HushSMS APK Download Latest v2.7.8 for Android 2020

HushSMS APK Download: It is a money-saving messaging tool for Android which allows sending different types of messages to any number for free. In today’s world, most telecom networks that are out there charge at least 1Rs (In India) per message without any pack. In other words, it will require 1Rs for every normal message you will send using any Telecom network such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and others. That is probably not fair to its users because technology & internet stuff has become cheaper, why to pay a rupees for sending a single message?

To combat this, there are a lot of apps & tools that have been released in the market but they are kind of smarter. They provide different SMS packs to the user in which users can pay a one-time amount and send a set amount of SMS to any network. In other words, it is also called Bulk SMS. But HushSMS is completely different than all the tools which are launched with the name “free SMS tool”. It is actually a free SMS sending tool in which you don’t have to pay a single penny to send any kind of message to any Telecom network.

Well, in this article, I will be talking about HushSMS APK. I will share the link of the latest HushSMS and also guide you to get started with it on your own Android phone. So, let’s start this article.

Download HushSMS APK Latest v2.7.8 for Android 2020

HushSMS APK Download
HushSMS APK Download

HushSMS is a simple free SMS sending tool that is only available for the Android platform. You will not find this tool for any other platform such as iOS, Windows, macOS, etc. To use this free tool, you only require your Android phone with an Internet connection. HushSMS actually uses the internet to send Bulk SMS but they don’t charge for it. In some cases, it may charge for sending SMS usually when it can’t be able to send SMS using your Internet. But most of the time, it will use your Internet to send SMS even when you are using the 2G Internet connection.

Let me first show you the full file details of HushSMS and after that, I will share its download link.

HushSMS APK File Details

TypeSMS Tool
Package Namecom.silentservices.hushsms
Updated on30 July 2020

HushSMS is quite a lightweight tool, its size is just 291 kilobytes. This also means that you will require less time & data to download HushSMS on your Android phone. Now, you can click on the below button to start downloading HushSMS latest version.

How to Download HushSMS APK on Android (Alternative Link)

If the above download option is not working for you then you can use the alternative link to download HushSMS APK on your Android. Let me show you how to download it.

  1. Firstly, click here to visit the HushSMS APK download page.
  2. Once the page gets completely loaded, tap on the download button.
  3. Wait for the third-party server to send you the APK file. It will take 3-5 seconds.
  4. Once you receive the file request, verify it first using the above file details and then accept the downloading request if its the correct one.
  5. That’s it.

It is super important to verify the file before you start downloading it. However, sometimes the browser or third-party sites exchange the link and provides a different download link to earn money. So, now you have got the APK file, let me guide you install it properly on your Android.

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How to Install HushSMS APK on Android Phone

As HushSMS is unavailable on Play Store, you have to manually install it on your Android. And the process can be difficult to perform because the Play Protect scanner may detect it as a threat just because its not available on the store. Well, I will teach you here how to correctly install HushSMS on your Android.

1st Step – Firstly, turn on the Unknown Resources on your Android to allow third-party app installation. It is required to install any app manually on Android phones.

Enable Unknown Resources

2nd Step – Open Play Store>Click on Menu>Select Play Protect>Tap on Gear icon>Turn off the security scanner (first one). It will turn off the play protect app scanner on your phone.

Disable Play Protect App Scanner

3rd Step – Open the browser you used to download the APK file and go to the download section. Then click on the downloaded HushSMS app to open the installer.

4th Step – Once the installer gets opened, click on the install button and wait for it to get completely installed.

Install HushSMS on Android

5th Step – After it gets installed, tap on the Done button to close the installer.

HushSMS Installed Successfully

6th Step – Now it is installed and you can use it on your phone.

HushSMS is a very lightweight app whose size is only 291KB, and due to that, the installation will take only a few seconds on any Android phone. So, now you have got the HushSMS on your phone, let me also guide you on how to use it.

How to Use HushSMS APK on Android Phone

HushSMS is quite a simple app and has basic navigation but some of you may need a proper guide to get started with it. And so, here I will teach you how you can use HushSMS on your Android. Basically, to use that you no longer need root permission and Exposed Installer module because now it’s integrated into the app. You can start using it instantly on your phone after installing it. Here’s how you can use it:

1st Step – Launch the HushSMS from the App Drawer of your phone.

