How to Install and Use WhatsApp on PC (Windows, Mac) 2020

WhatsApp messaging platform is favorite for everyone these days. Every mobile device user has WhatsApp active on their phone. But how about using Whatsapp application on Windows PC? So, whenever you will be working on your PC, you don’t need to unlock the screen of your phone to see the WhatsApp messages and status updates. Want to use WhatsApp on your PC? Well, this is so easy today because WhatsApp also releases the application for the Windows platform. And in this article, you will learn how to install and use WhatsApp on Windows. Also, I will show you the alternative method of using WhatsApp application because may some of you hate installing software on your PC.

Whatsapp is a social media app that allows people to connect with each other with the medium of text, audio, voice and video calling. Can you imagine you can talk with your loved one face to face with Whatsapp?

Ohh! Whatsapp is too Popular why I’m Describing its feature?

Now first let’s install WhatsApp on PC. For installing it you don’t need any JDK help because of its simplicity. Now let me show you how to install and use WhatsApp on PC.

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How to Install and Use WhatsApp on Windows

Method 1: Using the official WhatsApp Application for Windows and Mac

  1. Go to the official WhatsApp Site from Here.WhatsApp official site
  2. Click on Mac or Windows PC to download the WhatsApp application for Windows and Mac. And then hit the final download button.Download and Install WhatsApp on Windows
  3. After downloading the WhatsApp application on your PC, open the Whatsapp Setup file.Install WhatsApp on Windows
  4. And let it install automatically on your PC (Windows, Mac).
  5. Once installation completes, it will ask to scan the QR-code to get connected.Use WhatsApp on Windows by scanning QR-Code
  6. Just open the WhatsApp messing app on your Android phone.Android WhatsApp
  7. Click on three dots from the right top corner, beside the search icon.
  8. And select the WhatsApp Web option.Phone WhatsApp Web
  9. Move the Scanner of your Android WhatsApp and interact with Windows WhatsApp code. Make sure to capture the whole QR-Code of Windows WhatsApp. Capturing the code from little more distance will work perfectly.Scan QR-Code WhatsApp
  10. Whatsapp on Windows will get open instantly when the code will get recognized by your PC WhatsApp.WhatsApp on Windows is running
  11. Done.

So, that was the simple process to install the WhatsApp on Windows. Let’s learn how to log out the Whatsapp on Windows:

  1. Just open the WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  3. Select the WhatsApp Web.
  4. Click on log out from all the computers.
  5. That’s it.

You have been successfully logged out in your Windows WhatsApp. So, do this process to make your computer WhatsApp safe from the people’s. Or use this process to switch and connect with other WhatsApp account. Now, let me show you another method that requires no WhatsApp application on Windows, Mac.

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Method 2: Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to install any software on their PC including WhatsApp Application. In this method, you only require a Browser in your PC like Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Firefox.

Here is the step-by-step process to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp web:

  1. First, visit the WhatsApp Web official page.
  2. Once the web page will get loaded, you will see a QR-Code on the right side.
  3. Open the WhatsApp app in your Phone and click on three dots from the right top corner.
  4. Select the WhatsApp option from the options menu.
  5. Scan the QR-Code that has displayed on your PC screen.
  6. In seconds of successfully scanning, the WhatsApp web will get connected automatically with your Android WhatsApp.
  7. Done.

Once you will get connected, make sure to not log out. If you log out it then you will need to rescan the new code to get connected. Also, make sure to tick the keep signed me In option.

This is will fit perfect for most of you and this method is safe too. However, nobody will know that you use WhatsApp on PC. Because you haven’t installed any software.

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The one feature I like the most on the PC WhatsApp application and WhatsApp web is that it notifies to charge the phone battery (if low) of the phone you have been connected. That’s great! Also, you can instantly transfer photos and videos from your Android to a computer using the WhatsApp web.

So, hopefully, this guide is helpful for you? Comment your words about this post! What do you think about installing WhatsApp on Windows?

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