15 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Laptop in 2021

Are you planning on buying a new Laptop in 2021? Good News! But do you confirm which one you gonna buy? Have you researched online? There are lots of things you should know before buying a Laptop in 2021. If you don’t know these things before buying a Laptop, you will get a bad experience after buying it! After 3 years, I have realized how mad they (Seller) had made me. So, by realizing after the experience, I’m writing this article for you. So, continue your reading towards “15 Important things to consider before buying a new laptop in 2021”.

After knowing these things, you will buy a good Laptop and won’t regret it. So, let me help you first to find your Laptop. Firstly, you have to search for a handy product that perfectly fits your requirements.

Where to look for a Good Laptop In 2021?

Firstly, try to search for the product online from Amazon and Flipkart. These E-commerce sites are the best in the market. They speak Originality not fake!

In the second research, you should go to the local market or near Cheap Market for Research. Select some Beast Products and research for it online again. Research for Review Rating, Price comparisons, Features, Trust and Brands, etc.

Research is very important if you want a real and good product. These researches make your doubt clear and help to know the prices of different specifications. I’ll talk about it later in this post. After looking for a good laptop, you should consider 15 things which I have been mentioned below.

15 Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Laptop in 2021

Here are the 15 things you should absolutely know before Buying a New Laptop:

1. Take a Look at Brand, Trust and Service Quality

Buy Branded Laptop

Perhaps, Brand, trust and service quality are what most matter. A good brand name can clear your mind to get the product. This is the first thing you have to look for when buying a new laptop. Let suppose you got a good specification laptop but you have an unknown brand in your hand. Will you buy it?

Yes, you will buy it because you didn’t read this post before. Now let me tell you what happens when you buy a new unknown brand product. First: you will not understand the functions like where to start it, how to operate and stuffs like that. Because the whole system is different for you as you live in a different environment, you operated a different system. Second: You will get a bad user experience. However, you just know their specification and you don’t know what’s inside.

May the laptop have a big issue due to the different operating system. May the battery quality is low than mentioned in a wrapper.

And the worse thing is you can’t get service support easily. Unknown brands have fewer services in different cities. May the brand is new in your area and just selling the product without providing services. Overall just don’t buy an unknown Brand laptop because it makes you regret it.

Pro tip: if you, unfortunately, bought an unknown brand laptop, look for online information through watching Reviews and articles.

2. Acknowledge Full Components Information

When I bought my first laptop, I get fooled by the seller. They told me their product has 2GB of RAM but when I saw the real specification after buying it. It has only 1.45GB of RAM usable. That’s not fair to me. Right? Because they clearly state that the Particular product has 2GB of RAM. Huh!

Acknowledge Details of Laptop

So, what the lesson? Just acknowledge everything about the product before buying it. And most importantly Acknowledge everything personally because trust in others does not exist.

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3. Study the Product Review or Watch Unboxing Video

The best way to know the particular product is to listen or read the spoken words from real experiences. Because they exactly know the Product is good or bad. Don’t do the thing that I was done. I didn’t do anything listed in this article. So sad due to my first purchase. 

But don’t worry because your Big brother is with you. Now, if you selected your Laptop wisely. It’s not done yet. You have to gather real information. And the best way to gather the information is to watch, read reviews.

Moreover, on YouTube, you will find plenty of videos about products. You will find one of the videos of your product. So, make sure you properly study the reviews before buying a new laptop.

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4. Ask a Specialist to buy that product or not, including your Family Member

This is a really exciting part of buying a new laptop because you have to ask a Geek. A geek that knows every aspect of the product from bottom to top. From them, you will get real advice that will help you in purchasing your Laptop.

We all have that one smartest person that knows about almost everything under the sun. Just think who’s that smartest person in your area. After finding them go and ask. Take only advice and if you feel it’s real then go for it. Unless don’t do the mistake what I was done.

I asked from a Non-experience person that makes me realize after buying. He gave me the advice to buy only a feature-loaded laptop. That is not good advice. Because the Brand and service quality matters more than that.

So, have some advice from family members and a geek friend. Who has experience!

5. Don’t Just Buy, Use and then take Decision

Getting your hand to fill without getting any experience will cost more than just paying. However, the experience is the real thing, it is costly and worthful. So, if you confirm buying the laptop, don’t buy before using it. Because may the operating system you got on your laptop is not original. May the battery is not working properly. May the Hard Disk is bad. And similar worse things which you can’t expect.

So, buying a laptop without using it is the same as buying a Packed product from the clean inside.

6. Buy only the Latest Laptop in the market or launched recently

When I bought my first computer, it does not have the latest processors, it does not have the latest windows version, it does not have the Latest GPU. I realized this after using my computer for 6 months. I don’t have the latest knowledge about the components when I was going to buy, I didn’t even know ABC about computer and that is the result of having a low computer right now.

You are blessed today! Because I’m sharing the exact thing you will face if you don’t know the important things about buying a new laptop. So, what honesty is? Just learn from my mistakes.

