How to Share WhatsApp Location Instantly When you are in Danger

Sometimes in our life, we get stuck in a dangerous situation. It can be in the Gas Chamber, it can be in an unknown house of Kidnapper or somewhere else. In that situation, we feel hopeless because there’s nobody for help. And it feels like you are breathing some of your limited oxygen. Well, you can easily get out of such a situation by Learning “How to share WhatsApp Location instantly“. Because this will help you to tell your friends or family members where you are stuck. And they can find you by following the location.

Sending your current location to your Helper, family or Police is probably a great idea to get out of the bad situation. And today, I will show you the fastest method to share WhatsApp location using your phone.

With just a few clicks, you will be able to send your current location to anybody on WhatsApp. So, are you excited now? Let’s get started!

What is the “Share WhatsApp Location”?

It is a feature of WhatsApp that let users share the current Location status with WhatsApp contacts.

You can share your location from any part of this world, but only if you have an internet connection at the place.

You can set times too like how long you want to share your location with your friend. And you can anytime stop it with a click.

Curious to know how it works? Let me explain!

How Does Share WhatsApp location Work?

It uses the GPS of the phone with permission to send the location. WhatsApp is just an application, it didn’t have such own Location sharing function so it uses the phone’s GPS hardware to share the location.

When you share your location with friends using WhatsApp, it asks for activating the Phone GPS (Location).

And with the help of the phone’s GPS, WhatsApp tracks the current location and allow us to share it with friends.

That’s how Share WhatsApp location works!

I think now you know enough about this WhatsApp location feature. So, let’s move on to the method to actually share the Location.

Before getting to the process, you need to update your WhatsApp messenger app. And the best way to do that is to open the Play Store>Go to My apps & Games Section.

There you will find your WhatsApp need the update or not. If it needs then you will see there if it does not present there means it is up to date.

When you Done with Upgrading WhatsApp, its time to actually perform it. If you don’t have a Phone you can also perform this method on your PC and Laptop.

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How to Share WhatsApp location instantly with your Friends and Family when you are in Danger?

Here are the steps to Share WhatsApp location instantly:

  1. Open your WhatsApp with the registered account.
  2. Go to chat with any of your Friends or whom you want to share your Location.
  3. Then click on the attachment or Share Icon and select location.Share WhatsApp location
  4. You will get a message saying “GPS is disabled, show location settings?”.Share WhatsApp location
  5. Just press Ok and Turn on the Location.Share WhatsApp location
  6. After, click the back button and select the “share live location“.Share WhatsApp location
  7. Select the time length of how long you want continuously send your location.
  8. Then add a comment if you wish and click on the send button. (I recommend adding a comment like “This is where I’m right now”)
  9. Hurray! You have been successfully shared WhatsApp Location and called a Help by your Relatives.

This is how you can get out of any worst locked situation by informing someone known. And this will be a lifesaver trick for you. Please share it with your friends to make him safe from an unknown jerk.

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Technology has moved too far. Knowing this technology will probably help a Hopeless person without any cost to get out of the worst lock.

Share live location through WhatsApp is the easiest way to share location with anyone under list. I hope you learned something fruitful? If so, I want you to share it with your Friends!

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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