Hamraaz Army App Download Latest v6.0 for Android 2020 (Official)

Hamraaz Army App Download: It is an official army app released by the Indian army government for serving Indian Jawans. Hamraaz app has been made especially for the Army of India to provide service related to pay information and for communication facilities. The Indian government has taken a very good step for all their brave army who protects India on the border. They do their best on the borders to make sure India citizens stay safe day and night. So, in return, the Government of India has finally started giving them the facilities they deserve.

Using the Hamraaz app, An Indian army can get pretty much information about their pay and communication support through the app. The app is only released for the Android platform. So, if you are an Indian army and looking to download Hamraaz Army App then you are on the right web page.

Here, we will provide you the app download link and also help you to get started with it on your Android. Let us start this article.

Download Hamraaz Army App Latest v6.0 for Android

Download Hamraaz Army App
Hamraaz Army App Download

Hamraaz Army App is a government launched App and its not available on the official App Store of Android. Meanwhile, you have to download Hamraaz App from its official website. It is not available on the Play Store because it is a public store that everyone can access from their Android phone. Hamraaz Army App has only made for Indian army soldiers to help them by providing services at their palm.

We have downloaded the App from the official website and have listed here for you so you can download instantly. But before downloading it, make sure you read the APK file details from below.

Hamraaz Army App Details

NameHamraaz Army App
Size3.7 MB
Version6.0 (Latest)
DeveloperIndian Army Govt.
Last Updated on5 January 2020

Read the above APK file details with focus before you start downloading Hamraaz Army App. Its also suggested that you verify the app request that notifies by your browser. It will ensure you download the correct APK file on your phone. Now, use the below download button to download Hamraaz Army App.

How to Download Hamraaz Army App on Android Phone

It’s very easy to download this app on your phone but if you are somehow facing any issue while downloading the Hamraaz Army app then let me help you. Below, I have provided steps that you can follow to Download the Hamraaz Army app without facing any kind of issue.

1st Step: First, make sure you are not using any App scanner application on your phone. Because sometimes they block the unknown or unofficial app downloading.

2nd Step: Now, click here to visit the Hamraaz Mediafire download page.

3rd Step: Once the page completely gets loaded on your browser, click on the big download button.

Hamraaz Army App Download
Click on the Green Download Button

4th Step: When you do that, the Mediafire server sends the Hamraaz Army APK file to your browser. Make sure you verify that it’s the correct one. You can use the above APK details table to find the real details of this app.

Hamraaz Army App Download
Verify & accept the Download request

5th Step: If its matching things like Name, File size then you can accept the download.

6th Step: Wait for it to get completely downloaded on your phone.

Hamraaz Army App Download
When it starts downloading, wait for it to finish

7th Step: Now you are done.

Hamraaz Army app is very easy to download and if you just follow the above steps, you will encounter zero problems while downloading it on your phone. So, now you have downloaded it, let me also guide you on the Installation.

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How to Install Hamraaz Army App on Android Phone

Hamraaz App is not a common app and so if you try to install it on your phone by yourself then you may encounter problems. We recommend you to follow our detailed steps to install Hamraaz Army App.

1st Step: Go to your Android settings>security>turn on the Unknown Sources.

Install Hamraaz Army App
Turn on Unknown Resources

2nd Step: Open Google Play Store>click on the three-dot line>select Play Protect. Now, turn off the Play Protect because it blocks those apps which are unofficial from getting installed on phone.

Turn off Play Protect
Disable Play Protect App Scanner

3rd Step: Locate & click on the Downloaded Hamraaz Army app using the default File Manager on your phone.

4th Step: Click on the Install button and wait to see the confirmation notice of installation.

Install Hamraaz Army App
Hit Install to start installing Hamraaz Army App

5th Step: When it installed, press the Done button to close the installer.

Install Hamraaz Army App
Press Done when Hamraaz Army gets installed

6th Step: Done. Now you have successfully installed the Hamraaz Army app on your phone.

Simply follow every step from above carefully and then it will present on your phone’s app drawer to launch. Now, let me guide you on how you can get started with it.

How to Get Started with Hamraaz Army App (Sign Up, Check Payslip, and Other Details)

If you are an Indian Army and want to know how you can use Hamraaz Army App to check your payslip and other information then I’m going to assist you here.

How to Sign-in or Sign-up

1st Step: Make sure you are not using any App which tracks data on phone. It may steal your valuable data from Hamraaz Army App.

