How to Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4 All variants (Updated)

VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4 is not given in official firmware since it launched. In the previous update of Galaxy Note 4 2017 firmware, we hoped but it hasn’t worked. Now in 2018, a new firmware has been launched with officially VoLTE enabled. Yes! Now it’s working on all the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have VoLTE feature in hardware not by software till 2017. Samsung just released an update for Galaxy Note 4 with a build date April/2018 in which VoLTE is enabled by default. So, in this article, I will show you how you can get VoLTE to enable your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

So basically we gonna format our Galaxy Note 4 and flash the latest software to get VoLTE enabled. In other words, we are going to flash the latest firmware of Galaxy Note 4 that has recently launched with the VoLTE update. Excited? You should be!

Backup Should be First Priority

Make sure you back up all your important data before flashing. Because flashing the latest firmware will erase all the data that’s available on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Simply put every media file on your computer and backup other things you want.

If you don’t want to back up anything then read the below guide to make free space in a phone. You just need Files By Google that will scan waste or junk files and recommend you to clean.

Make Space for New Firmware that Has VoLTE

To get VoLTE to enable in your Galaxy Note 4, you have to clean everything and make free space for the new Firmware. Like, data, Dalvik cache, system, etc. Clear cache in Android phones is also important and helps well in making free space without deleting anything.

To clean it head over to the recovery and go to the wipe section, select the cleaning options mentioned above and swipe to wipe them. You can use TWRP recovery for that, its easy and suitable. After installing, reboot into recovery mode and select wipe tab>tap on advanced>select the options you want to clean>swipe.

Once you did the cleaning process. Go to Home of your recovery, Reboot section and turn the power off. Now, you have done all the tasks in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Let me show you the requirements you need in your PC to flash the latest firmware.

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Here are Some Requirements Which You Need before Flashing:

  • USB drivers installed (Get from here).
  • A working USB cable.
  • Odin latest version (Get from here).

Once you did the requirements fulfill. Follow the process of flashing the Galaxy Note 4 latest firmware from below.

NOTE: This Update is available for all the Galaxy Note 4 Variants, for your phone Variant firmware click Here.

How to Flash the latest Firmware and Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4

Here are the steps to flash the latest Galaxy Note 4 firmware and enable VoLTE on it:

  1. Download your phone model firmware from Samsung’s official firmware site (Download the latest one).
  2. After downloading, extract it on your PC.Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4
  3. Turn off the phone, skip if you already.
  4. And put it into download mode by pressing the Volume down + Home button + Power button. Release buttons when you see the bootup logo and recovering booting text.
  5. Press Volume up to continue.
  6. Start the Odin software.
  7. Connect your phone with USB Cable.
  8. When the box shade with blue color and the port added message comes in logs means your device is connected.
  9. Now click on the AP to add the firmware. You will get the firmware in Zip file, just extract it and you will get the original one.
  10. Navigate to the extraction and load it.
  11. Once the loading complete, hit the start button.Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4
  12. Wait for 10-15 minutes to complete the flashing process.
  13. And unplug the cable when you see the green pass message.
  14. Or simply exit. Done.
  15. Wait for reboot and after do the settings as it should be.
  16. Go to settings, mobile network.
  17. Set the carrier LTE only.Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4
  18. Wait for 1-2 minutes and VoLTE will be enabled.Enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4
  19. Process finish.

Now you successfully flashed the latest firmware and enabled VoLTE on Galaxy Note 4. Remember after flashing, your phone will be rebooted automatically which take again 10-15 minutes.

So have some patience at the time. Don’t remove the battery, it may let you lose your phone for forever.

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Flashing the latest firmware of 2018 on your Galaxy Note 4 will enable the VoLTE feature for you.

Make sure you properly installed the USB driver for connecting the device. This is very important to enable VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4.

Be patience in the whole process because one move can prevent the process of enabling VoLTE in Galaxy Note 4.

After booting you may get UI System to stop working message. Don’t afraid if you see the message. Just do format factory/wipe data from recovery. It will be solved!

After flashing, Battery performance may degrade due to the new VoLTE feature. So don’t be worry about that.

So I hope you guys enjoyed it? Leave if you have any Questions about Galaxy Note 4! Share it with your Galaxy friends. And yeah. Enjoy the day!

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    • Yes, it will work. Your phone has VoLTE hardware. Just download & install the latest firmware with Android 6.0.1 for your Note 4 model from the official Samsung firmware site.

    • I have installed the original stock ROM of Indian version N910G. My device is also SM-N910G. Just install the latest firmware which is released in 2019.

    • Bro,

      SM-N910C has the 4G capability. Please check the specification of your phone to confirm and then download & flash the latest firmware. The latest firmware comes with a patch that supports all the 4G networks i.e Jio, Airtel 4G, etc.

    • It should work on N910CQ as well because it has 4G network technology. Give it a shot. Personally, I have tried in the N910G model and it still works.

      Thanks for your comment!

    • Hey, let me solve this!

      First, try at least 2 different Carriers. Not all carriers are supported.

      Make sure Flashed the Latest and Official ROM. Get Latest ROM for Your Model.

      Make sure you set your carrier into LTE/3G/2g(Auto). After inserting your 4g Sim.

      Try these, if you still stay the same. Please Email me through about page.

      Thanks for your Comment!


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