Spectrum Router Default Password & Username: Login Guide

Spectrum Router Default password & username is required in order to login to the admin panel. Just like other router brands, Spectrum has its own admin panel for its router product that allows to access & manage all settings. From the admin panel of the router, you can change the login password, WiFi password, and also access other important settings.

In this article, we will show you the Spectrum Router Default Password & username for all the models. We will also guide you on how to login to the Spectrum router admin panel. Now, let’s get started.

Spectrum Router Default Password List for All Models 2020

First, let me show you the default password & username for all the Spectrum routers so you can find the correct password to log in.

ModelIP AddressUsernamePassword

As you can see, there are different brand names of Spectrum Router. Well, it is because of Spectrum offers different brand models. But the best part is you can access the IP address using the internet from any of the above routers.

Now, let me guide you on how to log in.

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Login to Spectrum Router Control Panel

Spectrum Router Login Instructions
Spectrum Router Login

In order to login to the control panel of the Spectrum router, you must have a few required stuff which is listed below.


  • A Router from Spectrum
  • Active Internet
  • A PC or Phone or Table with WiFi support

Once you have the above pieces of stuff ready, you can follow the below login steps.

Steps to Login to Spectrum Router Web Control Panel

  1. Firstly, open a web browser on your device. Make sure the internet is active on the device & connected to any Spectrum router supported model.
  2. Click on the address bar and type & enter or IP address. Or check the backside of your Spectrum router to know the IP.
  3. The IP address will redirect you to the login page of Spectrum router. The page may take a few minutes to load so have patience unless you get the “IP address not found” message.
  4. Once you are on the login page, enter the appropriate username & password from the above list. If you have changed the password in the past then you will need to enter the new password.
  5. After entering the username & password, click on the Login button. That’s it.

Now, you can access all the settings & modify them if you want. The web control panel of Spectrum router is super user-friendly and from there, you can easily change password, login credentials, and manage other important settings.

How to Reset Spectrum Router

Just like other routers, Spectrum router offers two methods to reset. If you have messed up the settings or forgot the password or the router is not working properly, resetting it may help you. To reset the Spectrum router, you can follow the steps below.

Method 1: Using the Router Reset Feature

Spectrum Router comes with a reset button that helps instantly reset the router. Here’s how you can use the reset button:

  • Near the control panel of the Spectrum router, search for the red-colored reset button.
  • Tap & hold it for 10-30 seconds. When you hold the button, the LED will start blinking. It normally indicates that the router is resetting.
  • Once the router is reset, unplug & replug the cable. After resetting the router, the LED will be blinking for a minute. It will automatically become normal when it will achieve the stability.

Method 2: Using the Web Control Panel

Reset Spectrum Router

This method will require you to log in to the Spectrum web control panel. Resetting the router from the web control panel is perhaps the best & safest way. And even Spectrum itself suggests this method for resetting the router. Here’s how to reset the Spectrum router from the web control panel.

  • Login to the web control panel using the default login credential “admin” and “password“.
  • Go to My Account.
  • Select the Reset option.
  • Tap on the Factory reset and then confirm it by entering the password.
  • After that, the Router will start resetting and you can confirm it by watching the LED. If it is blinking fast then it means the router is performing Factory Reset.

Note: You will need to re-configure the router settings once it gets completely reset.


Where is the Password of my Spectrum Router?

If you have recently purchased a Spectrum router then you will need to use the universal or default password. It is likely that “admin” as username & password will work for most Spectrum router models.

How do I log into my Spectrum Router?

You can easily log in to the web control panel of your Spectrum router. However, open a browser on your PC or Phone and type & enter or The IP will redirect you to the login page of Spectrum Router. And then enter admin as username & password and click on the login button.

How do I change the WiFi password on my Spectrum Router?

You can change the password of the Spectrum router from the app or the web control panel. From the web control panel, click on Basic Wireless settings. Under that, you will find the option to reset the WiFi password.

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So, that was the tutorial on Spectrum Router Default password & login. It doesn’t matter what model you are using, there is a high chance the “admin” as username & password will just do the magic. If it doesn’t work then you can try other working username & password from the above list. Also, once you logged in, change the default login credentials because leaving the default login details as it is can allow others to access your Spectrum router admin panel. This can result in the stealing of Internet data which can raise the monthly cost of your Internet connection, so make sure you change the username & password.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful? If so, let us if you have got what you were looking for in the comments below.

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