Terabyte W777mi Review & Download Driver for Windows PC 2020

Are you looking for the Best WiFi Adapter at a cheap price? Congrats! You are at the right place. Today’s post will clear all your doubts about the best and cheap WiFi Adapter. So, you got the Gear name? Good. Terabyte W777mi model will probably fit good in anyone’s pockets. Its best in price, quality, and trust. You never gonna stress while downloading large files. Continue your reading towards “The Best and Cheap 500Mbps WiFi Adapter: Terabyte W777mi” to know in-depth.

What is a WiFi Adapter?

WiFi Adapter is an internet tool that allows connecting to a Portable WiFi hotspot from Phones and other WiFi devices. Basically, it is used for networking purposes in computers and laptops.

It is the most required tool for the internet because the WiFi Adapter is the only device that connects easily to WiFi around. Just scan WiFi, tap and enter the password and enjoy the high-speed internet.

Terabyte W777mi WiFi Adapter Review 2020

Terabyte’s Model W777mi is one of the best WiFi adapter available in cheap price. And the best thing about this Adapter is anyone can afford money for it, without sacrificing any cuts from the monthly payment or salary. Terabyte W777mi is available at only 250, it gives speed max 500Mbps while downloading.

Terabyte W777mi have the following Qualities:

  1. It connects easily to any kind of WiFi hotspot included your Phone.
  2. USB size is small enough to fits in any USB port.
  3. Compatible with All types of Windows and Linux.
  4. Limited Warranty for 3 years.

Qualities in Brief

  • This model of Terabyte USB Adapter has a faster connector ability. Even you can connect with your phone’s WiFi hotspot. Just Scan For the WiFi by clicking on Network icon, tap on it, entered password it set and enjoy the high-speed internet. It will not disconnect until you do disconnect or turn off the WiFi.
  • Its USB Dongle is too Small so you don’t have to worry about space. You can insert it in any USB port with little space in the area.
  • It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Linux. It supports overall all the windows version and Linux as well. Most of the Adapter does not support Linux but its support and that’s why I State Best and Cheap.
  • It gives 3 Years warranty periods, it is too long. Right? Now I fully trust this product because of its warranty card. These days most of the Brands Product gives 1-year warranty but Terabyte stands out from the crowd Now.

Terabyte W777mi will give you the best experience of the Internet. Because of its speed transmission range. Normally we don’t use 500Mbps internet service for Personal and commercial use. But Terabyte W777mi got you cover for the future too.

So, in the future, if you decided to upgrade your Internet service then you don’t have to worry about the new USB WiFi Adapter. It can support Internet speed up to 500Mbps.

Terabyte W777mi Screenshots

Terabyte W777mi Driver CD
CD Driver
Terabyte W777mi Details
WiFi Adapter Box

As you can see in the picture, you get Terabyte W777mi USB adapter and its driver CD. To properly use the WiFi adapter on your desktop PC, you first need to install the Driver CD. And then the adapter can be run on the computer or laptop.

Download Terabyte W777mi Driver for Windows 2020

Terabyte W777mi Driver Download
Download Terabyte W777mi Driver for Windows

Are you lost your CD somewhere in your house and looking for a Terabyte W777mi driver? I understand the probability of CD loss is high because most of us think it will never go away and take it for granted. And after months or years, we eventually forget the place where the Cd has placed. If this exactly happened to you then please don’t worry. Because I’m going to provide you the download link of Terabyte W777mi for Windows user. I have uploaded the Terabyte W777mi driver that I have copied from my Terabyte W77mi CD to Mediafire. Just tap on the link below and download it on your computer.

Once you downloaded it, you can follow the below “Setup guide” to install it on your computer or laptop and again start enjoying it.

Drivers for Linux Users:

How to Setup Terabyte W777mi on Computer or Laptop 2020

The installation of the Terabyte W777mi is very simple. If you purchase this item you’ve got the manual too which basically describes the functions and installation process of it.

Well, nobody likes to read the whole manual because of too many extra words in the manual. So here I’m going to simply describe how you can set up it on your computer or laptop.

