Cheat Droid Pro Download Latest Version For Android (Official)

Cheat Droid Pro Download: It is an advanced Android app build for finding vulnerabilities and editing files of APK. It is also used for changing the values in Apps & games to unlock or achieve paid items for free. Most of the time, when people hear about these types of apps, they start to think that its kind of bad app, which is totally wrong. Using Cheat Droid Pro, users are now able to find bad code and malware which comes injected in the app with the intention to thief the user’s personal details.

It kind of performs the same task that the Google Play Protect App scanner is doing nowadays. The only difference is you have to do it manually by looking in codes using the Cheat Droid Pro. But it will give all the advantages that every Android user ever wanted such as editing the desired value in apps & games, Modifying app & game preferences, changing the functions, adding desired codes, and a lot more.

The best quality of Cheat Droid Pro is it can support any type of apps & games. Whether it is a free app or paid, you can use it and edit the values in-app in real-time for free. Well, here, I will provide the latest Cheat Droid Pro v2.5.5 download link and also guide you to get started with it right away. So, let’s start this article.

Download Cheat Droid Pro v2.5.5 Latest for Android

Cheat Droid Pro
Download Cheat Droid Pro

My motive for making this article is to provide Android users an easy One-click download link of Cheat Droid Pro latest version. And also to teach them to get started with it on their Android phone. For your information, Cheat Droid Pro is not available on the official Android app store which means you can’t easily get it on your Android. You have to download it from some third-party app downloading sites like us. Also, you will need to manually install Cheat Droid Pro on your phone with proper steps. Otherwise, it won’t work on your phone.

Now, before I give you the app download link, have a look at the necessary file details of Cheat Droid Pro latest version.

Cheat Droid Pro APK Details

NameCheat Droid Pro
DeveloperFLX Apps
Updated on28 November 2020

Just tap on the below button to start downloading Cheat Droid Pro latest version instantly.

How to Download Cheat Droid Pro Latest Version on Android (Alternative link)

In case, if the above download button fails to provide you the Cheat Droid Pro app then you can simply follow the steps from below to download Cheat Droid Pro using the alternative link.

  1. Click here to visit the alternative download page of CDP.
  2. Wait for the page to get completely loaded on your browser.
  3. And then tap on the download button.
  4. Wait for the third-party site server to send the CDP file to your browser.
  5. Once you receive the request, just accept it and wait for it to get downloaded.
  6. Done.

Even when you use the alternative link to download Cheat Droid Pro, it will hardly take your 2 minutes. The file size of the app is pretty small, it is less than 3Mb that can get downloaded on any phone in seconds.

How to Install Cheat Droid Pro on Android Phone

Once you have got the APK file, you will need to install it. As you have downloaded Cheat Droid Pro from a third-party website, you need to install it manually on your phone. Well, the procedure is very simple and it’s going to take hardly a minute or two. But before that, let me show you some requirements that you must have if you want to install & use Cheat Droid Pro on your Android.


  • Google Play Protect should be disabled on your phone.
  • 100 MB free Space in your Android’s primary storage.
  • Root permission (Read how to root Android phone).

As soon as you have these requirements, you can start the installation process. These requirements are must to have otherwise even if you install the Cheat Droid Pro, you won’t be able to fully use it.

Steps to Install Cheat Droid Pro on Android Phone

1st Step – Make sure that the Play Protect is disabled on your Android. You can check that from Google Play Store>Menu Option>Play Protect>Gear icon.

Disable Play Protect
Turn off Play Protect Scanner

2nd Step – Turn on unknown resources from Android Settings to allow manual installation on your phone.

Enable Unknown Resources on Android
Turn on Unknown Resources to allow third-party app installation

3rd Step – Now, go to your file manager>Download folder and locate & click on the Cheat Droid Pro app.

4th Step – The installer will get opened, just tap on the install button and wait for it to get installed completely.

Install Cheat Droid Pro
Tap on the install button to start the Cheat Droid Pro Installation

5th Step – Once it gets installed, press the Done button to close the installer.

Install Cheat Droid Pro
Cheat Droid Pro is successfully installed, press the Done button to close the installer

6th Step – Finished.

Now you can open the app drawer on your phone and start using the Cheat Droid Pro. When first time launching it, you should allow it the Root Grant so it can get the authority permission of you to edit system files.

