How to Enable VoLTE in Android Phone

In this Jio era Android without VoLTE can’t impressible. And no one wants to buy a phone without VoLTE! Do you like to buy an android phone without VoLTE? Actually, you are buying a phone to USE VoLTE with Jio services! Right? Well Due to some reason you got an android phone which doesn’t have VoLTE feature, and you just want to enable that feature. Let me clear very frankly that you really can’t use VoLTE in your android phone if the feature is not added During manufacturing! If you have VoLTE feature on your Android and it doesn’t working fine then, continue the reading towards “How to Enable VoLTE in Android Phone” to Fix the VoLTE problem.

Before going to the solution of the VoLTE problem, you have to know your Android phone supports the VoLTE feature or not! If android supports VoLTE Feature only then you can fix it because only software can’t add VoLTE on your phone.

How to check if an Android device Support VoLTE or Not?

There are many methods to check an Android phone is VoLTE supported or Not. All these methods work perfectly for all phones. Here are those methods:

Method 1: Using Jio Official Web Page

Jio Official Website helps you know an android phone supports VoLTE or Not. Basically, the website has Huge data about 4G VoLTE supported Phones. And you can search your one to know its VoLTE supported or not. So, here is the process to check the Android Phone is VoLTE or not.

  1. Open your Web Browser and search for
  2. Scroll down to “Affordable, Cutting-Edge Devices”.
  3. Select Your Mobile Brand and then Select Model.
  4. After selecting Model, it shows you the particular Model supports 4G VoLTE or LTE only.

Follow the Above simple steps to know your Android Phone supports 4G VoLTE or not.

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Method 2: Search the product on the internet

When a New android phone launches in the market, a review will also come by consumers. You can watch the review video on YouTube or read the review article.

In Product review, you will find every complex information about the Product as well as the advantage and disadvantages of the product. So, Read or watch the review to know you were VoLTE or not.

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Method 3: Read the Specifications of the phone on the back of the box

Every Android phone comes in a box and that box contains many things like manual and details. Read the texts on the box to get confirmation about the specs of your phone includes its VoLTE or Not. This is the easiest way to check a phone supports VoLTE or Not.

Remember some phone manufacturers don’t list the specification of the phone on the box. So, don’t panic if you don’t found specs of your phone on the box. Read the papers in the entire box, those paper contain full detail about the phone specs.

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Method 4: Using the 4G VoLTE Tester app

Enable VoLTE

This is the most single app that will let you know your phone supports 4G VoLTE or Not. It is suitable for all the cheapest like MediaTek, Snapdragon, etc. You just need to install the application from the play store and you are one tap away from confirming that your phone support 4G VoLTE or Not.

If this app doesn’t work for you then you can try another similar app, its Guide for VoLTE. It is similar to the VoLTE tester app.

Now you have been confirmed your phone is VoLTE or Not. So, if your phone is VoLTE then congrats and follows the guidelines below to enable VoLTE feature on your phone.

Guide to Enable VoLTE in Android Phone

Here are the Methods to enable VoLTE in android phones:

Method: By UPDATE Phone firmware

Most of the time phones have supported VoLTE but haven’t any option to enable it. Upgrading phone firmware to the latest will enable VoLTE features instantly. Here are the steps to upgrade the firmware in android phones if it’s available.

  • Go to the Setting.
  • then go to About phone.
  • Click on the software upgrade.
  • and click on Check for Updates.
  • If it’s available then click on download.
  • wait for a complete download.
  • Finally, click on install.

In installing process make sure your phone battery is enough at least 30%. And have patience it takes 30 minutes to install the update.

After updating go to network setting, there you can see Enhance 4G VoLTE Network just enable it and soon VoLTE gets access through your phone.

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Guide to enable VoLTE Feature in MI Redmi Devices

Here is the method to enable VoLTE Feature in Mi devices:

  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. Click on more options.
  3. click on mobile networks.
  4. Select Network type LTE only.
  5. and enable 4G VoLTE enhanced Mode.

This will fix your VoLTE Problem in red devices and this will also fix calling and SMS problems in Mi devices. If this doesn’t work for you or you didn’t get any 4G VoLTE enhanced mode then upgrade your firmware. After upgrading you will found 4G VoLTe enhanced mode, just enable it to enable VoLTE in your MI phone.

Guide to enable VoLTE Feature in Samsung devices

Here is the method to enable VoLTE feature in Samsung devices:

  1. Open the Default phone Dailer.
  2. Click on the three dots.Enable VoLTE in Samsung Devices
  3. go to call settings.
  4. click on voice LTE Setting.
  5. Enable “Use VoLTE when available”.

This will enable VoLTE in most of the Samsung devices. If this doesn’t work in your Samsung device then Upgrade the Firmware of the device to the latest one.

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If your phone supported confirm by manufacture company then updating the firmware to the latest version will enable the VoLTE feature.

If the official ROM hasn’t VoLTE feature enabled even after updating, then you should install the custom ROM to get VoLTE Access.

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