Fake ID APK Download v37 Updated (Make Fake Calls)

Fake ID APK Download – It allows to prank friends & family by making fake voice calls. It is a prank app that can help call anyone with a fake ID. If you ever wanted to do something like “call prank” with your friends then Fake ID APK can help. It is a free app that available here to download and you can use it for free to make fake calls to anyone. In order to make fake calls with this app, you just need an Internet connection and your Android phone with any SIM or carrier for making prank calls.

One thing that I want to clear is you should only use this app for a friendly purpose, not for revenge or hate. The app security is not super strong and cybersecurity guys can easily find out your original number even if you use it to make calls hiddenly. So, be aware of that before you think of misusing the Fake ID App. Well, today, I will share the direct download link of Fake ID APK and also show you how you can use it. Now, let’s begin.

Fake ID APK Download Latest v37

Download Fake ID APK
Fake ID APK Download

Fake ID is not a legit app and it is not super secure to use. If you use this app, the information you will provide to it may be used to harm you. And that is also the reason why it’s not available on the Google Play Store – Fake ID violates the Privacy policy of Play Store. But till now, the Fake ID app status is good and it didn’t have received a single complaint from its user. So, it’s safe to say that Fake ID is 90% safe to use.

And it doesn’t do much to perform fake calls, it basically masks the original Mobile number and shows a custom modified random number to the called person. Along with that, it provides the option to change voice i.e Male to Female or vice versa. Let me show you the file information of Fake ID APK and then I will provide you the download link.

Fake ID APK Details

NameFake ID
Size12 MB
DeveloperBitWarp Developments
Updated on20 October 2020

You can click on the below link to start downloading the Fake ID App latest version.

How to Download Fake ID APK on Your Android

The Fake ID APK download link that I have provided above may not work sometimes. In that case, you can use the alternative link below to download it on your Android. Below, I have provided steps on how you can download the file using the alternative link.

  1. First of all, click here to visit the third-party download page where I have uploaded the Fake ID app.
  2. Once the page gets loaded on your browser, tap on the blue-colored download button.
  3. After clicking on that, the third-party server will ready & send the Fake ID APK to your browser; you will receive a download request.
  4. Before accepting that, make sure you verify it first using the file details that I have provided.
  5. Accept the Download request if the file is correct and then wait for it to get completely downloaded on your phone.
  6. That’s it!

The alternative link is absolutely the secured link to download Fake ID APK. Also, it is easier to download it using the alternative link. Assuming, now you have got the Fake ID App on your Android phone. Let me guide you on its installation.

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How to Install Fake ID APK on Your Android Phone

This is going to be a difficult process because as I said earlier, it is not a legit app and it violates the Privacy policy of Google Play Store. Android is made by Google and they have previously implemented an app security feature called Play Protect. It scans the Android apps (Installed & downloaded apps) and notifies the Android user about the threats. The sad part is it automatically marks the app as a threat that has been removed from the Play Store due to policy violation.

If you install or even download Fake ID APK on your phone while this security feature is active, you may get a threat warning notice. It is suggested to disable Play Protect to avoid conflicts. Below are the necessary steps that you can follow to install the Fake ID App on any Android phone safely.

1st Step – Open the Android settings & click on the Security option. Under the Security option, you will find Unknown Sources. Just enable that. It will enable the third-party or manual app installation on your phone.

Enable Unknown Resources on Android

2nd Step – Launch the Google Play Store and touch the menu icon to explore options. Select the Play Protect from the options. Then click on the gear icon>turn off both the options showing on the page. Now the Play Protect is disabled on your phone.

Disable Play Protect

3rd Step – Next, go to the download folder or download tab of your Browser. And then click on the recently downloaded Fake ID APK. This will open it in the installer.

4th Step – Hit the Install button to start the installation process of the Fake ID app.

Install Fake ID APK

5th Step – After a few seconds, the installation will complete and you will see a successful installation notice. Once it’s complete, press the Done button to close the installer.

Install Fake ID APK

6th Step – Now, you have successfully installed the Fake ID app on your Android. You can start using it from your phone’s app drawer.

Fake ID is almost ready on your phone to start. Before you launch and start using it, have a look at the requirements.

