Cool PUBG Names & Symbols August 2020 (Updated)

Cool PUBG Names describes the PUBG player personality and level of skill. If you meet a pro PUBG player then you will notice that their name has some unique symbol and it sounds cool when pronounce. To show or let others know that you are a pro PUBG player in the first impression, you must have a cool PUBG Name that contains a unique symbol.

Also, sometimes you need to have a unique symbol in your name so other players can recognize you easily. Well, in this article, we are going to list tons of cool PUBG names & symbols that you definitely going to like. If you are looking for a perfect & unique PUBG Name then I promise that you will find it here. Because we will provide different types of Names related to cool, funny, stylish, etc.

PUBG Names

When we first-time login with Facebook or Twitter account in PUBG, it asks for Game name or simply Player name. That name is what other players will call you in the game or match. One name can be obtained only ones but players can change their name with an in-game feature called Rename Card. The main function of names is to give a unique identity to every PUBG player.

And while it requires hard work and a lot of thinking to find a perfect name, there is a possibility that many users will waste plenty of their time in choosing & playing with the Game name. As you now know that PUBG has restricted users creating an account with a name that already exists. So, this means that there are rarely common cool PUBG names available because PUBG has millions of users.

Well, instead of explaining more about it, let me straightly come to the main topic of this article which is Cool PUBG Names.

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PUBG Names List

Here, you will find some edited names as well as ideas to find a perfect & unique PUBG Name. The names that we are going to suggest are mainly related to Cool, Funny, Stylish, etc.

Cool PUBG Names

If you like cool words and want them in your PUBG name then here are some unique cool PUBG names for you.

  • PUBGPuppeteer
  • Headhunter
  • Hellboy
  • Hidden Killer
  • Psycho killer
  • Dark Warrior
  • Badsoldier
  • Killing Machine
  • Thunderbeast
  • Shantabai
  • illuminati
  • ChocoTaco
  • Leo
  • Killswitch
  • King
  • Villan
  • Mr.hulk
  • Mr. Evil
  • Ball Blaster
  • The Mechanic
  • Jester
  • Black legend
  • Phonics Akya
  • UrBroPubgPro
  • Supari killer
  • FOXY
  • Deathstalker
  • Dead skull
  • Phoenix
  • Bloodthirsty
  • KGF
  • Tekenkiller
  • Fauji
  • Apex predator
  • Killerbeast
  • ThePunisher
  • DeathMask
  • Kingcom
  • ATS Assassins
  • ProBot
  • King of darkness
  • HalfBlood
  • Skull crusher
  • Obed
  • Captain Price
  • No fear
  • Danger Player
  • Rogue
  • Bindas killer
  • Carlos

Funny PUBG Names

Looking for funny PUBG Names? Don’t worry, we have got you covered on this as well. Here are some new & unique funny PUBG Names.

  • Dinner Winner
  • Papa_Atanki
  • Gareeb
  • Khalnayak
  • Kaala
  • Pikachu
  • Wangbu
  • Halabja
  • Yogi
  • My dad
  • Poison
  • Your bro is pro
  • COVID-19
  • OGGy
  • Badboi
  • Korona villan
  • Spicy boys
  • Junior
  • Buggs
  • Pubg Queen
  • Nobita nobi
  • Woiiii
  • Papa g
  • Mr. Jonny Sins
  • Sorry bro
  • Im u r dad
  • Bot killer
  • Chutiya fry
  • Nah
  • Thug Phoenix
  • Maut ki aandhi
  • Ua bad boy
  • Pushpendra
  • MR Noob
  • Mr nobody
  • Antarmayi
  • Pubg haker name
  • Pubg devi
  • Playerunknown
  • Bhinde jii
  • Bekar Player
  • Harmi Player
  • Noob Killer
  • Bot Kill Chor
  • Killchor
  • Run from enemy
  • Stay hidden noob
  • Noob party
  • Noob club
  • Noob Snake
  • Snake Master
  • Snake Player

Stylish PUBG Names

Stylish PUBG Names contain a unique symbol that makes it look impressive compare to normal names. Stylish names include different types of creativity like gun drawing & other illustrations. Here is a Fresh list of Stylish PUBG names.

