How to Download, Install, and Update App on Google Play Store

Google Play Store

When it comes to Download, Install and Update App in Android Phone, Google Play Store is the first and very good Medium for that. At Play Store, all the necessary apps, New Apps, Updated version of apps get available first. Even in order to Update any app without Downloading the next new version from third party sites of any particular app, you can directly update from Google Play Store for free of cost.

Google Play Store is really a Powerful Store that Scans the Whole Apps that are installed in particular Android phone. And also Recommends to Update theme. You can also Manual update any app on your Phone if the Next version gets available.

So, let’s dive into it and learn step-by-step on how you can actually download, Install, and Update apps on Google Play Store.

What is the Google Play Store?

Google Play Store is an App Store that specifically built for Android Phones. It contained the vast amount of true Nature apps and Games with the latest Build.

True Nature apps mean to say that at Google Play Store you will only find apps and Games that are safe to use, free of violence and doesn’t harm anybody mentally and physically.

Also, it comes in Android officially in almost all the Android phones. Play Store is Owned by Google which also owned all the Android OS (KitKat, Lolipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, Pie – Latest Right Now).

I’m sure you install all of the Apps on your Android from Play Store. Because it’s convenient, takes less time, and built for that. 

Google Play Store builds and Versions

As I said; there are too many Androids and all of them have little different supportability. Means you can’t Run the Play Store that builds for Pie in your Marshmallow Android device.

Higher builds of Google Play Store like for Pie requires a Higher level of Hardware. You Can’t Run the latest play store build in your older Android phone that has a version Lower than Nougat.

With the latest builds, there are also new features and functions are added. And to gain the advantages of those latest Features and Functions, you need to update your Android to the latest Android Version.

You can easily check your Android version update Availability. To check the updates Availability, Open your Android Setting>Go to About phone>Click on Check for Updates.

After following the steps above, you will get clear if the update availability is positive on your Android.

Now, I think I have cleared enough doubts about the Google Play Store. Let me actually show you how you can Download, Install and Update apps on Play Store.

Download, Install and Update App on Google Play Store

Follow the basic and easy steps from below to Download, Install and Update Apps on your Android device:

To Download and Install App

  1. Open the Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Search the Name of the App you want to Install in your Android Phone.Search App on Google Play Store
  3. Hit the Install Button and have a cup of coffee if you still use 2G internet Connect. After hitting the button the app you searched for will start Downloading and also, it will get installed automatically when the downloading process gets over.Install App from Google Play Store
  4. Open the App and Enjoy the Content of it.Start App directly from Google Play Store
  5. Done.

Following the above steps will easily let you download and install any app on your Android phone in less time than another medium.

Now let me show you how you can Update the Apps on your Android that has a new version available on Google Play Store. The Update Recommendation or suggestion is also done by Play Store, you may have noticed some notification that goes like this “Facebook Lite, WhatsApp Messenger and 6 other apps are available to Update“. Just follow me to update them manually.

To Update App

  1. Open the Google Play Store of your Android Phone.
  2. Click on the Menu Explore Icon from Left Top.
  3. Select My Apps & Games.
  4. Hit click on Update all or Update the Available apps by your Choice.Update App on Google Play Store
  5. Done.

Nothing Complicated, right? Updating Apps on Android from Google Play Store is the Best way available right now for all of us. One more thing; you can’t upgrade the apps from the play store that you downloaded and installed from third-party sites that are violating the Google Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy.

And this is obviously for us (Consumers)! Google is Huge Giant Company that first care about their users then the creators or Business members. And that’s why they are leading the Tech world today.


Google Play Store is literally a very Good and Official place for Android Apps. And Downloading, Installing, and Updating apps from the Play Store is a Very Safe and Compatible method.

Hopefully, you have got what you wanted to get? If so, thank us or appreciate the time and effort that we have delivered in writing this article by just sharing it with your buddies.



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