Top 5+ Best Game Booster For PC 2021

Choosing the best game booster for PC is a little tough for everyone because there is plenty of game booster for PC. Also, nowadays boosting the PC before playing any game has become essential, due to high-end games invention. These days most game developers are trying to make their games realistic but the low-end PC users are still there, they have no idea how to boost their PC performance to run the latest generation games. So in this article, I’m going to tell you the top 5+ best game booster for PC 2021, which will make your PC run smoother while playing games.

But before using those best game booster, let’s take a look at some information about game boosting as it will be very helpful for those who are beginners when it comes to boosting the gaming performance of PC. So, let’s get started.

What is Game Booster?

Game Booster is basically a type of software that allows enhancing PC performance by eliminating useless background processing to free RAM, Storage, and Processor is known as a game booster. In other words, the game booster makes the PC run smoother by closing useless background runners (software’s) and services.

By closing those useless processes, your system leaves those burdens behind and gains more system resources that are available. And further, the gained system resources get utilized in the way of playing games, which delivers the best performance and makes your game enjoyable without lag.

So, now you know what is a game booster. Let me explain in brief why game boosting is so important.

Why is Game Boosting Important?

Game boosting is more important than anything else when it comes to making games run smoothly on a PC. Game boosting is like “MOM I woke up, need some breakfast!”.

So like that quote, before launching any game, your device should be boosted, just like breakfast is needed, game boosting is also a need for your PC to run in the best performance mode.

There are tons of benefits you can get if you boost your system performance before playing games like the game run smoother, your system doesn’t start heating (due to lack of RAM, GHz), and your system CPU, GPU stays in child mode even when you play games extensively.

One of the best benefits of game boosting is your PC will always stay healthy even when you playing games roughly. Because it free-ups the max possible resources that later utilized while playing and never hurt the PC hardware.

Best game booster not only helps while gaming on PC, but it also helps when you run robust software including Photoshop CC, Game Guru, After Effect, etc.

Even the best game booster maintains the system power consumption level at normal after every click on the boost button. That’s why game boosting is so important for PC before launching any game.

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What does Boosting Impact on your System?

Actually, boosting indirectly impacts your system (PC). It doesn’t impact system hardware, usually, it impacts at the front level. Boosting makes your PC free from useless running services and junk stored cache.

Whenever you tap the boost button on the game booster, your PC gets super refreshed or 100 times refresh. It makes your system cool by eliminating the unwanted software that runs in the background.

And by making the tap, the system gets boosted and becomes ready to handle games easily. Boosting doesn’t even harm your files and installed applications, this is just a myth that many gamers believe in.

Game boosters simply work at a front-end level like optimization software until you enable the advanced mode for deep-level boosting.

Recommendation: Don’t allow any game booster an advance boosting, it may cause your PC’s system components failure including RAM, GPU, Processor, etc.

Okay, now I think I’ve provided most of the information about game boosting, So let’s jump directly to the best game booster for PC 2021!

Top 5+ Best Game Booster For PC 2021

After short research and testing, we have found some incredible game boosters that are incredible. These game boosters are widely used by gamers and sometimes non-gamer also use them to fix their PC performance for work-related stuff. Well, here are the 5+ best game booster and optimizer for PC 2021:

1. Wise Game Booster

Lite Best Game Booster
Wise Game Booster

It is a lightweight game booster for PC owned by Wise Cleaner. It has a one-tap boost system that helps fix the various issues for lag-free gaming.

This is the best game booster that boosts installed games by analyzing faults. It has almost all the features that are necessary for game boosting.

Wise Game Booster is the best suitable application for low-end PC. Because most of the time game booster’s are built with robust functionality that consumes a good amount of RAM. But the Wise game booster is different and contains only useful features. It also doesn’t run in the background like other game boosters hence it saves system resources. And that’s why I called it “the lightest game booster for PC”.

Now, let me show you the features of the Wise game booster.

Wise Game Booster Features

  1. It has a local game analyzer and game adder, this will scan all the games on your computer and will automatically add into the instant boost and play section. So, you can boost your PC and play a particular game instantly.
  2. System optimizer allows system speedup and system stability. You can optimize and speed up your PC with this feature.
  3. Process optimizer, with this, you can close any strict running software with one powerful click. It also shows which software eating most of the RAMs and easily closes it with one tap.
  4. Service optimizer, unwanted services are very annoying and eat a good amount of processors. Service optimizer is the very option to tackle unwanted services that run in the background.
  5. System optimization indicator and Action taker, this is where you can optimize everything in one click. So you don’t have to wait for playing your game. Just one click and in seconds your PC will be optimized.

