How to Enable Extreme Frame Rate Option in PUBG Mobile for Low-end Phones

PUBG Mobile automatically enables the highest frame rate that the phone can support. Once you’ve installed the PUBG Mobile and log in using your Facebook account, you can check your Frame rate settings from Settings>Graphics. In low-end Android phones, we don’t get the support to enable or use a high frame rate option than Medium. And even if your phone can support a High frame rate than Medium then PUBG Mobile will not let you do that in some cases.

Well, if you are a gamer then you know how important it is to have a great frame rate, range between 30-60 is considered as a good frame rate. Having a good frame rate will increase the chances of you getting the Chicken Dinner. To increase the frame rate, we can tweak some settings, uninstall useless apps to free up RAM, etc. But these are not the permanent solution. In this article, we will teach you how you can enable the Extreme Frame Rate option easily.

Why You Should Have Extreme Frame Rate Enabled?

In PUBG Mobile, the high Frame Rate you use, the smoother gaming experience you will have. Online games like PUBG Mobile requires a Good specs phone to easily handle all the elements & processing of the game. By default, PUBG Mobile has an in-built program that identifies the best Graphics & Frame Rate settings. And it automatically makes it default and don’t even allow to increase.

And due to that, we don’t get the expected performance & graphics settings. Actually, they have built it for a good reason and that is to avoid killing player’s time messing up with Graphics settings for Performance improvement. Well, if you have no option to increase Frame rate settings to Extreme or high then you won’t get the best performance and the game will stuck time to time or whenever you fire or zoom with scope too far.

In order to enjoy the PUBG Mobile game, you must have a High Frame Rate. Otherwise, you will get killed due to low performance.

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Enable Extreme Frame Rate Option in PUBG Mobile for Low-end Phones

If you have a low-end Smartphone and you don’t have the Extreme Frame Option available then don’t worry. You will be able to enable Extreme Frame Rate in PUBG Mobile on your Low-end Phones. And for this purpose, we are going to use a popular performance tweak tool called BAGT. It is a free tool that you can download on your phone & use it without Rooting your phone. Here’s how to enable Extreme Frame Rate using BAGT in PUBG Mobile:

1st Step. First, download & install the BAGT Tool on your Android phone.

2nd Step. Once installed, click on its App icon from the App drawer to launch.

3rd Step. Allow the Storage permission upon asking. Now, you will be able to see Advanced graphics settings. In that tab, you can modify the settings and make your own desired settings for PUBG Mobile.

4th Step. So, for enabling the Extreme Frame Rate, change the Frame Rate option to 60fps.

BAGT Tool Configuration
BAGT Tool for PUBG Mobile

5th Step. After that, just tap on the Apply button and then click on the Run Game button.

This will enable the Extreme Frame Rate option in your Installed PUBG Mobile. And now, you will get a smoother gameplay experience. In order to have the Extreme Frame Rate enabled, you must keep the BAGT Tool installed on your phone. And we recommend running the game through this tool.

Note: After enabling Extreme Frame Rate in PUBG Mobile on your Low-end phone, you may start experience overheating issues. To prevent an overheating issue, you can continue reading the article.

How to Avoid Overheating Issue in PUBG Mobile After Enabling Extreme Frame Rate

It is sure that if you enable the Extreme Frame rate option in PUBG Mobile on your Low-end phone then you’ll start experiencing overheating. Well, you cannot totally eliminate it but you can do some tweak to little lower it. Here’s how:

Stop Unnecessary Background Apps

If you eliminate other unnecessary background apps before running PUBG Mobile at Extreme Frame Rate, your phone will have more Processing available. This can be utilized in the game and your phone will not get hit due to lack of processing which then you will experience less heating.

Force Stop YouTube, WhatsApp, and Calling App

YouTube & WhatsApp messenger is two popular apps that always runs in the background even if you clear it after opening. If you have these apps installed on your phone then force stop them from App Management to make sure it actually stays closed. It will save some RAM & Processing on your phone which will help your breath easily. For the Calling app, you can’t disable it but force stopping it may help to save some Processing.

Boost Your Phone Using “Game Booster by BGNmobi”

If you don’t like messing up with Android settings then you may consider using Game Booster Tool. It is a free utility that can instantly boost your Android performance and free up the RAM & Processing for the best gaming experience. If you boost your phone before launching the game on your phone, the heating issue may not arise.

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We can understand how frustrating it feels when you get killed in PUBG Mobile due to low performance. Increasing Frame Rate can immediately boost the performance on the game on your Low-end phone. To enable the Extreme Frame Rate option in your Low-end phone, you can try the above method.

Hopefully, this article helped you and you are able to enable the Extreme Frame Rate option successfully? If so, then share it with others to help them as well. In the end, comment down below if you still have any questions regarding this article.

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