://eztv.yt/.

14. TorrentFunk

Best Torrent Sites

TorrentFunk is a free torrent website that has over 6,065,953 verified torrent files which means they are safe to download in all countries. It is the biggest web portal for torrent files where you can download pretty much everything. The site requires no user registration for downloading torrents through Magnet. Other than this, you will need to create a free account to download any torrent file.

The TorrentFunk site is quite active and gets updated every hour. On a regular basis, its database gets updated with 3000 or more torrent files. Also, compared to other popular torrent sites, it loads faster across all devices. TorrentFunk also has a featured widget where they feature the latest movies and below that, you will see Hot torrent files. On the header, you will find trending keywords and in the main content area, you will find the latest torrents with details displayed. Give this best torrent site a try, you will probably love it.

On the site, you will mainly find content in categories like Movies, Television, Games, Music, Software, Anime, eBooks, Adults, etc. As of writing this, TorrentFunk ranks 59,916 and gets over 1,40,023 organic users monthly.

15. YourBittorrent

Best Torrent Sites

YourBittorrent is another peer-to-peer file-sharing torrent site that was initially launched as MyBittorrent in 2003. Later in 2009, YourBittorrent was formed as a result of a split in ownership. The site allows torrent file downloading and uploading, for uploading your own torrent you must become a user of YourBittorrent by creating a free account. For other work i.e. downloading a torrent file, you can do so as a guest without creating an account.

The site is famous for its movies & television torrents as it is one of those sites that has a huge torrent library of Movies and TV shows. Apart from that, you can also download other popular torrents i.e. Music, Games, Software, Anime, and eBooks. On its homepage, you will see a basic design with three-section; Popular Now, New & Verified, and The Best. You can switch tabs between them to explore the content included under these sections.

Its load time is also faster (0.2198 sec. Queries: 1) and the site is responsive. You can easily access all its features from small to large-screen devices. In conclusion, YourBittorrent is of the best torrent sites that you must check out. As of writing this, YourBittorrent ranks 65,933 and gets around 89,000 organic users monthly.

16. TorrentDownloads

Best Torrent Sites

TorrentDownloads is an original source for downloading verified torrents for free. It was founded in 2007 with an aim to provide all types of torrent files to the fans & users of torrenting. Currently, it serves millions of users with torrent content like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Software, Music, Anime, Books, and Others. For exploring its huge torrent database, it has recently added an advanced search tool that can help you find torrent files in seconds.

It also has a user registration system that provides more controls to users over their activity on TorrentDownloads. On its homepage, you will see Today added torrents, and Yesterday added torrents. Also, you can recognize verified torrents as it contains a green tick mark. Remember, verified torrents are more secure & safe to download than non-verified ones. Overall, TorrentDownloads is one of the best torrent sites for downloading verified torrents.

As of writing this, TorrentDownloads ranks 10,205 and gathers over 60,893 organic users monthly. Its primary domain is banned in major countries so VPN is recommended to unblock it.

17. Monova Torrent

Best Torrent Sites
Monova Torrent

Monova Torrent is a simple yet torrent content-rich website that offers instant magnet links without much disturbance. A lot of torrent sites nowadays are filled with ads & pop-up links that really disturb the users while navigating the website. For those who want a simple torrent site with direct magnet links then the Monova Torrent site is suitable for you.

It is one of the best torrent sites from the 90s that now has a bigger database of torrents. Find any torrent file with the help of its multiple-purpose search tool right away torrent it. Monova Torrent site has huge torrents in categories like Audio, Photos, Books, Software, Games, Videos, and Others. The site is available in three different languages; English, Italian, and Russian. As of writing this, Monova Torrent ranks 20,905 and gathers 85,650 organic users monthly.

Monova Torrent Mirrors:

https://monova.org/, https://monova.to/.

18. IBit

Best Torrent Sites

IBit is a private yet true source for downloading popular torrents. Most Torrent search engines refer to IBit torrent download links because it is a verified torrent uploader. Apart from hosting torrent files, it has its own verified torrent search engine that scans a database of millions of files and pull-outs the most relevant torrent file according to the searched keyword.

IBit is not super active in adding the latest torrents but they never forget to share the most popular torrents out there. It has the most popular torrents in categories like Movies, TV, Music, Games, Software, Anime, Books, and more. Specifically for movie fans, it uploads only high-quality torrents. As of writing this, IBit ranks 58,182 and gathers over 96,789 organic users every month.

