Neighbourly App: Everything You Need to Know About

Neighbourly App is a Latest and Recently Launched by Google Gaint for all the Android users. This app is not fully released means Neighbourly App is in Under Construction till 12/22/2018. Google has released the Beta Version of this app to let Android Play Store user test. Once you install this app on your Android You will get a message that “this app is in development, try it and give us feedback”. Meaning, you can try the app on your Android phone and If you learn or feel bad about anything in the App, you can notify Google to fix it.

The objective of the App is pretty awesome for Android Users. With the help of this app, you can connect and communicate with your neighbours easily. Let me explain everything about Neighbourly App.

What Neighbourly App is all about?

It is a type of App that Allow Various neighbours to Connect with each other. No matter you know your Neighbour or not. It will also help you to find new Neighbours around your House or the place you Live in.

It basically an App that allows Neighbours to Ask and Answer Questions. You can either Ask any Question in the App to Get Answer from Neighbours or you can Answer that has Asked by your nearly Neighbours.

Neighbourly App

Neighbourly has Presented a Beautiful and Useful App for all Android Users. Now you don’t need to go to your Neighbours House to ask any Question. Just put your Question in Neighbourly and the Answers will start flashing in your Android Notification tray.

By answering Great, you can become the most Knowledgable Person as there is a Feature that Gives Stars Per Perfect Answer.

You can also Know about your Nearby Places like Park Ways, Metro Ways and a lot more. Also, you can announce the party you are going to organize soon to let your Neighbours know.

You Can use Voice in your Language to Ask and Answer Question. And if you are kind of introvert person and don’t want to introduce yourself in front of Neighbours then you can also secure your Identity.

This app is also the best way to build community in your Area. All the Neighbours can become part of it. Later you will be able to add other new Member in the Community to Welcome Him/Her in your Area. Now let me show you how you can use the App.

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How to Get Started with Neighbourly App

Getting Started with Neighbourly app is not so Complicated and Hard. There are some requirements that I will show you and you can easily start using Neighbourly App.


  • Location Accessibility on Android.
  • Medium Level Internet Connection.
  • A Gmail Account (Must signed In within Android).

After having the above requirements you can start using the App. Now let me guide you so, you can easily start using Neighbourly App.

  1. Download and Install the App on your Android from Here (Play Store Link).Neighbourly App
  2. Make sure your Internet Connection is turned on in Android then Start the App.
  3. Select the “Signed in As” Gmail and Hit the Find Local Questions.Neighbourly App
  4. Allow the Neighbourly App to Access your Device Location.Neighbourly App
  5. In 15 Seconds of time Period, it will trace your device location and tell you to continue with your Address.Neighbourly App
  6. Now you are in the Game. Now you can ask and Answer Questions of neighbours.
  7. To answer any question, select the Question that has asked and clicks the Answer button to add your own. Write Down the Answer and hit send.Neighbourly App
  8. To Ask Question, Press on the Blue Tab of “Ask a Question” to Post your Question. You either type the Question or use the Voice. Once done with writing, send it.Neighbourly App
  9. Now you are done with the App at the basic level.

Follow the Above steps correctly to get started with the App in the first place. Writing Answer and Asking Question is easy on the App because you can use Voice Intelligence for both the term.

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Future of the Neighbourly App

It’s Google Product so it’s obviously going to rock the Android. In other words, the Neighbourly app has Great Potential for its Future. The concept of the app is unique and Helpful to others. As it will definitely stand out in the Future when the full and stable version will be launched.

Now, I think I have pretty much explained about Neighbourly at a basic level. Let me show you some advance How-to Guide to Customize it more efficiently.

How to Change Profile Photo in Neighbourly App

Want to look Handsome/Cute in front of all your Neighbours? Follow the Steps to Add or Change Profile Photo in Neighbourly App:

  1. Start the Neighbourly App.
  2. Click on the Profile Logo from Left Top.
  3. Tap on the Setting Gear.
  4. Select Edit Photo and click Continue.
  5. Browse and select the photo you want to add.Neighbourly App
  6. And then accept it.Neighbourly App
  7. Done.

Follow the above steps carefully to Change the Profile Pic in Neighbourly App.

Note: Changing the Profile Photo in Neighbourly will be applied to all the Google Products Profile. So, make sure to add photos to match all the Services requirements.

How to Change your Neighbourhood in Neighbourly App

It is quite normal that you may change your Neighbourhood in future. And So, Neighbourly has the Option to Change your Neighbourhood. Follow my steps if you want to change your Neighbourhood in Neighbourly App:

  1. Start the App.
  2. Click on your Profile icon.
  3. Tap on Setting Gear.
  4. In General, select Change Neighbourhood and confirm it.
  5. Allow the App to Access your Location and wait for 15 seconds to let the App fetch your Current device location.
  6. There will be various colony and area flashed in 15 Seconds. Just select your New area and Continue.
  7. Now, you are connected with the selected Area Neighbours.
  8. Done.

How to Signout and Sign in with other Gmail in Neighbourly App

Follow the steps to sign out in Neighbourly App in seconds:

  1. Open the App.
  2. Tap on your Profile.
  3. Then Setting Gear.
  4. Scroll down to Bottom.
  5. And then Hit the Sign out button.Neighbourly App
  6. Confirm the Signout.
  7. Now Select the New Signed As Gmail and Hit the Find Local Questions.Neighbourly App
  8. You are done.

Signing out doesn’t delete your Neighbourly Data. So don’t worry about that. When you again Sign in, the data will be automatically fetched.

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How to Share Neighbourly App with your Neighbour

Step by step process to Share the Neighbourly App with your Neighbours:

  1. Open up the Neighbourly App.
  2. Go to your Profile.
  3. Click on Share App from Right Top.Neighbourly App
  4. Select the Medium you want to share and then select the Neighbours.
  5. Send it.
  6. Done. Once you send the message, they will receive a link on it for Installing the App.

In the Message, your neighbour will find a link that redirects them to the Neighbourly App in the Play Store. They just need to Install and signup with Gmail.

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How to Delete Neighbourly App Data

It’s not normal to feel insecure in your area. And that’s why Neighbourly has given every user access to delete their data of Asked and Answered Questions.

Follow my Steps to Delete the Data in Neighbourly App:

  1. Start the Neighbourly App.
  2. Click on your Profile Icon.
  3. Select the Settings Gear.
  4. Scroll Down to the Last Bottom.
  5. There you will find “Delete Neighbourly Data”.Neighbourly App Data Delete
  6. Just Hit it and Press the Final Ok.
  7. Wait for the App to Delete the Data.
  8. And Done.

Once you delete your Neighbourly App Data, you will be automatically signed out. And then simply uninstall the App from your Android to completely Remove it.

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Neighbourly is a Very Good App that Google has Launched for us. It is Under Development mode and various of User are sending the Feedback about the Glitches.

Once everything will be done. Google will put the Stable version of this app in the Play Store for all of Us.

It is the Best App that allows us to connect to our neighbours electronically.

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