Download GTA 5 APK Latest Update For Android [2024]

Download GTA 5 APK: Grand Theft Auto is a popular game series that has been developed and published by Rockstar Games. And almost every kid who knows about the word “game” has definitely played its one or two series. Its PC version is especially famous worldwide. GTA 5 Mobile is another series in which everything has improved including Graphics quality, Weapons, Cheats, Maps, Car collection, Characters, and more.

The level of action and fun is probably more in GTA 5 than in any of its series. It also has really great graphics which makes it a premium Android game. With the help of this article, you will be able to download GTA 5 APK for Android. We will provide you with the full version of GTA 5 Mobile which has a size of less than 50Mb. So, let’s start this article with an overview of it.

GTA 5 Mobile Overview

GTA 5 Mobile Overview
GTA 5 Mobile

The game has more than we can expect from today’s Android games. It offers Adventure, Action, Luxury, Weapon dealing, and more. The game will drop you in a random place in the city where you will be able to access almost everything. Driving bikes, Access to weapons, Visiting places, helicopters, Jet Airplanes, Money, etc. You will be living your dream life in the City. But challenges will be there in every moment waiting for you.

Like when you break the rules in the city by doing something against the law of the city like stealing someone’s bike, destroying vehicles, or firing on random people, the police and security team of the city will start taking steps on you. They will make every possible step to make your game over. And the more you try to fight against them, the more they will use their strategy to capture you.

Overall, it’s an excellent game for having fun and living the dream life virtually in the city. Whether you have a dream to be a one-man army who fights against the police or want to drive luxury cars, you can do all that in this beautiful Android game.

Download GTA 5 APK For Android Latest Update 2024

Download GTA 5 APK
Download GTA 5 APK

Downloading GTA 5 APK is hassle-free because we’ve provided a one-click download facility. Also, previously, we needed to download the OBB file separately which is no longer required. You can just download the APK, install it, and start playing. Moreover, the GTA 5 Mobile is yet to be released officially, but currently, you can enjoy the unofficial version which we’ve provided below.

File Details

NameGTA 5 Mobile
Size105 MB
DeveloperRockstar Games
Android Requires4.4 or above
Updated on2 March 2024

Use the button below to download the GTA 5 APK latest version.

How to Download GTA 5 APK for Android 2024

If you’re having trouble downloading GTA 5 APK on your Android then do not worry. Here, we will show you how you can easily download it.

1st Step – First, click the above button to go to the GTA 5 APK download page.

2nd Step – Once the page loading completes, press the download.

Download GTA 5 APK
Press on the Green Button to Receive GTA 5 Mobile Download Request

3rd Step – Wait for your browser to receive the download.

4th Step – Accept the request to start immediately downloading the GTA 5 Mobile APK.

Download GTA 5 APK
Accept GTA 5 Mobile Download Request

5th Step – Wait for it to get completely downloaded.

GTA 5 APK Downloading
GTA 5 Mobile Downloading

6th Step – Done.

An alternative method will require you to go to the Mediafire download page using the link above. I recommend first using the primary download option and if it doesn’t work then you can go with the alternative method. Now, let me help you with installing and running this game on your phone.

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How to Install GTA 5 APK and Start Playing

To install GTA 5 APK on Android, you first need to temporarily turn off Google Play Protect. Because if you don’t do that then it will block the installation and you will not be able to play.

Install GTA 5 Mobile
Play Protect Blocked GTA V Mobile Installation (Notice)

So, before going further into the installation process, first, turn off the Play Protect from Google Play Store>Menu>Play Protect>Settings>Turn off “Scan apps with Play Protect”.

Under its settings, you will find two options, just disable the first one and the other will automatically get disabled. Now, you are safe to install GTA 5 APK. Follow the steps below to install it on any Android phone:

1st Step – Make sure that the Unknown sources are enabled under the Android Settings>Security.

Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources on Android to Allow Third-party App or Game Installation

2nd Step – Now, open the file manager and go to the download folder of your browser that you have used to download the GTA 5 APK.

3rd Step – Click on the GTA 5 APK to open it in the installer and then press the Install button.

Install GTA 5 Mobile
Install GTA 5 Mobile

4th Step – Once, you do that the installation process will start happening on the screen.

Install GTA 5 Mobile
Installing GTA 5 Mobile

5th Step – Just wait for it to get completed and after that, press on the Done button to close the installer.

Install GTA 5 Mobile
GTA 5 Mobile Installed

6th Step – Just close everything running unnecessarily in the background and then launch the GTA 5 Mobile from your phone’s app drawer.

Play GTA V on Android
Start GTA V Mobile on Android

7th Step – That’s it. Enjoy the game!

There is no requirement to separately paste the OBB file of the game, it will internally download it and you’ll be able to play the game.

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Gameplay Screenshot

GTA 5 Mobile
GTA 5 Mobile
GTA 5 Mobile

Wrapping Up

Now, you can enjoy this game on your phone because you have completed all the necessary steps correctly. Make sure you check the settings in the GTA 5 Mobile to customize control buttons and Graphics. Because for some of you, the default settings may feel uncomfortable. In the end, the gameplay of this game is really amazing, especially firing various guns, driving numerous cars, etc. You will totally enjoy playing this game on your phone!

If you still have any queries regarding GTA 5 Mobile then let us know in the comments below. You can also share this post with your friends.

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      1. Remove the game from the battery saver apps list.
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      3. Free up memory by clearing background apps and services.


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