Here are the steps to install the driver and set up the Terabyte USB WiFi Adapter:

  1. Get the CD out from the Package and insert it into your computer DVD writer. After, just open the CD Drive Disk and open the “MTK” folder.
    Terabyte W777mi - Select MTK folder
  2. In the “MTK folder” you can found files like – “MT761XU mac”, “MT7601U Linux”, “MT7601U mac”, “MT7610U Linux”, “MT7612U Linux”, “windows”, etc. Select the folder according to your Operating system of the computer.
    Terabyte W777mi - Choose Driver's folder
  3. Then Double click on the setup file to install it.
    Driver Installed
  4. After the complete installation just clicks on the finish and move back to the first interface of the disk files. Then select the “Realtek” folder, and then the windows folder.
  5. Click double on the “Setup.exe” file. Just install it like we installed the application from the previous folder.
    Realtek installation setup
  6. After complete installation, click on finish and restart your computer. After fresh bootup, take out the USB Adapter from the package and insert it into your computer or laptop. If you are using a computer then I recommend inserting the USB on the back USB Ports.
  7. After the seconds of inserting USB, the Notification of driver installation will start showing up at the right bottom. Just wait for installing and then you have been successfully completed the Driver installation process and USB Adapter detection.
    Internet is working through Terabyte W777mi
  8. Now enjoy the high-speed internet on your computer.

Those files are basically the Drivers of the USB adapter which is needed to let the Windows PC support USB adapter. If the USB did not recognize by your computer, just restart the computer (with USB inserted).

And then try to connect to some Open WiFis. At first, try connecting to WiFi with NO password because it will be easy to get connected. Once your USB gets connected try to surf the internet with some basic browsers like Firefox and Opera Browser. Just search for any terms like FB and Twitter and check whether it is working perfectly or Not.

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Terabyte is a great company so you can completely trust this product. W777mi model comes with a good warranty, price and of course Quality. After using it for a quiet time, I have found that this is the best WiFi adapter available on the internet at a cheap rate and quality based.

250Rs. is not a big deal for any Computer owned person. So, don’t overthink the Price because it’s literally cheaper than most of the WiFi adapter. Overall, it’s a great product and you should give it a try.

My Honest Opinion

I don’t think I have to give my opinion after unleashing the qualities of this WiFi Adapter. But if you need my opinion then I assure you, it will be worth a purchase.

I personally use this for 1 week and Now I turned my experience into this post. Just 250rs. No Big deal! I think you can afford it without sacrificing anything.

If you are purchasing this product offline, then make sure you test it before doing the payment. Because sometimes, sellers give the bad product. And if you have purchased online and got a bad or damaged product then complain about it to the respective seller.

Overall, You will not find this type of product at this price range.

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27 thoughts on “Terabyte W777mi Review & Download Driver for Windows PC 2020”

  1. i think the realtek setup is unnecessary and it is kind of scam. it gives access of pc to this person. also the realtek name is being misused for hacking user computer. file name such as cisco, realtek etc are installed which shows fake website as source in control panel. even after removing this unnecessary file wifi can work with only mediatek software

    • Yes, the Realtek setup is unnecessary but it is not a scam my friend. It is a utility software that provides control to users over their USB WiFi tool. Also, I don’t own Terabyte. If you buy this tool from anywhere, you will get the same software & driver that I have shared here. About cisco & all that, it just modules that help the USB tool works stable. If you have any doubt or question then you can contact the Terabyte Support Team:

  2. Bro my I have installed the driver and it is detected by my PC in control panel but in control pannel says that no drivers installed for this device .I am using Windows 7 pirated.

    • Try to re-install the driver and it will start working. Just take out the adapter and first install the driver. Once installed, insert the adapter. In a few seconds if you see a WiFi icon on your taskbar then it means the driver is installed & everything is working.

        • I would recommend placing the Hotspot device close to your PC or Laptop. It usually happens when the device is placed too far to supply internet data.

          Let me know if it works!

          • no not that issue the device itself is connecting disconnecting like we know we get a notification of a usb device is connected thats the problem

          • I have never encountered such an issue in my WiFi Adapter. You may have got a faulty one. To avoid such issue from happening again, you can try:

            1. Clean the Adapter & reinsert it.
            2. Update all the drivers on your PC.
            3. Check if the USB port is working properly.
            4. Check whether the Hotspot device is properly working.

            Let me know if it helps.

    • Sorry for your lose, click here to download the driver for Windows. I have provided you the direct download link of the driver that I have copied in my computer. Just download from the link and install it on your computer. Enjoy!


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