How to Remotely Access Computer Using Android Phone 2020

Want to Remotely access Computer using Android Phone? Well, that’s everybody’s needs. It is a need because when people are tired due to lots of work in a day, they no more active yet. While working the whole day, the energy has run out. And when you reach your home, you feel super sleepy and tired. But you have to access the computer because you have to do some important work on it. And suddenly you fall asleep while thinking “I should turn on my desktop or not”.

It’s actually not your fault at all. The fault is your lack of knowledge. And that can be fixed by reading this guide on “How to Remotely Access Computer” without moving your body.

So, the cream part of this post is, you don’t need to invest any money to buy a gadget that can be used to connect with a computer. You just need your Android phone (which you obviously have) with the internet connection.

Note: You must need an Internet connection and both devices (Android, PC) should be accessed to Connect with each other. It will be better if you connect them all in one WiFi Router or something else. This can help them to easily connect and share files.

1. AnyDesk

Remotely Access Computer using Android

AnyDesk is a great software for Remotely Accessing computers using Phone. It gives an unparalleled performance like Low latency, frame rates of 60 fps, super-fast data transmission. Its innovation called the DeskRT codec ensures low lag. Even at max screen resolution or bandwidth of minimum 100kbps.

It supports multi-platforms like iPhone, Windows, Linux, Free BSD, Mac OS, and iOS. And even they don’t charge a penny on all these platforms. All the features are freely available to use.

I’m assuming you have some security-related questions about AnyDesk. Well, don’t worry. AnyDesk is built to protect data and files from its first release. They use technology like Banking standard TSL 1.2 to ensure protection from unauthorized access. They also have RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption that verifies every connection. That’s are some good features of AnyDesk. Now let me show you, How to remote access computer using Android with Anydesk.

How to Remotely Acces Computer using Android with AnyDesk

  1. First, download and install Anydesk on both of the devices (Windows, Android).
  2. Open AnyDesk on both of them and enter your computer AnyDesk address to the Android Anydesk app (In Remote Desk Tab).Remotely access computer using android
  3. Hit Connect button and a message will pop up in Windows’s AnyDesk and that’s an invitation message.Remotely Access Computer using Android
  4. Click accept and wait for seconds to get connected.Remotely access computer using android with AnyDesk
  5. Now you can access anything on your computer without any issue. You can take out any file you want like images, files, software, music, and videos.

So, that’s the simple process to get access to your computer from your Android. Look the process is literally simple but sometimes it’s frustrating you if you have installed the outdated version.

And that’s why I recommend installing AnyDesk from the official site. I know you also need some guidance about AnyDesk because it’s totally new to You.

Now let me show you some tips for AnyDesk like how to take out files from the computer, how to send files to computers and stuff like that.

How to take out any File from a computer after getting connected with AnyDesk

  1. First, access the computer using AnyDesk In Android and select the files you want to take out in your Phone.
  2. Now, In your phone screen of AnyDesk, click and hold on the icon that appears in the right middle.
  3. And Move your finger toward the transfer icon.
  4. Select the download option to get that selected file in your Android.
  5. Now you have been successfully downloaded files from the computer to your Android.

You can apply the same process to share any files from your Android to the computer. Ahh! I’m assuming you still confuse about that. Right?

Well, let me clear it too.

How to Share files from Android to Computer using AnyDesk

  1. In your Android screen of AnyDesk, tap and hold the right middle icon.
  2. Slowly, move your finger towards the transfer icon.
  3. Then move your finger towards the Send icon and remove your finger from the screen.
  4. Now document access (file manager) will appear. Using that you can select any file and send to your computer directly.
  5. You can send multiple files and for that just tap and hold on any files for a second. And when it gets selected, select others too.
  6. And at the end press OK to send.

That’s it. Using AnyDesk you can share any files (large or Small) with maximum because it has the fastest transmission technology (I named that technology above).

When you have done with accessing your computer using Android, just disconnect them from your computer by hitting the disconnect button.

Some tips:

  • If the session gets expired, try to reconnect them. It’s normal and happens every 10-15 minutes. I’m excepting it will be solved soon.
  • The files you will send from your Phone will get stored in the directory of AnyDesk.
  • You can connect multiple computers at the same time with AnyDesk. To do that tap and hold the right middle icon in your phone screen of AnyDesk, then drag your finger to the plus icon and then leave. By doing that, a new window will pop-up, there you can add your new computer AnyDesk address to get connected. This can be done with more than 3 computers maybe be more (I tried three).
  • Try to connect AnyDesk with the computer when both have a green sign of access to the internet. If the green sign will not show, it means AnyDesk not accessing the internet at all.
  • Before connecting to AnyDesk make sure you updated them to the latest version. That will give you more long sessions.

