How to Boost Gaming Performance of PC and Laptop 2019

So, you are getting lag while playing your favorite game on your PC? It’s normal. 40% of the Gamer’s worldwide get lag on the latest games. And it’s most probably because of the game downturn, not the PC gamer owns. The easiest way to solve this is to Boost Gaming performance. And trust me it’s not that hard you think. Anyone can boost Gaming performance of their PC with some customization and tweaks. Well, there are many reasons behind getting lag on Game, it may happen due to the lack of RAM, maybe due to your PC Drivers needs to be updated, and for many reasons.

If you are getting serious lag in a game then the first thing you need to do is to figure out every leak of your Computer or Laptop. Like the requirement of the game. If your PC doesn’t have the minimum requirement of the game and you are somehow playing it, then you will definitely face lag.

Also, the RAM availability you have in your PC is enough for playing the current game? Do you have strong Gaming Processor? Do you have enough space in your PC to store the files of these games?

Similarly, there are many things that affect Gaming performance. And that is what you are going to learn today. Now let’s take some knowledge about Game Boosting and also how to Boost Gaming.

What is Game Boosting?

Boosting a Game means “setting up the device at its best performance Potential” so when you play your game, you Feel the best level performance that your device serving to the running Game.

Game boosting is all about setting your PC and Laptop mode into Best. However, just decrease loads of your PC and you will start getting the best performance.

You can increase your Windows Speed in many ways! My 10 best tip listed below.

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Why You still get Lag after boosting Performance?

Most people think game boosting means Gaining the superpower from some software for their PC to run any game. And that makes them LOL!

These software not much help sometimes in boosting the Performance because these software’s tries to manage the game control and actions by taking some huge amount of Memory(RAM) and Processor(GHz).

This is why you experience some Lags even after Boosting. Heavy Game Booster catch more RAM to optimize the Game for Performance.

Just think if those Rams and Processor which is obtained by Game Booster stay free then how much your game already boosted.

And that’s why Game Boosting is not mattered sometimes because may your system need more Ram or Processor to run it.

Windows version is also a big factor of Best Gaming. Look if are running the latest Windows such as “10” you may get lag. The reason is it needs more RAM and all the specification.

So, look for some possible upgrading, it may fix your all the Gaming problem.

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Boost Gaming Performance of PC and Laptop in 2019

Here are the steps to boost Gaming performance of PC and Laptop 2019:

1. Take Control on Background

Make your PC or Laptop free from useless running background software. You can do it by using the default program called “Task Manager”.

Task Manager is a great program to encounter “Useless runners”. It helps to identify the program’s that are consuming memory and processor without making any sense. For easy, just follow my process to encounter useless runners:

  1. Right-click on the Taskbar or Search for Task manager through “program Search”.
  2. Then click on start task manager or task manager.
  3. Now you are in a task manager program, just head over to the “processes” tab.
  4. Look for the various processes out there and Identify by yourself.
  5. After identifying it, just select it and then click on end process.
  6. That’s it.

This was the simple step to encounter useless software on your PC and Laptop using the task manager (an inbuilt free program).

2. Use Cleaning Software

Cleaning software is also a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. It cleans the files obtained by some browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

It also cleans the various useless stored files that get stored from various actions like Uninstalling a program, downloading, cache and more.

The best Cleaning software is Ccleaner. It is freely available for Windows on its official site.

3. Use Game Booster Software

Use one-time lite Game Booster which makes all done in one click example: Wise Game Booster.

Wise game booster is the best game booster that I ever have seen. It has everything that a Good Game booster must-have.

Trust me it never makes you cry! Wise game booster is available for free on its official website.

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4. Use Best Mode of Your Windows

Make your Windows Running Lite or in Best performance Mode. Did you know the Windows provide the best mode? Well, it’s a great opportunity to try.

Every Windows have Modes which helps to give the best impression of the various situation.

Windows 7 users should try this because It has much better things than other windows.

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5. Try Compatible Mode

Run Games under Compatibility Mode and within administrator mode. This will transform game to support your Windows to Run or Vice-versa.

The compatible mode is something incredible built for Software’s to Run comfortably. But you can take advantage of it on your Game. Just Click right on the Particle game, go to properties then compatibility tab set the windows you have installed in your computer.

After that, just play your game and you will see an impact.

These tips will help you in Boosting your gaming performance. If it’s not enough then continue Reading…

Logical Solution of Game Hang or Lag

There is a simple solution to boost Gaming issue, just put some bundle of cash on your PC. That’s it!

Normally any Game hangs due Requirement does not full filled by Your Device.

Game Need some requirements to run properly and if your system fulfilled the requirements it means the game run superfine in your system.

So if you want to run any game properly make sure your system has all the requirements which are needed to run that particular Game.

And if you basically want to boost your gaming performance of your Computer or Laptop then upgrade it with more Rams and Graphics Card.

A Computer with more Ram and Graphics Card can handle any big level or Super game Moment situation Easily.

Technical Solution of Game Lag

Here are some instant steps you can take to get rid of Lag on Games:

  • Upgrade your Graphics Driver to the latest one.
  • Use lite weight Game Booster.
  • Optimize your running Windows in Best performance mode.
  • Uninstall useless Software from your computer.
  • Clean the waste documents from your computer.
  • Get SSD on your PC if you are using HDD.
  • Play game in window 7 if you have low specifics.

If after doing every possible tweaks and customization to improve gaming performance and you still facing lag. Then there is only one option left and that is you need to upgrade your PC. You need to spend some cash to buy a new and powerful processor and Graphics card.

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If you are facing any lag in modern PC game even you have the requirement of the game on your PC then you need to boost gaming performance. And I have provided enough tips to boost gaming performance of PC and laptop. Just follow them step by step and it will work 80% of the time if not 100%.

If it still does not solve your lag problem then inform us in the comment section we will give you full advice to make your game free from lag.

Also, share this article to those who are looking for tips to boost gaming performance and help them to fight with the lag. I’ll see you in the next similar one.

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