Best and Suitable Screen Recorder for Android Kitkat

Best Screen recorders for Android KitKat

In a software market, there is little tough to find Best screen Recorder for Android KitKat. These days Android version is upgraded to 8.0 and we Call it Oreo. And no wants to stay lower but does it worth? No, I mean KitKat users are Much there and I’m the one. I love the Android KitKat version because of many reasons but when I want to record My screen, I get blank and I know it happens also to you. For Recording Phone screen most of the Recorders need 5+ android version. Software developer forgets Us but you don’t have to worry about because some developers still care for Us.

So, In this article, I’m going to share with you Best and Suitable Screen Recorder for Android KitKat.

Before getting to those Screen Recorders, you need to know something about Screen recorders. So, here it is…

Why don’t Most Screen Recording Apps Run in Android KitKat Version?

Screen Recording apps require the latest Version of Android because the old one is not more optimistic.

When apps start grinding or Start running fully, KitKat and Lower version of Android can’t able to handle the process.

And then they start responding with a message “app is not responding”. It’s not an App fault at all. The message is not appropriate!

It should say “Android not responding”. A developer should be honest about their product they create. Because when they start becoming honest, their app will be automatically honest.

Now I have selected 2 Screen Recorders for Android KitKat users. That is super comfortable with it. So, let’s know them with their features…

Note: These Screen Recorders are fully compatible with KitKat.

Best and Suitable Screen Recorder for Android KitKat

Here are the two most suitable screen recorder for Android KitKat:

1. AirShou Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder for Android Kitkat

Airshou is a Well suitable Screen Recorder for KitKat and it is usually built for jellybean and KitKat. Airshou is compatible with all the android jellybean, KitKat versions like 4.1, 4.2, 4.4, 4.4.2 and all the Up level android versions. It has some recording feature which will help you to enhance your screen recording. Let’s see its features:


  1. Video Formats are available in MKV, AVI, and More.
  2. Orientation options, you can set it in portrait, landscape and in automatic mode.
  3. Resolutions, you can adjust the recording screen resolution in 1080, 720, 360, 240.
  4. Bitrate adjustments, You can adjust the bitrates by yourself.
  5. While recording you can use your phone camera and Privacy is also available.
  6. KitKat Android Version supported.

All over its the best for recording screen in KitKat, jellybean.

You can download it Free from Here


Best Screen Recorder for Android Kitkat

Mobizen is an Award winner Screen recorder in 2016, And over 70 million+ creator are satisfied with it. Mobizen is also fully compatible with Android KitKat version. You can use it with 0 problems and with the full feature included. Let’s see its amazing features:


  1. Start recording and editing in one second.
  2. Record Screen at high and Best level 1080p, 12mbps, 60fps.
  3. You can use face-cam while recording and adjust its size and shape.
  4. Broadcasting available, You can stream your video on Youtube.
  5. no watermark, it fully free you don’t have to pay to remove the watermark.
  6. you can add your own watermark and with shape and size adjustments.
  7. Android KitKat version supported.

Overall it is good and well compatible with KitKat, jellybean android versions. You can download it free form Here


These both recorders are free. You don’t have to pay any penny for it. And both are fully compatible with Android KitKat version. You can blindly use it, it will work don’t worry.

So, hope you guys like these screen recorders. If so, Share it with your loved one and let know them that you care!


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