So, hopefully, that’s enough guide of AnyDesk. If you feel this method is not for you then you should continue reading for my next methods.

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Remotely access computer using android

This one is quite popular when talking comes to remotely access Computer. with Chrome Remote Desktop you can access other computers or allow another user to access your computer securely over the internet. And this is the best trustable software you can use to connect two devices remotely.

With Chrome Remote Desktop you can stay connected for long as you want. And you can always have controls to modify and handle. The best thing about Chrome Remote Desktop is it’s trustable and super secure.

However, “Chrome” the name is named by Google! Do you know Google? I know this is not a question to be asked because everybody knows. I know you also reading this through Google Search.

Simply, Because it’s leading the internet. And had grabbed all the User’s attention.

So, now let get straight through the steps.

How to Remotely access a computer using Android with Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. Get Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer and Android.
  2. First, open your Google Chrome Browser in your computer and go to the apps section (type chrome://apps in the top address bar and hit enter).Remotely access computer using android
  3. Select the chrome remote desktop (you have just added in the previous steps).Remotely access computer using android
  4. In the Chrome Remote Desktop, there will be two options (Remote Assistance, My Computer) in My computer section, enable Remote connections.Remotely access computer using android
  5. Click on accept & install (In a second, a file will start downloading).
  6. Just install the downloaded software (Chrome Remote Desktop Host).
  7. When installation gets done, go back to Chrome Remote desktop and enter your 6-digit PIN (In both fields) then click ok.Remotely access computer using android
  8. Wait for two seconds and allow remote activation.
  9. Now the remote connection is active on your Chrome remote desktop (See your CRD). If its active means you have done the setup on your computer.Remotely access computer using android
  10. Open Chrome Remote Desktop in your Android and wait for scanning.
  11. Then click on the name of your computer.Remotely access computer using android
  12. Enter the 6-digit PIN and hit the connect button.Remotely access computer using android
  13. Wait for a second and it will get connected.Remotely access computer using android
  14. Now you are successfully connected to your Android with your computer.

So that was the process to remotely access a computer with Android using Chrome Remote desktop.

Now you are connected strongly like glue but how do you get disconnected?

Well, you can easily get disconnected. Follow my steps.

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How to Disconnect your connected computer and Android

method 1:

  1. To disconnect the connected computer and Android, Go to your Desktop.
  2. At the bottom of your monitor, you will found a floating bar. Just press on stop sharing.Remotely access computer using android
  3. Now you are disconnected.

Method 2:

  1. Go to your Android screen.
  2. Click the back button once.
  3. Now you are disconnected.
Follow these two methods to get disconnected instantly. Now you may have some queries about it. Let me handle them all.

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Can you Connect Two Computers at the Same time with Chrome Remote Desktop?

No! You can’t connect with two computers at the time with Chrome Remote Control. But it is possible that you can connect to 1 computer with 3 or 4 Androids. It is possible! But you will only able to handle one control (Cursor) with all of them. There will be no separate controls for all of Androids. You can use three of four phones to stream a special video in many places or in Shows.
Tips and Tricks
  • Don’t tick mark “never ask for the PIN again” when you enter the PIN. Because May your phone get theft and you lose all the data from your computer.
  • Disable Remote connections allowance on your computer when you don’t want to use it. This is perhaps the most important thing you should remember. It may let others access your remote connection that can be very dangerous in the spy world. So, it will be better if you turn it off when it’s not in use.
  • Always make sure both devices have access to the internet. Because if one of the devices has no access to the internet then you will not connect them.

Try Chrome Remote desktop must because it really gives better controls than any other remote apps.

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3. Team Viewer

Remotely access computer using android

Team Viewer is quite popular for connecting Android to Computer. It has many features as compared to other remote access computer software and apps. The recent update Team Viewer 13 has made this software the no one software for accessing a computer from phone or vice-versa.
It will work best for your Business. It has such amazing features for your business like Phone calling, Video calling, Schedule meeting, presentation and more. You can instantly join the meeting by creating a Team Viewer Account. And when you Done sign up, it will give you full access to its best features.
Messaging, contacts are also a part of Team Viewer. You can do a message with your clients, can call and a lot. It is also very popular for its customer support. As it has a premium pack for ultimate users. So, in case you need such good and extreme software for remote access computers then you should definitely go with Team Viewer.
Its amazing features that will attract you more, check out here for more details. Now let me show you how you can use this tool to Remotely Access computer with Android.

