How to “Disable After Call Details” in True Caller App

You probably have noticed that True Caller gives information about the Number after the end of a call. For most of the people, that’s an annoying pop-up! Right? You may also used yourself to Disable After call Details. But didn’t able to disable it because you didn’t find any settings to do that. Well, today I’m going to guide you on how to disable after call details that just appear after the end of the call.

The second it pop-ups feels very annoying. It looks exactly like in the Picture above (Thumbnail).

It really makes sense but in most cases, it doesn’t. Well, you can disable it with this blog post.

But in order to do that, you must have the latest version of True Caller on your phone. And the best way to get the latest version of True Caller in you is through Play Store.

So, just head over to the Play Store>my apps and games>update True Caller.

Skip this step if you already have the latest True Caller. Now its time to Disable after call details.

How to Disable After Call Details of True Caller

Here is the simple method to disable After call details that just appear after the end of the call:

  1. First, update the True Caller app to gain the latest Settings access.
  2. Open the True caller in your phone and then click on Top left Three line icon. After click on the Settings option.
  3. Now you are in settings are where you can Change, Enable and disable according to your needs. To Disable After Call details, select the Caller ID option.Disable after call details
  4. There you will find something “Show After Call Details” enabled. Just disable that!Disable after call details
  5. Now you will never get After Call details by the True Caller App unless you enable it.
  6. If you find this too technical, then there is another simple method to disable it.
  7. Just click and hold the True caller app until the option appears and then drag it to “app info”.Disable after call details
  8. Go to the Notifications section and Disallow all of them.Disable after call details
  9. Well, that’s the easiest way to Prevent the after call details of True Caller. Enjoy your calling without pop-ups bombardment!

Following these steps will absolutely disable after call details of True Caller.

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The True caller app is really a useful application for us. But not all the functions are helpful for users.

You may like After Call details! But it may be irritation after sometimes because appears badly.

The true caller has given all the settings access. If you don’t love any feature, just disable it from the app settings.

Today, I walked you towards how you can disable after Call Details of Ture Caller. And this is one of the most irritating pop-ups of the true caller app.

So, that’s was my opinion. What your’s? The comment is free to share your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “How to “Disable After Call Details” in True Caller App”

  1. The option is there for me but it still doesnt work. I’ve disabled every similar setting and blocked notifications on android itself for Truecaller but it still pops up after a call or missed call.

    • Hi, Mike

      True Caller app has been updated many times since we have written this post. The settings might have been shifted to somewhere else. I suggest looking in the Caller ID settings. The option to disable after call details should be under the setting suggested in the article.


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