I personally use Wise Game Booster to optimize my PC for playing games so, as an expert I recommend you to use this lightweight game booster over others. It is also a highly recommended game booster for low-end PC.

2. Razer Cortex Game Booster

Best Game Booster
Razor Cortex

Razer Cortex game booster is designed for hardcore gamers! Because they usually have the best rig and Razer Cortex is merely built for high-end systems.

If you have high classified PC then this game booster will give you the most significant benefits while playing games.

Razer Cortex is a free game booster, well designed, and specially built for modern games. However, the latest games are becoming more real than before and to handle them, Razer has built this best free game booster for PC.

So, if you are a modern gamer and have a beast system then Razer will work wonderfully for you as compared to any other game boosters.

Razer game booster tweaks your system, boosts your RAM, defrag your HDD, and makes your PC ready-to-play games.

Just make an account in the Razer Cortex optimizer and enjoy the free ultimate boosting services. Now, let me show the features of it.

Razer Cortex Features

  1. Game analyzer and a one-time boost & play feature. With this, you can instantly boost your PC before playing games to get a smooth performance.
  2. Diagnoses and solve. This is what I love about this game booster, you just have to press the analyze button and all the problems will show on the screen. And by tapping the one fix button you can solve all of them and make your PC ready to rock.
  3. It has three tabs; tweaks, defrag, and driver. In tweaks you can fix bad tweaks, In defrag, you can fix disk bugs, In the driver, you can update your systems drivers. And perhaps the updated driver is an advantage to easily handle high-end games.
  4. Screencasting. You can take screenshots while playing games, FPS indicator option for live FPS on your game’s screen. This feature is very helpful for those who capture amazing game moments.
  5. Video recording, you can record the gameplay easily in HD quality. The recorder is also well optimized to record videos while playing games.

This game booster is highly recommended for modern and hardcore gamers. Because it has an amazing ability to boost high-end PC performance.

Razer Cortex is for those who have a robust rig, don’t use it if you have a low-end PC. It will frustrate you by consuming a lot of resources because it runs in the background for system boosting purposes.

3. Superb Game Boost

Best Game Booster
Superb Game Boost

It is a super simple game booster that comes with minimum game boosting features. Anyone can use it and I want to say, it is awesome! In the superb game booster, there are only two sections. Games and temperature. Both sections have useful stuff.

And no matter you are playing big or small, it boosts PC performance to the best level achievable. Actually, its name is “Superb” so you can imagine its superior features.

Superb game boost comes in the list of lightweight game boosters, it doesn’t have many features to enhance performance but has one tap functionality to boost all issues of PC causing slow performance.

No headache of boosting everything like RAM boosting, services, processes, etc. Just one tap and all are under control! Now let me show you the Superb Game Boost features.

Superb Game Boost Features

  1. Game adder and plays in one click. Using this, you can manually add all the games from your computer by browsing through the file manager. And then with one tap, you can enjoy any game with a full boost.
  2. Superb boosting and optimization system. This is a superb boosting feature that has added to it.
  3. Display monitors, you can display the temperatures of the GPU, CPU, and mainboard while playing games. You can set alarm limits from its settings. This will help in saving the life of your computer. However, when the normal set limit will increase, the alarm will run and you can stop the game to save your PC from any harm.
  4. Fan display monitors, this new technology display your system fan speeds in seconds to seconds.
  5. Screenshots ability and size adjustment control. You can take high-quality screenshots while gaming and later crop or adjust dimensions if needed.

This game booster is recommended for low-end PC users. For basic performance-boosting, it is best and not bloated with too many extra features.

4. Game Boost 3

Best Game Booster

GameBoost is good at instance boosting, it requires just one mouse click to make any system Pre-ready for gaming.

This game booster has special boosting features, it boosts your operating system, internet, and processor also.

You can also boost at a maximum boost level. But remember what I said above “Don’t Allow any game booster to boost at advance or max level“.

It doesn’t have many features but one tab system that contains a handful of performance-boosting options. You can simply click on the “Optimize Now” button to fix problems. Now let me show you GameBoost 3 features.

Game Boost 3 Features:

  1. Max boosting – it allows boosting your PC for maximum performance. You can also adjust to normal and higher.
  2. Boost hardware – It can boost system hardware like operating system, processor and Internet ex- Cable, Wifi, DSL, etc. These options affect PC performance, make sure you optimize it. This one is the biggest advantage you will get in Game Boost 3.
  3. One-time optimization system. Before playing any game on your PC, just tap the “Optimize Now” button to make your PC ready to handle any game.