How to Use Cheat Droid Pro on Android Phone

Applications that require Root Permission are usually called advanced apps because they can perform advanced tasks on Android. Their functions & features are bit complex & powerful than normal apps. The same is with the Cheat Droid pro, by using it efficiently you can revamp any app/game or edit codes in the system files of the apps.

You can export and import the preferences of any app with just one click. Also, in case you want to insert your own code on an app or game, you can easily do that with the help of this single powerful tool. Now, without wasting any time anymore, let me quickly show you how you can use it.

1st Step – Open the Cheat Droid Pro App on your phone.

2nd Step – Grant the Root Permission upon asking.

Cheat Droid Pro Asking for Root permission

3rd Step – Wait for it to load all the available or installed apps on Cheat Droid Pro.

Cheat Droid Pro loading installed apps

4th Step – Select the app which you want to play with and click on the three dots.

Select app to edit code in Cheat Droid Pro

5th Step – Select Show files and then in few seconds of loading it will take.

6th Step – After that, you will be able to access all the inside backend codes of the app with the permission to edit or add your own code in it.

7th Step – Once you are done editing or adding code, just press on Save and close all apps from the background.

8th Step – Now go and launch the app in which you have just done editing with the help of Cheat Droid Pro. You will that the changes have been visible and applied.

9th Step – That’s it.

So, this is how you can use Cheat Droid Pro on your phone. The thing that you should know about this app is the changes you will make through adding code or editing the current codes in the app may not work sometimes and the changes you make will get reverse back. This is happening in most of the money related app because they are now aware of such features and have made security changes.

Cheat Droid Pro Features

To know more about the app, you should know what they exactly offer or have. And here, I’m going to show you all the available features that currently Cheat Droid Pro have.

1. Shared Preferences Editor

Cheat Droid Pro Feature
Shared Preferences Editor

Most of the Android apps use shared preferences to store settings and information about users. Cheat Droid Pro has Shared Preferences Editor which allows users to view and even edit that information. But in order to do that, it requires Root Grant or permission in the owner’s device.

2. Force Launch App

Every Android user has once faced a problem when they can’t able to launch certain apps on their phone. Well, now you don’t have to worry about it, Cheat Droid Pro has a solution for such conditions. It has a Force launch app feature that can forcefully open any app or game on the phone even if the app is not launching normally. That’s actually a great feature of Cheat Droid Pro.

3. Supports Android Kitkat

In this era, almost all the apps including normal & advanced are now needed the latest Android versions to run like Android Marshmallow, Nought, Orea, Pie, etc. But the case is little different in Cheat Droid Pro, it still supports Android KitKat and a few other old versions. And old Android users can use this app if they have Rooted their Android.

4. Backup App Settings & Preferences

Cheat Droid Pro Feature
Export App Settings and Preferences to SD Card

Before or after editing shared preferences in any app using Cheat Droid Pro you can backup the settings. This is really helpful when you are testing or adding new codes in the app. However, in case if something goes wrong, you will still have the backup which you can restore to get back to the default settings. That’s also a brilliant feature of Cheat Droid Pro.

So, these are the four major features that everyone should know if they are going to use Cheat Droid Pro on their phone. Now, let me also answer some frequently asked questions about the Cheat Droid Pro app so there will be no doubt left in your mind after reading this article for this app.

Cheat Droid Pro FAQs

What is Cheat Droid Pro?

Cheat Droid Pro is a shared preferences editor for Android. Shared Preferences are the most common way for apps to store settings and information about you. Cheat Droid Pro helps you view and even edit those informations.

What is Root and Why Cheat Droid Pro doesn’t work without it?

Basically, root access provides your Android smartphone with admin privileges (including editing system files like Cheat Droid Pro does). Therefore, you need a rooted phone for Cheat Droid Pro to properly use it.

For some apps, I do not find a lot of Shared Preferences to edit, why?

Since no developer is forced to use Shared Preferences, those apps might use another way to store their settings. Cheat Droid Pro does not work everywhere.

My Antivirus alerts me when I open the Cheat Droid Pro app, why?

This could result from the ad network we use. Please understand, that, since this app is free, we want to try to earn at least a little bit of money to survive.


So, that is it. We have reached the end of the Cheat Droid Pro article. We have tried to provide a secure download link as well as valuable information about it. Hopefully, this article has cleared all the questions that you wanted to get answered about Cheat Droid Pro?

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