2nd Step: Launch the Hamraaz App on your Phone.

Hamraaz Army App start
Sign-up in Hamraaz Army App

3rd Step: After that, you will see two options in the App; Sign in or Sign up. If you already have an account then select Sign-in, otherwise select Sign-up.

Hamraaz Army App sign-up option
Sign-up in Hamraaz Army App

4th Step: You can use your PAN number to sign in or sign-up. If you sign-up using your valid PAN number then you will receive an OTP on the connected phone number.

Sign-up in Hamraaz App
Use PAN Number to Sign-up in Hamraaz Army App

5th Step: Once you received the OTP on your phone, enter it to the Hamraaz app and press on the submit button. It will check the OTP and if matches then you will be logged in automatically. That is how you can sign-in or sign-up in the Hamraaz army app.

How to Check Payslip of the Latest Month

1st Step: To check your Payslip of the latest month, you will first need to check your email after signing up in the Hamraaz Army App. You will receive an email from the Indian army government. And in that email, you will find your username and password. To get your correct password, you can follow the steps mentioned in the below image.

Hamraaz Payslip Password
Know password of Payslip in Hamraaz App

2nd Step: Once you get your password, launch Hamraaz app on your phone and go to the Payment section. Click on Payslip and then Download. Now, you can view your Payslip on your phone.

3rd Step: Once you viewed your Payslip, just make sure that you don’t share your password with anyone else including your family member. I suggest to not save the password anywhere but in your mind.

How to Contact for Help

If you need any information regarding Hamraaz Army App then you can simply Contact by using the contact information. Hamraaz Army app has provided two ways for the army to make contact. One by using the phone number and two by using the official Email address. If you need help urgently then you can use the Calling option. They will help you solve anything via a phone call.

If you can wait for a day or two then you can use the Emailing option. Below, I have shared both the contact source.

Use any of the above information to contact Hamraaz Army App executives.

Hamraaz Army App Features

If you are from the Indian Army and you use Hamraaz Army App then you should definitely know its all the available features. Knowing the features of it will help you navigate in the app more efficiently. So, here are the Hamraaz Army App features:

Easy to Sign Up

Unlike most of the Android apps, Hamraaz Army App has easy to sign-up system. An Indian army just needs to enter their PAN number and can sign-up instantly. Later, they will be given their username and password through Email for security. Hamraaz Army App sign-up system has made to ensure maximum security for the Army.

Download Payslip

In India, army man very often needs their Payslip of the latest month. Sometimes they need it for their personal purpose and sometimes for paper works. And to get that, the army should go to the office to get their Payslip. But now it’s available in every Army’s palm. Hamraaz Army App for Android provides Payslip of every month for the India army. Army Man should just login in the app and download it with the help of the secret password.

Instant Loading

Initially, when Hamraaz Army App was launched, it wasn’t so fast even was lagging on phone. The problem was inappropriate customization and uncompressed content. Also, at that time, the Firebase was also not so strong. But over time, it has improved and some improvement always comes whenever new version releases. Right now, its latest version is 6.0 and in this version, pretty much improvement has made and it loads instantly upon request by the user.


India is very strict about the Security and so has available in this app. If anyone could try to break the security of this app, he or she will fail miserably. Compared to a normal app, its security is almost double and no one can even think of trying to hack it. Because it is a government app which means the person who will do in the app with bad intension will be caught and punished.

What New has Been Added in Hamraaz Army App?

It is still developing but as of now, it has pretty much facilities available. We have listed all the facilities that are available in the Hamraaz Army App.

  • Individual specific pop up messages.
  • Change of AFPP fund subscription.
  • Online grievances management.
  • Information dissemination and fixation of certain bugs noticed earlier.

These are the changes and update has been made on Hamraaz Army App v6.0. In the upcoming version, the government of the India army will probably introduce more features. And we here will update this article for all our Indian jawans to make sure they get their service in their hands.

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Summing Up

Hamraaz Army App is probably going to be the only app for the Indian Army to get all service in one place. In the future, the government will add more features to this app for their Jawans to serve them what they deserve. And I will also make sure that this article stays updated so any Indian army gets full details about Hamraaz Army App.

So, hopefully, you have downloaded Hamraaz Army App from this article? Also, do you still have any questions? If so, then please comment below, we will try to reply to you instantly.

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