How to Play PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Without Lag

If you ever tried to play PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you probably faced the problems. Like Returns to Home screen after starting the PUBG mobile, Automatic gun firing, lag while landing, etc. This type of problem happens to most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 users while playing PUBG Mobile. And it mostly because of inappropriate customization in Galaxy Note 4 phone. If you do the right customization in your Galaxy Note 4 then you will be able to Play PUBG Mobile without lag like I’m playing.

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can run PUBG Mobile. The phone is pretty old, it launched in 2014 but still its the most powerful Android device. And just because it’s old, it doesn’t mean that the device is not capable of doing hard-core gaming. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with 3Gb of RAM and Snapdragon 805 processor which is completable with the devices of 2018-19.

So, it is possible that you can play PUBG mobile latest version in Galaxy Note 4. But in order to play without lag, you need to customize the phone for best performance. And that’s what I will guide you here. Let’s get started.

Can you play PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

As I little state above that, you can surely play PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But in order to play without any lag, you have to customize your Galaxy Note 4 at best performance. And you may need to uninstall all the external apps that you are using like Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, YouTube, etc. Also, in Galaxy Note 4 there are several pre-installed apps that need to be disabled like Instagram, Facebook Page, Pen Up, etc.

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What I did to Play PUBG Mobile on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In my case, I was frustrated due to my Galaxy Note 4 with Unofficial custom ROM. I have the Indian version of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model number SM-N910G which has 3GB of RAM and Snapdragon 805. My phone has all the requirements that PUBG mobile requires like Storage, RAM, and process. But I was not able to play PUBG mobile on my phone. Later, after researching and investing the time I got to know the reason why I wasn’t able to play Player Unknown Battleground.

It’s because I have rooted my phone and installed other root apps which were causing the PUBG mobile game from running. Also, I have changed the IMEI number of my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to due to some critical reason. And that was the main reason why I wasn’t able to run PUBG mobile on Galaxy Note 4.

So, I downloaded and installed the official ROM from Samsung website. And after complete bootup, I disabled all the system apps possible like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Page, and other official Samsung apps. And then installed the PUBG mobile and bang. It was running in quality and without any lag. The point is PUBG mobile game looks on various things in an Android device for security reason. Especially, game hackers and I think you probably have heard about hackers in PUBG mobile game.

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In Which Android version you can play PUBG mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

As according to PUBG mobile requirement, an Android should be running at least 5.1.1 Lollipop or upper. Meanwhile, you need to have a Lollipop Android version or Marshmallow running in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in order to play PUBG mobile on it. Currently, I’m playing PUBG mobile on my Galaxy note 4 running Marshmallow Android version and the game is running perfectly.

But if you don’t want to disable apps and use some third party apps in your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 then you should install the Lollipop Android version. In that Android version, you can Play PUBG mobile along with all the other apps which you want to use. Now, let me finally show you how you can start playing PUBG mobile on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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How to Play PUBG Mobile on Galaxy Note 4

Play PUBG Mobile on Galaxy Note 4
Play PUBG Mobile on Galaxy Note 4

Here are the steps to start Playing PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

  1. First, make sure your Galaxy Note 4 has running Lollipop or Marshmallow Android version. To check Android version in Galaxy Note 4, go to settings>about device>see Android version.
  2. Factory reset the Galaxy Note 4. To put the Galaxy Note 4 at best performance, you need to reset it. It will free up the baggage of cache and other data that you can’t delete manually.
  3. Disable unnecessary apps on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is the most important part because disabling them will free up RAM and processes which will help the phone to run the PUBG mobile efficiently.
  4. Unroot your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if you have rooted. For security reason, PUBG mobile has restricted or doesn’t allow devices which are rooted and has modified ROM.
  5. Now, download and install the PUBG mobile game on your Galaxy Note 4. I recommend the Google play store platform for that purpose. Because if you download from some third-party websites then it may not work properly. You will get an error like “the app is not purchased”.
  6. Once installed, open the Smart Manager and press on Clean All button. Smart Manager is an inbuilt tool in Galaxy Note 4 and using that you can fix most of the problem in your Galaxy Note 4.
  7. Launch the PUBG Mobile game, and wait for checking updates.
  8. Log in with your Facebook account. I highly prefer logging in with Facebook instead of Twitter.
  9. Once you logged in, skip all the offers for now and press the setting button. For best control in the game, you need to select a layout and customize it for suitable controlling.
  10. Press on control option from settings and select the First layout. For the majority of you, I recommend the first layout because it made for all the players.
  11. Once Control layout selected, press on Customize and change buttons if you want. Like the size of the fire button, move the button from one place to another.
  12. After, just save the layout and exit the customization window.
  13. Now, go back to the home page of PUBG Mobile and select the Map and team type like Solo, Duo, Squad, etc.
  14. And then press the Start button to start matching.
  15. Done.

So, that’s how you can play PUBG mobile on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Once you log in, the graphics setting will get set automatically based on the phone performance. In my case, its get set automatically to low graphics and Medium FPS. You can also change the Graphics from settings if you want but I recommend to not change anything in graphics option.

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You can play PUBG mobile on Galaxy Note 4 but you need to sacrifice the use of other apps like Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. If you do want to enjoy the PUBG mobile game on your Galaxy Note 4 without lag then I highly recommend to not use more than two third-party apps along with the PUBG mobile game. Also, I have tested and played the PUBG mobile game on the Marshmallow version. Means the above guide is totally for Marshmallow user of Galaxy Note 4.

If you are using Android KitKat or Lollipop Android version in your Galaxy Note 4 then upgrade to Marshmallow. It’s way more stable than any ROM available. You can download and install the official ROM from It is an official Samsung website that provides stuff related to all the Samsung device.

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