Robotek Z15 Review: Best Stereo Headset with Microphone

An earphone is an important object that we as humans use on a daily basis. Whether we want to listen to songs or do voice calls outside the home, we prefer earphones because it gives us lots of benefits and comfort. It really helps to hear easily on the call when we are outside and surrounded by lots of noise. Well, today, I’m going to talk about the best Earphone which is Robotek Z15. In short, I will give Robotek Z15 Review and share my personal opinion about it.

After using it for a while, I really loved it because it has good sound quality and made with good quality material. Actually, let me uncover everything about it and then I will give my opinion.

Robotek Z15 Review

The one thing that I liked the most about this stunning Headset is its sound quality. I mean it’s just the next level in the price range of 150Rs. I have compared it with the popular Samsung earphone and found that it is best in sound quality, built quality, and it is also less in price than Samsung earphones. Let me explain its features one by one so you can know why I really amazed after using it.


Robotek Z15 Review
Design & Built Quality

The Robotek has well designed the Z15 and has made look it cooler and better. The wire design from top to bottom is very stylish and it has grip as well. It won’t slip from hand easily because of the hard grip everywhere. Its grip will help you hold it well even when you are outside your home. And I can say that the company has taken care of the protection very well.

For making this earphone, hard/soft rubber and soft plastic have been used the most and for small speakers on the earphone, the aluminum element has picked. Combining all that, I can say that it has built with excellent material that will last longer.

Robotek Z15 Review
Overall Look & Design

The company has also added its accent Red color which is available on the earphone and in the handsfree adapter (Pin). Moreover, the design of the main earphone is a little different and unique. It is designed to provide the most comfort and to deliver the sound more efficiently.

Excellent Sound Quality

Robotek Z15 Review
Robotek Z15 has Great Sound Quality

Robotek Z15 offers Full-range sound which helps to listen to the sound even from a bit distance. Suppose you can’t insert the earphone on your ear because of injury or something but you want to use earphones. In this case, you can just put the earphone near your ear and can listen to the sound. The sound will still be hearable clearly because of the Full-range sound feature.

Also, as I already said in the design section that the earphone is designed well for ear, it also enables us to hear sound clearly and strongly. Especially, the song with a high base can be well enjoyed using this Robotek Z15 earphone. Overall, it has really great sound quality.

Prevents Outside Noise While Listening

The earphone of Robotek Z15 also prevents the outside noise while listening to anything through it. However, it fits in Ear perfectly and tightly which prevents the outside noise to enter in the ear. And this way, you will only hear what’s coming out of the earphone. It doesn’t have any specific feature to prevent the outside noise but the design of earphone make it happen.

In-line On/Off Switch for Start and Finish Talking

Robotek Z15 Feature
In-line On/Off Switch Feature

This is the best advance feature that I have seen in this Robotek Z15 earphone. On the back of the Microphone controller panel, there is a switch that allows holding a talk without holding the call. While it will be ON, you will hear the other person’s voice but your voice will not be heard by the other person on the call. That’s actually a great feature and now you don’t need to put the call on hold if you use this earphone.

When you are on call but you have to talk to another person which is in front of you live, you can just switch it ON still the conversation ends with the third person and then switch off to start talking on the call.

Superior Recognition Accuracy & Excellent Voice Transmission

Robotek Z15 Review
Robotek Z15’s Control Panel

If you previously have used a cheap or bad quality earphone then you probably have heard complaints from the other person on the call that “your voice is not coming clear”. This actually happens due to your bad quality earphone. Most earphones that come with cheap price has this bad quality which doesn’t voice transmission very well.

Well, the case is different & better with this Robotek Z15 earphone. It has Excellent Voice Transmission & Superior Recognition Accuracy. Meaning, you will hear sound clearly as well as your voice will be heard clearly by others on a voice call and video call.

Lightweight & Flexible

Robotek Z15 Review
Robotek Z15 is lite as well as flexible

Apart from Great design and built quality, it is also super lightweight and flexible. In case, if you drop it from the 4-foot height it won’t be wreak because of the light-weight and Flexibility. Also, if you have a habit of sleeping on the bed with earphones plugged in-ears then it is also suitable for it. However, it is flexible and it won’t be easily crushed when you get on it during sleeping.

Overall, its Lightweight and flexible combination really makes it the best Stereo headset with Microphone.

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Here’s how you can get started with Robotek Z15 right away after buying:

  1. Insert Handsfree Adapter into your mobile phone port.
  2. Place earphones comfortably into your ears.
  3. Adjust mic to perfect position towards your mouth.
  4. Start listening or talking with High-quality sound.

Also, make sure you do not wear this headset for an extended period of time in high volume. It could damage your ear if you do that.

Price & Availability

Currently, at the time I’m writing this post, it is not available on the Internet to purchase. It is only available in Robotek Showroom and stores for only 150Rs. As per the details, it is going to be available soon on Flipkart and Amazone. Also, it will be only available in China and India region. For more details, you can visit Robotek Earphones.

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So, that was the Robotek Z15 review. After using it personally, I have found that it will be a great purchase and you will really feel satisfied after buying it because its quality is overall great. And the price of this Headset is pretty cheap, it is double in price compared to a local earphone. But trust me, it will be worth the purchase.

So, if you have bought it or using it, let us know your experience in the comments below.

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