Fake ID APK Requirements

In order to use Fake ID App hassle-free on your Android then it must meet its system requirements. If your phone lack to have its requirements, then you will suffer while using it. Here are the system requirements of Fake ID APK:

SIM1 Piece of any company
Android4.0 or up
Internet Connection2G, 3G or above
Mobile numberTwo

Once you have these things, you are ready to get started with the Fake ID app on your phone. Let me guide you on how to get started with it.

How to Use Fake ID App to Make Fake Calls

Fake ID app is quite easy to use. A person with a little common sense can easily get started with it. Well, if you want to know how to use it then you can continue reading.

1st Step – Turn on your Internet connection and launch the Fake ID app from your phone’s app drawer.

2nd Step – Now you will be asked to allow access to certain things on your phone like contacts, storage, audio recorder, etc. Just allow access to all.

How to use Fake ID App

3rd Step – After that, you will be on its main interface. In that main interface, you will see some common elements such as Caller ID box, Caller box, Dial call, End call, Speaker, and settings.

4th Step – To simply call on a number with a random number, enter the number you want to show when the person will receive your call in the caller id. You can enter any random number with as much as characters you want on the number.

5th Step – In the next box, enter the mobile number of the person you want to call.

How to use Fake ID App

6th Step – After you enter both the number, just hit the green call button to make the call to the number you have entered. The next person will instantly receive your call with a random number. To make it more interesting, Fake ID has a voice changer that can transform your voice male to female or female to male.

7th Step – To change the voice, go to the settings by clicking on the gear icon from the right bottom side. After that, a popup will appear, just select the Change Voice option and then select the gender in which you want your voice to be transformed for the person you have called.

How to use Fake ID App

8th Step – Now your voice will be automatically translated to the opposite of your gender. Once you finish the talk, just press the red call button to end.

8th Step – You can talk as long as you want but after the app trial period gets over, you will need to buy credits in order to make fake calls using it. You will get a notification through you can buy credits.

9th Step – That’s it. Whenever you want to make fake calls, just open the app and enter the mobile numbers on the respective fields and press the green call button.

Fake ID app has its own calling system & app which requires credit to make free calls. The Internet is required so make sure you provide the internet as well as check if you have enough credits in the app. Overall, it is very much similar to the default calling or dialing app that we have on our Android phone. The only difference is it helps in masking the original number and shows a different random number.

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Features of Fake ID App

Fake ID is a simple app and it doesn’t have many features in the app but it does have some cool features. I have explained all its features below which will definitely help you know more about the Fake ID app.

Change Voice

The real & tricky work it does is it allows to change the original voice to female or male. It really helps in making fake calls because the called person gets refused while guessing the person on the phone because of voice change. Voice Changer is an excellent feature that its developer has implemented. With the help of this feature, one can successfully prank their friends or family member. To change voice in the Fake ID app, you should click on the Settings icon and then select Change Voice option.

Once you click on the Change Voice, you will get two options; Female and Male. If you are male in real then you should select the Female voice and if you are Female in real then you should select male. This will really help you in making real prank calls.

Masks Original Mobile Number

When you call someone using the Fake ID app, your original number won’t show up. It is the greatest advantage of using Fake ID APK. The person who will receive your call will see a custom mobile number that is just fake. Also, the Fake ID app allows users to manually type a custom number, you can type any random number and it also not necessary that it should be exactly 10 characters.

The mobile number basically changes every time you call to a different mobile number. And whenever someone will try to call back to the number, the call will get automatically cut by a voice that “the number is wrong or unavailable”.

Buy Credits & Talk for Longer

Fake ID App Feature

Fake ID app is not totally free, at first, it will give you some free credit to just test the app. And after that, you will need to buy credit in order to continue using the Fake ID app. Currently, its offering 2x credit which means if you buy 120 credits then as per its current offer, you will get 240 credits (Balance). This offer is basically for all the new users who have just installed the app.

It’s actually a great deal to have. However, normally we get only 70-80% of credit when we do STD recharge. In the case of the Fake ID app, it clearly giving 2x credit which is way more beneficial than normal STD recharge. And it also gives users unlimited talk options. To check your current balance, view the main interface. There you will see (Balance) at the bottom.

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Overall, in my true opinion, the Fake ID app is a great option for those who want to do prank calls or fake calls for the shake of fun. It is safe to use, simple to navigate, and cheaper for calling. You will also get free credits when you first time installs it.

So, I hope you liked this article on Fake ID APK? If so, share it with your friends and do let them know about this fascinating app. And if you still have any question, drop it down in the comments below.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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