How to Download Videos for WhatsApp Status for Free

Everybody wants to show the best videos on their WhatsApp status to impress peoples under their contact on WhatsApp. But most peoples fail in delivering videos for WhatsApp status. Usually, because they don’t have a great platform that serves new Videos on a daily bases to Download videos for WhatsApp status. Yes, there are some platforms that serve videos for WhatsApp status but most of them have Watermark which peoples hate. And it’s obvious because there is nobody who wants to have unknown Watermark on their WhatsApp status video.

Fortunately, there is a great application that provides WhatsApp status videos and they don’t add any Watermark in their videos. That’s what you wanted. Right?

An application called RozBuzz that available on three major platforms; Android, Ios, Web. You can access RozBuzz using these three platforms and Download videos for WhatsApp status. The best way you can download videos from RozBuzz is through its Android application.

WhatsApp Status Videos on RozBuzz

RozBuzz has done one thing super cool, they have provided a tab in their app that always contains fresh and new WhatsApp status videos. But the app is totally underestimated. However, the RozBuzz Android version app has only 1,000,000+ downloads which are amazing but not awesome.

From this app, you can download too many kinds of WhatsApp status videos like Funny videos, Romantic videos, Dance videos, movie and music clips.

RozBuzz team is working hard and delivering the best quality WhatsApp Status videos for free. And so, throughout this article, I’m trying to give them an exposer that they deserve.

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Watch WhatsApp videos on RozBuzz App

RozBuzz is available for both Android and Ios device and you can download, install the app on your device. After you install RozBuzz App on your device, follow the steps to watch and explore WhatsApp status videos:

  1. Open the RozBuzz App on your device whether its Ios or Android.
  2. Once you open the app, it will you to select a language. Just select the one in which you comfortable the most like English, Hindi.
  3. Press Next and you will be redirected to its main page where you can see its content.
  4. To watch and explore WhatsApp status videos on RozBuzz, go to the short video section by tapping on the third icon from the bottom of the main page.
  5. Now, you will able to see a ton of funny videos, dance videos, comedy videos, and music videos.
  6. Just tap on any video you want to watch. Once you tap on a video, it will automatically start playing. And once the video end, you can press the back button and play the other videos.

So, that’s how you can watch and explore tons of new and fresh WhatsApp status videos on RozBuzz. Now, let me show you how you can download WhatsApp Status Videos from RozBuzz.

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Download WhatsApp Status Videos from RozBuzz App

We truly want to download the videos that touch our hearts. And that the RozBuzz app owner knows, that’s why they have given its user permission to officially download WhatsApp Status videos on their device to watch offline or send to friends. Here are the steps to Download WhatsApp status videos from RozBuzz app:

  1. Download the RozBuzz app on Android, get the latest Hindi news and WhatsApp status Videos.
  2. Once installed, open it up and set your preferred language.
  3. Click on the third icon from the main page bottom.
  4. Tap any video you want to download on your device.
  5. Then tap on three dots from the right top corner.
  6. Select the Download option.
  7. Once, you select the download option, the video will automatically start downloading and notifies once complete.
  8. Done.

All the videos you will download from the RozBuzz app will get separately saved in a Video folder. Meanwhile, you don’t have to move into a different folder after downloading it.

Alternative Way of “Download Videos from RozBuzz App”

If you are a kind of Internet data saver person and don’t want to waste your Internet data in downloading the video then you can use an alternative method. You can share instead of downloading the WhatsApp status videos from RozBuzz app and watch it later. Here are the steps of the Alternative to Download videos from RozBuzz app:

  1. Start the RozBuzz app on your device.
  2. Go to the third tab from the main bottom page.
  3. Play the videos you want to download.
  4. Click on three dots from the right top corner.
  5. Select the WhatsApp share icon.
  6. Done.

Sharing WhatsApp status video from RozBuzz on WhatsApp is a great alternative to download it. However, once you share the video on WhatsApp, you will also be able to watch it until you clear the chat history or WhatsApp data.

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RozBuzz is a great platform for downloading WhatsApp status videos on Android and Ios devices for free. From there, you will always get a fresh and new WhatsApp status video list. Also, you will able to download any videos from there for free. And there is no restriction in sharing videos, downloading videos, using it for non-commercial purposes.

And you can independently download and add Videos from RozBuzz to your WhatsApp status. There’s no copyright logo added on any of the videos on the RozBuzz App.

Hopefully, you have found a great way to download videos for WhatsApp status. If so, I appreciate it if you share this article with your friends and family. Also, comment below if you have any best way to download videos for WhatsApp.

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