How to Remotely Access Computer with Team Viewer

  1. First, get the apps on both of your devices (Windows and Android).
  2. Install them, as usual, you install other normal software.Remotely access computer using android
  3. After, setup Unattended access (Set password and computer name).Remotely access computer using android
  4. And it will ask you to create an account, just skip or select “I don’t want to create account”.Remotely access computer using android
  5. Now you have done with the setup. Just open TeamViewer in Android.
  6. Type the ID from the computer Team Viewer to Android Team Viewer.Remotely access computer using android
  7. Then hit “Remote Control” and Enter the PIN then press ok.
  8. If successfully authenticated, you will get connected.Remotely access computer using android
  9. Now you are done.

Now you can access your computer with Team Viewer. With Team Viewer, you can access many features like Mouse, Keyboard, direct Windows Button, etc.

You can also customize too many things with Team Viewer. There are really cool features Team Viewer have and I just want to aware you to take advantage of if you are looking for a great remote access software.

In the Team Viewer, file transfer is a little hard because the navigation and buttons are placed in a quiet unknown area. This may disappoint you if you are not a technical man or lady.

So, let me show you how to transfer or share files across connected devices through Team Viewer.

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How to Share files between Connected Devices

  1. First, connect both the devices by entering Partner ID.
  2. Instead of Remote Control, select file transfer.Remotely access computer using android
  3. Enter the Secret PIN.
  4. Wait for getting connected.
  5. After, a file manager will flash up that has a connection to your computer and Android.Remotely access computer using android
  6. My files section will be your Android storage and Remote files will be your computer.
  7. If you want to take out any files from the computer, go to remote files (It gets open as default). Browse through and select the file.
  8. Then go to my files and click on the paste button to transfer that file to your Android.
  9. If you want to send files from Android to a computer, go to my files. Select anything you want to send and then go to remote files and paste in your wish place.
  10. That’s it.

You will get two file managers. 1. My files (your Android), 2. Remote files (Your Computer). Do not get confused between them.

Sharing files across devices sounds cool! But how long size files you can share. Well, it depends.

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What is the Good length of files we can share easily without getting a crash?

It depends on your machine and internet speed. Team Viewer is well developed but not optimized for the low hardware.

So, if you have a decent latest hardware then you can easily transfer 3-4 GB files without getting a crash. It will be better to share low size files.

And if you have a low-end Android phone then don’t exceed 500mb or sometimes less than 100mb.

It will be better to share only images, documents, PDF, and pieces of music. Because I tried and I get to crash in all the chance.

Note: Do not transfer big size Files, Team Viewer will get Crash if your device isn’t top level.

How to disconnect devices

Method 1: Using Android

  1. In order to disconnect, open your Android Team Viewer.
  2. And press the Cross Button.

    Remotely access computer using android
    Remotely Access Computer
  3. Then press “OK”.

Method 2: Using Computer

  1. When you get connected to the computer with your Android. You will get a quick access panel at the right bottom corner on your PC.
  2. From there you can access the disconnecting buttons and all advanced features.Remotely access computer using android
  3. To disconnect, look for the disconnect button and press once to get instantly disconnected.

These methods will help you to disconnect your Android and computer very instantly. If one seems hard then try another.

I have been pretty much talked about these remote access desktop software. They all are top-level software that is widely used for a Remotely access computer using Android.

Now, let end this post with a beautiful conclusion.

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Accessing your computer remotely can give you a lot of benefits in many ways. There is no doubt that sometimes you don’t want to move to someplace to start your computer. But it’s important to do that. And in this case, these remote access software can help you.

There is plenty of software are available on the market which helps to access the desktop remotely. But there are few in the market that has build trust and audience.

Like Chrome Remote Desktop, Team Viewer and Anydesk. These applications are secure, have a good thing to provide and most importantly they are user-friendly.

Meanwhile, you will not struggle while accessing your computer remotely. Because they are technology-rich.

Now I like to add my opinion about these three remote control desktop apps, So you can get a clear cut option to which one to try first.

My Opinion

As an experienced user of these tools, all of them have something different and worthy. Like Chrome Desktop has great control (mouse, pad) over Any Desk and Team Viewer.

It can give you a strong connection to easily access your computer. But it also has some disadvantages. Like you can only access surf your computer, you cannot copy and paste files.

And on the other hand, Any Desk and Team viewer allows its user to share files between connected devices. And that’s what a great Remote Desktop access software should have.

So, according to my experience, Team Viewer deserves the first position, Chrome Remote desktop is second and Any Desk is third. I have set them after brainstorming so, it can’t be wrong. I have given them positions as they deserve to be.

And there is no Sponsor has given to me to write this. It’s all my experience that I shared with you today. So, hope you liked my work and got learned something new. If so, please share at least to your Friends. Comment your running thoughts too.

I love exploring numerous Android apps & games and writing about them on Rogtechs. I believe nothing is more fascinating than seeing apps with rich features making user life easier.

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