2nd Step – Choose the Type of message you want to send to someone. For example, Normal SMS, WAP PUSH SL, PING, WAP PUSH SI, MMS NOTIFICATION, etc. If you don’t know about these types of messages, simply select the Normal SMS.

HushSMS for Android

3rd Step – Now you will see two empty fields, in the first one type the Mobile Number of the person that you want to send the message to.

HushSMS for Android

4th Step – Then Type the Message which you want to send. You can type the message as long as you want, there is no restriction on that.

5th Step – Once you are done writing the message, just simply tap on the “Send Normal SMS” button. It will instantly send the message to the number you have entered using the Internet of yours.

6th Step – To confirm if the message has been delivered or not, you can check the phone’s default message app. If you see the message chat there then it means the message is successfully delivered.

HushSMS for Android

7th Step – You are done. You can use the same steps to send a message to another number as well.

The best quality of the HushSMS app is you can send SMS to any number you want, it doesn’t matter the number belongs to another country or state. Now, there are quite a number of features that are available in this free messaging app. Let me show you all the features of it one by one.

Features of HushSMS APK

It has all the necessary features that require to send a proper message on any mobile number. You can send any type of message using this great messaging tool for free. Let me show you its features so you can know what it really offers.

1. MMS Notification

HushSMS Feature

It is a very rare type of message that people use & send. MMS notification is basically used when you have pre-packed message content available on a live web server. And you want to send it to tell the end client to retrieve the content. Well, sending MMS Notification is easy with the HushSMS app. It has pre-organized boxes for every field to write and send an MMS Notification. It is also free to use and there is no limit on that.

2. WAP Push SL & WAP Push SI

HushSMS Feature

These types of messages used to send normal messages along with media content such as pictures, ringtones, and games to mobile phones. A WAP PUSH message is basically a binary-encoded XML file. Most of the companies out there often send these types of messages to users when they buy something or confirm a deal. These types of messages cost almost double the money compared to normal message charges. But again, you can send WAP Push SL or WAP Push SI using the HushSMS for free.


HushSMS Feature

It is another type of message in which you invite people to message you for further conversation. It is widely used all over the world including on social media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. This type of message usually send through social media apps, but now you can send a PING message using the HushSMS app. And the surprising part is it is also free.

Apart from these, there is a Normal SMS feature that you already know. It is a common message type that contains words and links only. Also, you can check the HushSMS App settings, there you will also find some useful customization settings.

New Changes in HushSMS v2.7.8

HushSMS development is already done & it has all the features for the work it made for. Still, its developer has made some changes in the new version to make it work more efficiently. Here are all the changes that have been made in the latest HushSMS v2.7.8:

  • UI Improvements
  • New Background & Button color (Holo Dark Theme)
  • Fast response
  • Get New Updates Notification
  • Bugs fixes
  • More

These new changes are really impactful & guarantee improves the user experience. Now, let me answer some frequently asked questions about the HushSMS app.


What is HushSMS?

It is a free message sending tool that is only available on the Android platform. It has varieties of options to send messages including Normal SMS, PING, WAP Push SI, MMS Notification, and WAP Push SI. When you want to send a message for free, it the best option out there. Because it literally doesn’t charge a single penny to send the message. Also, you can send unlimited messages to any mobile number, there is no restriction. HushSMS use the user’s Internet to send Free SMS.

Does HushSMS is used for Unlocking FRP?

Yes, it is used to unlock FRP lock on Samsung Android phones. As it has a WAP Push SL feature, users can use this tool to send a push message to the locked device with a web page link. And the locked device can access the link to open the web browser and add a new google account. This way, the user will not need to enter the forgotten Gmail & password, they can enter the newly added Gmail and unlock the FRP protection.

Does HushSMS Requires Root Permission?

No, you can use it on any Android phone without root permission.

Summing Up

HushSMS is quite a useful tool for all Android users and everyone should have it. Because it has multiple features like sending Different types of SMS, unlocking FRP lock using the WAP PUSH SL message, etc. I highly recommend checking out this amazing app and you will definitely like it.

If you still have any questions about HushSMS, make sure you comment down below because I’m available here 24/7 to help users. Also, if you liked this article then make sure you share it with your friends & family. It would mean the world to me.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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