Top 3 Best Screen Recorder for KitKat Android Version (No Root)

In a software market, there is little tough to find Best Screen recorder for Android KitKat. Because there are a lot of Screen recorders available. And in 2020, the Android version is upgraded to 8.0 and we call it Oreo. Hence, all the screen recorders are upgraded too and require the latest Android version to run. But some Android devices have no updates support and they can’t upgrade their Android to up from Android KitKat. And it shouldn’t be the disadvantage. Right?

Don’t worry you can do all the stuff from your Android KitKat device including Recording screen. So, whether you want to make a tutorial or short video using your KitKat device. There are 3 Best Screen Recorders that can be run in the Android KitKat device. And the good news is, I’m going to show you those Top 3 Best Screen Recorder for Android KitKat.

So, let’s start this article and let me explain the reason why most screen recording apps don’t work in Android KitKat.

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Why Don’t Most Screen Recording Apps Supported in Android KitKat Version?

Today, Most Screen Recording apps have got updated with new features and functionality. And these Screen Recording apps now require the latest OS with much Android resource (Processor, RAM) to record screen.

And KitKat version of Android is not that flexible. When you try to run the latest Screen Recording apps on KitKat Android, it will not run or crash too much if able to run. Because the KitKat version of Android has low supportability for the latest app builds. And that’s why most Screen Recording Apps that have updated for great recording doesn’t support in Android KitKat version.

Fortunately, there are few Screen recording apps that still are able to run in the Android KitKat version. From a few screen recording apps, I have selected the 3 best Screen Recorder for KitKat Android version which is listed below.

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Top 3 Best Screen Recorder for Android KitKat (No Root)

After testing a lot of screen recording apps for Android KitKat, I have found 3 Best Screen recording apps that work amazing. Here are the 3 best screen recorder for Android KitKat:

1. AirShou Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder for KitKat

AirShou is a Well suitable Screen Recorder for KitKat and it is usually built for Jellybean and KitKat. It is also compatible with all the Android versions like Jellybean, KitKat versions like 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.4.2 and all the latest Android versions too. You can use this screen recorder for recording your Android KitKat device without rooting your device. But it will work much better if you use AirShou in Android KitKat rooted device. You can also learn to Root/Unroot Android devices. So, I highly recommend checking it out right now on your Android KitKat phone. To make it more easy for you to understand, below I listed its features which will you in knowing the app quality.

Features of AirShou Screen Recorder:

  1. Save Video formats are available in MKV, AVI, and More.
  2. Orientation options, you can set it in portrait, landscape and in automatic mode.
  3. Resolutions, you can adjust the recording screen resolution in 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p.
  4. Bitrate adjustments, You can adjust the bitrates according to your needs.
  5. While recording the screen, you can use your Front Phone camera to show your face in the recording.
  6. KitKat Android Version supported but it will work much better in Rooted Android.

 Download AirShou

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder for KitKat

Mobizen is an Award winner Screen recorder of 2016 and 2018 with over 70 million+ creator satisfaction. It is also fully compatible with the Android KitKat version. And it probably due to tons of features and stable screen recording experience. You can set recording quality, Adjust Audio, Pause and resume ability, and more. Even you can edit the recorded video in Mobizen for free. You don’t need extra apps on your Android to edit the recorded video with Mobizen. It has an inbuilt video editor that allows trimming, cutting and adding images to recorded video.

With Mobizen you can record multiple audios like Facecam Audio, Android system Audio, Apps audio, etc. And you can also record long videos with Mobizen and set storage to SD card if you have low Internal storage. Let me breakdown its features so you can get a handful of information about it.

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder:

  1. Start recording and editing in one second.
  2. Record the Android KitKat screen at 60fps with High resolution (1080p, 12mbps).
  3. You can use Facecam while recording and adjust its size and shape.
  4. Broadcasting available, you can stream videos on YouTube with Mobizen.
  5. No Watermark, it is free to use and you don’t have to pay to remove the Watermark.
  6. You can add your own Watermark with custom shape and size.
  7. Android KitKat version is supported.

Download Mobizen

3. SCR Pro

Best Screen Recorder for KitKat

Another screen recorder that supported in Android KitKat and can record screen at high resolution. SCR Pro suggests to first Root Android phone and then record Android screen for a better experience and quality screen recording. But you can use its limited features like recording screen at low and medium quality, record video to maximum 3 minutes, save the recording in MP4 file format, recorder Android system audio and more.

Sadly, there are limited features for Android KitKat Non-rooted. But you can use these features to record a medium quality level video. Below I listed some of its features that will help you to know about SCR Pro.

Features of SCR Pro:

  • Record Screen at 720p in Android KitKat.
  • Audio recording is available.
  • Quick recording button.
  • The Automatically Frame rate gets selected according to Android hardware capabilities.
  • Video Encoder option.
  • Works better in Rooted KitKat Android.

Download SCR Pro


Screen Recording in Android KitKat is really a tough task because the Android KitKat version is not much flexible as other latest Android versions. Also, most screen recording apps have been updated with new features and functionality which requires the latest OS and more Android resources like RAM and Internal storage. Moreover, to access such a good Screen recorder, an Android device needs a good and latest OS which the Android KitKat version doesn’t have.

But fortunately, there are some Best Screen recorders for KitKat that still exist like Mobizen, AirShou, and SCR Pro. I have briefly explained about them in this article to give a hope that you can record your old Android KitKat Screen. The most compatible screen recorders for Android KitKat is Mobizen and AirShou. So, I highly recommend to use them for Screen recording purposes in Android KitKat.

Hopefully, you have got the best screen recording app for your Android KitKat device? If you really have got one then please share this article with your friends who have the same Android KitKat device as you have and let me know about these top 3 best Screen recorder for KitKat Android version.

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