Nothing more, it’s a real booster because it directly boosts your hardware. Remember don’t boost with the maximum setting, it may cause hardware failure. Use it at the basic level and stay safe. It is recommended for all gamers, lower to high-end PC users.

5. Game Fire 6

Best Game Booster
Game Fire 6

It is a real full mechanical fire game booster loaded with tons of functions and Pre-requisite for game boosting and system optimizing.

This game booster is for those who have the idea of advanced optimization. It helps in better optimizing PC because it has full system tune-up features.

Game Fire 6 has amazing tools that allow users to optimize their system for the best gaming experiences.

Analyze your games and boost them directly for a better gaming experience, if you want no headache of optimizing everything specifically. Now let me show you its stunning features.

Game Fire 6 Features

  1. Search and add game options available. You don’t need to always find your game to boost before gaming. Just add it one time and enjoy it until you uninstall it.
  2. System optimizer. You can optimize your system, Internet, Application, Visual Effects, etc. Scan and auto-optimize features are also available.
  3. System diagnostic. It checks and generates your full system details. This will help you to address all the problems you have on your PC for better gaming.
  4. Process optimizer. You can optimize your currently running applications or services. And it’s all in one tap, you just need to navigate through it.
  5. System performance. With this, you can check the hardware temperatures, usages, and more.
  6. Gaming profiles. You can create a gaming profile with different options like – Balance, maximum, minimum, and online multiplayer.
  7. Gaming mode option. You can turn on the gaming mode for a better gaming experience.
  8. Real-time optimization. Full system tuneup, full app optimization options are available in one click.

This software is loaded with dozens of tools for full gaming optimization. If your system is loaded with applications then this game booster is best for optimization.

Highly recommended for complete and smart optimizing. Low-end PC can be optimized better with Game Fire 6.

6. EZ Game Booster

Best Game Booster for PC
EZ Game Booster

It is a utility that can improve your gaming experience by optimizing your PC overall at once. EZ Game Booster is a true game optimizer that works on fixing the most important things that affect performance. It suspends useless processes temporarily to focus resources on gaming. Feature-wise, it rich and have all the latest features that promise performance enhancement.

The user-interface is quite cool and the color skin is also eye-friendly. Along with black and blue native skin, you will see main elements placed at the center which avoids time-wasting in finding & exploring the game booster feature. Moreover, its latest v1.6.3 promises 15% more improvement than its older version.

EZ Game Booster Features

  1. Defrag Gam. With the help of this, you can defrag any game on your PC to enhance loading time, eliminate game freezing, and lag.
  2. Deep Registry Scan & repair. To maintain the performance of a PC it’s important to deep scan registry left by software. This feature will help you do that in seconds and also clean all found registries in one-click.
  3. Network Repairs. Online games require a strong & stable internet connection. To make sure your PC doesn’t suck with the network, you can use this option. It repairs the networks and restores the max Internet speed.
  4. System Repair in-built tool. PCs often require a system repair check and for that, we require a costly utility. Well, this simple free tool is enough to repair the system in an efficient way.

EZ Game Booster is pretty feature-rich and offers the same kind of features as Game Fire 6. We recommend this game booster to all range of PCs i.e low, medium, and high-end.

Note: The software I suggested above only enhances or boosts your system, it does not damage any type of hardware or system components.

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These all are the best game boosting software for PC that I found on the internet. So, I highly recommend using a lightweight game booster over a robust game booster.

Because the robust boosters may consume more RAM and processor while you play games. Game booster like Razer Cortex runs in the background and consumes pretty much RAM that could choke performance unless you have a 32GB RAM stick installed.

Don’t allow any of the software to ruin your system hardware by enabling Advance Mode or max boosting. A basic or normal setting is recommended. Also, don’t expect much from these game boosters if you have a low-end PC. These boosters merely help optimize the system, not extend the performance beyond the hardware your PC has.

Our Opinion

These best game enhancement software are specially tested by us so, what we like the most from them is the Wise Game booster but only if you have a low-end PC.

If you have a high-end PC then you should go with Razer Cortex and Game Fire 6 because they have more optimization ability.

So, that’s it. Hopefully, you’ve found the best game booster for your PC? If so, do us a favor by sharing this article with all your gamer friends. Also, let us know if you’ve any suggestions.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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    • Most systems nowadays have virtualization (VT) which can be managed from BIOS. If you don’t have one, you can still use Bluestacks on your Windows 7 machine. Enabling VT only enhances performance, as long as you are doing normal gaming, you don’t even need it. Unfortunately, there is no solution other than upgrading to Windows 10. Thanks for your comment, god bless you too.


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