  • JØKÊR乡
  • ˢˣᵞ•ᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ
  • 亗『LEGEND』亗
  • ༒☬SÅTÁÑ☬༒
  • ☆♧ĶĮŁŁ☠ËŅËMÝ♧☆
  • 乂TØXIC乂
  • ♧♤CřãŻ ¥kï//£r
  • ★彡MASTER 彡★ 么ツ
  • ꧁༺𝓚𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓻 𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰👹༺꧂
  • Black panther▄︻┻═┳一
  • SHI€LD⚔ULTRON▄︻┻═┳一
  • IήsͥⱥnͣeͫツVⱥnsђ
  • 🐲༺ṨήiͥpeͣrͫJⱥmes☘༻ ✨︻デ═一
  • 𝕯𝖆𝖗𝖐𝖈𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖊𝖗
  • ₦℮ṽ℮ɍȾȟ℮₤℮ŝŝ
  • ꧁༒☬Bad☬Boy☬༒꧂
  • ★彡[ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡★
  • IND艾StarBoyD
  • ᴾᴿᴼシDΣΔD☠ҜILLΣR✔
  • ᴅᴇᴀᴅ๛ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ
  • Gнøst彡skull
  • ツ《Terminator》ツ
  • ChickenツCÀMPER
  • SOUL々 Iήsͥⱥnͣeͫ°乡
  • ⑉ᖘUBG⑉
  • ☆RĀMBØ☆
  • ツ DinoDaKilla ツ
  • Ħ¥ĐŘΔタSçoobÿ dóò
  • ◥KTM ☬ Conquerer◤
  • ツŘ€β€Ł༒ҜIŁŁ€Řツ
  • 亗『 T E J A 』亗
  • Innocentツyourname
  • D-I-S-T-R-O-Y-E-R
  • black么warrior
  • SHI€LD⚔shooters▄︻┻═┳一
  • JØKÊR乡Clan
  • ツHunter♰Killerツ
  • Đyňamiťe// Päťhàñ
  • MAFIA乄ằkshay
  • xX_BlackStar_Xx
  • BLAZ£ツBadboi
  • ツHyper
  • ●Deadshot Op●
  • 乂MØXIC乂
  • 彡ÊñçøúñtérツSpéçîãlîst彡
  • 亗『M͜͡aikel』々十
  • J҉O҉K҉E҉R҉一CRIME
  • ⊱çօɾօղąѵìɾմʂ⊰
  • ¥NoobKiller¥^

Hindi PUBG Names

If you want your PUBG name in Hindi language then you are lucky because we have listed some exlusive Hindi PUBG names below. And that is specifically for Indian users who love their mother tung language over Internation language English.

  • 『किगं 彡 आया』
  • tera baap aya
  • Pabji ke name
  • मेNTàL JaaT
  • लेगा kaya
  • Maut ki aandhi
  • बादशाह▄︻┻═┳一guru
  • ꧁༒☬पीकेगीरपड़े☬༒꧂
  • धाकड़ छोरा
  • KGFꆛ खूनी
  • sᷤAbⷡKaⷶ BaⷶaⷶP
  • हत्यार××P. U.B.G
  • Gajjuबीड़ी1
  • जहरीला नाग
  • तेरा बाप आया
  • बाप को भेज
  • चांडाल
  • शिकारी
  • पोलिस nil
  • इन्कलाब
  • काशमोरा
  • काशमोरा♰JÃÇK
  • खूनीツTSKR
  • पहाड़ी रावत
  • खलनायक
  • कLyuगKaRवN
  • काल

Symbols for PUBG Names

If the above names are already taken by players then you can also create your own unique name using characters, symbols, and numbers. Using these three things in your name you can add your creativity to make the perfect name you want. This takes some time but we are sure that you will be able to innovate the best PUBG name for you. Here are all the popular symbols for PUBG names:


In most cases, you will see that users use these symbols in their names to create their unique name & identity. If you are still confused about how to make your own unique name then let me guide you.

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How to Make Unique PUBG Name Using Symbols, Characters, and Numbers

The process is very simple however, you just need to use the default Notepad editor of your phone. If your Android phone doesn’t have a Notepad app then you can use any notepad available on the Google Play Store. Now, let me provide you simple steps to create a unique PUBG name.

  1. Open the Notepad on your phone and click on the + sign to create a new project.
  2. Choose any non-stylish name from above or write down your own if you have.
  3. Now, if the name is the double word then make sure you give space in between. If it is a single word then leave as it is for the next step.
  4. From the above symbol section, copy one or more symbols you like. And place the symbols before & after the word i.e 乂MØXIC乂.
  5. Keep checking other symbols until you find some suitable symbols. That’s it. Now you can copy the edited name and change the Game name on PUBG.

Bottom line: Anyone can create a unique name for PUBG following the above steps. The whole point is you should use symbols to create your unique Game name for PUBG.

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We know that you have doubts in your mind regarding this topic. And that is the reason we have answered some frequently asked questions about PUBG names below.

Can I have a PUBG Name that already taken by someone?

No, PUBG has restricted users from creating an account with a name that already available. And this action helps us to have our own unique name & identity. But you can add some symbols & play with characters to have the same name with different appearances i.e MorTaL, morTaL, MoRtaL.

Can I add a Stylish Name in PUBG?

Yes, PUBG allows users to add stylish names without following additional steps. You can just copy from somewhere and paste in the Name box. And after that click on save changes. Copying will only work because most keyboard that our phone comes with doesn’t contains special symbols that make the name looks fantastic.

Is PUBG Name Generator Works?

Yes, it does work but most of the PUBG name generators don’t work correctly. They only generate common names that already taken by users. Hence, we do not recommend using PUBG Names Generators. Rather, innovate your own with the help of symbols & characters.

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When you are looking for a unique & cool PUBG name then you should be focusing on innovating not finding. Because most of the good names that humans can think are already taken. And so, if you luckily found a unique name then that’s great but if not then innovate your own unique Game name. We have listed some unique names here and I hope you will find it interesting. We will keep updating the list so users who are looking for a unique name can find it here.

If still have any question about PUBG names then you can ask in the comments below. And if you liked this post then make sure you share it with your friends.

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