IBit Mirrors:

https://ibit.uno/, https://ibit.am/.

19. Toros

Best Torrent Sites

Toros is a torrent site filled with entertainment content. It is one of the most known & best torrent sites for TV shows & movies. On a daily basis, it updates its database with 4000 or more torrent files that mainly include Movies & TV Shows. You will find all types of video entertainment in HD quality including the Latest, Hot, and Trending. On its homepage, you will find Hot Torrent files from all its categories. Such as Top eBooks, Top Anime, Top Software, Top Juegos, Top Series, Top Music, and Newest Hot torrents.

As of now, Toros has 6,277,698 torrents whereas 3,719,783 are verified torrents. Seeing these numbers clearly shows that it has a bigger torrent library than its similar sites. Well, as of writing this, Toros Torrent ranks 114,161 and gathers over 85,456 organic users every month.

20. MagnetDL

Best Torrent Sites

A simple torrent website to Search magnet/Torrent links and download them straight away by clicking on the magnet icon. Downloading torrents has never been easier for beginners but we can surely say that a beginner can easily download torrent files from MagnetDL, it is that simple to use this site. The website interface is user-friendly although the template kind of looks old. We think that is the reason why it’s easy to use even for beginners.

MagnetDL contains millions of torrents filled in different popular categories i.e. Software, games, Movies, and more. Overall, its simplicity will attract your attention and fulfill all your torrent requirements. As of writing this, MagnetDL ranks 5,118 worldwide and gathers 3,42,689 organic users every month.

So, that was the list of Best Torrent Sites in 2023. There are chances that some of you will be facing issues with visiting the sites. Let me help you fix that.

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How to Unblock Best Torrent Sites?

Users from some countries like India, and the US will encounter block issues on some of the torrent sites listed in this article. You are facing block issues because your ISP or Government has banned the site. In this case, you still have control to unblock the site and access the content by using a VPN. Nowadays, VPNs are used by millions of Internet users. It basically helps connect to different servers of different countries and helps us unblock access to a blocked webpage or content.

So, we will basically try to connect to a different country server that has not blocked access to Torrent sites. Understood? Okay, now let me provide you with a useful step.

  1. Get a free or premium VPN for your device. In our case, we are using VPN Pro which is free to use and available for Windows.
  2. Open your VPN and choose countries that have not banned the torrent site i.e. Austria, Indonesia, or whatever. Once you click on a country it will start looking for available servers.
  3. After a server is found, hit the connect button and wait for it to get connected to the selected server. VPN Pro will notify and test the connection to confirm whether you are protected or not.
  4. Once your connection becomes private, you can visit the torrent site and you will see it loading on your browser. Now, access the torrent site and download whatever you want to download without worrying about anything.

You can use other VPNs as well, there is a wide option of VPN services available across all devices that will help you unblock any torrent site.

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Best Torrent Sites FAQs

Here, we have answered the most asked questions about torrent sites. If you don’t find the answer to your question related to the best torrent sites then you can ask us directly using the comments below.

What are the best torrent sites?

The No. 1 site for Torrents is The Pirate Bay because it is simple to use and offers a wide range of torrents. After that, there are KickassTorrents, 1337X, LimeTorrents, RARBG, Zooqle, Torrentz2, YTS, MagnetDL, etc.

Why use the best torrent sites?

There are a lot of fake torrent sites available on the internet that provide fake torrents. Using these fake torrent sites can also result in getting attacked or the collection of personal data. It is why torrent users should always use the best torrent sites as they are considered safe for downloading torrent files and never steal personal information.

Are mirror torrent sites safe to use?

As long as you are using official mirror torrent sites, it is safe to use. Mirror sites basically provided by the official torrent sites when they get blocked by major countries due to copyright issues. To continue serving their users, they provide mirror sites that are the same site in different domains.

Summing Up

The torrenting world has a huge user base that has grown gradually. A lot of torrent sites came and gone and some are still serving their purpose even after the ban. VPN has played a crucial role in the success & security of torrent websites. We have shown you some of the best torrent sites that are popular worldwide and used by millions of users on a regular basis. We have also answered queries that are helpful & important to know when you are about to use any torrent site.

Our recommendation for you is never to download files from Torrent Sites without a VPN because your IP stays exposed to Government & ISP and that can put you in trouble. So, that’s it. If you liked this detailed article on Torrent sites then share it with your friends. Also, let us know your thoughts about the listed torrent sites through the comments below.

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