Bottom line is, don’t buy the old Laptop which has built with old components. Always look for the latest on the market. Because the latest have things improved.

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7. Don’t buy a Laptop Based on other suggestions

I understand that if someone suggests you something, the chances are the product could be good. But how you know exactly the product is good or bad? Of course by trying it by yourself! So, put yourself first then other suggestions.

Well, when I bought my computer from the relative suggestion. I got a bad product as I tell much time in this post. This happens two times to me. first when I bought my Phone and second when I bought my first computer.

And the worse thing you will get if you just buy the laptop from another suggestion if you can’t blame them later. Because you put yourself to ask them not they forced. Right? So, put yourself first!

8. Think about the future Requirement also

Most of the time we only focus on the current situation which is not a good mindset. We are human, we have to think about the future too for surviving. Well, this nature is failed to apply in Buying a New laptop. Because when we buy laptops these days we only focus on the present latest. Which later make us spend some money on upgrading.

The honest advice from me is to buy the laptop which has some easily upgrading available. meanwhile, you don’t have to spend too much money to replace the components of your Laptop. Or simply buy a little extra feature-loaded laptop that easily handles your Future requirements.

9. Compare Full Specs with other Brands

The comparison is a good idea when buying a new laptop. Because we have options to take advantage of. In today’s market, we have plenty of brands option to go with. But all of them have something different to offer. Some provide Good specs for cheap money and some provide hardly. So, by comparing the brand’s product you have the opportunity to get a Good Laptop with your money.

For example May the XZY Brand providing good specs than XYZ Brand with the same price margin. So, comparing with different brands will help you to get a good laptop.

10. Don’t go cheap only, if you want quality

As I mentioned, In the market we have many options. Some companies or brands provide the same product with low money and on the other hand, some brand provides the same product with little more price. The accurate chances are the Low prices product’s company have something disadvantage and that’s why they are giving the same product at a low price. I’m not saying this stays always true but it’s true at least now.

The bottom line is don’t attract with cheap products because there’s always a disadvantage. Mark it!

11. Don’t Buy the Laptop without Warranty Card

The Product with promise is better than a good product. Because promise means trust and trust leads the consumer to buy the product. The same business rule you have to apply when buying a new laptop. This is so important because most companies with low-grade products don’t provide warranty cards.

They actually know that the Product can’t run for that period and that’s why they don’t provide a Warranty. So, when you are about to buy a new laptop remember this always.

12. The Laptop service center should be near your home and in a public place

The service center in a public place is a Good example of a Good brand or company. They are a sign of support for the product you purchase. So, always look to the brand nature if you’re buying a Laptop from a particular company. Because they are fully trusted, they can’t cheat you overnight after selling the product to you.

By chance, if you got any fault on the product you should have support to keep your Laptop live. So, make sure the Laptop you are purchasing has some service center near your area.

13. Buy the Laptop only for your required works

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to look for the future but it does mean you should not buy overloaded features laptop. The biggest reason behind this is you have to overpay for it. Overpay not at one time, it will continue in the form of bills. Got it?

Basically, More features mean more power consumption. So, buy a Laptop which can support your work.

14. Check the Entire Specs, not just read the outer body details

Well, this is a little hard by the way but not impossible. The biggest fool you will get here. Most low-grade Companies are surviving these days because they fooling people with their products. They do not show what’s actually inside. But it doesn’t mean you just buy it. You have to become smarter than them to protect yourself from being fooled.

And the best way to check the Entire specs is by using a system software checker. In the world, there are some smartest and kind people who live which helps consumers to be undercover. However, there is some real software that shows the exact laptop specs. The good software that I know is CPU-Z. It will help you to identify everything about the specification. Included RAM, CPU, Cores, GPU, and more.

15. Upgrading choice should be Available in the Laptop

If you just bought a Laptop which hasn’t any upgrading option. Take my advice and replace it anyhow. Because In the future you will regret it and at that moment you have to spend huge money again to get a new laptop. And that’s the honest advice from us. If you are really at the last stage of making the decision to buy or not just look at the Upgrading option then confirm without any hesitation.

In short, buy the product which is latest in the market and have upgrading option. So make sure about that before making your final decision.

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There are lots of things you have to consider when buying a new laptop. Most of them I mentioned in this post. If you just take those points in your mind, you will be able to buy a good laptop and never make a regret.

One more thing you should do is study a lot the product review and opinions through YouTube videos, or any online platforms.

Don’t get in trapped with the seller’s attractive words, they just have to sell their product. For them, selling is just a job but for consumers, it’s gold ever.

If I just want to give you a tip for buying a new laptop then it will be “look at the Brand”. A good brand will ensure everything you and help you to get a good Laptop.

I suggested these tips because I experienced or happened to me. I want your Comment about the tips I listed above. Also, share this article and save your friends and family from worse purchases.

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